Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Confessions of a non-Shopaholic Mom-to-Be

I never really enjoyed shopping. I know a lot of people love the process of finding the perfect outfit at the best bargain but... not me... I find shopping way too complicated because there are so many choices and it takes so much time - not to mention money. I was so happy when I was assigned to our manufacturing plant and had to wear a uniform everyday!

For an anti-shopping first-time mom-to-be, the shopping-for-baby experience has been overwhelming. And I'm not just talking about the different designs (butterflies, fairies, flowers or princesses? pink? purple? yellow?)... The first challenge is figuring out what and how many to buy. But it's not as simple as going through a checklist. The other day, I came across a shelf of pacifiers. The questions: Do I need a pacifier? (It's not on "the list" but I know my cousin's son loves his pacifier) If I do, do I get latex or silicone? Rounded or orthodontic? What kind of handle is the "best kind"? Multiply those questions for the other things that are being sold for newborns (crib, stroller, diaper, etc.) and one ends up with more questions than purchased items.

The only major decision my husband and I have made is to breastfeed our baby for at least 1 year. That answers at least some questions (I think?!) but whether we'll breastfeed exclusively and for how long is another topic altogether. As my husband says when he sleeptalks: Ayayayayay!

Thank goodness for supermoms sharing their experiences:

  • My college professor Rowie Azada has a blog called Pinoybaby and she posted this checklist:
  • The Y! group Newlyweds@Work has all sorts of tips, research results and stories
  • We're also taking a childbirth preparation class and appreciate the things that our teacher (Rome Kanapi - Tel: 4361757; Mobile: 09175415114; Email: and classmates share. We're not yet done with the class but the last few sessions will cover newborn care (the first few sessions are all about pregnancy, labor and delivery)
  • And thankfully relatives and friends are all just an SMS/email/FB/call away :)
Any tips, suggestions, advice, other resources are very much welcome!