Sunday, June 6, 2010

Technology -- never ceases to amaze doesn't it. There's the internet which has revolutionized our access to information, medical advances that have allowed doctors and machines to "extend"
life, planes/jets that make going halfway across the world so easy.

On a more trivial note... here are some cool stuff that have caught my attention:

  • My fiance gave me a really wonderful handheld electric bug zapper. There was a mosquito annoying me while I was sleeping ... I wasn't actively trying to kill the pesky blood-sucking insect, I just held it in front of me because it was too dark to see anything anyway. And then ZAP! Problem solved. Although there was a bit of a burnt smell for a few seconds. >_< I feel rather guilty about causing death by electrocution. How to put a WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE sign?
  • The other day at work I discovered a gadget called the thermal gun. No need to go too near an object or touch it and earn a burn if it's too hot, just point the laser pointer and find out how hot it is!
  • In the office, the printer is also a fax machine, photocopier and scanner. But what really got me was the auto-stapler feature @_@ Wow.
  • And there's another interesting office equipment -- the CD Shredder. It was so inconspicuously part of the paper shredder machine that I almost didn't notice it. Maybe I shall look for an old CD at home to try it out ;)
Little things I guess... but I will wait for the invention of the teleporter.