Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 months since my last post! Not really too busy - just preoccupied with other things :)

Work - quite a lot but not toxic (am I speaking too soon?). I'm supposed to go on a business trip next week but everything depends on the usual red tape (rather, red seal letter). I like the idea of asking myself "what does success look like for me today?" before the start of the day so I'm focused on delivering that one thing instead of trying to do a lot of small things but not finishing any of them. The last month sped by so quickly because of two back-to-back corporate events and then the whole Ondoy experience. Hope I get to accomplish a lot more this month... even though it's almost over already!

Work Out - believe it or not, I've been going to the gym regularly since April! My officemates tell me I look like I've lost weight so that's all good :) In reality, I didn't really lose weight but according to those hi-tech gizmos, I have less fat! :D *proud of self* it all started because of a wellness fair I led (yes, apparently my wellness interventions really work!) - I was able to get Fitness First to join and offer a pretty good deal to employees... so good that I decided to nibble and voila! Daph is now a gym-goer. I try to go twice a week and then I exercise a bit outside gym once a week. If anything, I feel healthier.

Outside Work - where do I start!!! So many things have changed and are about to change - and so very quickly too! A little bit daunting but definitely exciting... Stay tuned for a very detailed download coming soon ;)