Sunday, February 22, 2009

Angkong (1928-2009)

Taken from a post dated April 2005:

Angkong: Do you love me? (Chinese)
Me: Of course!
Angkong: Really? (Chinese)
Me: Yea
Angkong: Why? Why do you love me?
Me: I dunno...
Angkong: Do you know that I love you? I love you very much (Chinese)
Do you know why?
Me: Why?
Angkong: Because you are my granddaughter (Chinese)

Di si gua e soon.

I was close to my grandfather... I was his princess. I remember him sitting on his big red reclinable chair and me sitting on the soft red rocking chair while examining the little trinkets in his wooden cart - vicks, tiger balm, his comb, the mirror, the fan...

Miss ko na sya.

He told me that I should bring all the boys who come to see me to his room. And then he won't say anything. He'd just nod and I'd know if he approves or not. He's not going to say anything.

Angkong: If I die...
Me: Di pa, tagal pa noh
Angkong: If I die, will you cry? (Chinese)
Me: Of course
Angkong: Truly? (Chinese)
Me: Yes, a lot.

My grandfather, a really truly great man, died last Monday February 16, 2009. He was 82 and had lived an amazing life. As my cousin said, to live just 1/4 of the life he lived would already be something.

I'm glad I was able to say I love you and goodbye to my Angkong before he passed away. For this I have Francis to thank and I'm happy that I was able to introduce them to each other.

I kept my word Angkong, I cried. I'm so proud of being your granddaughter. Thank you for everything I enjoy, rest well now knowing that you have given your family more than enough. I won't forget you.

Gua ya tia di.