Sunday, October 19, 2008

Since my last post, I've celebrated my 23rd birthday. Very quiet get togethers - with the family, barkada, and the executebs. Should be quite an interesting year ahead.

Jane, one of my closest officemates, has been reassigned abroad. I was crying more than she was during her despedida! Such a cry baby.

I also have a new boss now. Very different style from my first and second bosses. I like how she's really taking me through things one step at a time. It's easier to take many little steps than few leaps and bounds.

CYCLE, the extra curricular org I've been spending some time on, is moving steadily enough. I'm not quite sure if it is what I'm looking for but I'm having fun and learning a lot so that will do for now.

Taima, the matriarch of the family, died last August. I'm not quite sure how much that will change the dynamics of the "clan." Maybe not so much since for the last how-many-years we haven't even been allowed to enter her room (they fear we might bring germs in with us). According to the older ones, she's the last from her generation.

My cousins and I decided to be semi-entreps so... I'm selling tickets to Hairspray! November 28, 8pm show. The lead role will be played by Madel Ching. Having seen her in action, I know she'll be a terrific Tracy Turnblad. Tickets are priced at P600, 800, 1000 and 1200. Seat plan is available at:

Speaking of cousins, my cousin just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. They say he's a splitting image of his dad, my cousin's husband. Can't wait to be able to play with him.

Summer is as fiesty as ever. Last night she refused to sleep because we forgot to bring her bed inside the room. She went straight to sleep as soon as we got her bed for her hahaha

And speaking of bed, I think I'll go to bed myself :)