Sunday, November 25, 2007

"It's surely the height of vanity to assume anyone will want to read about your petty, unimportant little life a hundred years from now."

- Phantom by Susan Kay

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The opposite of chronologically.

Was supposed to have dinner with the angels tonight but it didn't push through so I was free to do nothing this afternoon and evening. It's a welcome respite. I even declined watching a movie with Elaine, not exactly because I want to do nothing / I don't want to. I just need a rest, that's all... which means that I've been surfing/chatting since this afternoon.

Omg. I know I'm usually in front of the computer (duh) but I only realized now that when I'm at home, I don't do anything else. What else is there to do anyway? Sure I play with Summer for a few minutes. Or... I go and have lunch/dinner. Or I sleep. Agh fine, I'm going to.... scrapbook. Change the pictures in the frames? But that's hardly something I can do everyday. Fie. I should learn how to cook. But I've tried that and I don't think it's particularly challenging to follow recipe cards. Here I am, inventing excuses eheheh

Moving on. Today was Day 3 of the basketball tournament. Picked the nurse up, went to Urda, bought milk for Summer, bought ice (in case there might be any injuries that require ice treatment), went back to Urda, took pictures during the games, ordered lunch for me and the nurse, took pictures during the games. Well yeah, that was how half of my day went. Special treat was Macy visited the court. At least I got to see one angel today (out of ... ilan na ba yung andito pa...). And just so I capture this, today, someone asked me "may asawa ka na ba?"

The past week was spent preparing for Christmas. I am not kidding. Everything was about Christmas. Sure there were some car and software concerns but bulk was Christmas. So much Too much time spent on it. I promise to concentrate on other things in the coming week. Like that's going to happen. I spent a whole day preparing the email and FAQ's for the Christmas events. At least I got to go to the interns 06 dinner at Italiannis. Mico planned it over a month ago but only 5 of us could make it - Virge, Mico, Eloi, LA and myself. Still glad we didn't cancel it altogether.

Monday evening was the start of the new season of Amazing Race. I actually waited for the replay at midnight since I missed the 8pm run. I'm not sure which team I'm rooting for but I'm not sad about the team that got eliminated.

Went to HK over the weekend. It was supposed to be a trip with mom's aunt/s but their trip didn't push through. Mom was just looking for an excuse to visit my brother haha and I was willing to go along so I could meet up with the Dragons.

We arrived Friday. Encountered a very rude visitor from Mainland China. He wanted to be served first by the immigration officer but he was behind me! I was so tempted to snap at him (Dude, what is your problem). Anyway, went to Justin's dorm, helped him tidy up a bit and then took a bus to Central. Met Sauwai at a Starbucks there. He wanted to meet earlier than the rest because he had to attend the birthday party of his piano teacher's kid (what a long winding excuse hahaha). I was surprised that the Starbucks didn't have seats at all. I find that amusing. Anyway. Got to go up the Bank of China building - it's the cool looking building with angles. Afterwards, we had nothing else to do to kill time so... someone smart (not me) decides.... that we would WALK to Causeway Bay. So that's how we spent an hour and a half.

Arrived at Times Square just in time to meet Katie, Man Yin and Winky. We hadn't decided where to have dinner at so we settled for a small cafe at the 2nd floor of a random building. It was pretty good but nothing special. The drinks were interesting though. There were 5 more who joined us: Ariel, Bel, Clive, Joanne and Catherine. Prof. Paul was at an event and Dickei was in London but I got to speak with the both of them on the phone. We ended past midnight already - yes, this explains why I got sick haha

The next day, I had lunch with Ariel at a dimsum place and then I just slept during the afternoon. I got to buy 2 pairs of pants though. Had a quick dinner at Genki Sushi (because the other more popular sushi place was packed!) and then I finished reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Sunday was basically lunch at Lawry's (mmm prime rib and cream corn) , a short stay at D-E's place and then we were once again at the airport. I was recalling that the last time I was at the airport was for the Dragon program...

The day before we left for HK was the family's annual trip to Manila Memorial. Or should I say the nation's annual trip to the cemeteries. We go to visit my grandmothers and my great grandparents. For my dad's side, the only guys who went were from the Sy family. There wasn't much to do - I just read an Archie, listened to some music and watched card games. And eat of course. That was Nov 1.

October 31 and 26 were the Halloween parties for both sites. Though far from the amount of planning needed for Christmas, that took some time and effort too - even got me walking around Divisoria to look for prizes. Wacky the host from Strings of Fun was a BIG help. Jollibee staff were, honestly, rather useless. But the children loved the mascots. Anyway, there were approximately 120 children *whew* I will see them again in a month or so.

The Wednesday before... so the 24th I think, went to Rockwell to watch Stardust with Eloi. I enjoyed the movie! That's why I borrowed the book from Nis. Which version did I enjoy better... I haven't decided yet. I do know that Claire Danes was not the best person for the role. They could have picked someone prettier!

This post is long enough as it is. Good night.