Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yesterday was a wasn't-home-the-whole-day busy. That's why I wasn't able to post earlier about what happened on Friday.

It was a normal enough Friday. Except for having breakfast at Circles with my mom, brother, grandfather, aunt and cousin. Yum, did you know that drinks are included already? I just walked over to the office afterwards.

There were a lot of things to finish for the week. I had a meeting until noon so I ate lunch a bit late. The HR people wanted to eat at Glorietta but I brought lunch so opted to stay in. I had just finished eating when... { shudder } The building gave a strong shake. Honestly the first thing that came to mind was: Godzilla is coming. Only my boss seemed as concerned as I was which made me feel that my reaction was valid. In psychology, the reaction of other people during an emergency matters a lot (see bystander effect). Soon enough it was confirmed that there had been an explosion at Glorietta. We could see a bit of smoke near Gerry's Grill from the pantry window. By then we had to make sure everyone was accounted for.

Mom already SMS'd to ask if they were calling off work for the rest of the afternoon. At first, the explosion was supposed to have been caused by an LPG leak so everyone went back to work, albeit slightly rattled. It was too close for comfort. After a few minutes though the police trashed that explanation and said that it was a bomb. So we got permission to evacuate. Dad YM'd me to say he was picking me up and we were walking home. By then traffic was already building up and they weren't letting any cars enter the area. And that's how dad got to tour around the newly renovated floor.

Mom wanted to have dinner out so we went to La Nova. Justin was able to join us after his Rockwell gimik. And that was Friday.

Yesterday (Saturday) started early. On the way to Baseco, we passed by a dead body on the road... creepy. And then we got to be part of a candidate's election campaign parade. Definitely an eventful ride. The kids were at the Sibol school instead of the youth center so I had to go pick them up. We had storytelling, coloring, trick or treat and a few parlor games with the children. It was tiring even though there were a lot of volunteers and only 60 kids. We toured the village after lunch.

After an oxygen-tank-refill errand, I was at Ateneo for the Exceladon sports fest. I'm really amazed at how the project has grown. It used to only be at the Greenhills West courts (3 courts?) and now it's at the cov courts (6!). We had participants from all the AFICS schools playing basketball, badminton, volleyball and dodgeball. Yes, they got me to play dodgeball - can you believe it? It was an EB vs. managers game, just for fun. The organizers did a really good job. Many alumni like Chinatown, and most of the executebs went, even someone who was losing her voice (ahem)! Got a chance to listen to what's been going on and what the plans are for the next semester. Hope everything goes well.

Comach won the volleyball match while UP took 1st runner up. Ateneo didn't have a team! But Terry, Char and Ted played just for fun. I stayed to watch the basketball finals game between Team B (Xavier team) and Sexyback (Gelo and Micah's). I'm a big fan of the latter team so I'm sad they lost. I'm still a fan! :)

Headed home to shower and change my "costume" for dinner at Gai's. Got lost on the way because the village guard gave wrong directions. I was expecting many of the angels to be there but I guessed wrong. Oh well, the food was delicious, especially the siomai. Plus I got the chance to catch up with schoolmates I hadn't seen in months - particularly Dar, Lynds, George, Kiki, and Wes. It's so weird that most of us are working already. The students can't wait to graduate while the employees miss college days. Such is life - the grass is always greener on the other side. I left before cars turn into pumpkins but I slept a bit later because I was busy... I can't even remember what I was busy with!

Today started early too. Went to divisoria to buy prizes for the Halloween party on Friday. Aside from that, I got to buy two blouses, from a stall with a nice store owner (some are real characters). I had wanton mami from the food court but I still ate again at home. I'm surprised that I haven't lost or gained weight since starting work. Everything cancels each other out I supposed. Then I fell asleep until 5pm. That's how I've been spending free afternoons recently! I remember that that's how I spent freshman year afternoons as well. Guess I just need to adjust to the new normal brain temperature for working me. C'est la vie.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's Saturday! Time for another post from yours truly. Really, why do you bother to read my blog? For the bored, for the curious, for the random surfers, these posts are for you.

The week's theme was "We're getting old."

It started last Saturday at the barkada dinner. We invaded my friend's office (The Picture Company) and welcomed ourselves to a pop photoshoot. Of course in doing so, we remembered the last time we did this. Aside from the usual barkada picture for the yearbook, we also went to the exact same studio and had our pictures taken. It was ages ago! We even had a yellow background. Moving back to the recent, we had fun choosing props and being shuffled around the floor, coached to strike certain poses, some more difficult than others. By a stroke of luck, we were all wearing different colors that day. There was red (me), orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and gray. Hopefully when Ther and Tinee get back we'll get another shot at being shot at (by a camera, ok).

Then on Sunday, my family ended up discussing the Ninoy assassination and how strange it is that our parents remember that period in history! hehe My aunt even recounted how she intentionally ran up the bridge outside our house to wave goodbye when his funerary procession passed. These are things we only read about. And what would our kids say next time when we tell them we were alive when EDSA II happened? From there it moved to the "Do you remember... / Naabutan mo pa ba yung..."
1) Records
2) Rotary dial telephones
3) Beepers
4) Typewriters. Believe it or not, I still took typewriting classes when I was in 3rd grade.
5) Touch N Go correction fluid
6) not having remote controls
Technology sure moves quickly. Faster than a speeding bullet.

My cousin and I are also thinking about attending the ICA homecoming. It's been 5 years (for my batch)!

At work, the story's about how was this particular project executed before. Of course my key resources have to be the folks who've been with the company for a while. And last week I discovered that some of my colleagues who don't look like moms are actually moms already. Must be Olay.

Then I had a spur-of-the-moment dinner with Celadon alumni. Can't believe we're talking about work / med school / post-grad studies.

Yesterday (could be a song), mom and I watched the APO Hiking Society perform at the Music Museum. They've been performing for 38 years already and that was their 2015th concert! A lot of jokes about needing a makeover from Ricky Reyes and needing to bring their sound to the new generation. It was a really fun show. If you're lucky, you can still get tickets for their concert tonight (still at the Music Museum). Do you know that they're from Ateneo? I just had to say it.

As we were slowly making our way down to the parking lot, I heard this lady say that she watched Bituin Escalante (who opened the show and promoted her new album) in "Once on this Island" two years ago. I watched that same show. Has it been 2 years ago already??

And just to prove, without a doubt, that I'm getting older, I'll be attending the 1st birthday party of my colleague's daughter later. I'm attending children's birthday parties... Yeap.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm still reading The Athenian Murders. I hope to finish this weekend so I can start with The Thirteenth Tale.

Notice that I've been blogging on Saturdays only. I don't really have much time to blog during weekdays. Anyway, what went on over the week.

One eureka moment I had last night: although I have this new world in front of me, the past continues to exist! OK, so that's a no-brainer but I just wanted to call it out. The week was about seeing Ateneo / Celadon peoples, whether over lunch or just accidentally. For the past few months, I didn't really go out during the week so the people I would see are colleagues. New friends, of course. But it's still comforting to know that there are old friends around the neighborhood. (Weirdest place I bumped into TWO Ateneans - at the lobby of Gold's Gym.)

Next week will be pretty hectic. I have to share a powerpoint, meet with...
Christmas Party Group A
Halloween Party Team
Wellness Team
at the very least. Too many meetings-la! When will I have time to actually work hahaha

One problem I keep having is planning and holding meetings. I'm used to holding meetings for Celadon which I'm totally familiar with. After all, I had a lot of time to learn its in's and out's. Now though I'm still struggling to remember historical data and numbers. I hate having to flip through my notebook or look for an obscure file during the meeting. It makes me look unprepared. And in all honesty, I don't even have time to prepare. While it usually takes me an evening to make sure everything is covered in the agenda, I can't afford that luxury now. So I really feel that meetings (the ones I hold) are very inefficient. Darn it, I miss Celadon so much.

Later today I'll be meeting up with Dragons! Aww I miss them. Surreal experience, that one. Then I'll be having dinner with the Angels. But we won't be complete because at least two are in China. I'm excited about the week after next - Celadon time! haha wala na ba akong sinabi kundi Celadon. I don't recall being this attached to the past before.