Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reading: The Athenian Murders by Jose Carlos Somoza

A lot of my friends went to the office today to take one of the qualifying exams. Here is how one friend described the experience:

friend: i couldn't answer anything
friend: parang i knew how, pero i just couldn't concentrate because of the time pressure!
friend: so i ended up just guessing the answers

Funny enough, that's exactly how I feel about my job... so I guess it makes sense that if you pass the test, you can deal with the job. Theoretically.

Physically, let's see. Last night my fever was as high as 39.5 C! I haven't had that high a temperature in a long time. It's my body telling me to rest... So I did. I slept from 6:30pm to 12nn. And then again from 4 to 6 today. I'm taking "doing nothing" to a different level.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh shit. *Jellyfish*

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I had a very musical weekend. On Friday night I attended a small party. I was impressed by how smoothly the event ran because everyone was pitching in, everyone knew what to do/bring. There was a sound system, microphones, amplifierS, musical instruments... I loved it. OK maybe I felt a little out of place and more than a little bit shy. Thank goodness Harry was there to keep me company. Anyway, my feelings weren't the point of the evening. The performances were just wow. Who woulda thunk? I really saw another side of people that I didn't really expect. I left at 11 already but that's not even late compared to the next day.

I started Saturday early - because I had to go to Gawad Kalinga. Mico's a dear for leading the visit even though it was his birthday! The rain had us worried but thankfully everything worked out well. The volunteers were amazing - they taught the kids how to make lanterns (that look complicated!) and rosaries. Even the younger kids were able to make paper boats and airplanes. I was a bit scared that they wouldn't be able to follow the instructions. Tsk Daph, thou shall ask not why but why not. The children are so independent. Makes me remember that yaya's are a luxury, not a basic necessity.

Moving on, I watched Avenue Q with mom, Lu Jean, Elaine, Mic, Da and her friend. I knew that Vincent, Hannah and Richard were watching the same show but even Momer, Tungyu, Bianca, Poe and Paul were there. What a small world. The play was great!! It was funny but meaningful, liberal but not vulgar. The songs are so creative! I can't decide which one is my favorite although I really enjoyed Joel Trinidad's performance as Trekkie Monster/Nicky/Bad Idea Bear. It's a bit different for a musical actually. I'll quote from The Daily Tribune:

Honestly, this is the only show on Broadway that is playing right now, that you can bring anyone, especially those who are virgins when it comes to watching musicales. You can bring them to watch and I can guarantee that they will laugh their heads off and they will have such a good time. That is why I picked it out of the so many plays to take my boyfriend to. He had not seen a Broadway musicale before and he is straight, he is into basketball and the rest of the macho stuff. I was really scared that he would not like it and it would hurt me if he does not enjoy musicales because I am such a musicale buff, right. So, I decided to take him to the show and he just loved it!
Oh, and the lead guy (Felix Rivera) is hot, at least on stage. Lyrics here, sample of songs here.

Luj, mom and I went home to watch the ADMU-NU game. Mic, Lainey and Da followed afterwards. That was one frustrating game. It's more fun to watch with fellow Ateneans than to watch alone though. Then again, it'd be more if we won. Oh well, at least there are ADMU-DLSU games coming up! Those are always fun.

I was late for a dinner I planned because the game went into overtime. It's a good thing the restaurant (Polu Kai) didn't forfeit my reservation. Dinner was great, I hope that even Jason and Tristan liked the food. Mong came! I haven't seen her in years!! She gave me "Happy Birthday To You!" by Dr. Seuss. I wish I could give gifts that were as meaningful and unique. I also hope that Mong and Luj didn't feel too out of place with my Celadon friends. We shared the mango cake that Tang, Fuzz and Tristan bought (at Conti's!) and were surprised when the waiters suddenly brought some ice cream with banana and syrup. Free dessert for birthday celebrants, they explained. Who's complaining? Just the health-conscious guys haha To top it all off, Luj bought me cupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja. Is this some sort of conspiracy to make me gain more weight? Just kidding :)

After dinner we walked around at Bonifacio High Street. It's only my 2nd or 3rd time to be there. We bumped into Geof and Tiff! Even BriDee, Gab and Nats were there. All of those are Celadoneans LOL We just talked about whatever came to mind until Joyce fetched Julie. Then we (Mic, Lainey, Borgy, Mike, Da, Jason and I) just stood on the sidewalk and resumed talking. I'm not even sure anymore how much time we spent there. By around 11 we reached Fully Booked and looked around. It was my first time to enter the big multi-level shop. It reminds me of the large Barnes & Noble stores in the US. Will that model work here in the Philippines? I wonder. Right now they're giving a discount card for a P2000+ single-receipt purchase. I didn't buy anything but the others did. I got home by midnight already (thanks Mic!).

So that I don't have *too much* fun over the weekend, today was a lazy day. Spent a lot of time uploading pictures to my multiply account. Aside from picking up food from Conti's (for a really delicious Salad-Salpicao-Lengua-Mushroom and Shrimp Pasta-Choco Overload dinner) and then showering at MPC (almost no water here at home!), the highlight was watching High School Musical 2 with my cousins. Some scenes looked silly but what else can you expect from musicals - people have to break into song every so often. But some musicals are able to make the songs come smoothly instead of awkwardly interrupting the story. Nevertheless it was nice and made me miss being in school (and having breaks during the year!!). But as the Ave Q song goes:
But if I were to go back to college,
Think what a loser I'd be-
I'd walk through the quad,
And think "Oh my God..."

"These kids are so much younger than me."

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's been a wonderful year. The past 12 months went by way too quickly. There was


Having grad pics taken, working on the thesis, horror film class,

Shakespeare in performance, immersion

Blue Roast, graduation.

2006 UAAP Finals Game 1 Ateneo vs UST , 1st ADMU DLSU game for 2007 UAAP and yesterday's game vs. DLSU (thanks for the early birthday present Chris! haha)

Being with brilliant people who are passionate about changing society. The Halloween party and super project, even KSDC (which never pushed through), are always fun to remember.


The executebs, worrying about the MidAutumn Gratia / Gratia on d'Ice, LDP, preparing for re-accreditation, preparing for COA/LS awards, the Celadon Ball. Movie outings!!!

Getting the offer, starting work. Immersion - for a month (a lot different from Ateneo immersion)

Enough said - although I would've liked to visit the UK.

DRAGON 100 2007
Surreal. Was the Dragon 100 program just a dream? That's what I thought when I woke up in the plane on the way back to Manila last Aug 31. I did not expect to have so much fun and to make so many new friends!

If anything, I was worried that the trip would be b-o-r-i-n-g. Back in May, I had no idea who else applied for the program. Since the application period just started a few days before my trip to Europe, I even had to ask my cousin to help me collect some documents from school. I also knew that I'd be working already and that I'd be skipping work... Besides, everyone knows how bad my Chinese is.

Now I know that those worries and inconveniences were all worth it. I have no regrets that I joined the program. I had the best, craziest group (Lam sek! - blue), my seatmates helped translate what the tour guides were saying for me and Nieke, I got to visit amazing places like the Longmen grottoes, six-horses royal cart museum, and _the_ Shaolin monastery. And a bit of icing on the cake: accommodations, transportation and food were all covered by the Dragon Foundation!

It was quite an ego-boost / humbling experience to be with so many accomplished people. And they were not the least bit boring (which was another worry)! Delegates came from all over the world - HK, Taiwan, UK, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, US, Japan, even Peru (he was just there for a few months). But what we all had in common was our Chinese ancestry. So it was cool to visit the Yellow Emperor's temple. I still remember my grandfather telling me that I'm a princess because my last name comes directly from Huang Di. Yea, we even visited "my" river haha (Yes, I know that ALL Chinese people are descendants of Huang Di).

My crazy group
The blue group is actually comprised of two teams: 7 & 8. We got coach 3 to ourselves while the other coaches carried 3 teams each. We bonded so much that we had a hard time remembering that we were from two different teams. In the bus, we played cards (Big 2 is the English name for Pusoy Dos apparently), sang songs (Disney did a good job because only Disney songs were familiar to most/all of us) and national anthems (they said that the Philippine anthem is so happy), taking pictures of people in the other buses, or just talking about our different lives. Oh and we listened to the tour guide too... sometimes hehe During one dinner (water banquet), my tablemates and I were sooo noisy. I was laughing so hard at the comment Kathy made about the sea cucumber (guess...) that I was laughing soundlessly and my cheeks started to hurt.


There was one time when Shinyi and I wanted to be less cliquish so we decided not to sit at the table one of our groupmates chose. Other groupmates ended up sitting with us anyway (while others sat at the other table I mentioned earlier). That happens when a group is composed of 26 members hahaha Of course I got the chance to interact with other non-Blue dragons, many of whom are friends of Blue dragons anyway. By the end of the trip we had even adopted some non-Blue dragons already.

After only spending a week and a half together, we were all teary-eyed at the HK airport when it was time to say goodbye. Mic compared the experience to his Taiwan study tour and how they grew so close that they went to each others' proms, and still get-together every so often. The significant difference between that and the Dragon program I guess is that, even if we Dragons do bump into each other again, it will be almost impossible to get everyone reunited. We're from too many different worlds. Our little Dragon bubble helped us pause our lives and forget everyday worries but that was our little Dragon bubble. We don't have that luxury anymore :( Welcome back to the real world.

Keeping in Touch
Now that I have friends from all over the world though, I've changed my opinion about traveling. I used to complain that my family goes to HK much too often but now I'd jump at the opportunity to go and meet up with Ariel, SauWai, Bell, Joanne, Queena, Dickei and Clive (if they haven't left for some other country yet). Singapore wasn't very high on my list of places to visit but now I do want to visit Gui Deng, Chuan Seng and Zishuang (aside from Charles, Patet, Jaryd, Ryan, etc). I also didn't get to visit Indonesia when my uncle was stationed there but at least Nieke's there! I've always wanted to go to Australia - now, Adelaide's on my must-go-to's so I can see Yuan and Neil...Lainey/Vern, will visit you guys too hopefully haha The same is true for the US. If my family's visiting Justin next year, I really will make it a point to have time to visit some if not all of the American dragons - Jia, Toni, Derek and Shinyi (if she's still there). UK is still definitely at the top of my list. If I didn't mention someone, it's not intentional >_< Main point is, can't wait to see you guys again - visit the Philippines!!

In the meantime, I've downloaded MSN. I'm also happy that I got Facebook prior to the trip. At least I was able to tinker around with it already. I still prefer Multiply for media sharing because FB has a maximum of 60 pix per album.


Net, I had a really fun year. This will be one of the best years ever (along with the time I was 16) Thanks so much everyone. Hope 22 is another good year.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dragon100 2007 - The Dragon Foundation

I miss the Blue Team so much :(