Monday, June 25, 2007

What. a. Monday. It's not a bad Monday, just a very busy one. Meetings, meetings... one meeting was rescheduled but I managed to plug in two spur-of-the-moment meetings. Don't get me wrong, it beats thinking by myself. There's just so many things to think about! Information overload. But right now, just to get it over with, let me say this: I love my job.

Had lunch with Ace, a cup of Starbucks with BD and dinner with the "imported relatives." So at least my social life isn't dying. I had Starbucks with BD... Ok my social life is kinda bad haha jk Christian is so cute! He can talk now but his favorite words are Yah (like a German), Why? and Train. We brought him to Timezone and he was still too short for most of the games. That didn't stop him from hitting the crocodiles, bopping the bulldogs and shooting some hoops. Maybe he'll grow up to be an engineer. He was connecting his straws to see if he could drink milk with a 3-straws-long straw (findings: no, he couldn't). "Why?"

Tomorrow's gonna be a long day. I'm bringing my mom's bathroom scale to work. Show and tell. Just kidding. But I was serious about the bathroom scale. And the dining room bell. Will actually miss my cousin's bridal shower. Some cousin I am.

Yes, I love my job. If I had a great Monday, then Friday should be terrific.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My mother's side had a family reunion today at Century Seafood near Sheraton. It was a big gathering but it was still incomplete. Just to give you an idea of how large their family is... my grandfather has 8 sisters and a brother. Each are married with at least 4 children. This means my mom has around 50 cousins. Most are already married. Many have children - some are older than I am while others are still babies with their yayas. It was interesting but there wasn't that much interaction. Each family had their own table/s so it felt just like an ordinary Sunday lunch. With abalone.

Next week will be another large gathering (wedding). Brother and one cousin already arrived and more relatives will arrive in the next few hours. I'm excited to see them but I'm also aware that I can't maximize my time with them because of work. The next three weeks are going to be tiring but I'm looking forward to learning a lot.

Summer starts "school" tomorrow. I'll be paying for 40% of her "tuition" haha She's still so cute even though the haircut she had last month lightened her coloring. My hair color has also changed. Mom wanted it darker for the wedding so goodbye ash blond, hello red-violet! I enjoyed having a light hair color, thanks Birdie! I know I wouldn't have done it if it weren't for your offer.

Growing my nails long is such a chore. Pero minsan lang naman. Feeling Cat woman. Rawr.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Past few days were a blur. I've officially started work. Today was my "second" day. Second is in quotation marks because, as I mentioned in my last post, I already had a transition meeting before my first day of work - which was Friday (the 15th). It was in that meeting that I found out I had to work on Saturday (the 16th) but more on that later.

On the first day, I chose a workspace beside a window. For lunch, we ate at CPK - mm..salad, pizza, pasta and dessert - and then everyone speed-walked back to work. I attended a training for trainers (sorry about that) which was interesting because of the personal experiences that the speaker added to make his points. The day ended with the interns' graduation night. I didn't stay anymore but I got to speak with Dr. Macapagal (the new Psych chair) before I left.

I had to leave because I had a dinner and sleepover with the executebs (Celadon EB 0607)! Dinner was OK at Everything at Steak, even though the service was really bad. We all ordered what Peter got (T-Bone), but chose different side dishes. Anyway, the night wasn't about the food - it was about the company! Allow me to quote Char, "It's really very very nice seeing my friends and feeling like I'm back in college once again (minus the acads)." We spent a long time just catching up and talking about life after college so far.

I already told them before that if I had to start my own business, I would like to start it with them. The diversity of interests and a nice mix of working styles allowed us to have fun while working with each other. I think fun is a super important part of working. Important part of anything actually. The others then played with the squeaking pigs while I got ready for bed (sofa to be more accurate). I had to sleep early because I had to be at Makati by 7:30 the next day (urk)... so I missed around 2 hours of kwentuhan :(

I arrived a bit early but the (very good looking) expat and his (equally beautiful) girlfriend arrived soon after. We had to wait for a few more people before we could meet the others outside Manila Hotel. After a very quick breakfast, we finally got to Baseco, Tondo. Imagine the usual Ateneo outreach, only with 120 kids. And that's why I had to work on a Saturday morning, with less than half a week's notice. There was storytelling, arts&craft and games. I think the children had fun although I've forgotten most of their names and faces already. I know it will take time to get to know them so I'll excuse myself first.

I was supposed to go to Greenhills for lunch but the local leaders wanted to give me a tour of the village. I got home later than I planned and so missed Tang's birthday treat :( I got back to GH by around 4:30 already. The others were still playing with the squeaking pigs haha We bought tickets for Fantastic 4 at Promenade. It was the first weekend so most of the good seats were already taken. We got 8 seats on the 4th row from the screen and 3 on the 3rd. Each ticket was P180! It was unfair the way the film's sound was damaged at the start and the screen wasn't aligned. I was halfway to the exit to complain when the screen just blacked out. When I returned to my seat, the mischievous EB decided to say aloud, at the count of 3, "Ang cute cute ni Vince!" whehehe We didn't have anything better to do anyway. The movie wasn't very nice. The visual effects were good but the story was lacking and cheesy. Plus they were destroying London!! hmph.

When the movie ended, we walked to Kamay Kainan for the alumni dinner. It was great to see the others. We occupied around 2 and a half long tables. Even Jared, Sherwin and Mark King attended. I was also happy to see Chok, who's been busy with med school. Twin, Mic, Borgy and Jacky went too! Rensi just passed by at Che's house to get his pasalubong (and to see me haha). I gave everyone the Swiss chocolate I bought at Luzern and they said it was good even though they were already melted (after staying in the car for most of the afternoon...).

Yesterday was Fathers' Day. A belated Happy Fathers' Day greeting to your dads! We celebrated at Peking Garden where I saw Borly, Rensi Pua, Ryan Chua and even Leanne Tan. I spent the afternoon asleep.

Today was tiring too but I was able to meet with my immediate manager and talk about what I'll be doing over the next few months. Honestly it sounds like a lot. There are essentially two main things so I can just think of it as similar to having (1) acads and (2) org. Hopefully the time management skills I developed at college will suffice. Helpdesk also got my tech stuff running today! For now I'm glad I don't have any homework. Let the fun begin ;)

For corresponding pictures, go to my multiply or Peter's.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

OK maybe I'm a little bit excited. I had a meeting this morning (even though work still officially starts tomorrow) and one of the projects that I'll be handling is something I'm really interested in. In fact, I took an internet introduction course about it way back in 2003 and just recently attended another talk about it at the Ateneo School of Business. Coincidence?

I love the way life can be so... ordered. I didn't even have to ask and it was assigned to me. Some say it's a matter of perspective (i.e., Life is beautiful IF you look for its beauty). Some attribute intelligent design to a grand architect, yes God. Maybe others will look at it as some sort of pre-destiny. I guess all of that's true for me although I never once felt that my free will was being limited because I was pre-destined to do something I didn't want to do.

After the meeting, I visited the LS campus. The Celadon room last year is the new ADS room. The old SPEED room is the new Celadon room. This means more space and a nice view! It'll be the last time in a long time that I'll be able to visit school. Geo-ann, who I regard as my batch's most outstanding individual (actually, she was officially recognized as most outstanding individual during the LS awards), is now working for OSA. I was able to see Ate Sabs, Ma'am Mhir, Ate Ginger and Ate Julie too.

Since my last post, I already watched the Heroes season ender. It was so disappointing! I'm halfway done with the Harvard Business Review. Also, I'm not quite sure how to proceed with my scrapbook. I don't know what background to use for the title page of each country. Jacky gave me great ideas for the other pages though. Dad should be done processing his pictures by tomorrow and I can have the ones I like printed already. That's about it for now. Tomorrow is another first day of the rest of my life!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm enjoying myself far too much to be in a hurry to start working. Can't stop the inevitable though so I'll use what time I have now to soul search and release pent up creativity.

Soul Searching
Maybe not my soul exactly, just my psyche. I'm a very high monitoring individual - acting and debating are two hobbies high monitors can excel in since they require much flexibility. While I'm all for doing the "right" thing and not caring about what other people think when I do so, doing the un-right thing or even an I'm-not-sure-if-it's-right thing bothers me a lot. I hate not knowing the correct answer and it irritates me when I'm forced to say "hindi ko alam!" Although of course no one has all the answers.

But there are field experts, key resources, that I can extract invaluable information from. There is the direct method of ASKING them. For example, I love consulting with Aims about the appropriateness of doing something or failing to do something. Then there is the indirect method - modeling. For example, I associate the word thoughtfulness with Ther and CharLao. Now, being thoughtful is something I want to be, something that I think is right. That's why I try to guess what they'd do if they were in a similar situation and do it myself. The same concept applies to the popular "What Would Jesus Do" (WWJD) motto. In both cases, who I ask/model is hinged on how much I like someone. Naturally, I don't want to be someone I don't particularly admire.

Bottomline is, I'm trying to be more patient (and failing miserably) and more thoughtful/generous (a little progress?). Maybe I'm fighting a genetic battle... let's see though. To be able to dictate what I am (e.g. thoughtful person) is a very "Sartre" framework.

"Wala kayo magawa sa watermelon 'no?" That what Ivan said when he dropped by the house a while ago to give me the last three episodes of Heroes Season 1. (See my multiply). It wasn't anything that required a lot of unheard of materials. I just noticed we had a watermelon and decided to give it a smiley face. It was fun, a little bit messy, but fun.

I'm also in the process of making a scrapbook. Key words: in the process. I've finished... 4 out of 30 pages. I got the idea from CH's blog. She wrote about other people not understanding her hobby. It seems like a fun pastime! No wonder we were in the yearbook board together. Being serious about it is a bit expensive if all the acid-free rules are to be followed but it forces me to be more resourceful. As a last resort, I guess there's always archival spray.

Last few days before work will be dedicated to catch-up lunches and dinners with friends, spending time with the extended family from out of town, and finishing the scrapbook!

Besides those, there are things I want to strike out of my list soon... such as the Harvard Business Review I bought in HK... Yes, I know it sounds geeky but so far it's a good read. A bit heavy to digest everything in one go but it's expensive enough to make me want to finish it from cover to cover. The book I borrowed from Polo, the Heroes episodes, some DVD's I bought (like Babel), ... hm. Whoa I didn't realize I have so much to do! Wheee

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm elated! I just watched Ocean's 13 with Mic, Elaine and Jacky and I loved it! We had a pizza "party" at my place before going to Rockwell so that set the mood well. It's the best movie I've seen recently. Better than Ocean's 12 but just a little less brilliant than 11. It was funny too. Go see it, you can read the rest of my long blog entry afterwards.

Warning: Greenbelt 3 tickets now cost P180-190 (depends on the cinema). I know because my parents and I just watched Shrek 3 there. Definitely not as good as the first and second part. It was a bit annoying how the characters were giving pep talks. And the frog king having to die three times? As Ocean's 13 said, don't run the same gag twice. Although stealing from a casino... sounds familiar doesn't it? Money talks, which is probably why there are so many trilogies in the first place.

Another third of a trilogy. I liked Pirates too but the story was too twisted for those who've forgotten the first two installments. I was the only one in my family (whom I watched with) who more or less understood the story. The love thing between Calypso and Davey Jones was off-tangent. While we missed the post credits scene (which I got to watch via YouTube anyway), we were just relieved that the cinema didn't play a dubbed Cantonese version (the trailers were in Cantonese). Free tickets made me think that there must be something wrong, wouldn't you? But the promo was legit - and extra sulit because the film ran for almost 3 hours.

It would make a great in-flight movie since it'll make 3 hours go faster. During my flight to and from Europe, I was able to watch Blood Diamond, Charlotte's Web, Music & Lyrics, The Pursuit of Happyness, even Aladdin and The Lion King. I'm just sad I wasn't able to catch The Holiday.

Blood Diamond reminded me of Lord of War and Titanic. Lord of War because it's a political film, Titanic because Leonardo DiCaprio [spoiler: dies].

Charlotte's Web, hm, we all know that story. Nothing fantastic.

Music & Lyrics was great! I missed the film when it was showing in theaters but I forget why. Made me wanna rhyme... all the time... maybe earn a dime... or maybe not. I'm not a big fan of Drew Barrymore but the movie made me forget my bias against her.

The Pursuit of Happyness was another rags to riches inspirational true stories. I'm glad that it emphasized the importance of both numbers (technical knowledge) and people (emotional competence). Personal competence was present but implied. I think this is also why Rubik's cubes are so popular these days. I got a small one for free (I'm such a sucker for freebies) and I plan to figure out how to solve it. Allan's blog has a how-to-re-sticker your rubik's cube tutorial in case the colors are fading.

The Disney movies are old Disney movies so the magic's still there. Incidentally, it was the Hakuna Matata cap that I brought with me to Europe. Weh I know I haven't started working but I'm already wondering when I'll be able to get back to that continent. I'm not as bad a workaholic as everyone else might think hahaha I put "don't be a workaholic" on my status message for Borgy cause he's been doing a lot of overtime. Here's what I get:

enzote: are you talking to yourself? haha
charlenecamillalao: ahhhh kala ko ur telling urself not to be a workaholic
bjdy: sino kausap mo sa pagiging workaholic? sarili mo?
frids2002: are u talking to urself?

Some people know me too well.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I'm back :) I won't bother to write about my trip in detail since what I wrote in my notebook is too long to transcribe. This is where we went:

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France, Monaco, Italy, Vatican, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Amsterdam!

Some highlights:

  • Got to enter the Louvre
  • Got to visit Notre Dame cathedral and Anne Frank's house
  • Were at Cannes on the first day of the film festival
  • Chanced upon a fireworks display at Austria
  • Got a FREE picture in a traditional Dutch costume
  • Won 160 tokens at Monte Carlo
Don't wake me up, I'm still dreaming.

I did miss my dog and my laptop (ah Daph's priorities). I should take them with me next time ;) But "next time" might be years away... What are dreams for.