Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So near yet so far.

I'm going to be a whale by the time I start working, especially since they're not yet sure when I'll actually start. The other day, the Celadon (old) EB ate at Pizza Hut (for wala lang). We finished the pizza that we had ordered for the latecomers... And now mom has some gift certificates and consumables that she wants to use up so we ate at Italiannis yesterday and then we went to Polo to have lunch a while ago. Between the two of us, we ate two thousand plus pesos worth in two days aaaack. She plans to go back to Italiannis with dad tonight since the GCs expire today.

But anyway, the food was good. We had a seafood pasta and fish fillet. A little too much pepper for my taste but I never was a very big fan of pepper. The smoked salmon club sandwich was good. It was the first time I ordered that. The chips on the side need more taste. Daph writes as if she knew how to cook. Ah I didn't even mention the snacks I've been munching on - peanuts, pringles, noodles and krinkles. The last one was for a good cause anyway, the Celadon freshies were raising funds for the preservation of Philippine eagles!

For March, I already have two odd jobs lined up - writing and transcribing. And I'm meaning to start watching Heroes since the Celadon people are really addicted to that show. It sounds interesting so I'll give it a shot. Then I want to finish the book I've been reading since forever but just didn't have the time. Right now I can't even remember the title anymore haha but it's about Queen Elizabeth I at the time of Queen Mary's reign and how her mother's reputation as a witch is being used against her.

I wonder how often I'll be visiting Ateneo in March. I got my clearance form today and collection of signatures starts tomorrow. But what will I do in Ateneo anyway, just hang out at the room... The two second-hand couches has increased seating capacity so it's so full of people lately. But contrary to what one might imagine, it's not always noisy. Yesterday the seniors wanted to accomplish the impossible before graduating (to STUDY at the room) so they made that rule up (P10 penalty for every noise made). Well, I heard they successfully got everyone to not speak for an hour and a half -- what a feat! haha And it's an innovative fundraiser too :p

Academic news...

I had my best final exam experience yesterday for leadership class. Hardwork really does pay off. She mentioned that one of the test types would be enumeration so I memorized as much as I could. It's a good thing too because one part asked us to enumerate all the steps of the cybernetic circle and another required 10 out of 11 characteristics of optimists (that sounds lame doesn't it haha). Buti nalang she didn't require us to give all 21 points for team management... Thanks Casper and Kaye for helping me get it all in my head.

Dare I make another forecast... I'm just apathetic right now. I am not hoping to get any higher, neither am I in any particular danger. Aaron said it's just about maintenance. I suppose it would be nice to maintain rank but I don't care so much about that. Besides, the ranks don't really take into account the difficulty of one's course.

Psych thesis posters are already displayed at the SEC B Foyer. If you visit it, will you give us feedback on ours? I don't think it has a chance to win best poster though haha

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Remember I said that my most recent list of TTD was going to be my last? Scratch that. Here's another last list of TTD for college...

Monday 1pm - Philo orals
Tuesday 10:30am - Psy115 written finals; 1:30pm - Shakespeare paper
Thursday 11am - Theo orals; submission of detailed outline
Friday 3:30pm - Psych conference; submission of bound thesis

We're actually a finalist for best thesis. It's rather surreal because it's been an uphill battle. We were getting 2's and 6's (over 10) last semester!

Gratitude is necessary... and I am really quite unsure how I should go about recognizing the people who have made my life in Ateneo complete. I will attempt to do so after Friday....

Before I forget, congratulations to the winners of the recently concluded COA elections (esp. Clark, Hector and Raffy!) :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Malapit na! Gah I can't wait for this to all blow over and end.

I'm still waiting for my grad pix. A lot of people who haven't gotten theirs are frustrated by the delay. I guess I'm also impatient. At the same time, I think I also understand Aegis' side. It's not easy to please 600 members much less the whole senior batch. I got to talk with Elaine yesterday and she mentioned that her batch got theirs in March already (during the break between seniors' finals and grad). So I think the yearbook staff made the right decision of releasing the pictures that are ready already instead of waiting for everyone's to be ready and then releasing them all together. Still, I wish they could hurry up :p

I can't say I'm excited but yes I'm also looking forward to saying, "It's the first day of the rest of my life!"

Saturday, February 17, 2007

OK so my adventures have finally taken their toll on me. I really should learn how to be more healthy. Last week was Celadon Week (creatively dubbed SyncIT!) and in the middle of that was the Valentines Rose Sale (Mr. Yu's Garden). My corniness is rubbing off on the organization it seems (orange you glad you joined Celadon? hehe).

The Celadon elections was held from Feb 13-15. First day, there were 149 voters. Second day, we reached 235. By the end of the last day, a total of 320 votes were cast! Hooray for a successful voting period. And as part of our duties as a partner of sorts to the Chinese Studies Program, 10 of us EB members went to the opening of the SPRING film festival at the Gateway Cineplex last Thursday. It's not easy to pass up cocktails and complimentary passes. I Not Stupid was an interesting movie about Singaporean students in the opposite of an honors class (shall we say academically challenged). I found myself crying in some parts :( but other parts were funny like finding out that the main character's name is Terry and hearing lines such as "Don't be so ke po." Dialogue was in Singlish, Mandarin and Hokkien.

After the movie, we went to my house to count the votes. Our system consisted of one reader/announcer, two talliers and one encoder. The other COMELEC member served as sub and as checker. We finished counting the votes at around 3:30 and slept by 4am (I don't think Terry slept since he had a paper due and he had already left by the time I woke up). It was a very close contest between the two presidential candidates. The results are as follows:


Ted Angelo Chua 162
Cheryl Lu 146
Abstain 12

Trina Coleen Ong 292
Abstain 28

Angela Eliza Lim 270
Abstain 50

Retcher Hans Ching 225
Vince Elly Peña 47
Abstain 48

Kenelynn Vassy Ng 250
Abstain 70

Bea Czerina Yao 259
Abstain 61

Elfrida Tan 284
Abstain 36

Eunice Tsai 269
Abstain 51

Adrienne Gopoco 267
Abstain 53

Jeraldine Tan 268
Abstain 52

Roverne Eliza Chiusinco 280
Abstain 40

Ivan Lester Caw 244
Abstain 76

Goodluck nEwBies :) I'm sure you'll take Celadon to even greater heights next year! Just remember to stay true to the vision and unique identity of the organization and you'll be fine. Work together, trust each other, don't forget to have fun and do everything for the glory of God :)

Most of the executEBs were already feeling senti during last night's culminating event. The cultural show was great! The weather was very cooperative and the tents were easy to keep. It's sad that not that many people really visited the SEC field during the week - honestly, if I had a choice, I would not have because of the intense heat. Still, the coin bank making activity of Tzu Chi was good and so was the fortune telling booth. I really have qualms about fortune telling because of my grandfather's experience. He had his fortune told once upon a time and the events that were foretold really happened. It even predicted that he would die in 1996. He got sick that year and hasn't recovered since (his children had the book burned). If I did have my fortune told, I wonder what she would've said... Sometimes I think we all know what will happen in the future, perhaps it's just a matter of not denying certain realities.

The lumpia night (Celadon's first ever), an idea suggested by Hershey Ang, turned out pretty well I suppose. Not that many people attended so we had leftovers but the food was delicious. We didn't really plan to have a culminating dinner but CFBC requested to meet school officials so Jasper and James were assigned to prepare the event. In the end, CFBC didn't show up! Tzu Chi members were there though and so was Gabay, the org-beneficiary of the Dragon Shoebox project. The alumni watched Ghost Rider I think but I was too tired :| I ended up sleeping by 10! (After Sana Maulit Muli)

This morning I was late for my PolSci class because I opted to sleep in. And even when I arrived in school, I went to the pav to have my toga measurements taken first. Nakakatamad na kasi. Had lunch (California Chicken sandwich is really good) at the SOM Mall with Maan and her friends and then with Aimee and "the gang." Rehearsals for MidSummer Night's was OK. On a good note, my voice is lower than usual so it's easier for me to speak with a guy's pitch. The rest of the day was spent asleep. And right now I feel like sleeping again.

Wednesday night/Thursday will be a real pain.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day. Some love it, some don't. It still happens every year anyway. When I was a freshman, I remember watching a movie with the Celadon peoples (Birdie and Mic were still single back then!), right after an ROTC session (it fell on a Saturday). For second year... I assume that I was busy delivering flowers and helping the choir with harana. I vaguely recall practicing "I'll Be" with Colynn and the others at some classroom in SOM. Third year was spent packing stuff up at Matteo for the move to MVP. This year was more of the same: Celadon! I love delivering to Kostka but it really is an effort to deliver to the Comm Dept / Bellarmine.

This year, we planned to get orders from DLSU to ADMU but the opposite opportunity presented itself. The cross-campus floral delivery still needs a lot of work! But the market is there.

Because of Celadon Week and running around campus today, I have grown several shades darker in a span of 4 days. I hope tomorrow and Friday aren't so hot but I don't want it to rain either...

"Fake love never dies."

Friday, February 9, 2007

Click here! I just thought that an email promo with a reference to Shakespeare was too much of a coincidence so I'm putting it here hehe

My mom's ticket won sa last round ng MEA Tropico Bingo (trip to Bohol)!!! But I lost sa Jack n Poy :( Sorry mom haha TJ won!! Celadon pa rin :D The night was really fun, thanks Chongky :) Definitely a major milestone - the first time I held a winning Bingo card haha Bonding with Char on the way home made the night even more worthwhile. It's been a long time since we last carpooled cause we often forget to compare our schedules... we used to carpool regularly for ROTC. Those were the days.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

To know means...

To understand means...

To believe means...

To be...

Happy :)


Today was the first time I was able to rehearse for Midsummer Night's. It was confusing at first cause we were using the old method - the one Shakespeare and his company actually used way back when. We didn't have a complete copy of the script, only the last three syllables of the lines preceding ours, and we didn't know whom we were addressing our lines to (Glenn explicitly told us NOT to read the entire script). But it was also very fun trying to figure out what was happening. Midsummer Night's is very mischievous, with characters from the fairy world trying to interfere with the love lives of the Athenians. Lysander, who I am playing, is really in love with Hermia but then Puck messes up his errand so that he ends up chasing after Helena, who likes Demetrius. However, Demetrius likes Hermia too so he attempts to steal her from Lysander but she'd rather die haha. That's how we understand the acts so far. Honestly I'm not sure how the complicated love rectangle (?) ends but since it's a comedy, I'm guessing all's well that ends well.

Puck's apology for confusing the audience:
If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.

How can we not forgive him? haha Besides, I find that it's easier for me to deal with problems if I sleep first before facing them. To pretend that problems are just dreams, that would make life easier. But that would also make life such a bore. I know there will be problems, obstacles, challenges straight ahead or around the bend but Lord give me the strength of character to face them, knowing that You're there with me. Or, trying to be more profound, "not I, but Christ."

To wed the secular with the religious. How weird that Vatican II should support integral evangelization wherein the Church involves herself with the different aspects of human life while governments push for a greater separation of church and State. Kinda like Lysander trying to tell Helena that his intentions are pure (how should you think that I should woo in scorn?) while Helena thinks he's full of... #

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

your vote counts!

Miting de Avance
Feb 9 | 4:30pm onwards
SOM 202

Voting period
Feb 13-15 | 9am-5pm
SEC Field

During the group sharing at class a while ago, we were so distracted by the thought of graduating that our discussion was dominated by rumors about commencement speakers, venue, pictures and all that jazz. We were still able to touch on the reading and the report went well so I guess it's not a problem. Shall I make my last list of TTD for college? Eep. Here goes.

Feb 7 - thesis consultation, theo group meeting
Feb 8 - Theo quiz
Feb 10 - Psych Director's Dinner 3-7:30pm
Feb 11 - Interview for Psy115
Feb 15 - Theo Long Test
Feb 19 - Thesis Final Draft
Feb 20 - Shakespeare paper
Feb 21 - Thesis poster submission
Feb 22 - Psy115 interview paper, theo reporting
Feb 27 - Psy115 finals
Feb 26 - Poster Week

TBAs: Philo finals, Theo finals, PolSci finals, Shakespeare play, Shakespeare journal

The last stretch! Not so much. Orgwork is what makes my life spicier.

SOM 202 | 4:30pm onwards