Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who would believe that Daphne went shopping today? It's quite true. Recently she realized that her younger cousins have started wearing more fashionable clothing and thus thought to purchase something more than what she would consider a "normal shirt" (i.e., the shirts she prefers). Snubbing shops that sold normal shirts for more than P990, she settled for a nice brown blouse with a lace collar that cost less than P900. Shopping is such an extravagant sport.

Friday, November 17, 2006

So I changed my blog's layout after 3 years...honestly I was thinking of just deleting the entire thing but my sentimental side decided against that.

Earlier today, I got to talk with Sir San Andres. It was my first conversation with him and I found it very interesting and thought-provoking. He claims that our societal problems, especially the crab (talangka) mentality, stem from our colonial history. In order to illustrate this, he cited an actual group activity that showed different results when conducted in the Philippines and when conducted in Malaysia (among Chinese Malaysians). Bottomline is, instead of focusing on the objectives, the Philippine teams end up trying to "kill" the other. What I would like more than conversations that make me think are those that are backed up by actual proofs. The dialogue becomes more powerful that way. I am excited about the upcoming talk he'll be giving on Saturday during Celadon's 2nd GA.

The Leadership Development Program is only 36 hours away! I really hope it will be life changing. Maybe I'm not hoping for the kind of change that totally alters one's course in life but just the kind of change needed to motivate the participants to become student leaders.

I'll be watching Gary V's concert tomorrow night with mom. I hope it's more fun than his OnStage gig last time. For now, I still like watching Martin's shows more. I forgot who said it but I have also noticed that Martin can establish rapport with his audience very well - perhaps the reason why he's called the Concert King.

That's it for now.

Monday, November 13, 2006

First day of 2nd sem. According to Bam, the last first day of school. And I found myself at the Office of the President and the Ateneo High School's Principal Office already. The next few months are going to be exciting.

Thesis - eeeeep!! haha that's about it.
Philo - I got Azada. Niel got a B+ when she took her last time. Let's see how it goes.
Theo - Bobby Guev. He's more legendary than Sir Tatot... and since Filipino is the medium of instruction for both classes, why not take a legend haha
Psy115 - I don't know what to expect from this class at all.
Shakespeare in theater - wheee, I finally get a Shakespeare class. Don't know who our prof is going to be but I hope s/he's good. Maybe we'll get to perform! I wonder which plays we'll be discussing.
PolSci - I chose Saturday to desaturate my week...good idea? Not sure. Don't know much about Banayad except he was recommended by some Theo classmates last sem.

Dun dun dun.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

two more days till the start of the last sem of my college life.

the break afforded me some time to tend to some neglected matters
- go out with the QT's
- go out with the angels
- go out with mom
- play Sims 2
- watch Amazing Race

but it was crazy! my voice is a lot better now although it still cracks. should be fine by the time school starts.

registration yesterday was a breeze!!! at least i was able to experience a *good* random number. i was done before lunch! imagine that. then i spent the afternoon with Ria at the Ateneo Alumni Association booth (are you a senior? do you have a form already? it's for the Ateneo Alumni Association. here get one, and sign up too. don't forget to activate your membership! you can submit the form along with the payment at the A shop or at the AAA office or at the Kostka extension when they have a booth there. P300 for annual and P2000 for lifetime membership). goodness gracious. of course i applied already haha Ria was talking about placing the cardholder's signature and picture on the card so that it can be used as a valid ID. I think it's worth the trouble since the ICAAA card is super useful. I even used it for reg (long story)! Thank you ICAAA.

Watched The Covenant with mom a while ago. it's really interesting how Old Money is still more respected than the nouveau riche. antiques can be worth a lot more than trendy new merchandise. and the girl scout song goes, "make new friends but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold." i guess being old isn't so bad... if one lives long enough to be worth anything haha this reflection popped up after playing with my youngest cousin (3 yrs old) before dinner. gah. if the elixir of life were real... i just need to reach a gold aspiration level so i can drink some!

Sunday, November 5, 2006

What a nice lazy Sunday. Even though I should be working on the SoMu proposal. I'll do it later, maybe. Today is Ama's death anniversary. We were supposed to go to Manila Memorial again but Angkong was confined to the hospital cause of low blood pressure. I wonder if it's just coincidental. His sixth sense is a family legend so despite his memory loss, he would always seem to figure out that Ama passed away already (he used to ask for confirmation every few seconds - but now he can't speak anymore). I wonder if we'll hear him speak again, I doubt it but hey, impossible is nothing, especially when it comes to my grandfather. His system reacts unpredictably, becoming a lot more agitated and aggressive when given sedatives.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to speak normally again soon (preferably by tomorrow). But for now I guess Celadon officers have a respite from my kakulitan :D Not from my emails, texts and YM messages though! We (the EB) just had our evaluation and planning seminar at Za's house and I *think* it was productive. Very nice bonding experience for the board, even though Peter wasn't able to fly back from Cebu :( It was my 2nd time to sleep at 4:30am in just 5 days... One more to follow on the 18th!

Watched World Trade Center yesterday even though I didn't really plan to watch that movie. At least one of us already watched Grudge 2, Open Season, and The Prestige; and no one really insisted that we watch Boa or The Marine instead. Actually, I wouldn't have minded watching The Prestige again, just to spot some missed details. There were 10 of us - 7 EB, Retcher, Christa and Ivan. I can't believe I'm a senior already! I used to be the freshman tagging along to watch movies with Mic, Birdie and the others... in Greenhills also (like after the ROTC field trip).

I wonder what my grades will be like this sem. I don't like the suspense. Actually I hate having to admit that I don't know something. It seems to point to a lack of ability or helplessness. I guess it's something I picked up during my debating days. You can't be stupefied into silence when someone throws a witty point at you so you better think quick. Or say that you'll address their point later in your speech while you think of a good airtight answer. And it can't come later than 6 minutes at most. Maybe that's also where my impatience comes from (although it most likely came from my dad). But some things are worth waiting for. At least if I know that I'm waiting for something - false hopes included.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

i know myself enough to know when i get sick. but i don't do anything about it anyway. now i'm miserable haha anyway, the coa evsem at subic was a brilliant experience. imagine the dialogue, very creative and very insightful. but we're all normal people unfortunately, with the same concerns and sorrows. which is probably why so many people decided to hang around at the sharing room after the costume party. i can't believe they came up with a structured discussion for that haha

i watched The Prestige with mom a while ago. creepazoids but interesting. i sorta figured part of it out but not the other part (being vague so as not to spoil the movie). tomorrow is eb evsem time... followed by reg... then managers' evsem... then... may pasok na ulit!!! arg. where did my break go.