Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yesterday was a fun but tiring day. Students from UA&P's Fu and UP's CSA came to participate in Exceladon - the first time it became an inter-org project... and the first time it was held at the Ateneo cov courts. I was tired just looking at them play! I don't have that much energy and stamina. The members who were helping out were really very well-prepared. Galing talaga! I'm especially impressed by the log team and the event heads - and I think all the credit should go to Wes and Jared. Kudos!

I GOT AN A IN MY PHILO ORALS!!! I didn't expect that at all! Am still shocked. That definitely raises my possible grade :) No news re: Theo.

After the sports fest, Jic, Euni, Peter, Mike, Rod and I went to Promenade. There wasn't much to do until 8 so we just watched Final Destination 3 which was being shown on one of the window displays. Peter was dubbing in Filipino. I was already familiar with the storyline since it's been discussed during horror film class (as a film series my professor doesn't like).

Jules, Tristan and Borgy met us there then we decided to eat dinner at Teriyaki Boy. We were a loud bunch. I haven't seen some of them in a long long time! Let's see... Harold, Elyo, Borgy, Mic, Lainey, Jacky, Jules, Tristan, BD, Ernie, Garvin, Tang, John Go, Eunice, Peter, Jic, Rod, Mike, Cla, Enzo, Kat and me. That's a good 22. Not bad considering that 31 is our record movie attendance. This dinner was a last-minute idea of Harold... last-minute = Sunday 9pm! haha

The rest of my "break" is pretty full, mostly because of Celadon and partly because of thesis.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I realize that the APA stlye is at fault for all my ()'s... parenthetical references... habit.

Well anyway, I made it a point to check what's happening in Philippine idol (Julie-la this is for you haha). Apple and Miguel are still there :)

Am now watching Ginger Snaps 2. And I'm uncomfortable. It's the same feeling I have during horror film class. I guess film class works because I'm forced to watch. But now I can turn away, mute the volume or decide to work on Philo. It's a very interesting motivator. Distract myself with Philo. Girl, you are insane. And now you're talking... typing... to yourself too.

It works like this... even during film class, if it gets too intense, I decide to work on something else, like the agenda for the Friday EB meeting. My working memory is occupied so that my focus on the movie gets interrupted. At the same time, I still hear what's happening unconsciously. Note, there's still that lingering curiosity. This is all Noel Carroll's fault. According to his theory, I'm struggling to fit the new information into my categories of mind. It's actually very Cog Psych.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Years ago, I gave a large portion of my book collection to my cousin - now she's the one lending me books! The speed at which time flies (outside of class)... I only have a week and a semester left before graduation. These days you'll find students with blue books (one for the test and two "extra"), huge eye luggages (the airlines can have a field day with the overweight issues), and guys looking the part of family breadwinner (it's just for thesis defense though). Soon enough it'll be more books for some (further studies), real luggages for others (vacation? work abroad?) and breadwinning for the rest. Darn I miss writing. Although apparently my written skills are deteriorating (see graded papers haha). Am very grateful for debate for helping me develop my speaking skills.

I guess spending 4 hours at the library is the most academically productive I've been this semester. I finally read my Philo readings and am ready to take on the thesis statements. For History, I only have to review the administrations of Cory, Ramos, Erap and GMA. Theo... I feel hopeless. I'm praying I get exempted from the Ab Psych test but I'm really hanging on to a B+ by a thread. My projections:
History - B+/A
Thesis - B
AbPsych - B+
Philosophy - B
Theology - C+
Horror - umm A sana? He hasn't returned any of our papers.

Pls. let me not have another C+....

While I look forward to sem break, there's not much of a break to look forward to. I can barely take a day off to spend with my barkada. But while it sounds tiring, it's also more fun than worrying about pressing deadlines and surprise graded recitations. However, I know exactly how healthy I am and I've observed that I get sick after "sleepovers" (no actual sleeping occurs). I'm going to have to find a way to cope with the ones on Oct 29-31, Nov 3-4, and Nov 18-19. If getting sick makes me want to get a lobotomy... how does getting sick^3 feel?

Need a new writing technique (I use too many parentheses).

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Last night was the wedding reception of the brother of my cousin-in-law. Alex was the flowergirl - she reminds me very much of Ria. The bride was an ICAn, the groom was Xaverian. It's so weird to think that they belong to only a few batches higher. Who would've thought though that I'd meet the new HR hire there - and discover that DYu is the brother of my cousin-in-law's cousin!

The pictures and presentations were very nice. They seem to communicate the fun-loving nature of the bride and groom (or the photographer's). I would have enjoyed it more if our table was not right beside the screen. But we're not particularly important guests anyway.

Right now, I have no idea where I'm going after graduation. It's like the map suddenly stops after 18 years of school. Eighteen more units after this semester too. I'm so frustrated that I found the thesis topic I'm interested in now, when it's much too late to change it. I should stop thinking about what I can't have. But what is impossible? Even though I feel old (my youngest cousin is in pre-school!), I still have more than half my life ahead of me. I have to find that fascinating something that I can devote myself to. Soon.