Sunday, June 25, 2006

marj cocjin: ahaha, alam mo bakit magulo? kasi diba ka ym mo si char, ka ym kita, ka ym ko yung room mate ko sa dorm na nagrerelay ng message kay kai.

The wonders of technology.

Anyway, I have 2 quizzes for tomorrow, didn't study yet for either... good luck Daph, what a nice way to start... not the first quiz of the sem though - yes, have a quiz for Hi everyday.

Thesis - exciting but scary. We already set an extra hour to talk about thesis - once every week: subject to increase according to need.

Abnormal Psych - could be exciting... group report already on Tuesday!

Philo - a bit apprehensive about it but let's see. According to Robin, I either "get" the prof or I don't.

Theo - again, let's see...

Film class - the teacher's kinda cool. He's the cousin of my HS classmate (no konek). We already watched a film last Wednesday (wasn't expecting to since it was the first meeting). May was okay. I should study for my quizzes now.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Haven't posted in a long time huh...

Anyway, my internship isn't quite over since I have yet to give my final presentation but what else did I get out of my Summer Internship Program or SIP (it's a TLA! - three-letter acronym) experience aside from the remu, freebies, the MILO (everyday), the coffee table book (that ChaGo was able to flip through), a letter from my manager and a diploma...

  • chance to know and interact with extra cool people - smart, funny and very efficient. I miss the other interns, wala bang reunion? LOL sorry I wasn't able to stay during the graduation. Virgeee I hope you like being Snape :D pls. update me about your feasib project every so often.
  • sneak preview into the world of work. really, how stressful can sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours be?
  • realizations about what i like (principles, resources) and what i don't like (waiting)
  • ways of thinking and strategies that challenged the way I used to think and do things before
  • enhanced excel and powerpoint abilities
  • application of things I learned in school (time management!, stat -SPSS)
In the letter he gave me, my manager advised me to find my passion. I hope I do :)

Monday, June 5, 2006

Too bad I'm home :( <-- this coming from the girl who didn't want to go on vacation because of the inevitable backlog. Well the backlog is in front of me but I'd rather blog about my exquisite Palawan experience than attend to it :)

Day 1
Rode in a 19-seater plane (19 including the two pilots, one was a girl). I spotted an island that looked like a dolphin. The ride was roughly 1.5 hours. When we landed, we were greeted by singing ladies with a carabao. We then took a jeep to the beach where speed boats were waiting for us to bring us to the bancas. It was 45 mins to get to Miniloc, the island where we would be staying at. No Globe, only Smart - and the signal was unstable. Internet - 300 bux an hour. The TV wasn't readily available so we didn't watch at all. Very hard to contact Manila in other words.

Fun note: You can't stand inside the plane, it's that small. But you can stand inside the jeep :)

Again, we transfered to a speed boat to get to the island. The staff sang as we arrived. We were briefed about the diversity of Palawan, the El Ni-Do's and Don'ts (corny ba), and our activities for the afternoon. Of course first things first... we headed to our cottages (parents stayed at 25, me and bro stayed at 26) and... slept haha

We went scuba diving at around 3pm. First got the gear - flippers and the mask. Then AJ (Apollo incarnate) introduced us to the basic stuff. Each of us had a diving instructor... It's a bit weird at first cause I didn't notice my tendency to breathe through my nose. In scuba, it's mouth breathing. My instructor was very helpful and patient. I actually only needed to give the up signal once - when water went in my mask and I couldn't keep my eyes open. Otherwise he knew when to tell me to "equalize" (naks diving term). Saw a lapu-lapu that looked like it was part of the rock, some "makahiya" plants underwater, Nemo's in the anemone and other fishes. Reached 16ft, according to my instructor. It was an experience for sure.

Got to kayak after that, just a few circles around.

**At one point mom and I played Othello but I don't remember when exactly. The place has a few games available for guests to just borrow.**

Showered, played a very short game of Monopoly, had dinner (buffet with Mongolian) and then we went to the beds on the beach (don't really know what to call them). Mom taught shoti how to play pool a bit. Well she tried to teach me too I guess. The four of us (haha) shared a Lagen Cooler which had Amaretto (sp?), Bailey's and something. Tasted more like ice cream but I did taste a little bit of alcohol.

Day 2
Had breakfast and then we were off. Our guide for the day was Bong. Our bancas name: Cherimakar.

Went to the Small Lagoon to kayak and snorkel. Had to go through a small passage between rocks - small passage = you gotta lie down so you won't hit your head. I shared a kayak with mom while Justin and dad shared one too. Race back to the boat - I can't really say who won because it's hard to tell. Anyway, while snorkeling, I spotted a hole. When you look down, you realize the depth. It goes downnn, way down. Hooray for life vests.

Then we went to the Big Lagoon (yeah, very creative names). Saw sea urchins. This time I shared a kayak with Dad. Justin decided to tie their kayak to ours and I jokingly said we should tie our kayak to Bong's but Bong tied all three of our kayaks together anyway haha Then we went through a sort of hidden place between the rocks. It was beautiful. I mean really. It felt like we were in Jurassic Park.

Headed off to Lagen for lunch. The bread there didn't taste like anything haha Slept at the poolside till around 2. Then we went cave exploring at another island. It's hard to get in the cave. First you have to walk on the sand (which I really don't enjoy doing). Then you have to hoist yourself in through a hole. No such thing as poise. Bong showed us sleeping bats. Yea, the cave had a not-so-pleasant smell (guano ya know). Had to go out the same way...

Snake lagoon was weird haha It was basically a sandbar. Coudn't really swim cause the water was too shallow. Walking hurt also cause of the stones. Stayed only a short while.

Went back to Miniloc then decided we wanted to go fishing. So we set off again (after snorkeling a bit cause Justin wanted to). I caught... a small lapu-lapu haha that's it. Mom caught two fish and dad caught one or two too. The banca boys caught more. Anyway, I didn't even realize I caught one already. It's just that there was a fish hooked when I pulled the nylon up. Ah, no fishing rods hehe

The sunset was nice, not super whoa but nice enough. Got back to Miniloc. Showered, had dinner. Justin and I got a mudslide. Mom and Dad had something else. Really tasted the alcohol that time. Slept!

Day 3
That would be today. Had breakfast then Bong taught me how to weave using coconut leaves. Aliw sobra! I hope I still remember how. Then Justin and I decided to try our luck at windsurfing. After falling off a few times, Justin decided it was my turn. I'm glad to say my balance didn't fail me. However, my lack of sense of direction was very obvious haha then again, there was hardly any wind. Not an excuse though cause Bong managed.

Showered then had lunch. This lunch wasn't included in our package anymore so instead of buffet we ordered from the menu.

We slept again in the afternoon then hung around at the bar when it was time to check out. Fed the fishes before we left. Leaving was sad :( I would've shed a tear or two if no one were around. 45 minutes again to the mainland. Another speed boat to take us closer to shore. There were movable bridges so that we didn't have to get our feet soaked. Excellent service... At one point mom said something like "we earn so hard to make money and spend so much to do nothing." Ah, but we do nothing with style haha very different from bumming around.

Back at the small airport... Stayed at the hammock for a while. At one point it was raining only on one side of the island but not on the other side. Soon enough a rainbow appeared. Two actually although the other one was faint. Beautiful. Everything just adds to the beauty of the place. Tropical paradise.

Plane ride again... And now I'm back. I still feel like I'm on a boat and I'm bobbing up and down. I'm a bit darker now too. But it's alright. I wouldn't have traded this trip for the four meetings I missed.

Hello world, I'm back. Miss me?