Sunday, May 28, 2006

"I love Coke"

OK just kidding. That heart is actually only a corner of the whole "Mahal Ko si Mother Nature" tree dress-up activity we did last Friday. Got to work with students from different universities - thankful that Char, Grace, Nina, and Calvs were there (cliquish ba? haha). Ericka bakit wala ka??? (practicum class presentation *sad*)

So anyway that tree dress-up activity came after a morning of hiking and planting trees. It was tiring, I was asleep on the way back to UP. I got to meet new friends, from Miriam especially but we weren't able to exchange numbers/YM ID. Teph (from Grace camp) was there too!

I had to change shirts twice that day haha

Afterwards, I visited the Externals plansem at Ivan's place. Cute dog!! :D It seems that more people are getting that breed these days. Shitzu ata. Then I had to rush to Greenbelt 3 to watch X3 with family.

I like the Xmen movies :) And I'm open to another trilogy so long as they maintain the quality... I really really want / need multiplicity!!

Went home after watching, in time for the 9pm online meeting. Which means I wasn't able to drop by the barkada outing/sleepover.

Yesterday, I went to school for another round of meetings. OK naman e. Except that the ICE meeting took way too long to come up with what we did eventually come up with... To be expected anyway.

At work, my boss keeps telling me to look at the bigger picture. Determine the objective to come up with a strategy. I see what he means and I can't help trying to tell the others to do the same. I know how my boss feels, if only I can apply the same to my project at work. But it's so much more fun to think of the little details right. Like what color, which actors, what setting, etc. It's hard... but sensible.

So after the 1-6pm meeting, went to Promenade. The others were at Teriyaki Boy but we ate at Delifrance. Then the show started at around 7:50. Did I see anything new? Yup! The part after the credits hahaha

The others went to the arcade afterwards but I went home already. Today I'm watching the plays of my cousins - Chancel. I miss Chancel days!! Tomorrow is the start of yet another week.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cool right? Article taken from the Guidon (Vol 53 No 3) Sep-Oct 1985 issue. I dug it up from the University Archives last Saturday. They should find a way to make the Archives searchable via computer. That would be a nice project.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I was looking at LJs... This is about an elections with two candidates running for one position. The writer is a friend of the candidate who had written in his journal that his team "did not deserve to lose." Someone commented:

I think no one deserves the right to say neither 'my (team) did not deserve to win' not (sic) 'my (team) deserved to win.' Why? It's the student body's decision on who deserves it or not. That's the point of democracy.

Here is the reply... I just found it noteworthy.

Sometimes when two people are vying for a position, it's not a matter of "this person deserves it, the other person doesn't," but rather of two capable, deserving people vying for the same spot. And you're right, at that point the student body decides. But does their choosing one over the other automatically make the former more deserving? I don't think so.

And by saying that one person does not deserve to lose, does not automatically mean that whomever won did not deserve to win. It could be that they were both deserving of the position, but as circumstances go there can only be one winner.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

My weekly reflection:

A computer science major from De La Salle telling me I did a good job! Now that felt very, very fulfilling.

Honestly, I didn’t want to go back to work after the long Labor Day weekend. But, as I mentioned in class last time, the execution of the meatier chunk of my project has finally begun. Yesterday started really slowly. I hadn’t heard from my key contact people since I met up with them. My day actually started at 5pm – when I was supposed to go home!

Anyway, I can’t wait for what the rest of the short week has in store. Hopefully emails start coming in soon. Yes, I’m dreading having a lot of “numbers” to “crunch” (ME term haha) but that’s part of it. I do realize that my job is a lot different from the other interns’ (interviewing, calling) although I think it’s similar to the one Pinky is doing.

Yesterday, they asked me if I knew anyone who could speak and write well in Japanese. Of course the first person that came to mind was Julie so I asked her if she could recommend anyone. They called him up right away! And as far as I know, her friend will be taking the test today. Exciting right? Ahh and by the way, you know the resume the Placement Office asks seniors to submit? Companies really go through that after all.

I don’t know, a desk job doesn’t sound very appealing to me but the recent action has made me pretty happy :) I am looking forward to having lunch with the other P&G interns on Monday. They’re all amazing. I’m glad I got the chance to meet people like them.

My boss comes back from his vacation tomorrow… What do I have to show him… And my midpoint review (kinda like midterms, only in presentation form) is on Monday already (after the lunch). Wow, time flies fast when you just sit in your workstation all day (and of course do org work at home).

Monday, May 1, 2006

I don't want to go to work tomorrow, super tinatamad ako. Pero kailangan e...

Today was a busy day... Fixed some documents in the morning then we went to Promenade for lunch - Superbowl haha

Spent most of the afternoon walking around the tiangge. Didn't really need anything so I didn't buy anything. Had merienda at Goodies and Sweets. Did I get the name right. The cake was good: chocolate caramel fudge or something that sounds like that. I will try the oreo cheesecake next time :)

I went to Gateway (first time!) to meet with a key person (for work). Kinda sad that the other person cancelled... less than 12 hours we were supposed to meet :( The meeting was short and casual but productive, at least I hope. Anyway, will have to set another meeting date and time. After meeting, key person dashed off somewhere. We decided to stay and walk around the mall. It's a nice place, poshy.

Met up with my mom, brother, aunt and cousins at Rockwell. I bought Kokology... it was there... staring at me. I really couldn't resist. Ma'am Jopie was the one who introduced the class to the book/study. Can't wait hehehe

Had dinner at Gulliver's of San Francisco at Aberdeen Court, Makati Ave. The steak was absolutely wonderful. The corn side dish was good too! Expensive but I think the price is right for the food. Around P900 per person. Depends, if you order soup and drink too, it goes up to around P1000/pax. It's just a bit too dark I guess. Had to ask the waiter to light the candle.