Sunday, April 30, 2006

An interesting read.

Of course my preference will still be rather traditional.

"Sayang ka Daph." A thought.

Work is fine, I have already accomplished 97 hours (out of the 150hrs requirement). The execution of my project has just begun...

Org wise, I'm happy with the way things are going so far. We had a day-long meeting yesterday, rather casual but fun. Yesterday was declared Doggie-awareness day. All meetings held on April 29 must be held in Za's house. And you must bring your dog haha

I am soliciting donations for UNICEF's walkathon - YOUTH: Walking on Sunshine. Any amount will help! Pls. contact me ASAP (post a comment or email / YM me).

Acads - my grades are disappointing but I got what I expected I would get. My practicum class is fun. I love hearing the different practicum stories - the funny, the horrible, the mundane...


On everything else, rather confused.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm at work! It's lunchbreak but I'm waiting for one of the other interns to buy food from the 4th floor so we can eat at the pantry. The HR people went our for lunch... gastos e haha scrooge na ba ako... But it still makes me happy that the mall is just a walk. I'm familiarizing myself with it para di na ako lost hehe

I have to submit a journal entry every week for my practicum class so maybe that's what I'll be posting here na rin in the next few weeks. Two birds with one stone!

My reflection paper #1
I love the decision making policy of the company! I really like the way it was presented during the orientation as a principles-based instead of rules-based decision making organization. The difference lies in rules being very clear and inflexible whereas principles keep the spirit of the matter when deciding on issues. For example, an employee’s laptop is stolen because he left it in the cafeteria while another was held at gunpoint. A rules-based policy would require both to pay for the laptop in full. On the other hand, a principles-based policy will differentiate the two because the circumstances are different. Not only does this apply to sanctions but to other aspects like passing the test, good grades and a good resume don't mean you'll get in... A lot depends on other factors pala.

What I like about this is their acknowledgement of the power of the environment, making sure vacuum decisions aren't made, without sacrificing their emphasis on responsibility. Integrity is the most emphasized value and I think this significantly affects the work environment. One feels responsible for himself/herself and so the working environment is very trusting.

It took me a while to start calling everyone by first name. I guess what helped was the constant example of those around me to do so. There is this one lady whose name I can’t remember though… uh oh. I guess I’m a bit sad that the Filipino culture (Sir/Ma’am, po) is somehow lost in translation.


Yesterday I went in at 8am and left the office at 6:30 already - and most of that time was spent waiting for a meeting that took haha

The plansem was held at my house over the weekend. Masaya naman sya - we slept at 3/4am na, wakeup call at 8/9. The plans are exciting and of course there's the fear of risk and at the same time the challenge of something new. So far, consultations are encouraging. I wonder how the year will go. Since the weekend I haven't really been able to rest in preparation for the upcoming presentation. I find myself being extra extra kulit - part of the whole jitteriness of being excited and anxious at the same time.

It's sooo cold here... I'm wearing a jacket but my fingers are freezing. I have to defrost in the CR every once in a while hehe

Monday, April 17, 2006

I wrote this April 17.... there's no way I think I'm going to be able to add details anymore so I'll just publish it :D

I've been meaning to update I promise but partly I've been busy and partly I couldn't figure out my answers to the tag from Charlotte and Elaine. Next time na yung tags ah haha I want to update e.

Work has been quite enjoyable. Working on a desk all day can be pretty taxing hehe and I always wondered what people with desk jobs do. Now I know... Chat over the intranet haha just kidding! I like my project :) Overtime? Yeah I've been going over but at least I haven't gone home at 8pm yet. I already walked home once but the fumes in EDSA outweighs the benefits of walking exercise so I'll keep that to a minimum. I like the people I'm working with. Actually it gets kinda lonely on my floor (the other interns aren't with me) but no biggie.

Holy Week...
We went to Laguna technopark Thursday morning to see the company warehouse. Had lunch at Sta. Elena which is in Cabuyao! Now I know where Cabuyao is. Then we went to our farm at Lipa. I don't remember going there but mom says I've been there before. It's huge, around 13 hectares? Nice but the water is inadequate so the crops don't really grow well. There are coconuts! And pepper. It's a totally different world with carabaos, dogs and goats that get stolen (only the cats don't get stolen), kids that play leap frog (only they call it leap cow - I translated of course), hens that lay eggs on the neighbor's land, etc.

On Friday. I can't quite remember what I did on Friday... hahaha

Saturday. Met with Terry at Promenade to plan for the plansem. It was three hours long haha

Sunday. Easter! Lunch at MPC and then dinner at the Podium. I forgot the name of the resto but I didn't like the food very much >_< I got the shrimp bisque with lobster oil and pasta with crab fat I think.

Anyway, most recent film adventures:
Exorcism of Emily Rose
Jesus Christ Superstar
Gospel of Judas
Tristan & Isolde

Wow I've been watching a lot of stuff lately.

Monday, April 3, 2006

Internship week just ended! Real work starts tomorrow...

I really enjoyed the case study even though I was totally clueless when it came to the financials. My group's great (even though we lost haha). We even stayed till 11:30pm at Sanam's house yesterday. I determined the priceeeee wheee hahaha using basic algebra... my groupmate laughed at me cause he's in Engineering and they don't really do algebra anymore. Weh. But being able to determine the price made me happy :D Of course, we had to have a misadventure. Sanam got bolted in in her own CR. Her brother had to saw off the bolt through the narrow gap between the door and the door frame haha

I'm sad I missed Thursday, Friday and Saturday cause I went to Baguio :(

Baguio was not as cold as when we went there before but then the last time I went there was three years ago I think.... During Christmas break. It took us 6 hours to get there - bumped into Fr. Dacanay and Fr. Nebres on the way. We watched Ice Age 2 at SM. It was okay... first one's better of course. Went horseback riding the next day with Mom and shoti. Whee galloping is fun, it's making the horse slow down that hurts (cause it ends up trotting). Body was sore afterwards. I also must mention that I was able to buy a silver name plate. It's an "imitation" of the one I lost when my family went to San Diego zoo a long long time ago. I got that original one from Baguio also hehe I guess I missed it. Dinner at the Country Club was delicious (I got Surf and Turf)

Family decided to go on a spur-of-the-moment adventure. We hired a guide to take us to the Banaue Rice Terraces. We left Baguio at 1am and arrived at Banaue hotel at around 7am. Good thing we could recline the car seat. Ah and we borrowed a couple of pillows from Camp John Hay Manor :D See picture below. It was great. I mean it wasn't just one mountain. Lots and lots of them. We didn't get to go to Batad anymore cause we didn't have time but they say it's the most beautiful of all the points of interest. I got to walk along one of the walls of a terrace. Kinda scary if you think about it hehe but the water is really clear! We left Banaue at 11am, got back to Baguio by around 6pm. Wah. Dinner at Camp John Hay after a really nice massage was good too (split an order of Cordon Bleu with mom). It's more expensive though. The fog rolled in at one point, kinda creepy.

The next day we just ate at a small Jap resto. Then we started our 6 hour trip back to Manila.

Monday was spent doing a mini-case study. Yesterday, we had a talk about strategies which was actually very logical. I didn't really need a background in marketing to understand it. Fun hahahaha So well that's basically internship week plus Baguio in between.

Movies I've seen recently:
Ice Age - at Baguio
Princess Diaries 2 - at Baguio (Disney channel)
Just Friends - in the car on the way down from Baguio
Legend - Monday night at home
Rent - a while ago with the other girl interns and Mico

Sunday, April 2, 2006

If you get a thousand peso bill, you can see the same view (well, more or less) :)