Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Luke 6:21
Blessed are you who are now hungry, for you will be satisfied. Blessed are you who are now weeping, for you will laugh.

What can I say?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I got a B+ in the last long test of Fr. Arcilla. Which means....
If I get an A in the final paper (highly doubtful), I get an A.
If I get a B+/A in the final paper (highly doubtful), I get a B+.
If I get a B+ in the final paper (maybee), I get a B.

The paper I wrote was pretty cool although it was uber crammed. My title: Significant Changes in Philippine Culture through the Introduction of the Spanish Concept of Time. Haba ba? It was a topic that intrigued me when we had breakfast with Wilson Lee Flores. He pointed out that whenever you ask Filipinos for the time, they answer "Alas dos" instead of "Ikalawa ng hapon." And so we notice that our concept of time is very much linked with our Spanish past. I like the arguments I developed although they were thought up while I was writing the paper and not before (because I was researching as I went along).

Historeeee nalang talaga problema ko. Weh Daph grade conscious ka pa rin. And you're talking to yourself too.

How can our lives be controlled by emotions when these change so erratically? And yet what kind of life is lived only because of what is rational. We do not live in a vacuum I'm afraid. Some arguments will exist that will sound rational, ideal, I suppose, but hardly realistic.

I know which direction I want to take. There are trade-offs, yes, am I willing to sacrifice them? Looking at other directions, seeing each one, having the information I have now, it is the "best" course of action. At the end of the day, when I look back, in hindsight with much more clarity, I stood by my principles, I shall not regret.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Social Psych - so far A but 25% depends on the final project we submitted
Philo - so far B+, I got a B for the last two papers and an A for the 30% finals
History - so far B (exclucing results of the last test), but 66% depends on the final paper I crammed
Testing Lec - A

I/O - I can't really say... Ranges from A to B
Testing Lab - A

Fr. Ari will be releasing a statement later this evening. I do not totally agree with him but I feel that the newest proposal we came up with is better than the initial "compromise."

Thursday, March 23, 2006

"If you really love the organization... let it go..."

And if I do, that says a lot about what I have learned in my three years as an Atenean. I did not study in the Ateneo so that I could learn to shut up. My professors would be ashamed of me.

It is not the good of the organization that is at stake. I am simply not willing to sacrifice my principles. In the end, maybe the organization will learn. And maybe not just the organization. Maybe, just maybe, this cry will echo...

A single butterfly flapping its wings in China can change the way the wind blows in America. It is the butterfly effect of the chaos theory. Who knows... how does the butterfly know when to flap its wings? It doesn't. It just flaps the best it can and hopes for the best. {idea from the Animorphs 7}

Celadon Crisis Website

Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm going to miss the rugrat haha

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dessert - Yule Ball

Samantha aka Xabi! The youngest ... so far

Christian Jack - the half German, half us haha

How can you resist a smile like that? awww

I don't have any pix of Alexandra yet. I would like to post a family pic but it ain't happening anymore - The Singaporeans already left earlier today. The others are leaving tomorrow night so the world will be back to normal. Not quite but relatively.

So what's up... am currently eating Nuggets from Sam (what I like about cousins who are working already - I don't have to feel guilty about getting free food hehe).

Just finished a required exam a while ago, it started at 11am and ended at... 3:30-ish. So many peoples. I hope I pass hehe

The dinner last night at A-ko's house was nice, it wasn't very hot cause it rained hard just before. Catering by Alex III. The palabok and chicken bbq were yummy.

The short skit we performed (Cinderella, revised musical) made our I/O teacher cry because of laughing too hard - best actress goes to Ericka who played the role of fairy godmother. Bam was perfect for the role of Cinderella, she really really canNOT be the stepmother/stepsis... oooh look there's a commercial right now on TV - be the Pinoy Cinderella wah.

Wednesday night was the grand reunion here at home. There used to be a lot of garden parties here daw, hosted by angkong. Maybe that night was an echo of those days. Anyway, it was to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. You should've seen the cake. They insisted on lighting all 80 candles so by the time that was done, the first ones lit were already less than half their normal size ehehehe

Last week of regular classes start on Monday! Another of Daphne's lists, maybe the last two:
Tuesday - Philo paper (x2)
Wednesday - final paper for Testing
Thursday - experiential learning presentation, thought paper, History long test 4
Friday - Social Psych long test 3
Finals week - Social psych final project, History paper, Philo finals, I/O final paper

Pre-finals grades:
Philo - B+/A, will be posted this week so let's see. A lot will still depend on the paper and finals
History - B (yey, I can't believe I got a B+ on the last test considering I hardly studied for it cause of what happened.)
Testing lab - B+, don't think this is going to change anymore
Testing lec - A
I/O - A by a thread
Social - A I think :)

But watch that History grade, it's unstable haha
And that I/O grade also cause it's delicate...

Sam is watching Wag Kukurap right now (GMA). Of course I'm trying not to watch but I'm too curious (ala Pandora) so I sneak glances or ask him what's happening (he's probably annoyed by now). So forgive me for screaming once in a while. It's not like you can hear me anyway.

The other cousins should be arriving soon (we hope). Having a baby is really a big factor, the parents can't just jump in the car for an outing, even if it's a family outing. Resolution: Everyone comes here and we... order Jollibee hahaha with hard drinks daw sabi ni mom - meaning, she'll freeze the juice (joke lang)

Friday, March 3, 2006

Tonight was the Student Excellence Award's Night hosted by Procter&Gamble. It was supposed to be held last Friday but it was postponed because of the state of emergency. Dad and shoti couldn't go so mom and 3-e went as my guests. D-ko insisted on applying a little makeup and she made me put lipstick on too. Kinda felt like the girl in Princess Diaries haha

Jap and I bonded and we stayed together during most of the night. The other finalists were Marco (ME), Falci (ME), Mark Velasquez(?), Jaryd (ME), Mark Uy (ME), Ramon (MECO), Charles (ME) and Jona (MGT-H). The emcees kept repeating that we were basically the chosen ones out of 300 or so applicants... note: applicants. I do know that a lot of others were just too lazy - e.g. Lotta and Ria, even though they aren't part of my batch.

There were around 15 tables of 10. The buffet dinner was great - too many choices haha I had to carefully pick what I wanted. Jap had seconds pa! Pictures I submitted that they used....

Puro Celadon... hehe I sorta felt like a minority, not because I was Chinese mind you. There were only 8 girls out of the 30 finalists, and there were only 3 Social Sciences people! The others were in engineering, management and computer-related courses...

CONGRATULATIONS to Jaryd, Jona and Falci :)

Now I have to go back to normalcy. Mock defense tomorrow! Hope I wake up...

"An action of a person can resound and touch another's life." -Johnip Cua 03/03/2006