Sunday, February 26, 2006

Is the Philippines still in one piece? Ay mali, archipelago pala tayo.

Funny how we resort to dry humor. Perhaps our generation (or everyone here in general) is so used to the political instability already. During the Oakwood mutiny (when I was having a convo with my mom and brother, I said Cavite mutiny - the topic of our last History long test), friends from the US were emailing to ask if we were OK. Oh yeah, sure, just another mutiny. Dad was happy cause there weren't any buses beeping.

friend: by magdalo group..civilians are advised to stay away from any cellsite installations and gov't buildings.. a series of bombing may occur starting midnight from northern to southern luzon as part of the plan to change the corrupt system of governance of mrs. arroyo. pls pass to all concerned!
happy_creek: pass back to magdalo group: keel over and die. or find another country to destabilize. thanks
happy_creek: jk lang ah
happy_creek: pero siguro naman if we pass back the messages it'll go back to the source
friend: hahaha sana! scary na noh

"Oh my. The marines are creating tension outside the village. How will I ever be able to exit to go to school? Oh my oh my. Everyone just rest and try to solve this by TUESDAY" -another friend

"Resend this messsage if you wanna make an effort to try to appeal for NO CLASSES TOMORROW due to the freaking coups and shit in our country. Every students' life is important and so if your life is important to you and your fellow students as well then resend this to ur list and post in your status "SANA WALANG PASOK" Delikado na ang Pilipinas. Lulubog na tayo taena. gusto mo mabaril? alam ko ayaw mo kaya repost mo na toh. (asa nalang tayo xp)" -yet another friend

I mean, of course we're concerned about our country, about the economy, about the people who'll be affected most. I want to know what we can do - prayer's powerful but I can pray while I do something! I hate waiting. As I told Retcher, it's like being the guy whose wife is in labor and you can't do anything else but shout PUSH hahaha Can't anyone step up and STOP all this??? No, I don't want the Americans to interfere, thank you. The Antarcticans seem happy - oh yeah penguins. Let's all be penguins.

After sleeping early (in the morning) for the last couple of days, after eating (ahem I do eat) half-heartedly, and studying (only in my dreams), it's time to focus once again on my health and the health of my academic life.

Black or dark blue on Monday at the Caf Up

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Last night was the Yule Ball - sorta like a class reunion for the AHS A-boys: Mike, Monch, Glenn, Aaron, Pao, Luis, Tan-tan, Mico, Armand, JC, Dane (sp?), to name those I can remember. At least half of the girls were ICAns: Cha, CH, Leah, Jill, Aileen, Cel, Teri, Evadne, Nati... But I didn't mix with them much. Anielle went (thank youuu). Rach (debater) and Jap were there too. It was the class project of Pia (PE), Camille (French), Cess (ASEC) and Gita (Philo). Yeah I guess I knew people there but it wasn't really my crowd so I didn't feel like mingling. We left after the funny video by Aaron and JC (also starring CH and Anielle). The food was good - Potato soup with smoked salmon, beef tenderloin I think and chocolate mousse. The fondue (Choco fountain) was great as usual, except they didn't have marshmallows. Third floor Virra. Overall, it was very well-planned. When (if) the yearbook is finally released, maybe the batch should have one too. Or at least the class.

This week's requirements:
Psych report
Social psych reporting
YES report
History long test
Mock defense and paper

To add to everything, the guests of the grand reunion are starting to arrive. Uncle Ben and D-ko are here already, Lotta arrived yesterday. 4-ko arrives on the 3rd, Joe on the 5th, Sarah on the 7th. I hope Liana and Christian come too! Oh dear. hahaha

Saturday, February 18, 2006

For the first time ever, I received a dozen roses for Vday this year ^_^ Thank you HR managers and Ter! Harry gave me three pink roses too! Thanks shoti :) Of course most of the day was spent cleaning up junk at Matteo for the move out. You can't imagine what we found - sunblock, soap, skin whitening deodorant, a lot of plastic utensils, plastic tubes, etc. I certainly could not have done it alone.

Now we hang out at Caf up. It's OK I guess but we can't leave stuff there. At peak hours we have to occupy two tables but most of the time, we fit in one. It's very convenient to have OSA at Gonzaga fcn room B and OAS at Xavier hall! Plus I get to see my kabarkadas more often.

Time for my midterm report....
Philo - wheeee happiness, surprisingly got an A for the oral exam
History - C+/B- *sob*
Social psych - A
Testing (lec) - A
Testing (lab) - B+
I/O - A (excluding exercises and quizzes)

Not bad. Could be better. But anyway. Will die next week. But I think I'll die happy

Monday, February 13, 2006

I've been reading some sort of forum on the topic of the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed. What a mess that one. My opinion? The cartoon shouldn't have been drawn in the first place, much less published. Freedom of speech is all good but, like fidelity, it is not the ultimate value (Fr. Dacanay). Awww miss ko na si Fr. Dacy. I'm still writing about him sa blog ko hahaha And he always greets me whenever I see him around school with a "Daphne, what's on your feeble mind?" It's really rhetorical but I choose to answer anyway :D Haha I digress. But I don't want to go back to the boring topic.

Here I am again, not studying when I should be. Not doing the psych report, not preparing for the reporting, not fixing our psych test, not reading for history. Well at least my Philo orals went pretty well - I /think/... I'll find out when the grades are released! No use worrying about that anymore.

I am smiling because I am happy. I am happy because I am smiling.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm still alive!! Although I'm scared about my Philo orals tomorrow considering I haven't started studying. I've been too busy running around...

Imagine me receiving a call from Fr. Joey's secretary right after History class asking me to drop by his office. I wondered what he wanted to say - wala naman pala, he just wanted to associate my name with a face hahaha

Had two interviews, one at school and another at Makati. Initially I was supposed to have the first one at 1:45 and the second one at 2:30. That's just impossible! So the second one was moved to 4 - after much worrying too (buti nalang free cut ang aming 4:30-7:30 class but I still had to miss the LDP marketing task app and the choir practice). I was first interviewed by a panel which included my Philo teacher :s I think I was primed by his presence so much that some of my answers contained Philo concepts. I even had to bring History into the interview. Anyway, they told me I'd be contacted Friday afternoon.

Prior to the second interview, security refused to let me go up the building because I did not bring any ID. I didn't bring anything at all for that matter (cause I never know where to put my bag and my pants didn't have any pockets). Touchy but anyway they're just doing their job. The second interview was conducted by an HR manager - it lasted an hour long I think. Actually, it started late (by around 20-25 minutes) so it finished at around 5:30. My second interview at the Makati office (SOP) was set for Friday.

Received my results for the Social Psych test - I only got 85%. "Only" because an A (requirement for exemption) is 95%! Wah. Anyway, I hope I can pull it up. OK naman yung grade ko for the first long test. Afterwards, I went to Matteo to lend Kim my black shirt and get my Philo notebook from the EB drawer. Then it was off to work at the paper mill - LAST DAY! This time we had to sort paper from a compacted bunch. "We" meaning only me at first and then I was joined later on by two others. Lots and lots of paper cuts >_< I enjoyed getting the core out of the tissue more and even unrolling receipts (also caused paper cuts) because what we had to do was clearer. There were a lot of inconsistent instructions about which kinds of paper/material to sort out.

My second interview at the Makati office also started late. It was set at 2:30 but it started past 3 (and ended past 4). It was a panel interview and one of the panelists was in Singapore so there was a conferencing device - very cool. I really noticed that most of my answers involved my experience in Celadon hahaha my so-called life. Well ganun eh. Maybe the hardest questions involved measures. At least it's something I can work on. As Julie mentioned, she didn't really know what her interviewers wanted to hear. I didn't either, I just answered the questions in as much detail as possible (maybe that's why it took so long - you all know I'm very madaldal when you get me started).

I had to rush back to school cause I wanted to hear Fr. Dacanay's talk. It certainly was a Fr. Dacanay talk haha He explained why most girls in Ateneo don't make the first move, how best to get to know someone, how to know if the person is "the one," etc. Ang galing, the CSR was full and some people were forced to stand. I left early to catch Lali speaking at AMA's miting de avance. Ang hirap naman ng tanong nila. Not so many people were watching though, but maybe this is a function of the room size.

I attended the Honor's Assembly afterwards. I didn't even dress up anymore cause I had to rush from the interview to school. They had a new system wherein the DLer's needed to fall in line outside and march in (like grad). I loved my seat! Right in the middle :) Sir Sev was great as usual (yes I mention him here because he predicted that his name would be in the blogs of those who attended the HA haha). The Akafellas, CADS, and Cybil (sp?) performed really well.

However, one persistent problem of the HA and even more problematic this year was how students leave right after they get their cards. I had no seatmates anymore when it was SOSE's turn. SOSS was the second school to be called (random order) and since we were in the middle area (behind SOM which was the first to be called) and we were the majority, the place looked really empty... Oh well papel.

My family and my brother's friend ate at a Japanese restaurant called Kikufuji for dinner. The udon is sweet but the noodles are thinner than in Kimpura. Got home late and I still had to do my thought paper for I/O.

Had a short consultation with Sir Weevens about our paper. We still have lots to do :s Again, nothing's pressuring me hahaha Then I had I/O class at 1-4pm. The first part was a bore (sorry) and I really had a hard time staying awake. Ok I did fall asleep eventually. But I really didn't like the way the speaker kept blaming the Arroyo "regime" for everything. Would things be any better with another president? I didn't want to ask this cause I was too sleepy hehe The second part of the class was a talk about Bristol-Myers Squibb HR. This was fun and interesting! I don't know if I'll still submit my resume there though.

Met with Da at the SEC waiting shed. We left for Pranjetto Hills at around 4:20 I think - we being Da, Terry, Joanne, Stephen, Joyce and me (including Da's driver). It was a squeeze and at one point we really thought something happened to the wheel but we got to the place safely at around 6. There were 33 Celdoneans and only 8 Englicom members! I shared a room with Aimee, Cassie, Lyndy, Ro, Trina and Les. The place is very nice, with very crispy-cool weather and the sheets are good. The food is so-so. The race after dinner was quite tiring but they all say that the race for ECLAT last year was a lot more tiring. The balloon-fighting afterwards was very entertaining - go Aimee! haha Sobrang fun. And then my group won the pride and honor for the last game LOL.

It was just bonding for the rest of the night. My room was turned into a disco complete with Jared's lights and music. From the outside, it looked as if aliens were invading. Gats had purple glowing sticks that he was dancing with. Very nice effect! I left the room to go to the poolside where the others were playing cards. Da, Mags, Ivan (Hector), Rod, Mike, Neil, Joyce, Teegee and I stayed at the singing table. Pls. let me have voice tomorrow. Or maybe if I don't I can delay my oral exam (fat chance). Mark was sorta singing but not really cause he was tipsy haha Stephen and Aimee dropped by a couple of times. According to Harry, Stephen was already sabog.

I slept at 3. The twins, being twins, did exactly the same thing when they saw I was going to sleep already (one first and then the other but I forget who did it first). Very funny weird haha I woke up at 7:40-ish, went back to sleep. Officially got up by around 8:45. Had breakfast and then proceeded to write letters to the other ECLAT participants. I was supposed to leave with Joyce by 10 but her driver got lost so we left after lunch and that's it!

Now it's 4:30 and I still haven't started studying for my exam tomorrow. Does this sound familiar...

Good news, midterm grade for Psy110 just released - I'm exempted from taking the final exam wheee!

Sunday, February 5, 2006

The outreach yesterday was fun :) The kids were around 3-6 years old. The volunteer turnout was pretty good too, me dragging Lippy and Enzo along. Jollibee was there! There was a puppet show too. My group, consisting of three boys and myself, painted "mu-mu's" while the group of girls right beside us were painting hearts and houses... Chicken joy for merienda! Yummyyylicious.

Then mom and I went to watch Once on this Island at RCBC. It was OK but I think BlueRep's Footloose and Merrily were nicer (both I watched at RCBC also). I want to watch Into the Woods - will it be produced anytime soon? Birdie recommends TA's Ang Nilalang... but I'm not sure if I'll be watching that hehe save money again.

Justin's Variety show (OK OK the XS Variety Show) was a great success according to him. I'm pretty sure it's the truth - he did an excellent job marketing the event. Ever heard of Enderun (one of the sponsors)? It's a small college catering to students interested in HRM and culinary arts. It only started operations last year so maybe it'll be popular soon.

Today should have been spent transcribing the interview with FILA's General Manager and writing my part of the Testing paper. I only transcribed up to five and a half pages worth (not yet halfway) and wrote around an inch only for the paper. Wah. I'm just killing myself - I slept at 5am already the other day finishing the paper about the Socio-Emotional Functioning of my partner. Guess it's not just the marketing people...

Tomorrow, my mom and I are going to the spaaa for a two-hour massage wheeee. But I might end up sleeping at 5am again to finish Chapters 1 and 2 for the testing paper.

Celadon's Miting de Avance is on Wednesday! See you there OK :) SEC A 123 4:30-7pm

Bed Bugs

If the bed bugs problem is this big, whoever invents bed bugs bait first is gonna be rich... And since it's blood they want, then maybe mosquitoes will be attracted to it too. Would that be possible? Having some sort of chemical that is similar enough to blood but is poisonous at the same time. Actually I don't know the social workings of bed bugs so I'll stop writing about them now first and start studying for Social Psych.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Me according to Rain (with my new hair!)

German Terry Bear Sausage with Calcium on display in HK
(am wondering if Terry is just a typo haha)

Posting this cause Hannah posted it in her blog =) Gaya-gaya ako hehehe