Sunday, January 29, 2006

I cause my own troubles.

Despite knowing I have a super hell week coming up, here's what I did this weekend...

I went to Chinese New Year eve dinner (non-negotiable)
I went to AMA's Eden
I went to Tagaytay
and I'm still not focusing on what I have to do.

Chinese New Year eve dinner at San Juan was catered by Earl's Aunt Alice. The Uy's and the Go's and the families of my Angkong's siblings were present along with some of Auntie Tintin's friends. Though the text messages said "come at 6," my family was the first to arrive and the event started at 7. My great grandmother's turning 99 years old this year. According to Chinese tradition, she's turning 100.

I must congratulate AMA for doing a fantastic job. The event was well-attended and the program was well-paced. There were lots of Celadoneans - maybe it's because majority of Celadoneans are Chinese and a lot of Chinese are taking management courses? I knew KLee was going to model but I didn't know some other friends were part of it too. Lots of people were there, crowded and sometimes people became pushy but it wasn't so bad. I spent most of the night with Aims, Hal, Kathryn, Kim and King. No I did not drink, much to the disappointment of Jim I believe.

This morning, had many rounds in a crude buggy with Carrie. I dunno why I opted not to go horseback riding - am I so old! But I do miss it, maybe in Baguio cause it's cooler there. While riding the buggy I get to hold an umbrella hehe senorita style. Carrie enjoyed, declaring emphatically afterwards "I like bumpy-bumpy." My younger cousins and my brother went horsebackriding while the older ones (mom and Uncle Simon specifically) rode bikes.

Antonio's was h-e-a-v-e-n. The place was very nice and the food was sooo good (of course it was expensive). I had a sampler (Php1,300) which includes lamb, sea bass and tenderloin. It was worth the long wait (they had some trouble in the kitchen I think). The oyster cream soup (P150) was wonderful also. Ah had a bit of foie gras from my uncle's salad. Mom and I shared a milk and dark chocolate mousse. Ang saraaaap. Will go back for sure. Expensive but highly recommended.

And now I'm blogging. Go figure.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's campaigning time again... how vain I know hehe and yea, still corny (some things will never change).

Terry and I had ID tags made at Intermatrix then I had my very first trike ride (Terry didn't want to walk and I was rushing to get to the P&G exam on time). No seatbelt...

My labor trials starts tomorrow!

Today's Philo lecture had something to do with the feminine - and it reminded me of Da Vinci Code's sacred feminine concept. According to Levinas (simplified version), being human is not about just Being. Instead, one has to be both the I (masculine) and the Other (feminine). Yet one does not grasp (compre-hend) the Other because there is assymetry. I have yet to read the book so I can't really explain what it has to do with symmetry hehe Simone forgot-her-last-name, mother of all feminists, commented on this, saying Levinas was just reacting to the stereotypical role that females play (as companions) and yet it appears to me that she is the one who is still stuck with defining the feminine (Other) from the masculine (I) POV.

My thoughts: Some feminists complain that they are not equal to men because they're not allowed to work as this and that. Think about it though, men aren't allowed to work as childbearers. Why can't they determine the exlusivity of jobs they choose? Perhaps in their mind, it's the least they can do - to work and support the family? How will male and female ever be equal? No, I do not advocate the superiority of one over the other. I do believe however that each has a role to play. Not limited to stereotypical roles but certainly they should not strive to duplicate one another. I have too much to say about this issue, it's as if I could compre-hend I and the Other haha I can pretend!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I went to the business fair ribbon cutting ceremony today. It was cool to meet the CFBC people and their support is really priceless. Mr. Wilson Lee Flores is a really insightful, inspiring guy. I might base my history paper on something he said. Did you know that Sir Rudy Ang was AMA's president in 1983? (If I heard right) I wasn't even born yet... Anyway, congrats CFA, great job!

Went to school to submit my bio-data (does anyone need bio-data forms? I have lots extra) and change costume (from business attire to shirt and jeans). Had lunch with Ma then went back to school for the ALTP orientation. And so:

Welcome the newest chapter of my life, which shall be called Ms. Asthmatic goes to Fiber Wonderland. No kidding - my labor trials will be at Noah's Paper Mills. Which is owned by someone I'm related to apparently.. Wow I'm a junior... I remember Birdie's labor trials as a traffic enforcer with the cool costume. Sa akin corny - white shirt, maong and rubber shoes. Gloves and mask if you want but it's not the breeziest place so those might be maladaptive.

Then I watched Underworld with my family in the evening. Evolve or die... An interesting evolution of the kill or be killed concept. Recent findings in archaeology are slowly revealing that dinosaurs did not become extinct in the same way that Dodo birds became extinct. They didn't all die - scientists say they evolved... into what we know today as birds. Interesting right!

What makes Underworld so appealing, at least to me, is the feeling of control over the environment. You don't control the actions of others but you know your own strength. Actually, you're not dependent on the actions of others. No waiting around for prince charming. The ability is yours, within and cannot be taken. But a very nice part is when the guy goes to all the trouble to get a first aid box for the girl. Yes, we girls can take care of ourselves really (we do know how to open doors) but it's the thought... the being cared for that's sweet.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm so unmotivated these days... I didn't even bother opening my book last night to study for my quiz today. But I did pretty well, except on the last answer where I put two W's instead of two P's. I know what I'm supposed to be doing. I mean for the sake of doing more than what I should be doing since I don't really have much homework for MWF's.

What I should be doing if I were a good girl:
1. Read Social Psych book
2. Finish my homework for I/O
3. Think of a topic and make an outline for History
4. Start making test items and writing the introduction for Testing
5. Read Philo book
6. Start preparing for Social Psych group report

See? Not much really. At least not much for the immediate future. I need something to pressure me. Gah. OK I will try to do as many things in that list as I can tonight... wow it's going to be a productive night, if I actually get myself to start!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Chatting in Shakespeak

me: say aye and the matter be resolved
Alvin: aye, and the matter be resolved; thou'rt not fit for debate.
Alvin: XD
me: naye for thou saith aye. i win :)
Alvin: and thus was the good cast from the throne. infinite patience bears infinite pain.
Alvin: :'(
me: hath no bearing on me
Alvin: be careful of what you deny. because. XD
me: what dost i deny?
Alvin: the bearing of my pain on my patience of your petty aye.
Alvin: [doth i, dost thou?]*
me: i know
me: thought i after
Alvin: the story of our lives.
me: aye me i take my leave

*doth for first person singular, dost for second person singular

hahahahaha crazy

Sunday, January 15, 2006

More goods than bads yesterday :)

Bad: woke up with no voice (actually this is a matter of perspective), was coughing like crazy and Ericka was telling me not to die yet (I'll try hahaha), had to walk to Bel - it was raining and my umbrella was in my other bag hehe

Good: Sir Weevens helped us find our established test!, had a nice massage at the Garden Spa, slept the rest of the afternoon, watched Narnia with 25 other people including mum and dad --peter! send pix pls haha, the Chinese medicine didn't taste bad

I like it when people are concerned about me but I feel so so so guilty for giving them something more to worry about (in this aspect I suppose I'm like my grandmother). It's a matter of pride too, maybe AJ will agree since we understand each other really well with regard to such things. Mom says I got sick because I'm too tense. It's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the pressure... So after taking so many precautionary measures against getting sick after LDP (wearing my jacket, taking vitamins), I still got sick haha It is now a tradition, Daph gets sick after LDP.

Monday, January 9, 2006

From doggie's blog:

Leave a comment here and...
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

Various comments received during the day:
"Lumiit na eye bags mo!" -Joyce (love you Joyce haha) "... pero parang sabog ka pa rin."
"Latang-lata" -Russ
"You look tired" -Roumel ("I'm not tired" :D) "sleepy?"
"Harrassed ka ata" -Crammy

I don't know what makes me look tired/harrassed/sleepy/sabog. Sometimes I feel absolutely fine and people still ask me that... Other times when I am feeling under the weather, they say "blooming ka!" My self presentation techniques must be going haywire. But the main factor that would account for my looking dazed (it's a cuter word) would be the LDP seminar.

It was great! Especially the last two activities after dinner. Before we get to that, let's start with Friday night. After the discernment talk, a bunch of us went to Za's house to make all the last-minute preparations. By 9pm we didn't have a main speaker yet - it was a real blessing that Sir Pagsanjan agreed when we called that night. We were calling all the members who submitted app forms to give them final reminders about what to bring, etc. I think I left GH at 11pm already and they were still working.

Saturday morning: Testing class. I don't recall doing much... I was late - not the fashionably late kind. I like Testing class, even if lab's on a Saturday. So far I've been hearing negative feedback about the other profs and I'm having no problems with mine (well except maybe my less than stellar papers). So far so good with Testing.

I admit the LDP started slow. Things picked up during the Amazing Race which was very-well coordinated in my opinion. I loved being able to visit the various stops, even if they were so far away from each other (Manang's, Bel field, behind Gesu, Zen Garden, dela Costa, Faura, ISO). I think I was able to visit all stops at least once.

In Manang's, all members had to choose a seat and eat whatever food corresponded to that seat. There's the trademark pig's brain, seaweed, hot sauce & vinegar, isaw, chocolates for the lucky ones, ampalaya, raw egg, chili pepper, etc.

At the Bel field (side nearer to the parking lot), a web was setup and 7 members per team had to go through without touching the string.

Behing the Gesu, teams had to flip over the tarp that they were standing on.

At the Zen Garden, all team members except one were blindfolded and the one who could see had to direct team members to 20 (I think) puzzle pieces. Then they had to put the pieces together.

Dela Costa was a sponsor stop (Globe). They had to use the Globe card to call the correct number (me actually). Very interesting, some people knew it was my number but many teams decided I was too obvious to be correct hehehe

Faura was one of the craziest stops. At one end was a pail of water. At the other end, a shot glass. Teams were provided with different materials: sponge, rubber tube, syringe, bottle cap, straw, spoon, etc. They had to decide on a fixed position for each member and each material. Then they had to fill the shot glass at the other end of the line.

After the race, it was merienda time and Celatalk. For dinner, it was either chicken, pork or veggies. Sir Pagsanjan's talk was fantastic! During the processing of the entire LDP, lots of members say that it was the best part. Imagine a talk being the best part of a program. After the talk were the trust falls. They initially wanted two tables on top of each other but it made most of us really uneasy so in the end we opted to use a monobloc chair on top of a table. I'm happy no one got hurt and I think those who trust fell, myself included, will remember the experience.

Harry treated many to Jack's Loft (bar - Julie, Ivan and others). The rest of us (the nonalcoholic group) stayed inside to have cake - baked New York for me, Che and Armstrong. Vince had chocolate mousse and Mike had Jack's Cheesecake. We joined Terry's group at their grotto after (of course Ter was alternating between bar and grotto). Everyone got back safely. Had to walk to Pollock (it was really dark), Mark, Harry and Mike escorted us, we felt like we were the only ones in the entire floor! Slept at 4, plus or minus.

Had to get up the next day for the last two activities: paint a picture and dream big. The participants were able to open up and I'm glad, parang recollection style haha Those who joined had no regrets and well I hope they enjoyed their LDP experience as much as I did mine. Maybe they'll be facilitating or even spearheading the project next school year.

Am still re-adjusting my body clock...

Ah, as Julie put in her blog, Jose Marie Chan was at the ISO complex on Sunday morning. Whee startstruck. I think I just stared hehe well OK I smiled and he smiled back. ahihihi

Thursday, January 5, 2006

You know how a good day goes right? You wake up feeling refreshed, already feeling happy and really quite nice. The water isn't freezing, your hair isn't stubborn, breakfast is heaven. Then you get to school, not late, but not too early. Think about nice weather, cool, a bit sunny - fair. Classes are fun, the teacher returns test papers and you get an A in all of them, you don't have to worry much about the next class and even your friends have time to spare. Walk around campus and you see that cute guy from your x class and he actually talks to you (even if it's just to ask what the homework is for next meeting). That's a nice day... Today? It was rotten.

P.S. Sorry Harry, I know it's your birthday.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Went to Disney HK on the 28th with 3-E, Thelma and the girls. It was tiny! To get there from Causeway Bay we had to switch trains a couple times. The train to Disney itself was very.. Mickey haha The first thing we did was watch the Lion King show. The story was in English with two monkeys translating. It was a very short summary with the songs in it. While it was going on, 3-E got us two fast passes already, one for Philharmagic, another for Winnie the Pooh. Philharmagic was quite nice. The magic carpet ride was cool! During Be Our Guest, the scent of berries even filled the room haha

We had lunch at the Banquet Hall - noodles for me hehe And the fish balls of Jesi and Natalie cause they didn't want theirs... Very good. We then lined up for AstroBlasters cause we didn't have a FastPass. Bumped into 2-ku and Kaye there. 2-ku got us Fast Passes for Space Mountain. I got to L-3 with 42500 points hehe. I can't remember what score I got in Tokyo. We were supposed to watch the parade but it was cancelled due to the rain. Yes, it was raining again at Disney haha We killed time, got our silhouettes cut out and 3-E had her name and Uncle ET's carved on glass mugs. 2-kim and Matthew entered the shop during that time. We got hot chocolate and while drinking we saw A-kim and Corinne, made arrangements for me to meet them later cause 3-e and the girls weren't staying for the fireworks. The lighting of the Christmas tree was so-so. It was supposed to snow but it was lame - soap suds haha

Winnie the Pooh is overrated haha but we got our picture taken hehe Got to ride Space Mountain twice using Fast Pass cause 3-E, Thelma and Natalie didn't want to ride. I love that ride hehe I missed it a lot! We didn't get the pix anymore. In the first one, my hair was a mess hahaha in the 2nd, J's eyes were half-open haha I got BBQ Chicken Wings - it was super yummy. The girl at the cashier recommended it. Then I met A-kim and Corinne. We didn't eat dinner anymore - ate ice cream instead. Then we rode the Jungle River cruise which is actually cooler at night. The fireworks was... OK... I think the Ayala show is more impressive. Nevertheless, the timing with the music was nice. But maybe it's because I was so far away from the castle - we were preparing to make a dash for the MTR after the show so we wouldn't get caught in the human traffic heading out. We made it on the first train out after the fireworks. Then started the long train ride back. That's my Disney adventure haha

On the 31st, we had the annual New Year's eve dinner at my great grandma's house. Then had fireworks at my grandfather's house and more here at home. We played Taboo and it was hilarious! Three teams - the giants (tall people), the dwarves (short people) and the oldies (ahem the young once). The next day, it was magic sing night, oldies' songs mostly cause all of the oldies wanted to sing haha Xabi came, her initiation into the very noisy world of our family. Look at fireworks pix by my dad. 8737 onwards are ours. They say the fireworks decrease every year. It's still a fun family thing. Even our relatives over at Florida decided to crack some, there's a whole lot of them over there already: Uncle Ben and 2-ko, Joe, Mitch and Alex, Liana, Gerd and Christian, Uncle Howard and 4-ko, Frank, Chrissy, Jacob and Rachel - that's 14! Maybe all of them are coming over for Angkong's birthday this March. That means there won't be enough room for dinner haha we'll have to eat in shifts maybe.

Yesterday was the birthday party of Katpu, Lyndy, Jamie, Nic, DQ and Jules, sort of a class reunion plus plus. I went there straight from a whole day meeting for the LDP this coming weekend. I hope that turns out well. Lots of guests (with 6 celebrants, you can imagine): old friends, strangers and others in between. Simple but fun, I didn't stay the whole time. Char allowed me to hitch home with her yey, it's been a long time since we last carpooled. Watching Ako Legal Wife later, hope it's as funny as everyone else says. Last day of Christmas break...