Sunday, December 31, 2006

Once upon a time in China... Hong Kong actually,

What did I do today? Ria slept over to keep me company, we slept past one and woke up by five. She told me about a friendster-like net service founded by a certain Terence Pua called It's uniqueness lies in the way it categorizes accounts according to school. Not only will it tell you that so and so is from the same university, it will also distinguish your coursemates, schoolmates and batchmates. Neat-o since graduation is just around the corner.

The plane ride was okay. Tristan and Cassie were on the same flight. Shortly after takeoff, I agreed to switch seats with one lady so she could sit beside her husband and daughter. It's not exactly a selfless move since the chair beside her was vacant.

Met dad at the hotel but he was having lunch with some friend so met mom and the rest of the family at Maxim's, City Hall (the dimsum place we go to every visit). A few hours later, my parents, grandfather, cousin and I got a massage treat. It's a place near the fire station at Hennesy Road. They have blind massagers trained in an accupressure technique. It hurt at first but I somehow managed to doze off. Talking about it afterwards, I learned that the others couldn't sleep because of the pain. Oops. Trust me to fall asleep anyway. Maybe I'm just really tired.

Dinner was at another usual restaurant, Yung Kee. Its known for its duck. Tomorrow is the start of a new HK experience. Ready or not, here it comes.

Island hopping doesn't quite summarize what we did today although it basically is what we did. At 11am, exactly on schedule, we boarded a private 70ft boat. Partly a Citibank treat, it only costs HK$1000 for 8 hours (5 hours with the motor on). Angkong is thinking of renting it every time we go to HK. Now I know what tabloids talk about when they report about some celebrity celebrating on a yacht. It's so country club.

First stop was Lamma Island. There were so many dogs roaming around! As can be expected from most seaside towns, their specialty was seafood. While they were preparing the meal, we explored a bit and came across a little park. In the little park was a crooked tree. The grownups, feeling nostalgic, wanted to climb it. They chide us for not knowing how to climb trees... when coconut trees are the only trees in our lot! Whereas there were all sorts of trees for them to climb at Pili. So back to describing lunch. Imagine a cafeteria with little ambiance serving expensive delicacies like lobster and abalone. It was a lot more expensive than dinner last night. Dad identified one particular dish as being one of the critters in his saltwater aquarium. And this explains the short marine biology lecture he was giving when I took the picture below.

After lunch we road the boat to the family mansion. The Disney family mansion I mean. Alright, it was the Disneyland hotel. We didn't stay long, just long enough for wacky pictures, a short chat with Santa and a quick browse through some of the items at the Disney store. I wanted to see the gardens but we had to leave already.

Dinner was at Arirang in Times Square. Everyone went their separate ways after that and I decided to... check my mail! When I got to 2-e's apartment, Thelma told me that there was an earthquake only a few minutes ago. I guess we all didn't feel it because we still felt (and I still feel right now) that we were on the boat. It was a cool walk back to the hotel, reminds me of just walking around, the kind I used to do in school, when I still had time. Clears the head a bit, or at least gives enough space for one's thoughts to run about.

Macau Day. We had to take the MTR to get to the pier then it took us an hour to reach our destination. When we arrived, a guy approached us and offered to give us a tour. He had the proper ID and was willing to drive us to the karting place so off we went. We went to a plaza, the Ruins of St. Paul (which was devastated by a fire), and a temple.

The highlight I guess was the Macau tower. As soon as I saw the SkyJump poster, I knew I wanted to try it. So... after many please's... dad said bahala ka and mom said okay. I didn't really feel nervous since I was feeling much too excited. The guy making arrangements asked me if I was from Korea. When he found out I was from the Philippines, he said "loko loko ikaw." He said it so fast I couldn't understand him at first! He hooked me up to the line, gave me instructions, counted down... and then, I stepped off. At around 6 feet down he told me to turn so they could take my picture. It's hard to turn. Then it was time to drop. I didn't have time to think about falling. There were passers-by at the bottom of the tower who asked me if it was worth it. Definitely! On the elevator up some other foreigners were whispering about my getup, probably thinking I couldn't understand English. Anyway, I told them they should try it. The next on my list is to try Bungy (not Bungee) Jumping! I wonder when I'll get to do that...

We went to the race track so Justin could do some laps. He said the kart didn't have any breaks. For someone who thought the SkyJump was dangerous - well.

We had lunch at Wynn. The waitress was a Filipina. The food was alright. Fried rice costs HK$65.

Back at HK, dinner was at Wing Wah, yet another restaurant we frequent. Then I hurried back to the hotel to meet up with Tristan and Julie. I was supposed to meet Ther the night before (at Lan Kwai Fong) but she decided not to go. Anyway, we just circled around until we landed back at the hotel. After ice cream, we just talked away until 1am! It's great to remember the funny moments when they were still in school and to talk about what they're up to now. So really, do guys ever grow up? Psych people call it the Peter Pan syndrome.


So that was basically my trip. I also encountered Bruce and another guy from the Celadon basketball team. My cousins' other side of the family arrived the day before we left. Really, why is HK such a popular destination?

The journey home was not without incident. While there were no plane problems, we did have a car problem. Had to switch cars before reaching EDSA! I remember that Toto used to welcome us home...

Early the next morning, at around 1am, as my brother and I were about to go to bed, his friend called saying that their batchmate's house was on fire and that they couldn't find him. The next day, we learned that their batchmate, his mom and younger brother died the night before. It's depressing to think about. My condolences to the family and friends they left behind.

Other news: Saddam Hussein is dead. That was pretty quick.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

No rhythm, partial rhyme.

Let me recall, lest I forget
It's been a while since we first met
There were many long afternoons
Just sitting on a chair
You were quick to jump up
And spend your nap there

Though quiet and quite serious
You were ready for adventure
While Trix hesitated
You were always so sure
That's why you got a bone
On your teeth, it got stuck
Brought you to the vet
Who unstuck it with luck
Many a night you pretended
To have a limp cause of a fight
Just so you could sleep upstairs
Since we took pity on your plight
Then there was Steph
Who wanted to eat you
She was just joking
But I thought it was true...
And so I cry now
As I cried before
I'm glad I got to play with you
One last night...thank you

I remember those times
I remember those days
Loved you,
Love you always.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Today was spent shopping with Macy at Rockwell. Naturally, she did the shopping. Shirts, make-up... the usual gift items. It was the first time I noticed some stores. She explained the specialties of each while we walked. I will try my best to remember them. We were supposed to go with Aimee and Cassie but that was canceled owing to last night's excursion. Afterwards we just ate crepe - it was heavy, now I don't know how I'll manage dinner later on. At P106, it was sulit in the sense that it wasn't small but it was much too big.

Earlier I met John Andrew! The newest member of our family. To think I was just part of Auntie Annabelle's entourage last year... Debate ensued over my being just an achi or already an aunt. He's so small! Two weeks old. He has gloves so as not to scratch himself since his mom's still scared to cut his nails. Gosh he's precious.

These days it's just one party after another. It started of course with the wedding last December 3. As usual it was held at GGC. The theme was old Hollywood so the style of the dresses was circa 1920s. Very nicely beaded and hand-painted. I think the latter is what made it unique compared to the other gowns. Unlike Rajo's designs, the fit was not suffocating. I also heard that the price was not lethal... I don't like the way he crammed the job though. I got my hair accessory right before the wedding itself! It was beautiful anyway. Auntie Emily's gown was just splendid. What a word to use. No other word will suffice. Of course Rex could do a little more smiling... he looked too serious for a groom. Hehe I hope he never finds this blog.

The next weekend was the TWTCI party at Laguna which also served as the inauguration of TransWorld's big new warehouse. A lot of the oldies were teary-eyed when they presented the mosaic of the TransWorld logo - the small tiles were the company's employees. Angkong has done so much in his life... he had to go through the war as a guerilla, sell and carry sacks of coal (up four flights of stairs). In the end though, he started his own company and made it, made friends with Italians and Japanese, Germans and so on. (Did you know my cousin met her German husband through one of my Angkong's friends?)

I wonder what it would be like if he weren't sick now. They said that he used to host a lot of house parties with diplomats and all. On the one hand, it sounds so frivolous, on the other, I know he really cared about the people who worked for him. Take for example Mang Greg and Mang Medong, he even took care of their children's education. Modern practitioners would say that employees who refuse to leave a company are too secure... I think it's a sign of loyalty and love for the organization. I digress.

Of course Gratia on d'ICE took place last December 15. The 19th was the Christmas party here at home. Nothing new, the Celadon choir + some alumni (ahem, oldies) performed. I love the note holder that the girls gave me. It even has a Celadon icon haha I owe them a lot, they're the sisters I never had. It's sad that there are less and less of us every year... one is in NY, another is in Singapore, one was in Baguio and the other's in HK. Diaspora.

Then it was time for Celadon's Christmas party. Very simple but very enjoyable. It took place at SS280, guest starring Beckham, who decided to sleep beside the door halfway through. It reminded me of the ICA Christmas parties where the chairs would be arranged in a semi-circle so that there'd be enough space in the middle for games. Naturally we had kids' games too. After that I hopped to the MVP Roof Deck for AMS's ChrisMATH party. I even brought something for the exchange gift. Neal, what did I get in exchange?

I couldn't stay long because of the COA Christmas outing at Kublai's. Mongolian dinner. Originally P228, but I got it down to P171 cause of the Celadon discount card. There were not very many of us but the less people who go the better bonding experience it is in my opinion. An ME group popped up for a while but they left soon after. Then girls in gowns and guys in penguin suits started appearing. Why they chose to hold their event in Kublai's is a mystery. So there, currently it is the record-holder for this year, three events in a single evening.

Last night was the Christmas party of my mom's side of the family. It's so hard to fill the kids' stockings with everyone running around. I filled my own as usual haha The highlight of the night was A-kim's steak from Santis. Mmmhmm. The kids performed... Jes and Cor already play the piano so well! And M is now a rapper. He has an accent already c/o IS Indonesia. And by the way, he has a girlfriend. Aye. The youngest boy beats the older ones in HK. The Celadon choir performed also. Thank you family for being very supportive. Peter gave a very special performance, wow-ing us with his musical talent. By the way P3, my uncle's asking if you can teach haha

Then it was off to the twins and George's post-birthday bash at Wack Wack. I was surprised by the setup since I was expecting something like last year's party at Greenmeadows. Macy was there! So I finally was able to give her her Christmas present haha Bonding with Earl and KO also since I haven't been in touch with them at all. It's great to be with old friends. I was actually surprised to see some people there too. ShaKho and Patty I hadn't seen since.... way back when. Ch, it would've been a good time...

And then there was tonight's party at San Juan for my mom's extended family. Barbecue and hotdogs as always, with pancit and chicken too. Uncle Wes is always fun to be with. He's only a year older than me but calling him uncle is so much more fun than using ahya. It's the correct title anyway :D

Earlier we were able to catch some Glorietta fireworks. Dad estimated they spend at least 40k for every show. Imagine that. Then there's another one in Greenbelt. I haven't had time to catch a full show yet this year though I mean to. When we get back maybe. The heart-shaped one is still my favorite but the star was just as captivating.

Tomorrow is reserved for caroling. I'll be home alone for the most part, to work on that YES report supposedly. Grabe. Nobela. This is what I get for not posting regularly. How short is this though compared to my December 2004 entries? The chronicling of my college life is almost complete.

Me: Ma, is my Sun with you?
Mom: Yeah it's on my table

After a few minutes, Daph goes to her mom's room... Mom is using the Sun phone.
Me: Ayaw pakawalan... Mom, you need a Sun na.
Mom: Oo nga e, no one wants to buy one for me.

Alright mom, you win.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A new watch, exactly like my old one please.

I'm not that big a fan of change although I like new experiences every now and then. When I try something new and I like it, it's easy for me to get hooked. Who isn't comfortable with familiarity? But it can also become the source of rigidity and predictability. What's wrong with that. I don't like it all the time.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My friend described it as an emotional roller coaster. I couldn't agree more. Buhay Coke, Sound of Music (SoMu), thesis, Gratia, caroling, and, of course, Christmas-ing. I'm alive, I can still smile and that's all that matters.

So let's start at the very beginning. I only knew that the Buhay Coke was pushing through last Saturday. I had two days to prepare. Honestly, it did NOT go well. I'm wondering if biting was such a good idea... It certainly was an added load.

By Monday, there were still 590 SoMu tickets left. 800 tickets total... not good right. But I'm happy to say it picked up speed during the week *whew* It's not over yet. I wonder how well it'll turn out tomorrow. Please let there be no surprise super typhoons.

For thesis... we needed 60 respondents from each school. While we distributed hundreds of copies, there weren't enough returning. And that is why I decided to cut my Thursday morning class and beg AHS' APSA to let me distribute more surveys. So I stood in the middle of the AHS cafeteria asking all the guys in blue if they were in fourth year. In fairness, it was the most successful survey distribution "gig." We did it in ******, only fifteen came back. In *******, only THREE were willing to answer. Fortunately, I encountered a group of students from one section who were kind enough to help me catch all the seniors entering the caf. They even escorted me to the fourth year classrooms. I got 58 completed surveys in an hour and a half! Thank you N-boys.

And after hours of encoding the responses, we were rewarded by significant findings. That's a very nice much-needed bit of encouragement. Lord knows our thesis grades have been discouraging thus far. Made me forget about sleep at least. Which may be why I'm so cranky today.

Gratia! Tapos na rin.... The mass was okay although I had hoped that the sermon would be about faculty appreciation somewhat. Oh well, the priest was okay. I decided to sit in an earlier class so I could skip my 3:30 class. Wow, I've been cutting left and right. And they call me responsible.

Peter made a video which can be found here. Fr. Ben was there, Dr. Cuyegkeng was there. Fr. Cruz and Dr. G were there too! I love Fr. Cruz, even though he was never my prof. He said my welcoming remarks were good!! Wheeee I'm so happy, as you can imagine, I had a LOT of time to tweak it. I'm disappointed that Fr. Dacanay did not attend but at least Ma'am Jopie did. I think Mr. Rudy Ang was also there but I can only remember seeing him very briefly. Maybe he just passed by. The cafeteria was lovely. The members were great!!! Thanks everyone for helping us move all the tables and chairs (in Ken's words: wrecking the caf). The usually normal place looked wonderful last night. I also think (hope) that everyone who attended had fun. I did win myself a hopia and a keychain despite not being able to stay at my table (thank you Sherleen for being my proxy and winning me more cool prizes!). Naturally no one took a video of the raffle winners because it was Peter who won haha Luto raw!

The night wasn't over quite yet... still had to go caroling! Of course I hadn't been able to attend practices at all. Was fumbling and lip synching quite a bit. But I always have a good time with the choir. I even got to bond with Ystacey and Yas (and Alvin and Leonard although they were quiet) on the way home. Thank you to those who have volunteered their houses / their family friends' houses for us to carol at! At least the choir's efforts are paying off. I collapsed exhausted last night.

Then I still had class earlier so I couldn't sleep in. It's a good thing our prof isn't very demanding. I actually enjoy his discussions. This polsci class is the first 3-hour lecture-type class I've had in my whole college life. Buti nalang magaling siya.

After that it was thesis time yet again. We thought we would end earlier than 5. We ended at around that time. And I'm still awake. Why? Guess.

And that is why I haven't felt Christmas-y at all. I've given gifts to some of my friends. But not all of them. The others I'm going to have to run after this week. 8 more days til Christmas.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Two weekends ago, someone was seated beside Mr. & Mrs. K. As luck would have it, Mr. K stood up and re-introduced the newcomer.

Monday, December 11, 2006

They find joy in the most unusual places.

I recall a song that my friends and I wrote for our 5th grade English class. We had to make a presentation about the environment. We didn't actually create a new tune, we took a pre-existing song and changed the lyrics. In typical C. Mendoza fashion, it was hilarious. The song was "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing." As I said, it had to be about the environment.

The original:
I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
Grow apple trees and honey bees
and snow white turtle doves

The new song:
--disclaimer: some may find it disturbing--
I'd like to wreck the world my home
And burn it to the ground
Crush apple trees and honey bees
and roast the turtle doves

Ah well. We were teenagers. Or pre-teenagers. Whatever. We were supposed to be the top 3 students of the section. Suffice it to say, our class terrorized the teachers quite a bit.

Drats. I can't find the manila paper we wrote our masterpiece on.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Wheeee Wifi at MVP is love :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who would believe that Daphne went shopping today? It's quite true. Recently she realized that her younger cousins have started wearing more fashionable clothing and thus thought to purchase something more than what she would consider a "normal shirt" (i.e., the shirts she prefers). Snubbing shops that sold normal shirts for more than P990, she settled for a nice brown blouse with a lace collar that cost less than P900. Shopping is such an extravagant sport.

Friday, November 17, 2006

So I changed my blog's layout after 3 years...honestly I was thinking of just deleting the entire thing but my sentimental side decided against that.

Earlier today, I got to talk with Sir San Andres. It was my first conversation with him and I found it very interesting and thought-provoking. He claims that our societal problems, especially the crab (talangka) mentality, stem from our colonial history. In order to illustrate this, he cited an actual group activity that showed different results when conducted in the Philippines and when conducted in Malaysia (among Chinese Malaysians). Bottomline is, instead of focusing on the objectives, the Philippine teams end up trying to "kill" the other. What I would like more than conversations that make me think are those that are backed up by actual proofs. The dialogue becomes more powerful that way. I am excited about the upcoming talk he'll be giving on Saturday during Celadon's 2nd GA.

The Leadership Development Program is only 36 hours away! I really hope it will be life changing. Maybe I'm not hoping for the kind of change that totally alters one's course in life but just the kind of change needed to motivate the participants to become student leaders.

I'll be watching Gary V's concert tomorrow night with mom. I hope it's more fun than his OnStage gig last time. For now, I still like watching Martin's shows more. I forgot who said it but I have also noticed that Martin can establish rapport with his audience very well - perhaps the reason why he's called the Concert King.

That's it for now.

Monday, November 13, 2006

First day of 2nd sem. According to Bam, the last first day of school. And I found myself at the Office of the President and the Ateneo High School's Principal Office already. The next few months are going to be exciting.

Thesis - eeeeep!! haha that's about it.
Philo - I got Azada. Niel got a B+ when she took her last time. Let's see how it goes.
Theo - Bobby Guev. He's more legendary than Sir Tatot... and since Filipino is the medium of instruction for both classes, why not take a legend haha
Psy115 - I don't know what to expect from this class at all.
Shakespeare in theater - wheee, I finally get a Shakespeare class. Don't know who our prof is going to be but I hope s/he's good. Maybe we'll get to perform! I wonder which plays we'll be discussing.
PolSci - I chose Saturday to desaturate my week...good idea? Not sure. Don't know much about Banayad except he was recommended by some Theo classmates last sem.

Dun dun dun.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

two more days till the start of the last sem of my college life.

the break afforded me some time to tend to some neglected matters
- go out with the QT's
- go out with the angels
- go out with mom
- play Sims 2
- watch Amazing Race

but it was crazy! my voice is a lot better now although it still cracks. should be fine by the time school starts.

registration yesterday was a breeze!!! at least i was able to experience a *good* random number. i was done before lunch! imagine that. then i spent the afternoon with Ria at the Ateneo Alumni Association booth (are you a senior? do you have a form already? it's for the Ateneo Alumni Association. here get one, and sign up too. don't forget to activate your membership! you can submit the form along with the payment at the A shop or at the AAA office or at the Kostka extension when they have a booth there. P300 for annual and P2000 for lifetime membership). goodness gracious. of course i applied already haha Ria was talking about placing the cardholder's signature and picture on the card so that it can be used as a valid ID. I think it's worth the trouble since the ICAAA card is super useful. I even used it for reg (long story)! Thank you ICAAA.

Watched The Covenant with mom a while ago. it's really interesting how Old Money is still more respected than the nouveau riche. antiques can be worth a lot more than trendy new merchandise. and the girl scout song goes, "make new friends but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold." i guess being old isn't so bad... if one lives long enough to be worth anything haha this reflection popped up after playing with my youngest cousin (3 yrs old) before dinner. gah. if the elixir of life were real... i just need to reach a gold aspiration level so i can drink some!

Sunday, November 5, 2006

What a nice lazy Sunday. Even though I should be working on the SoMu proposal. I'll do it later, maybe. Today is Ama's death anniversary. We were supposed to go to Manila Memorial again but Angkong was confined to the hospital cause of low blood pressure. I wonder if it's just coincidental. His sixth sense is a family legend so despite his memory loss, he would always seem to figure out that Ama passed away already (he used to ask for confirmation every few seconds - but now he can't speak anymore). I wonder if we'll hear him speak again, I doubt it but hey, impossible is nothing, especially when it comes to my grandfather. His system reacts unpredictably, becoming a lot more agitated and aggressive when given sedatives.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to speak normally again soon (preferably by tomorrow). But for now I guess Celadon officers have a respite from my kakulitan :D Not from my emails, texts and YM messages though! We (the EB) just had our evaluation and planning seminar at Za's house and I *think* it was productive. Very nice bonding experience for the board, even though Peter wasn't able to fly back from Cebu :( It was my 2nd time to sleep at 4:30am in just 5 days... One more to follow on the 18th!

Watched World Trade Center yesterday even though I didn't really plan to watch that movie. At least one of us already watched Grudge 2, Open Season, and The Prestige; and no one really insisted that we watch Boa or The Marine instead. Actually, I wouldn't have minded watching The Prestige again, just to spot some missed details. There were 10 of us - 7 EB, Retcher, Christa and Ivan. I can't believe I'm a senior already! I used to be the freshman tagging along to watch movies with Mic, Birdie and the others... in Greenhills also (like after the ROTC field trip).

I wonder what my grades will be like this sem. I don't like the suspense. Actually I hate having to admit that I don't know something. It seems to point to a lack of ability or helplessness. I guess it's something I picked up during my debating days. You can't be stupefied into silence when someone throws a witty point at you so you better think quick. Or say that you'll address their point later in your speech while you think of a good airtight answer. And it can't come later than 6 minutes at most. Maybe that's also where my impatience comes from (although it most likely came from my dad). But some things are worth waiting for. At least if I know that I'm waiting for something - false hopes included.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

i know myself enough to know when i get sick. but i don't do anything about it anyway. now i'm miserable haha anyway, the coa evsem at subic was a brilliant experience. imagine the dialogue, very creative and very insightful. but we're all normal people unfortunately, with the same concerns and sorrows. which is probably why so many people decided to hang around at the sharing room after the costume party. i can't believe they came up with a structured discussion for that haha

i watched The Prestige with mom a while ago. creepazoids but interesting. i sorta figured part of it out but not the other part (being vague so as not to spoil the movie). tomorrow is eb evsem time... followed by reg... then managers' evsem... then... may pasok na ulit!!! arg. where did my break go.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yesterday was a fun but tiring day. Students from UA&P's Fu and UP's CSA came to participate in Exceladon - the first time it became an inter-org project... and the first time it was held at the Ateneo cov courts. I was tired just looking at them play! I don't have that much energy and stamina. The members who were helping out were really very well-prepared. Galing talaga! I'm especially impressed by the log team and the event heads - and I think all the credit should go to Wes and Jared. Kudos!

I GOT AN A IN MY PHILO ORALS!!! I didn't expect that at all! Am still shocked. That definitely raises my possible grade :) No news re: Theo.

After the sports fest, Jic, Euni, Peter, Mike, Rod and I went to Promenade. There wasn't much to do until 8 so we just watched Final Destination 3 which was being shown on one of the window displays. Peter was dubbing in Filipino. I was already familiar with the storyline since it's been discussed during horror film class (as a film series my professor doesn't like).

Jules, Tristan and Borgy met us there then we decided to eat dinner at Teriyaki Boy. We were a loud bunch. I haven't seen some of them in a long long time! Let's see... Harold, Elyo, Borgy, Mic, Lainey, Jacky, Jules, Tristan, BD, Ernie, Garvin, Tang, John Go, Eunice, Peter, Jic, Rod, Mike, Cla, Enzo, Kat and me. That's a good 22. Not bad considering that 31 is our record movie attendance. This dinner was a last-minute idea of Harold... last-minute = Sunday 9pm! haha

The rest of my "break" is pretty full, mostly because of Celadon and partly because of thesis.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I realize that the APA stlye is at fault for all my ()'s... parenthetical references... habit.

Well anyway, I made it a point to check what's happening in Philippine idol (Julie-la this is for you haha). Apple and Miguel are still there :)

Am now watching Ginger Snaps 2. And I'm uncomfortable. It's the same feeling I have during horror film class. I guess film class works because I'm forced to watch. But now I can turn away, mute the volume or decide to work on Philo. It's a very interesting motivator. Distract myself with Philo. Girl, you are insane. And now you're talking... typing... to yourself too.

It works like this... even during film class, if it gets too intense, I decide to work on something else, like the agenda for the Friday EB meeting. My working memory is occupied so that my focus on the movie gets interrupted. At the same time, I still hear what's happening unconsciously. Note, there's still that lingering curiosity. This is all Noel Carroll's fault. According to his theory, I'm struggling to fit the new information into my categories of mind. It's actually very Cog Psych.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Years ago, I gave a large portion of my book collection to my cousin - now she's the one lending me books! The speed at which time flies (outside of class)... I only have a week and a semester left before graduation. These days you'll find students with blue books (one for the test and two "extra"), huge eye luggages (the airlines can have a field day with the overweight issues), and guys looking the part of family breadwinner (it's just for thesis defense though). Soon enough it'll be more books for some (further studies), real luggages for others (vacation? work abroad?) and breadwinning for the rest. Darn I miss writing. Although apparently my written skills are deteriorating (see graded papers haha). Am very grateful for debate for helping me develop my speaking skills.

I guess spending 4 hours at the library is the most academically productive I've been this semester. I finally read my Philo readings and am ready to take on the thesis statements. For History, I only have to review the administrations of Cory, Ramos, Erap and GMA. Theo... I feel hopeless. I'm praying I get exempted from the Ab Psych test but I'm really hanging on to a B+ by a thread. My projections:
History - B+/A
Thesis - B
AbPsych - B+
Philosophy - B
Theology - C+
Horror - umm A sana? He hasn't returned any of our papers.

Pls. let me not have another C+....

While I look forward to sem break, there's not much of a break to look forward to. I can barely take a day off to spend with my barkada. But while it sounds tiring, it's also more fun than worrying about pressing deadlines and surprise graded recitations. However, I know exactly how healthy I am and I've observed that I get sick after "sleepovers" (no actual sleeping occurs). I'm going to have to find a way to cope with the ones on Oct 29-31, Nov 3-4, and Nov 18-19. If getting sick makes me want to get a lobotomy... how does getting sick^3 feel?

Need a new writing technique (I use too many parentheses).

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Last night was the wedding reception of the brother of my cousin-in-law. Alex was the flowergirl - she reminds me very much of Ria. The bride was an ICAn, the groom was Xaverian. It's so weird to think that they belong to only a few batches higher. Who would've thought though that I'd meet the new HR hire there - and discover that DYu is the brother of my cousin-in-law's cousin!

The pictures and presentations were very nice. They seem to communicate the fun-loving nature of the bride and groom (or the photographer's). I would have enjoyed it more if our table was not right beside the screen. But we're not particularly important guests anyway.

Right now, I have no idea where I'm going after graduation. It's like the map suddenly stops after 18 years of school. Eighteen more units after this semester too. I'm so frustrated that I found the thesis topic I'm interested in now, when it's much too late to change it. I should stop thinking about what I can't have. But what is impossible? Even though I feel old (my youngest cousin is in pre-school!), I still have more than half my life ahead of me. I have to find that fascinating something that I can devote myself to. Soon.

Friday, September 29, 2006

I should be doing my philo paper, the case study, studying for ab psych, preparing for the real defense, tweaking the theo paper... but somehow, I just can't be bothered.

Yesterday was spent worrying about the MidAutumn Gratia (which will take place next semester), bonding with mom and scribbling notes for Philo. Catching up on sleep was part of the day too. Today was just as lazy though I was able to finish a book "Daddy's Little Girl" by Mary Higgins Clark which I borrowed from MPC.

Stuff to do before the sem ends:
a lot.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Whee head hurts, think am coming down with yet another cold.

Yesterday was the "final pass" for thesis. Ugh I'm so not happy with the way it's going. Anyway, that was basically what I accomplished yesterday since the rest of the afternoon was spent asleep. Yeah I even missed the Chinese Studies Program screening for the MidAutumn festival and the CADs concert :(

Coming right up is the traditional... hell week.
Theo presentation on Tuesday, Thesis presentation on Wednesday and Case study due on Thursday.

Of course on Friday we have the MidAutumn Festival! Am excited-anxious about the project. There are so many aspects, I'm not sure which one is my favorite.

Voting - Piso per vote! Essentially, it's the "Student's Choice" award for faculty members. Am saving up so I can help some of my favorite teachers win.
Faculty Trading Cards - A new project where teachers who won in the past Gratia celebrations are "immortalized." I dreamt this project up last semester, during one of Arcilla's lectures. Ken said the cards look fantastic!
Chinoy - Yes, the publication will be released this week, and the release of Kim Chiu's First Day High movie is quite timely! Chinoy will have a short interview with her and an interview with Chris Tiu's mom also. Good thing the Ateneo basketball team is doing pretty well. Let's see what happens this weekend though.
Thanksgiving Mass - Have to start September 29 right. And since Gratia is all about thanking the teachers for the time and effort they spend torturing tutoring us, I do think that a Eucharistic celebration is a great way to do it.
MidAutumn and Gratia - Merging the two celebrations is a big risk but hopefully it works. It's more meaningful if students are able to applaud their teachers instead of having teachers applauding for themselves right? Plus there's a buffet dinner haha I wonder how we'll ever cover the expenses of that.
SOA Advocacy Campaign and MidAutumn Raffle Draw - This is also quite promising. I do think that many didn't want to buy tickets last week because they know that they still have the coming week to do so. Anyway, ticket-buyers can support a SOA organization buy shading in the circle beside the org of their choice (ACLC, ACIL, AtSCA, Gabay, Kaingin, Kythe, Musmos, and Tugon). Sometimes these orgs are just lumped together without being differentiated from each other so hopefully this project will make the Ateneo community more aware of their advocacies. Hopefully.
Chinese Filipino Schools Drive - What better way to empower the youth sector: start young! We'll be preparing a module to encourage Chinese Filipino students to help society. This is tied up with the request for them to donate items for the MidAutumn game for the SOA children. I am not sure how effective this will be... Maybe I should tie this up to my thesis and create a normative environment that will make students help because "everyone else is doing it."
SOA MidAutumn - I'm definitely excited about introducing the MidAutumn dice game to the children... I pray it's a big hit.

So there! See, it's a huge project spanning from September 17 to November 25! Actually, you can subtract October since it's the moratorium period. We're going to need everyone's cooperation.

Friday, September 22, 2006

In the spirit of nation-building through Chinese Filipino traditions,

in cooperation with
the Office of the Vice President of Loyola Schools

This September!

@ the Doghouse, 900am-430pm
Vote for your teachers; recognize the noble efforts of our outstanding faculty members
- Teachers who receive more than 50 votes automatically receive a card

Collect Faculty Trading Cards and remember how much your teachers shaped your life
- Available individually for PhP20 or in booster packs of 5 cards for PhP70

Help children who need your support
- Promote the advocacies of Ateneo's socially-oriented organizations
o ACLC: Not just an org, it's a way of life.
o ACIL: Ite et Docete. Go and Teach.
o AtSCA: Para sa Diyos. Para sa Bayan.
o Gabay: Pinipili kong magtaya, nangangako akong magtaya, malaya akong nagtataya...
o Kaingin: Social Justice through Education!
o Kythe: Children should be flying kites, not fighting cancer.
o Musmos: Where there are children smiling there is hope.
o Tugon: We like to make babies.... happy!
- One organization will receive school supplies for the kids of their area

@ the MVP Roof Deck, 430pm-900pm
A ticket to the culminating night will give you a chance to:
- Enjoy performances by the Company of Ateneo Dancers, Blue Repertory, Entablado, Tanghalang Ateneo, the Big Blue Blob, and more!
- Applaud your favorite teachers during the awarding ceremony
- Play the traditional Chinese Filipino dice game (no prior experience necessary) and win lots of prizes!
- Join the raffle draw for an iPod shuffle

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I think it's cool :D hahahaha Vince thinks it's so cult-like. Bev thinks I'm scary bwhahaha

Monday, September 18, 2006

If life were fair, things would've turned out differently.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006


History - B?
Thesis - ?
AbPsy - B/B+
Theo - C/C+ ack!
Philo - B+

mediocrity... :(

Sunday, September 3, 2006

I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" last night. I thought it was really cute! Actually everything seems to be telling me I need to find some direction in life - and fast. I'll be taking my finals in 5 months... ending my second to the last sem in one and a half. Unless of course I decide to go back to school. Which I'm not ruling out. Then again, in terms of building a career, that would be a bad move. The way I see it, if you skip your own batch's recruitment period, you might get overshadowed by the shiny new graduates. I guess the question would be: What am I looking for?

"The Devil Wears..." emphasized the importance of learning from one's experiences. Even though some experiences are hell, what won't kill you only makes you stronger. Another point it drove home was the importance of loving one's job. Attitude makes a lot of difference. Take for example my current relationship with my academics. Lastly, it was Mic who verbalized the logic behind being promoted when life goes up in smokes. They call it sublimation.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Remember when's and what if's.

Stressful weeks coming up... Theo LT, AbPsych LT, Thesis Ch1, Theo and Philo orals, History reporting...

Add in the extracurriculars

and the extra extracurriculars of course. At least I'm getting a new dress hihi

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to going home early from school. Ah later pala. I won't be attending AMS's dept GA :( I'll make it up somehow.

For some reason I'm really not worrying much about my grades.

Aside from the scepter, any ideas for creative pic? :)

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Your Travel Profile:

You Are Well Traveled in the Midwestern United States (50%)

You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in Canada (40%)

You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in the Western United States (37%)

You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in the Southern United States (31%)

You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in Asia (29%)

You Are Mostly Untraveled in the Northeastern United States (14%)

You Are Untraveled in Africa (0%)

You Are Untraveled in Australia (0%)

You Are Untraveled in Eastern Europe (0%)

You Are Untraveled in Latin America (0%)

You Are Untraveled in New Zealand (0%)

You Are Untraveled in Scandinavia (0%)

You Are Untraveled in Southern Europe (0%)

You Are Untraveled in Western Europe (0%)

You Are Untraveled in the Middle East (0%)

You Are Untraveled in the United Kingdom (0%)

How Well Traveled Are You?

I got that from Julie's LJ. The lower part of that table is kinda sad :( Anyway... my adventures after disappearing for a little less than three days (cause I could still be sighted at school Wednesday morning and of course how could I be absent Friday evening).

Went to Museo Pambata and helped Englicom tour some kids around. Was supposed to help Jemelyn (E) and Louie (E) with Christian and Henry but a random kid named Benzar decided to attach himself to me so I got dragged around the museum by him instead. The museum's pretty cool, maybe I'll get my cousins to visit it some time. Kids are easily amused and even I was amused by some exhibits so it should be pretty amusing. It's an interactive museum so you get to press buttons and play with the exhibits :D Only P60 for students! Plug.

Then there was lunch at Superbowl, just across. There were 7 of us in one table (for 6 haha) - Bea, Ralph, Nina, Fla, Sally (E), Erika (E) and myself. The Englicom executive team had an important meeting so they (Marie and Ben) couldn't join us :( Anyway... picture!!!

After lunch we went to Bahay Tsinoy - my first time there. The exhibits were nice and they weren't dioramas (which is good in my opinion hehe). Pressing buttons (we had the buttons all to ourselves cause there weren't any kids anymore) gave us a pretty cool experience - we were able to meet the Secretary General for Justice of China! No, he didn't appear when we pressed a button but we pressed buttons for the same show thrice (different languages kasi!) and he walked into the exhibit on the third time (Fookien). We took a picture with him of course! Have yet to ask for a copy of that pic. That made the trip exciting haha

Tiring day. Am still thinking of hopping over to Rockwell. Dad (Rensie) says I shouldn't na. Let's see let's see.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Having gastroenteritis, as cool as it sounds, is a BAD thing. bad bad bad bad

Gatorade is cool :D

Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's alive!! Happeee :D

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mga pumapasok kahit walang pasok... MVP Inauguration July 24, 2006

A picture with Mr. Ronnie Chan, speaker of yesterday's Leadership Forum

A dream haha
me: umm parang i'm dead na pero di ko alam (morbid)
me: tapos i have to mourn my death daw para at peace na ako
me: tapos inexplain ko na duh i can't mourn my death if i don't know i'm dead
me: tapos they're like ah ok ok pero yun magmourn ka na

Guess visiting Angkong's room (my cousin's and I do this rarely because we're scared about bringing in whatever germs we might be carrying), being in a horror film class, seeing a face on the window in HK (it was mine.. reflection haha) and all that are giving me weird dreams. If Freud's right, then the unconscious is trying to tell me something haha

"To dream that you are in mourning, refers to your inability to let go of the past. You need clear those old experiences and make way for the new.

"To dream that you die in your dream, symbolizes inner changes, transformation, self-discovery and positive development that is happening within you or in your life. Although such a dreams may bring about feelings of fear and anxiety, it is no cause for alarm and is often considered a positive symbol. Dreams of experiencing your own death usually means that big changes are ahead for you. You are moving on to new beginnings and leaving the past behind. These changes does not necessarily imply a negative turn of events. Metaphorically, dying can be seen as an end or a termination to your old ways and habits. So, dying does not always mean a physical death, but an ending of something.

"On a negative note, to dream that you die may represent involvement in deeply painful relationships or unhealthy, destructive behaviors. You may feeling depressed or feel strangled by a situation or person in your waking life. Perhaps your mind is preoccupied with someone who is terminally ill or dying. Alternatively, you may be trying to get out of some obligation, responsibility or other situation."

Er. OK.

My new plant!

It's supposed to grow out of the egg :D

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hey blog! Long time no see...

I just went to HK for the ASES summer student exchange program. It was a very interesting experience... but tiring too. Pix to follow when I have time. Everyone was using Mandarin except the Philippine delegates since the others came from HK, China, Singapore and Taiwan.

Edit: Pictures at

Just attended a whole day seminar on entrepreneurship (how to write a business plan and sharing of success stories) by CFBC - so many entrep talks lately... and I find myself nodding off... Or being "sabaw" as Ted puts it.

Went to watch Pirates of the Carribean a while ago with my parents, BJ, Gen, Julie, Alvin, Ivan and Ivan (I hope I didn't miss anyone). During the movie Marvin forwards me this text message:

we may luv d wrng person n cry 4 d wrng reason but no mtter how thngs go wrng one thng is sure, us fnd d ryt ppol dat r meant 4 us.

The modifier "wrong" shouldn't be taken too seriously. Just "wrong" on a shallow level. Else what follows is a long chain of thoughts that will keep you up all night.

Time for me to sleeeep :) wheee

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Tapos na recruitment week... but not quite. Anyway, thanks to all the volunteers - you guys did a really good job covering for each other sa booth.

Cam, super duper bilib ako sa 'yo. Che and Za made the right call :)

Yesterday was busy but fun:

We had a rummage sale at Damar Village. Considering the rain, I guess we did pretty good. Thanks sa mga tumulong!! Bea and Rex, thanks for your time and effort spent on this project :)

Afterwards went to Podium to meet with Vicky, Marvin, Les, Lor and Dall. Am I excited about the trip? In a way I guess. I wonder how the cultural presentation will go.... Am a bit disappointed about the schedule of activities (long story).

I went to school to get the reading for Horror Film class. Repression and oppression haha As our prof said, very Freudian.

At 5 went to watch Stages of Love with Lippy. Very nice musical - Congrats Laura, Jill and Blue Rep!! It was more about different situations than the different stages. As the promo said "Limang Dipang Tao" and "Fallin'" were featured. I enjoyed it although more substories can still be added. Will they be running the show again? Maybe!

Then we went to Promenade for dinner with Mic, Elaine, Doggie, Rensie and Hannah. Thanks working people heehee *peace!* Jacky, where were you :( I most frequently eat at Superbowl when I go to Promenade. The servings are large and the food's good naman. I think this should be on my Multiply site but anyway.

Guess who we bumped into at the Promenade? Lloyd haha of course I call Lloyd "Nielsen" (oops sorry magkapatid naman kayo ehhh). My brother's HS class had a reunion - at Superbowl too but at least they had it outside the resto while we were inside.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Ownership of ideas. Is there such a thing... a thought I raised during Philo class a while ago because Sir Mariano was discussing about plagiarism. So far the class is fun but I can't help nodding off towards the latter part. Does thinking something make it your thought? Yours and only yours forever and ever, Amen.

What if that's what I think too?

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

A major part of life is spent making choices. Actually, "major" does not really refer to the percentage of time spent. After all, making a choice takes a moment... weighing options and consulting others is a different matter altogether.

At 12nn tomorrow, I will have made a pretty serious decision. Dad says I should take a chance, my mind thinks that taking a chance is crazy. Besides the probability is slim... which of course raises the stakes. Indecision. Why can't I decide on matters pertaining to myself?

Good luck Kim. It again.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

marj cocjin: ahaha, alam mo bakit magulo? kasi diba ka ym mo si char, ka ym kita, ka ym ko yung room mate ko sa dorm na nagrerelay ng message kay kai.

The wonders of technology.

Anyway, I have 2 quizzes for tomorrow, didn't study yet for either... good luck Daph, what a nice way to start... not the first quiz of the sem though - yes, have a quiz for Hi everyday.

Thesis - exciting but scary. We already set an extra hour to talk about thesis - once every week: subject to increase according to need.

Abnormal Psych - could be exciting... group report already on Tuesday!

Philo - a bit apprehensive about it but let's see. According to Robin, I either "get" the prof or I don't.

Theo - again, let's see...

Film class - the teacher's kinda cool. He's the cousin of my HS classmate (no konek). We already watched a film last Wednesday (wasn't expecting to since it was the first meeting). May was okay. I should study for my quizzes now.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Haven't posted in a long time huh...

Anyway, my internship isn't quite over since I have yet to give my final presentation but what else did I get out of my Summer Internship Program or SIP (it's a TLA! - three-letter acronym) experience aside from the remu, freebies, the MILO (everyday), the coffee table book (that ChaGo was able to flip through), a letter from my manager and a diploma...

  • chance to know and interact with extra cool people - smart, funny and very efficient. I miss the other interns, wala bang reunion? LOL sorry I wasn't able to stay during the graduation. Virgeee I hope you like being Snape :D pls. update me about your feasib project every so often.
  • sneak preview into the world of work. really, how stressful can sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours be?
  • realizations about what i like (principles, resources) and what i don't like (waiting)
  • ways of thinking and strategies that challenged the way I used to think and do things before
  • enhanced excel and powerpoint abilities
  • application of things I learned in school (time management!, stat -SPSS)
In the letter he gave me, my manager advised me to find my passion. I hope I do :)

Monday, June 5, 2006

Too bad I'm home :( <-- this coming from the girl who didn't want to go on vacation because of the inevitable backlog. Well the backlog is in front of me but I'd rather blog about my exquisite Palawan experience than attend to it :)

Day 1
Rode in a 19-seater plane (19 including the two pilots, one was a girl). I spotted an island that looked like a dolphin. The ride was roughly 1.5 hours. When we landed, we were greeted by singing ladies with a carabao. We then took a jeep to the beach where speed boats were waiting for us to bring us to the bancas. It was 45 mins to get to Miniloc, the island where we would be staying at. No Globe, only Smart - and the signal was unstable. Internet - 300 bux an hour. The TV wasn't readily available so we didn't watch at all. Very hard to contact Manila in other words.

Fun note: You can't stand inside the plane, it's that small. But you can stand inside the jeep :)

Again, we transfered to a speed boat to get to the island. The staff sang as we arrived. We were briefed about the diversity of Palawan, the El Ni-Do's and Don'ts (corny ba), and our activities for the afternoon. Of course first things first... we headed to our cottages (parents stayed at 25, me and bro stayed at 26) and... slept haha

We went scuba diving at around 3pm. First got the gear - flippers and the mask. Then AJ (Apollo incarnate) introduced us to the basic stuff. Each of us had a diving instructor... It's a bit weird at first cause I didn't notice my tendency to breathe through my nose. In scuba, it's mouth breathing. My instructor was very helpful and patient. I actually only needed to give the up signal once - when water went in my mask and I couldn't keep my eyes open. Otherwise he knew when to tell me to "equalize" (naks diving term). Saw a lapu-lapu that looked like it was part of the rock, some "makahiya" plants underwater, Nemo's in the anemone and other fishes. Reached 16ft, according to my instructor. It was an experience for sure.

Got to kayak after that, just a few circles around.

**At one point mom and I played Othello but I don't remember when exactly. The place has a few games available for guests to just borrow.**

Showered, played a very short game of Monopoly, had dinner (buffet with Mongolian) and then we went to the beds on the beach (don't really know what to call them). Mom taught shoti how to play pool a bit. Well she tried to teach me too I guess. The four of us (haha) shared a Lagen Cooler which had Amaretto (sp?), Bailey's and something. Tasted more like ice cream but I did taste a little bit of alcohol.

Day 2
Had breakfast and then we were off. Our guide for the day was Bong. Our bancas name: Cherimakar.

Went to the Small Lagoon to kayak and snorkel. Had to go through a small passage between rocks - small passage = you gotta lie down so you won't hit your head. I shared a kayak with mom while Justin and dad shared one too. Race back to the boat - I can't really say who won because it's hard to tell. Anyway, while snorkeling, I spotted a hole. When you look down, you realize the depth. It goes downnn, way down. Hooray for life vests.

Then we went to the Big Lagoon (yeah, very creative names). Saw sea urchins. This time I shared a kayak with Dad. Justin decided to tie their kayak to ours and I jokingly said we should tie our kayak to Bong's but Bong tied all three of our kayaks together anyway haha Then we went through a sort of hidden place between the rocks. It was beautiful. I mean really. It felt like we were in Jurassic Park.

Headed off to Lagen for lunch. The bread there didn't taste like anything haha Slept at the poolside till around 2. Then we went cave exploring at another island. It's hard to get in the cave. First you have to walk on the sand (which I really don't enjoy doing). Then you have to hoist yourself in through a hole. No such thing as poise. Bong showed us sleeping bats. Yea, the cave had a not-so-pleasant smell (guano ya know). Had to go out the same way...

Snake lagoon was weird haha It was basically a sandbar. Coudn't really swim cause the water was too shallow. Walking hurt also cause of the stones. Stayed only a short while.

Went back to Miniloc then decided we wanted to go fishing. So we set off again (after snorkeling a bit cause Justin wanted to). I caught... a small lapu-lapu haha that's it. Mom caught two fish and dad caught one or two too. The banca boys caught more. Anyway, I didn't even realize I caught one already. It's just that there was a fish hooked when I pulled the nylon up. Ah, no fishing rods hehe

The sunset was nice, not super whoa but nice enough. Got back to Miniloc. Showered, had dinner. Justin and I got a mudslide. Mom and Dad had something else. Really tasted the alcohol that time. Slept!

Day 3
That would be today. Had breakfast then Bong taught me how to weave using coconut leaves. Aliw sobra! I hope I still remember how. Then Justin and I decided to try our luck at windsurfing. After falling off a few times, Justin decided it was my turn. I'm glad to say my balance didn't fail me. However, my lack of sense of direction was very obvious haha then again, there was hardly any wind. Not an excuse though cause Bong managed.

Showered then had lunch. This lunch wasn't included in our package anymore so instead of buffet we ordered from the menu.

We slept again in the afternoon then hung around at the bar when it was time to check out. Fed the fishes before we left. Leaving was sad :( I would've shed a tear or two if no one were around. 45 minutes again to the mainland. Another speed boat to take us closer to shore. There were movable bridges so that we didn't have to get our feet soaked. Excellent service... At one point mom said something like "we earn so hard to make money and spend so much to do nothing." Ah, but we do nothing with style haha very different from bumming around.

Back at the small airport... Stayed at the hammock for a while. At one point it was raining only on one side of the island but not on the other side. Soon enough a rainbow appeared. Two actually although the other one was faint. Beautiful. Everything just adds to the beauty of the place. Tropical paradise.

Plane ride again... And now I'm back. I still feel like I'm on a boat and I'm bobbing up and down. I'm a bit darker now too. But it's alright. I wouldn't have traded this trip for the four meetings I missed.

Hello world, I'm back. Miss me?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

"I love Coke"

OK just kidding. That heart is actually only a corner of the whole "Mahal Ko si Mother Nature" tree dress-up activity we did last Friday. Got to work with students from different universities - thankful that Char, Grace, Nina, and Calvs were there (cliquish ba? haha). Ericka bakit wala ka??? (practicum class presentation *sad*)

So anyway that tree dress-up activity came after a morning of hiking and planting trees. It was tiring, I was asleep on the way back to UP. I got to meet new friends, from Miriam especially but we weren't able to exchange numbers/YM ID. Teph (from Grace camp) was there too!

I had to change shirts twice that day haha

Afterwards, I visited the Externals plansem at Ivan's place. Cute dog!! :D It seems that more people are getting that breed these days. Shitzu ata. Then I had to rush to Greenbelt 3 to watch X3 with family.

I like the Xmen movies :) And I'm open to another trilogy so long as they maintain the quality... I really really want / need multiplicity!!

Went home after watching, in time for the 9pm online meeting. Which means I wasn't able to drop by the barkada outing/sleepover.

Yesterday, I went to school for another round of meetings. OK naman e. Except that the ICE meeting took way too long to come up with what we did eventually come up with... To be expected anyway.

At work, my boss keeps telling me to look at the bigger picture. Determine the objective to come up with a strategy. I see what he means and I can't help trying to tell the others to do the same. I know how my boss feels, if only I can apply the same to my project at work. But it's so much more fun to think of the little details right. Like what color, which actors, what setting, etc. It's hard... but sensible.

So after the 1-6pm meeting, went to Promenade. The others were at Teriyaki Boy but we ate at Delifrance. Then the show started at around 7:50. Did I see anything new? Yup! The part after the credits hahaha

The others went to the arcade afterwards but I went home already. Today I'm watching the plays of my cousins - Chancel. I miss Chancel days!! Tomorrow is the start of yet another week.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cool right? Article taken from the Guidon (Vol 53 No 3) Sep-Oct 1985 issue. I dug it up from the University Archives last Saturday. They should find a way to make the Archives searchable via computer. That would be a nice project.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I was looking at LJs... This is about an elections with two candidates running for one position. The writer is a friend of the candidate who had written in his journal that his team "did not deserve to lose." Someone commented:

I think no one deserves the right to say neither 'my (team) did not deserve to win' not (sic) 'my (team) deserved to win.' Why? It's the student body's decision on who deserves it or not. That's the point of democracy.

Here is the reply... I just found it noteworthy.

Sometimes when two people are vying for a position, it's not a matter of "this person deserves it, the other person doesn't," but rather of two capable, deserving people vying for the same spot. And you're right, at that point the student body decides. But does their choosing one over the other automatically make the former more deserving? I don't think so.

And by saying that one person does not deserve to lose, does not automatically mean that whomever won did not deserve to win. It could be that they were both deserving of the position, but as circumstances go there can only be one winner.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

My weekly reflection:

A computer science major from De La Salle telling me I did a good job! Now that felt very, very fulfilling.

Honestly, I didn’t want to go back to work after the long Labor Day weekend. But, as I mentioned in class last time, the execution of the meatier chunk of my project has finally begun. Yesterday started really slowly. I hadn’t heard from my key contact people since I met up with them. My day actually started at 5pm – when I was supposed to go home!

Anyway, I can’t wait for what the rest of the short week has in store. Hopefully emails start coming in soon. Yes, I’m dreading having a lot of “numbers” to “crunch” (ME term haha) but that’s part of it. I do realize that my job is a lot different from the other interns’ (interviewing, calling) although I think it’s similar to the one Pinky is doing.

Yesterday, they asked me if I knew anyone who could speak and write well in Japanese. Of course the first person that came to mind was Julie so I asked her if she could recommend anyone. They called him up right away! And as far as I know, her friend will be taking the test today. Exciting right? Ahh and by the way, you know the resume the Placement Office asks seniors to submit? Companies really go through that after all.

I don’t know, a desk job doesn’t sound very appealing to me but the recent action has made me pretty happy :) I am looking forward to having lunch with the other P&G interns on Monday. They’re all amazing. I’m glad I got the chance to meet people like them.

My boss comes back from his vacation tomorrow… What do I have to show him… And my midpoint review (kinda like midterms, only in presentation form) is on Monday already (after the lunch). Wow, time flies fast when you just sit in your workstation all day (and of course do org work at home).

Monday, May 1, 2006

I don't want to go to work tomorrow, super tinatamad ako. Pero kailangan e...

Today was a busy day... Fixed some documents in the morning then we went to Promenade for lunch - Superbowl haha

Spent most of the afternoon walking around the tiangge. Didn't really need anything so I didn't buy anything. Had merienda at Goodies and Sweets. Did I get the name right. The cake was good: chocolate caramel fudge or something that sounds like that. I will try the oreo cheesecake next time :)

I went to Gateway (first time!) to meet with a key person (for work). Kinda sad that the other person cancelled... less than 12 hours we were supposed to meet :( The meeting was short and casual but productive, at least I hope. Anyway, will have to set another meeting date and time. After meeting, key person dashed off somewhere. We decided to stay and walk around the mall. It's a nice place, poshy.

Met up with my mom, brother, aunt and cousins at Rockwell. I bought Kokology... it was there... staring at me. I really couldn't resist. Ma'am Jopie was the one who introduced the class to the book/study. Can't wait hehehe

Had dinner at Gulliver's of San Francisco at Aberdeen Court, Makati Ave. The steak was absolutely wonderful. The corn side dish was good too! Expensive but I think the price is right for the food. Around P900 per person. Depends, if you order soup and drink too, it goes up to around P1000/pax. It's just a bit too dark I guess. Had to ask the waiter to light the candle.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

An interesting read.

Of course my preference will still be rather traditional.

"Sayang ka Daph." A thought.

Work is fine, I have already accomplished 97 hours (out of the 150hrs requirement). The execution of my project has just begun...

Org wise, I'm happy with the way things are going so far. We had a day-long meeting yesterday, rather casual but fun. Yesterday was declared Doggie-awareness day. All meetings held on April 29 must be held in Za's house. And you must bring your dog haha

I am soliciting donations for UNICEF's walkathon - YOUTH: Walking on Sunshine. Any amount will help! Pls. contact me ASAP (post a comment or email / YM me).

Acads - my grades are disappointing but I got what I expected I would get. My practicum class is fun. I love hearing the different practicum stories - the funny, the horrible, the mundane...


On everything else, rather confused.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm at work! It's lunchbreak but I'm waiting for one of the other interns to buy food from the 4th floor so we can eat at the pantry. The HR people went our for lunch... gastos e haha scrooge na ba ako... But it still makes me happy that the mall is just a walk. I'm familiarizing myself with it para di na ako lost hehe

I have to submit a journal entry every week for my practicum class so maybe that's what I'll be posting here na rin in the next few weeks. Two birds with one stone!

My reflection paper #1
I love the decision making policy of the company! I really like the way it was presented during the orientation as a principles-based instead of rules-based decision making organization. The difference lies in rules being very clear and inflexible whereas principles keep the spirit of the matter when deciding on issues. For example, an employee’s laptop is stolen because he left it in the cafeteria while another was held at gunpoint. A rules-based policy would require both to pay for the laptop in full. On the other hand, a principles-based policy will differentiate the two because the circumstances are different. Not only does this apply to sanctions but to other aspects like passing the test, good grades and a good resume don't mean you'll get in... A lot depends on other factors pala.

What I like about this is their acknowledgement of the power of the environment, making sure vacuum decisions aren't made, without sacrificing their emphasis on responsibility. Integrity is the most emphasized value and I think this significantly affects the work environment. One feels responsible for himself/herself and so the working environment is very trusting.

It took me a while to start calling everyone by first name. I guess what helped was the constant example of those around me to do so. There is this one lady whose name I can’t remember though… uh oh. I guess I’m a bit sad that the Filipino culture (Sir/Ma’am, po) is somehow lost in translation.


Yesterday I went in at 8am and left the office at 6:30 already - and most of that time was spent waiting for a meeting that took haha

The plansem was held at my house over the weekend. Masaya naman sya - we slept at 3/4am na, wakeup call at 8/9. The plans are exciting and of course there's the fear of risk and at the same time the challenge of something new. So far, consultations are encouraging. I wonder how the year will go. Since the weekend I haven't really been able to rest in preparation for the upcoming presentation. I find myself being extra extra kulit - part of the whole jitteriness of being excited and anxious at the same time.

It's sooo cold here... I'm wearing a jacket but my fingers are freezing. I have to defrost in the CR every once in a while hehe

Monday, April 17, 2006

I wrote this April 17.... there's no way I think I'm going to be able to add details anymore so I'll just publish it :D

I've been meaning to update I promise but partly I've been busy and partly I couldn't figure out my answers to the tag from Charlotte and Elaine. Next time na yung tags ah haha I want to update e.

Work has been quite enjoyable. Working on a desk all day can be pretty taxing hehe and I always wondered what people with desk jobs do. Now I know... Chat over the intranet haha just kidding! I like my project :) Overtime? Yeah I've been going over but at least I haven't gone home at 8pm yet. I already walked home once but the fumes in EDSA outweighs the benefits of walking exercise so I'll keep that to a minimum. I like the people I'm working with. Actually it gets kinda lonely on my floor (the other interns aren't with me) but no biggie.

Holy Week...
We went to Laguna technopark Thursday morning to see the company warehouse. Had lunch at Sta. Elena which is in Cabuyao! Now I know where Cabuyao is. Then we went to our farm at Lipa. I don't remember going there but mom says I've been there before. It's huge, around 13 hectares? Nice but the water is inadequate so the crops don't really grow well. There are coconuts! And pepper. It's a totally different world with carabaos, dogs and goats that get stolen (only the cats don't get stolen), kids that play leap frog (only they call it leap cow - I translated of course), hens that lay eggs on the neighbor's land, etc.

On Friday. I can't quite remember what I did on Friday... hahaha

Saturday. Met with Terry at Promenade to plan for the plansem. It was three hours long haha

Sunday. Easter! Lunch at MPC and then dinner at the Podium. I forgot the name of the resto but I didn't like the food very much >_< I got the shrimp bisque with lobster oil and pasta with crab fat I think.

Anyway, most recent film adventures:
Exorcism of Emily Rose
Jesus Christ Superstar
Gospel of Judas
Tristan & Isolde

Wow I've been watching a lot of stuff lately.

Monday, April 3, 2006

Internship week just ended! Real work starts tomorrow...

I really enjoyed the case study even though I was totally clueless when it came to the financials. My group's great (even though we lost haha). We even stayed till 11:30pm at Sanam's house yesterday. I determined the priceeeee wheee hahaha using basic algebra... my groupmate laughed at me cause he's in Engineering and they don't really do algebra anymore. Weh. But being able to determine the price made me happy :D Of course, we had to have a misadventure. Sanam got bolted in in her own CR. Her brother had to saw off the bolt through the narrow gap between the door and the door frame haha

I'm sad I missed Thursday, Friday and Saturday cause I went to Baguio :(

Baguio was not as cold as when we went there before but then the last time I went there was three years ago I think.... During Christmas break. It took us 6 hours to get there - bumped into Fr. Dacanay and Fr. Nebres on the way. We watched Ice Age 2 at SM. It was okay... first one's better of course. Went horseback riding the next day with Mom and shoti. Whee galloping is fun, it's making the horse slow down that hurts (cause it ends up trotting). Body was sore afterwards. I also must mention that I was able to buy a silver name plate. It's an "imitation" of the one I lost when my family went to San Diego zoo a long long time ago. I got that original one from Baguio also hehe I guess I missed it. Dinner at the Country Club was delicious (I got Surf and Turf)

Family decided to go on a spur-of-the-moment adventure. We hired a guide to take us to the Banaue Rice Terraces. We left Baguio at 1am and arrived at Banaue hotel at around 7am. Good thing we could recline the car seat. Ah and we borrowed a couple of pillows from Camp John Hay Manor :D See picture below. It was great. I mean it wasn't just one mountain. Lots and lots of them. We didn't get to go to Batad anymore cause we didn't have time but they say it's the most beautiful of all the points of interest. I got to walk along one of the walls of a terrace. Kinda scary if you think about it hehe but the water is really clear! We left Banaue at 11am, got back to Baguio by around 6pm. Wah. Dinner at Camp John Hay after a really nice massage was good too (split an order of Cordon Bleu with mom). It's more expensive though. The fog rolled in at one point, kinda creepy.

The next day we just ate at a small Jap resto. Then we started our 6 hour trip back to Manila.

Monday was spent doing a mini-case study. Yesterday, we had a talk about strategies which was actually very logical. I didn't really need a background in marketing to understand it. Fun hahahaha So well that's basically internship week plus Baguio in between.

Movies I've seen recently:
Ice Age - at Baguio
Princess Diaries 2 - at Baguio (Disney channel)
Just Friends - in the car on the way down from Baguio
Legend - Monday night at home
Rent - a while ago with the other girl interns and Mico

Sunday, April 2, 2006

If you get a thousand peso bill, you can see the same view (well, more or less) :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Luke 6:21
Blessed are you who are now hungry, for you will be satisfied. Blessed are you who are now weeping, for you will laugh.

What can I say?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I got a B+ in the last long test of Fr. Arcilla. Which means....
If I get an A in the final paper (highly doubtful), I get an A.
If I get a B+/A in the final paper (highly doubtful), I get a B+.
If I get a B+ in the final paper (maybee), I get a B.

The paper I wrote was pretty cool although it was uber crammed. My title: Significant Changes in Philippine Culture through the Introduction of the Spanish Concept of Time. Haba ba? It was a topic that intrigued me when we had breakfast with Wilson Lee Flores. He pointed out that whenever you ask Filipinos for the time, they answer "Alas dos" instead of "Ikalawa ng hapon." And so we notice that our concept of time is very much linked with our Spanish past. I like the arguments I developed although they were thought up while I was writing the paper and not before (because I was researching as I went along).

Historeeee nalang talaga problema ko. Weh Daph grade conscious ka pa rin. And you're talking to yourself too.

How can our lives be controlled by emotions when these change so erratically? And yet what kind of life is lived only because of what is rational. We do not live in a vacuum I'm afraid. Some arguments will exist that will sound rational, ideal, I suppose, but hardly realistic.

I know which direction I want to take. There are trade-offs, yes, am I willing to sacrifice them? Looking at other directions, seeing each one, having the information I have now, it is the "best" course of action. At the end of the day, when I look back, in hindsight with much more clarity, I stood by my principles, I shall not regret.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Social Psych - so far A but 25% depends on the final project we submitted
Philo - so far B+, I got a B for the last two papers and an A for the 30% finals
History - so far B (exclucing results of the last test), but 66% depends on the final paper I crammed
Testing Lec - A

I/O - I can't really say... Ranges from A to B
Testing Lab - A

Fr. Ari will be releasing a statement later this evening. I do not totally agree with him but I feel that the newest proposal we came up with is better than the initial "compromise."

Thursday, March 23, 2006

"If you really love the organization... let it go..."

And if I do, that says a lot about what I have learned in my three years as an Atenean. I did not study in the Ateneo so that I could learn to shut up. My professors would be ashamed of me.

It is not the good of the organization that is at stake. I am simply not willing to sacrifice my principles. In the end, maybe the organization will learn. And maybe not just the organization. Maybe, just maybe, this cry will echo...

A single butterfly flapping its wings in China can change the way the wind blows in America. It is the butterfly effect of the chaos theory. Who knows... how does the butterfly know when to flap its wings? It doesn't. It just flaps the best it can and hopes for the best. {idea from the Animorphs 7}

Celadon Crisis Website

Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm going to miss the rugrat haha

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dessert - Yule Ball

Samantha aka Xabi! The youngest ... so far

Christian Jack - the half German, half us haha

How can you resist a smile like that? awww

I don't have any pix of Alexandra yet. I would like to post a family pic but it ain't happening anymore - The Singaporeans already left earlier today. The others are leaving tomorrow night so the world will be back to normal. Not quite but relatively.

So what's up... am currently eating Nuggets from Sam (what I like about cousins who are working already - I don't have to feel guilty about getting free food hehe).

Just finished a required exam a while ago, it started at 11am and ended at... 3:30-ish. So many peoples. I hope I pass hehe

The dinner last night at A-ko's house was nice, it wasn't very hot cause it rained hard just before. Catering by Alex III. The palabok and chicken bbq were yummy.

The short skit we performed (Cinderella, revised musical) made our I/O teacher cry because of laughing too hard - best actress goes to Ericka who played the role of fairy godmother. Bam was perfect for the role of Cinderella, she really really canNOT be the stepmother/stepsis... oooh look there's a commercial right now on TV - be the Pinoy Cinderella wah.

Wednesday night was the grand reunion here at home. There used to be a lot of garden parties here daw, hosted by angkong. Maybe that night was an echo of those days. Anyway, it was to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. You should've seen the cake. They insisted on lighting all 80 candles so by the time that was done, the first ones lit were already less than half their normal size ehehehe

Last week of regular classes start on Monday! Another of Daphne's lists, maybe the last two:
Tuesday - Philo paper (x2)
Wednesday - final paper for Testing
Thursday - experiential learning presentation, thought paper, History long test 4
Friday - Social Psych long test 3
Finals week - Social psych final project, History paper, Philo finals, I/O final paper

Pre-finals grades:
Philo - B+/A, will be posted this week so let's see. A lot will still depend on the paper and finals
History - B (yey, I can't believe I got a B+ on the last test considering I hardly studied for it cause of what happened.)
Testing lab - B+, don't think this is going to change anymore
Testing lec - A
I/O - A by a thread
Social - A I think :)

But watch that History grade, it's unstable haha
And that I/O grade also cause it's delicate...

Sam is watching Wag Kukurap right now (GMA). Of course I'm trying not to watch but I'm too curious (ala Pandora) so I sneak glances or ask him what's happening (he's probably annoyed by now). So forgive me for screaming once in a while. It's not like you can hear me anyway.

The other cousins should be arriving soon (we hope). Having a baby is really a big factor, the parents can't just jump in the car for an outing, even if it's a family outing. Resolution: Everyone comes here and we... order Jollibee hahaha with hard drinks daw sabi ni mom - meaning, she'll freeze the juice (joke lang)