Monday, December 26, 2005

The laptop I'm using now has a Chinese version of Windows XP. The start button doesn't say start, it says /kai shr/. Even the File, Edit, View options are in Chinese haha I wish I could take a screenshot but I can't seem to find the photo editing program.

Had lunch with Julie earlier, at Cafe de Coral. We sorta dropped by Mitsukoshi. There's nothing much to buy really - winter stuff everywhere. It's actually not very cold (I say this even though I'm wearing a jacket right now). The sun was pretty fierce today.

For the most part, I just stayed in front of the laptop. Not that I really wanted to, just that there's a meeting for LDP...

I should have finished my part of the I/O report before I left. Was too lazy and now I'm worrying about it. Good job Daph. Palakpakan. I got that word from someone but I can't remember who.

I end this here but I first quote from an earlier entry I came across (offline diary). "I see things in a hopeful light when the light of hope is but a faint reflection. It's not really there, it was never there."

Friday, December 23, 2005

Mission Log

Mission: Pick AJ up. Accomplished 0915h.
Mission: Drop shoti off at his friend's house. Accomplished 1000h.
Mission: Pick checks up from Ivan's house. Accomplished 1030h.
Mission: Drop clothes off at New Manila. Accomplished 1045h.
Mission: Get money from Wini. Accomplished 1050h.
Mission: Pay downpayment for ISO. Accomplished 1145h.
Mission: Get contact number of speakers. Failed.
Mission: Have lunch with and approve letter of Mark and Hector. Accomplished 1230h.
Mission: Photocopy Muchinsky 13. Accomplished 1415h.
Mission: Create ppt for Muchinsky 13 Behavioral. Pending...
Mission: Watch Closer. Accomplished 1645h.
Mission: Watch Alexander. Pending...
Mission: Dinner at Grandfather's place. Accomplished 1930h.
Mission: Play the frog in puppet show. Accomplished 2100h.
Mission: Deliver Macy's gift. Pending...
Mission: Deliver Aimee's bear. Pending...
Mission: Pack. Pending...
Mission: Relax. Operation undefined.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mr. Snowman from Joyce

Yehey I don't have class anymore for this year! Hooray! I can't wait to catch up on sleep. Ang cute ng snowman na binigay sa akin ni Joyce!!! It's so cute it's so cute! It's inside a blue ball. I sound retarded. From a biological point of view, it has been proven that sleep deprivation can cause a decrease in cognitive functioning. Therefore, I guess I am retarded. So pulling an all-nighter to study for an exam isn't really good is it. But that's what I did for Arcilla's long test a while ago. The question I answered was: Why was the Patronato real said to be "totalitarianism in God's name"? I do not look forward to the results. I crammed for the Testing LT again. During the hour and a half break. Being positively reinforced for cramming is really bad.

Work to do during the break:
reporting for I/O (Jan5)
LDP stuff

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Talk about pampering myself...
Went to the salon in the morning, watched a movie with mom in the afternoon, ate yummy snacks and had a massage in the evening. All were unplanned, it's fun to do things to relax. My hair and I are friends right now! Let's see how long till we start arguing again.

I can relate so much with the girl in Just Like Heaven. I'm not a doctor and I'm not in a coma but the story really got me thinking. In Philo, we're discussing "loving struggle with texts (Levinas)." That is, how you feel that "the true life is absent/elsewhere (Rimbaud)" when you de-center through books, films, etc. That's exactly the feeling I got! Call me a nerd, I'll understand. It's a great feel-good movie, will be getting myself a copy. *deeper thoughts available in offline diary*

Social psych is actually helping me a lot Celadon-wise. Foot in the door vs. door in the face concepts as well as altruism. Can't wait till we get to persuasion.. :D Interestingly, my groupmates and I did a little quasi-experiment wherein one of us would drop a pile of papers and books and see if anyone would help. Only one person did (out of 4 trials). We got them all on tape too! Am feeling guilty cause I haven't really read the soc psy text book >_< I promise to start reading soon... Testing is more demanding (quizzes, homework) so I tend to focus on that.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

chicken and eggs

Celadon people went to watch Chicken Little yesterday! There was a whole bunch of us - Ivan, Jic, Rod, Mike, Tristan, Kalen (and her roommate Angel), Alvin, Julie, Athena, Joyce, Retcher, Elaine, Mic, BD, Terry, Rensie, and of course, Peter (Chicken Little himself! haha). Wow, we occupied the entire back row. The movie was cute, and timely in a way. Of course now they're comparing me to the ugly duckling Abby Mallard... who also happens to be some sort of quack psychologist. Before dinner we just had to take a picture of ourselves in front of the Chicken Little cardboard stand - we looked like a bunch of tourists or Chinese foreign exchange student. Mike was even wearing his ASEC t-shirt haha

We ate at SuperBowl (two tables) and the waitress there, Melai, went to our table to say "Welcome back, ma'am." Wek wek Frequent eater miles? That's OK, the food's good. John Go and two girls even joined us for dinner. Can't wait for the next outing. Haha and maybe this time we'll plan it better (the whole gimmick was orchestrated the night before on YM). People were still texting/calling to say they'd be going and some just showed up at 7pm!

Nakakamiss ang mga "oldies." Jk :D I'm going to be absolutely lonely when it's time for the seniors to graduate - there are so many of them :( *is sad*

There are three cracked eggs on the window ledge right now. There are bits and pieces of egg shells on the sill. The maid said she wiped egg off the inside part of the glass window. There are also marks on the window screen that make us think egg. What in the world? We can't see any nests... and the nearest tree is far from near. How weird. Anyway want to crack this mystery? haha Ok bad one.

Speaking of eggs, listen to Tang's song!