Sunday, July 31, 2005

"I want my daughters to be beautiful, accomplished, and good.
To be admired, loved, and respected. To have a happy youth, to
be well and wisely married, and to lead useful, pleasant lives,
with as little care and sorrow to try them as God sees fit to send.
To be loved and chosen by a good man is the best and sweetest thing
which can happen to a woman, and I sincerely hope my girls may
know this beautiful experience. It is natural to think of it, Meg,
right to hope and wait for it, and wise to prepare for it, so that
when the happy time comes, you may feel ready for the duties and
worthy of the joy. My dear girls, I am ambitious for you, but not
to have you make a dash in the world, marry rich men merely because
they are rich, or have splendid houses, which are not homes because
love is wanting. Money is a needful and precious thing, and when
well used, a noble thing, but I never want you to think it is the
first or only prize to strive for. I'd rather see you poor men's
wives, if you were happy, beloved, contented, than queens on thrones,
without self-respect and peace." -Little Women

I've been reading Little Women again, I have a tendency to re-read and re-re-read books I enjoy. I haven't been studying at all. Am supposed to be preparing for my Theo orals, reading the assigned chapters, writing my lab report and fixing other stuff but instead I've been watching Les Mis, playing pinball, chatting, blogging, watching TV, eating and sleeping. I was home most of yesterday and out most of today and will be half in and half out tomorrow. Let me put it bluntly, not looking forward to tomorrow - even if I get to see Julie hahaha

Had lunch out a while ago, the usual Chinese. Auntie Annabelle wasn't there cause she's in HK but there was talk about her wedding of course. Uncles Wes, Wayne and Wilbert are really good company and I'm glad they're there to help take care of the kids. Two will be leaving tomorrow... I really will miss them, especially SpiderMatthew. It would be nice if either of them were part of the entourage too. I'll get all sad if I think about it. Everyone's leaving it seems, even Teacher Anna. I don't like it when people leave. Don't like it at all.

Friday, July 29, 2005

I find myself blogging just to dump the extra thoughts in my head, not exactly to come up with a deeper reflection. My entries show what I've been up to generally but it all sounds so fickle...

Got to school around 6:10ish. Pinky and Jacqui were already there, Nic arrived a few minutes later. Fr. Dax posted the signup sheets promptly (as usual) at 8. Found out Neil was in the 2:30 class with Retcher. Went to Matteo with BJ. Studied for the quiz which I hope I did well in. One part of my answer was semi-wrong so I don't know if he'll take that against me. I really really enjoy his classes. I love the way he structures his lessons. All of my notes are neat* and backed up by practical arguments and examples. He goes by logic and I like his style.

Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about: he was talking about commitment a while ago - one of his points was "if you don't exercise freedom through commitment, you're bound to lose it." First he explained that freedom from something is just one side of freedom. The other side is freedom for commitment/s - because freedom has only an intrumental value. It is not important on its own, just as a toy is not a good toy if one cannot play with it, freedom is not real freedom if one cannot exercise it in a commitment. Else, the kid grows up without playing with the toy and external factors take away a person's freedom. His example here was that of a boy who couldn't decide whether he liked Girl A better than Girl B. He couldn't commit to either one of them. Soon enough, he finds out that he's too late and both girls have boyfriends already.

After Theo, went back to Matteo, ate waffles again (3rd time in 3 days - a new addiction maybe but I'm slowly getting tired of it), brought Kaye to her class, met up with Kat and Mikey, attempted to watch Ignatius with Kaye (it was boring - I was just curious, no one else but the two of us watched and we left without finishing it), walked all over campus with Hannah (bonding!), ate lunch (time check- around 2:25), went to the lib's microfilm conference room for GA eval, went to cov courts for IAC tryouts (I really had no idea what was happening and I got hit by a basketball), visited GA of Psyche and AMA, walked around with Kat, Aims and Lynds, went back to Cov Courts then went home. Who in the world would be interested in such a boring account of my boring day??

To finish, I got home, had dinner, chatted a bit, took a freezing shower, chatted some more, watched the ending of Shall We Dance, and chatted some more still. Some people wonder if I ever run out of things to chat about. I guess not, there are some people I chat with regularly even if I see them in school and there are those who I just happen to chat with after a long time of not being able to and the topics are so varied sometimes I end up introducing a topic I'm chatting about with one person to another person. Besides, I like hearing about how people's day went, their experiences, etc. Fun to see how different our experiences are and at the same time, many are eerily similar. Of course a common topic is boy-girl relationships, which is to be expected as it is only natural for adolescents/early 20 somethings. There are many many common features in the stories people tell, the reactions, the actions that lead to the reactions, feelings, thoughts, etc. Looking at it from a certain distance, it's like there's a fixed pattern, a uniform dance of some sort. You don't recognize it when you're dancing but when you see other people, you know the dance. P.S. I don't dance.

*not really, but "neat" compared to my notes for other classes

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I am so full. Don't think I can sleep just yet. Was able to catch up with my family for the Circles buffet dinner (dad's treat cause of his hole in one the other day). Why catch up? Cause I went to watch the "Don't Think" OnStage multimedia dance presentation. Which was super not worth it. Of course I got to bond with Pinky (she hitched a ride with me) and JC & Cla saved us seats. But the whole concept was not my type. Maybe it was too "deep" for me - I found some of the ideas very selfish. Too bad Aims and PY couldn't share in the experience LOL

It seems that I've been spending lots and lots of time with the angels barkada since I hang out with them every TTh and there were no classes on Monday. Plus I exiled myself to the sad place called the library to study for the dreadful Bio Psy long test yesterday - another long long test that took me the entire two hours to finish (multiple choice??). I really should have just slept cause studying till the wee hours of morning didn't help at all! Good news is the results of my Thursday long test came out today and I'm really happy with my score. Anyway, having lunch with them (angels) and just listening to their kwentos or studying while they share stuff is still very HS. Glad to have them but at the same time, I'm glad a found a niche apart from them. The whole growth and self-actualization thing ya know.

It's so cool to see how specialization is more evident in college. Like for us psy majors, we're probably the only ones who rate long tests according to content validity and normalcy of curve. Of course it varies according to classes too - heheh "teaching dolphins to survive on land" is an inside joke of my cog psy class - but generally, psy majors will understand psy majors. As Julie mentioned the other day, how you would define the term "rational" is very dependent on your course.

Tomorrow is another long day with stuff happening one after another... sign up for Theo orals, Theo class, meeting with Kat, film showing, GA eval and IAC tryouts.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What a long long test. I wasn't expecting to finish the hour and a half but I did! I didn't even get to review my answers - it was that long. It was easy I guess, no. 21 of the multiple choice was just weird. The essays and modified identification were scary cause ma'am doesn't give perfect scores too often for those test types.

Watched If Only with my dads (real and Celadon) and twinlets. It was too girly for me I think. Twin liked the guy and I didn't haha Her taste is usually the opposite of mine. Dad says the guy was a wuss. Big girl's blouse hehe I just don't like feel-bad movies in general. Of course I cried! But not the really sad cry, just the "kawawa naman" kind. So weird there were hardly any people at the mall yesterday.

No people in the caf today either - cause of the academic convocation which suspended all 1:30-6 classes (including my bio and cog!). So not looking forward to bio test tomorrow evening. For one, I slept away the entire afternoon >_< Knocked out 2:30-5:30. And I still have that dinner party for taima. Mehn.

Other news:
My pepper plant is really pretty now! There's a cluster of new not-yet-red peppers and 4 already red ones. Ang ganda. Thanks Wacky!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I finished reading HP6 today! It was less action and more history. I think it's better than HP5 but I can hardly remember 5, just remember that I didn't like it. Anyway, I slept at 3am already just to finish half of the book. Woke up for church amazingly. The worship team sang Above All - memories of summer camp so long ago!

Crucified and laid behind a stone
He lived to die, rejected and alone
Like a rose, trampled on the ground
He took the fall and thought of me above all

I was... 15 then. Taima's turning 98 (no idea if that's Chinese or not) on Tuesday. Family dinner of course so I have to start studying for Bio. Now that's a test I'm not looking forward to at all.

Oops digressed. After church, ate at Zong - a Chinese resto at the Fort. It was OK, very minimalistic interiors. Had a massage afterwards (my arms still ache a bit), slept through it haha That's pretty much my day actually. How productive...

Lunch tomorrow and ooh maybe movie. Haven't seen If Only cause I chose Fantastic Four over it. Lots of people are saying it's good so maybe tomorrow, if it's still showing at all. But I have to squeeze in studying somewhere.

Oh I finished with my required interview at the Guidance Dept - was assigned to Ma'am Valle. I feel at ease with counsellors or older people in general (not necessarily old, just older). I seem to believe they're wiser and they probably are too. The experience bit. It's a big factor.

Woozy. The tea maybe? Or the lack of sleep. Woo-zie. Whoozy. Woozhi. hihi I remember Mr. Fantastic falling asleep on the keyboard and having the keys imprinted on his face. #_# That was an intersting movie, that one was. Interesting indeed. On the pretense of going to sleep, I go to study. What a nerd. Adieu.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

yahooo tapos na ang GA. If my right arm hurts pano pa kaya un log boys! The xavier gang - Jared, TJ, George, Gai, twins; Mike, Neil, Harold, I'm sure I forgot some of you >_< - Guiness world record for fastest assembly line to transport monobloc chairs!! Kudos to you. Well done GA team - Myreign, AJ, Neil, Joanna, Steggy! Thanks twinlets (and co-twin, welcome to the family haha!), doggie and the alumni who went :) Special mention to ASEC officers, AtSCA LogFin officer, CompSat president, AMA president, and Romero(!) for gracing us with your presence! Thank you to Alvin, Paco - everyone who helped even though they weren't managers. Special thanks to the managers for doing a fantastic job. Justin thanks sa airbed mo wheee Sayang di ako nakapagface paint :( Thanks to Peter for the fantastic job on the video. And to those who went, I really hope you enjoyed and I must apologize if I didn't have much time to just sit and talk :( Now that's done, I can rest now :D

And that would mean
Theo paper on Monday 5pm deadline
Expe psy test on Tues
Bio psy test on Wed 6-8pm
Philo bonus on Thu 7:30pm

Here we go! Time for voice

ERRATUM: doggie should be *furry* doggie

Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm so tired but I honeslty don't know why. Especially since the weekend just ended. Anyway, the sem's picking up speed. Celadon GA is this Friday - don't forget! And then I have my first long test in Cog on Thursday. 6 chapters for a 50-point test. Really have to start reading. After that long test, I go straight to Martin's house for the Theo paper due on Monday. That's gonna be another all-nighter. Last time we made a paper, I got home at 1am >_< Maybe we'll be faster this time around. I wonder if I get to make that Dacanay paper at the end of the sem. I don't know if I want to IF given the chance. Added work eh.

Was interviewed for Psyche a while ago, by Tungyu haha Then I interviewed Jonathan - oh the irony! He was the one who interviewed me for ASEC. Oh well the world is round. That makes me part of three orgs this year. Don't really know why I joined. I already have a new nickname given to me by ASEC... hm. (no, my new nickname is not hm). Celadon lost the game a while ago :( to TERRY's team hahaha Terry mag-aral ka na nga! BJ just told me that Ter was the captain of his HS vball team @_@ Oh well 2-1.

Anyway, on the topic of finding new things about people. Did you know that Peter, the guy who fixes Celdon's videos and images, is also supEr dupER good at playing the piano? Mind boggling. He's been playing the piano since he was FOUR. Retcher, Peter - must be the "er" ending of their names. Moving on, mum is a very addicted ChuzzlER. You know that game? With the furry balls? Yea, she's addicted to that.

I have the new HP book now. Wanna read it and at the same time I don't wanna. Control control. I miss the HP days! I was.. Voldemorta. Should I be proud of that? Er.

Er - word of the day apparently

other Daph words:
BI - bery intelligent
super DL - super Duper Lazy

Friday, July 15, 2005

time for a decent post. I've lost 3 pounds cause of Rec Week I think (boinkers, another org's HR person got sick pa nga). Then I gained back 2 pounds cause I decided to join the ME peoples' post-stat test dinner at McDo. Hang on guys, lapit na kayo maging sMEgs (benga? bengga? sp? ehhh). Moved my voice lessons to Saturday so yes, it will rain tomorrow. And tomorrow, I'm going to "the gym." Why oh why. Cause someone called me and offered a free workout. Why not give it a try right? I get to bring a friend along for free too.

Another Dacanay paper due soon. Still, I'm immensely enjoying his class. No regrets so far. He knows me na!!! Hooray. I don't know what to think of Philo. I think I'm understanding him - yea, he explains well (with the help of his multilingual abilities) and he answers/clarifies all questions but I don't know, a lack of quizzes and not getting our first paper back yet is making me worry. 105 is OK.. another lab session this coming Wednesday (just had a free cut cause prof had to facilitate a conference). 106 is Oh Oh Oh TTAFAGVSH (that, my dears, is a mnemonic for the 12 cranial nerves). It's so technical. I bombed the quiz - was expecting a multiple choice type like his first one but he decided to give an identification type of test. Instead of blood-brain barrier, I put body-brain I think. And yes, I was inventing gadgets such as the microvoltmeter haha 107? Well I think it's fun but he gives a quiz every meeting!!! Really feel guilty about falling asleep in 106 and 107. Nasa harap pa naman ako. Must be my lunch. Scientifically explained, the more fat consumed during lunch time, the sleepier you feel afterwards.

Speaking of which, I think I'll go sleep na. Downing two Cokes seems to have no more effect on me. Or maybe I'm feeling the after-effects of the Celadon-CERSA volleyball game a while ago. Ganda ng game, even if I needed Terry to explain what was going on most of the time nyahaha. Tokyo^2, please make my day...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm starting to sound like an obnoxious bitch. To be pardoned until the 22nd.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

hrm: pnu un CC? postponed til tues un recweek
me: yea pinagusapan namin ni imee
me: since tuesday naman din un right after the last day (dapat) ng CCs, i think we're probably moving it to july 13, whatcha think?
me: ay not 13
me: july 19
hrm: so wed-tues nlng? instead of tues-mon?
me: what's that?
me: hahaha sorry gulo na head ko, daming rec stuff
me: explain lang, magegets ko na in a while haha
hrm: haha un CC, instead of next tues-mon, wed-tues nlng??
hrm: so transfer lng un tuesday to next tuesday
me: ahh dash
me: whahahaha
me: ok i know the meaning of dash
me: yes correct

Tuwa naman ako sa sarili ko. I apologize to anyone I've conversed with recently (and will be conversing with for the next few weeks). Sabog.

Join Celadon :)

Saturday, July 2, 2005

It's Saturday already? Time flies fast... OK let's use the style I used last Tuesday. On Wednesday, not much for Theo but had a pretty long day for lab. Imagine another lib session - ang bagal ng EBSCO!! I don't know why they don't want to give us the username and password so we can use it at home. Funny, I was so confused already by the time I got out of the lib. I went to the meeting venue and was surprised to find out that there was a class. I checked the classroom number. Yes, I was in the correct building. I called my friend. "Daph, 4:30 pa yung meeting." Ah OK.. I checked my watch: it was only 3:30 oops haha The meeting was fine. Bumped into KatSy and Lali at the SEC walk afterwards. Went home and did... Celadon stuff of course! I read one chapter of my Expe Psy book but, really, was too busy making sure that the booth plans were being fixed. Of course I prioritized finishing my Philo paper. Slept 1am plus I think.. Didn't finish reading.

But I did finish reading just in time for the test (I have an hour n a half break after Philo) - I hope I did well.. we'll see. Had lunch with the angels but was busy reading for 106. Turns out, had a free cut for Bio Psy! Only 4 of us didn't know about it cause we weren't part of the majority who were all blockmates. Shame shame. 107 was so-so. Have to come up with my project proposal already. So what's it gonna be - Teach my dog how to play the piano? The fish how to form shapes (like in Nemo)? My brother to roll over?

Asked Ri for a ride to school yesterday - she drove!! Go Ri! Fr. Dacanay's class was fine, we have a paper due on the 11th. Met with the PE director after class, had lunch then it was straight to the library for me. Sigh I hate running around the library looking for journals that hopefully exist but are only vaguely mentioned online. The books on Classroom psychology are on the 3rd floor, the periodicals on the 1st floor and the computers on the 3rd floor were all down. After the lib, went to the guidance test. We already took the test during Perso last semester but it's a fun activity. I kept analyzing my answers while answering. They seem to have a common theme but maybe that's just in my head. After the guidance test I went to the caf to get myself a burger for dinner. Met with Pinky and her friend Edsel (sorry wrong spelling ata) who were also going to watch Mr 80. Soon Mike arrived, Earl and Meg too. Went to the food selling place at the SEC walk so Mike could buy dinner. Bumped into "Retcher and the gang" and we all trooped over to RMT.

The play was okay. I think I enjoyed more last year. Pineds was there. Gabs and Addy weren't part of the cast that played last night *sob* But it made me laugh anyway.

"Gay" guy to girl: I'm not what you think I am....... I'm Bi!

Girl: How stupid can you get???
Guy: How stupid do you want me to be?

meep meep!

Today... what a day... got to wake up a bit later than usual. Had lunch. Went to BJ's place for the Theo paper. Went to Eliazo for 105 paper with Pinky. Met Ria at Xavier cause she needed a ride home. Had to wait for a truck. Of course when the truck came, truck driver couldn't open the padlock. Finally decided to go to Blue Eagle gym to help. With its life at stake, the padlock decided to open. Brought the stuff to Eliazo for safe keeping - so pretty!!!! Got home 6++ already. Went out for dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousins. It was great - especially the pasta and dessert. Cold noodles and salmon good too!

Went home and then watched a DVD with my aunt. Now I'm just blogging and chatting. It's 1am...

On a lighter note, I think my LOL habit is gonna die soon. I still haven't gotten rid of my cough and now everytime I find something funny (I'm a shallow person), I end up coughing like crazy. At least I don't look weird laughing in front of the computer. Uh oh if you see me in school, don't try to make me laugh >_< That's just mean. ---> You didn't say anything but I know you were thinking about doing just that :P