Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I had a conversation with a GS friend of mine earlier this afternoon. She's a freshman and she was asking how long it took me to adjust to college life. I told her that there isn't really a set time... like many changes in life, it's either you adjust or you don't. If you can't adjust, you get left behind and more often than not, that's game over.

Lately, I notice that I'm still adjusting for this school year. Today, for example, was a funny juggle of activities. There was supposed to be a paper for Philo due today. Thank goodness it was moved to Thursday because last night was the night of the mysterious reception (more on that later). I wouldn't have been able to finish it on time if it hadn't been moved! After Philo, I had to stick Celadon's OAW tarp on the board - with help from Aimee, Ivan and Alvin (big thanks haha). Then I ended up at the library with Aims. Ordinarily I just drop her off at her CTC class but her prof gave them a free cut. After reading around 29 pages for my Bio Psy class, I had to head over to SS for the Chinese proficiency competition. I missed the first 20 minutes of Exp Psy just to sing "Go the Distance" in Chinese and "Tian Mi Mi." Fortunately (my luck's bound to run out soon), Ma'am was just going over the lab report we did last time so I didn't miss any part of the lecture. Whew.

Went to the Faculty Lounge after class to get my free lunch hehe Sarap naman. And then I went to "caf up up." Since we entered Ateneo, this is the only sem where all of us have a common break time (not dismissal). That is, for this sem, every Tuesdays, 12-1:30 is gonna be angels4lyf time. I really don't know why they like the caf cause it's so stuffy. Or I'm just spoiled hahaha But I didn't stay today cause I really had to study for Bio Psy (prof said he "might" give a quiz). I read until page.. 42 I think but nothing was registering anymore (reading was until p55). He didn't give a quiz. I don't know whether to be happy or not. The last test he gave was uber objective! After Bio Psy, trekked to Bel. It was Cog Psy that gave a quiz. The class I didn't study for because I wasn't expecting a quiz was the one that gave a quiz. My teacher-reading abilities have to be recalibrated. I was about to cross to Xavier when lo and behold, there was my car. It arrived right in front of me haha No wonder I'm so spoiled.

That's today. Yesterday was a different story... Fr. Dacanay announced a free cut because he wanted to attend the mass for Cardinal Sin. So that meant that I didn't have to go to school for acads. I did have to go to school for other reasons though but before that, I went to PCExpress to ask them about the TV tuner (need it to capture the video we shot last Saturday). Had lunch at home then went to Shaw to have myself measured. I am so fat geez. Last Friday was a small HS class reunion and everybody became thinner. While they didn't say I looked fatter, they did say that "Daph ganun pa rin itsura mo." Same thing right?! Actually, they all looked so.. sophisticated... ako? Same lang nga - shirt, pants and rubber shoes pa rin while they were perfectly comfortable in spaghetti straps and what have you's. It's not like i haven't tried spaghetti straps - it just feels so.. ewan. Do I want to be like them? I don't know, I'm quite fine with being (Philo!) the way I am now (fats and all) but who doesn't want to look like cover girl? I digress. So after my visit to Lagdameo's, I went to Ateneo for a meeting with the PE Dept Director (for the GA - it's gonna be July 22, mark your calendars ok! The HR video should be pretty amusing hihi). This was followed by an EB meeting. In between, I was able to finish the ICE flags for the ICE cream and have the Rec Week giveaway approved (niceee). I tried to catch up with choir practice (to no avail) so I just accompanied Wini to the parking lot and then went to CTC 201 for the Reception...

Now that was... pampabusog ng ego, puso't gutom haha Did you know that 41% of last year's first honor students came from SOSS? heehee! Nagyabang ba. The Yellow Cab was delicious, too much but really delicious. Got to meet a lot of uh... fellow brainy people (i.e. nerds). The conversations were fun! Even found out about Gloria's apology during dinner. Only around 9 of us were left by the later part of the evening. Fr. Joey's cool, for a Dean haha. Dropped Ria off at her place and then got home quite late already. I actually decided that I prefer going to school early and coming home early than going in late and coming home late. I think that my body's accustomed to a certain number of hours in front of the computer before I am able to sleep.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Change and adjusting to change -perhaps the hardest experience, in anything. Friendship, work, travel, life and death... Sadly (or not), it's the most constant thing (not the most original thought). I would think that we have so much practice dealing with change that it's not a big deal, but it is.

If you don't know how to cope or if you refuse to cope, you get left behind. Your regrets weigh you down - things you should have done, should not have done - and soon enough you can't catch up. You become a specter, perhaps one that is able to interact with others quite convincingly but you know better.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Blogging again just because... It's still too early in the sem so I'm not exerting much effort yet.. Don't wanna start projects, papers... I will eventually. Have a Dacanay quiz tomorrow and I haven't started studying. To my fellow Dacanay-ans out there, good luck nalang sa atinnn.

Instead of studying, I have been chatting, blogging, taking care of my pepper plant... and reading this book called "Body Language." It's a psych related thing but it's not required. Don't think it's strictly scientific, more like pop psych. Hehe That would be a cute title.. Pop Psychle. Wahtevr. Am actually thinking of joining Psyche this year.

Back to the book, I have to confess I've been testing it...so sorry if you think I'm acting strange lately. It's hard to set-up particular situations so I just use some whenever the opportunity presents itself. Mostly I've tried the stuff about private space (how close you are to a person you're speaking with), the angle at which you speak with others when both of you are standing (the book says and I've been noticing 45 degs), mirroring (how the person you're speaking with imitates approximations of your gestures or positions if s/he agrees with you), etc. Aliw. Might get my own copy of the book.

HS class reunion nga pala namin bukas. I haven't seen some of them since graduation! Maraming kwento yan. Even the exported ones are going. But before that, theo quiz, meet with Tinee, meet with Vix, meet with Rec, meet with PE, meet with GA, prac with choir. Wow puno?? Oh right, watch the Chinese proficiency competition on Tuesday! around 9-11:30am at the SS AVR. Even if you don't understand Chinese (like me) haha

Gen (Tiu) says HELLO to everyone who reads my blog.

This second week of school is just a confirmation of the first one - Wednesday nights and Thursdays are the highlights of the week.

Can I gush? I'll gush haha I love psychhh! I found myself falling asleep during Biopsy today (sorry Mic, don't like Bio) but cogpsy class is super fun! I'm really glad I chose Alianan even if his class is at Bel. Ang galing ng teaching style nya.

What I've learned (and the sem has just started):
Psy105 - responsibility diffusion theory. This means that it is more probable that someone will help you during an emergency when only one other person is around to see that you need help. This study was a reaction to a murder case - one that was witnessed by more than 40 people. The person died because everyone thought that someone else called for help. Ang galing pa ng methodology!

Psy105 - Karl Popper "way to progress in science is to disprove theories" instead of trying to confirm them which is usually how we do it.

Psy107 - Do we really have a choice? Or do we just THINK we have a choice? Is our like/dislike for someone really caused by the person or because of how we perceive that person in our minds? (OK just questions here)

Psy107 - If a person says he's going to commit suicide or is thinking about it, take it seriously. Isn't it weird that 3 different people at 3 different times have told me they want to commit suicide? Thankfully none of them did. Btw, they're all guys. This is why I worry lots I guess.

Family dinner with Mr. Podmore - psychology is a great way to break the ice cause it's just so interesting!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I arrived in school at around 7. Went to the caf to have breakfast then proceeded to SS. Met Ri who lent me her Expe Psy book. So that's the end I think of my book scavenging for the sem -had to buy Garcia's book, but was able to borrow for Theo, Expe, Cog, photocopied Bio. Waited at Mateo for the HR meeting. So happy that 22 out of 26 attended (and two couldn't attend cause of academic reasons). I really love my team (my team?? hahaha)

Afterwards, waited some more, had lunch and then just when I was getting ready to go to the Psy Lab, I received a message - "Pls proceed to ADSA window 15. Urgent." Scary or what! Turned out to be not scary. Sheesh why did they have to make it sound so scary. Then again, if it weren't scary, I wouldn't have gone right away. Like the guidance interview thing, haven't signed up yet hehehe

Lab was interesting. Strike two na si Ma'am kay BJ. Last sem it was "May conyo ba dito? BJ?" and this time it was "If smoking and QPI are related, perhaps it's because smoking leads to a lower QPI or maybe smokers are not smart enough not to smoke? May smokers ba dito?" LOL For lab, we just had field work- ask people about their QPI last sem and the ave. number of hours of sleep they got / night last sem. Resulting correlation? r=.01 p=.91 (no correlation). We can't conclude though, there were lots of things that could've affected the process (making it invalid).

Got to play cards today! Mystery bridge is the current table favorite. The logbook has been resurrected. Alvin to Tang: "I saw you, you idiot." haha funny Vin.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Might as well (Luj kasi).

Things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list, post it on your journal, and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post theirs.

Eating chocolate
Eating noodles
Eating in general (except veggies)
Text Twist-ing
If studying is making me anxious, working on Celadon stuff. And vice versa.
Reading and re-reading books (not school-related)
Watching my feel-good movies (fave is What a Girl Wants)
Sleeping, I wake up refreshed usually

Um tag doggie, lainey, mike, julie, mic!

Monday, June 20, 2005

I am frustrating myself. I know I have to study (knowledge of the good) and really I do want to study (will for the good) but I just can't bring myself to study even if I am oriented towards the good - obviously I've been listening to Fr. Dacanay. Only one way to describe me: Tinatamad to the max. Have a quiz for Psy106... Maybe he'll be late and we'll have a free cut (bad Daph).

On a positive note, my Dacanay experience is actually pretty good so far. He's funny :D Sometimes. And then I went to Tinette's to have a haircut. My hair is now medium length. Bro says: "better but you have to maintain it." The perfect style for me would be wash and wear pero di pwede :(

Naiiyak ako dahil tinatamad ako.. talk about torn! I don't have anything better to do but I just really don't want to study. Force. *cry*

Sunday, June 19, 2005

01. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.

02. I will say what song/movie reminds me of you.

03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be:

04. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.

05. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.

06. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.

07. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.

08. Put this in your journal.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Considering I only had one class, it's been a hectic day. Had our first Dacanay quiz on the first article. Buti nalang one class lang din ako on Monday (although I have a quiz scheduled for Tuesday). Nakapagrecite na ako! Yey. He told us about the shortest fairy tale a while ago - funny, ask me about it LOL

After Theo, stayed in school till 4:30 for choir practice. We'll be singing during the Chinese contest on June 27 (intermission). So that was 6 hours to kill. I thought it would be boring - I thought wrong.

For one, I have my Celadon calling cards already! So pretty - thanks Harry! Also, I was running around Gonzaga, the PE Dept and Mateo Ricci (ano ba talaga spelling - Mateo or Matteo?). In fact, I ate lunch at around 3pm na. Did all that running around for GA and CCs mostly. The Rec Week team is handling their project very well.

Didn't see Mr. French guy today. Mike said he'll introduce me if ever we see him nyahahah Gray eyes hehe Pero smoker so ugh. Did you hear that Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes? Groooossss. Cruise is good looking and all that but the age! Eck.

Need sleep, long day again tomorrow. That is, 8-5 in school, then maybe my family and I will watch Batman.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It wasn't the best of first days, it wasn't the worst of first days. I was late for my very first class - got stuck for an hour in XS. Philo with Garcia seems interesting. He's the Dean of SOH btw. Could be multi-lingual since he was using French, German, etc during the pre-lecture discussion a while ago. We're mostly with Lit majors - Ino! The gingerbread man is back. Gonna be hard to stand out in class, the class seems to be full of insightful individuals. I don't mind though, it's gonna be an interesting/mind-boggling 7:30 class. Disadvantage: I'll be sitting at the back cause we're arranged alphabetically. Sana alphabetically accdg to first name.

Break. Went with Mike to the caf. We both agree - we feel so old. On the upside (or downside, depending on your point of view), there are two additions to caf up, maybe more but two that I care most about: Candy Corner and Auntie Anne's. I'll be diabetic by the end of the sem.

Expe psychology with Ma'am Alampay. Good news 1: Psy 101 students are required to participate in our experiments. Good news 2: All samples will be taken from within the Ateneo only! Good news 3: My groupmates are Pinky and BJ. haha Super happy that Pinky's in the same class. I got the "last" slot for the class but she was able to buffer in!! BJ being in that class was a surprise cause we didn't talk or anything. He's in none of my other classes though. Yey, am excited about our project already (no topic yet).

Break. Bought my lunch at the caf. New feature: all of the ate's and kuya's are wearing nametags now! I think it's a good thing, so we know their names too. Am planning to get to know them more. No more pasta I like?? Hope they bring it back. But the macaroni isn't so bad.

Bio Psych. Can't say much - only three of us are juniors (JR, Jules and me) cause the others are BS Psy sophies (blocked). We just got buffered in haha And Ericka who was supposed to be with us decided to load rev. Steph (ICAn) is in the same class. Teacher? Dunno yet, free cut kasi haha

Got my new ID - I look like I'm hypnotized or something. Wrong choice of top color, should have picked red or something darker. Everyone likes the SOSS design because it looks white. I kinda like the SOSE one. SOM isn't so bad either. Haven't gotten a good look at an SOH ID.

Tried signing up for my Guidance interview - there were too many people I got lazy haha Tomorrow nalang, or some other time.

Hung out at the caf with the angels4lyf peoples. Saw Cissey who calls me lola in public (the others call me "nai").. Hm.

Cog Psych. There are only 13 of us in class, including the prof. Whopee. Sounds fun and the teacher is the no nonsense type, gonna be hardwork but that's the kind I like. He's a Clinical Psychologist so I'm looking forward to learning a lot from him. That means I have 2 PhD profs this sem (him and Alampay). SanSan (Ri's blockmate) is in that class too.

Theo tomorrow - who knows what might happen. Expe lab - we'll be working in the Lib. *shudder* It's so cold and quiet in there. But the place is nice when exams are coming up cause everyone's there and it's not so quiet. Ironic eh.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I've been blog hopping, finally I have time to see what my friends are up to. From Addy's blog, here is an interesting entry. I bet a lot of us can relate to the having a crush phase. It's a perfectly natural part of growing up. And someone I know is going through that phase - at least that's our theory. It could be more serious but the gravity has yet to be determined.

Came from Gloria Maris for dinner. It was the grand reunion of Grace, my mom's GS/HS. But I didn't join her there, it was only coincidental that my aunt decided to treat us to GM for her wedding anniv. So we were on the first floor while mum and Angkong were on the 2nd floor. Lunch tomorrow (technically later)... I'm getting tired of eating out. Gastos!

Might watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith with cousins tomorrow! Yey! Thought I wouldn't be able to watch it anymore cause my family watched without me Friday night and the Celadon people planned to watch it tonight.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

My lower body is kinda sore haha Twister kasi - and I only played two (unfinished!) games. Mike was shaking already last night haha I think I created Twister monsters (Kaye, Myreign, Retcher, etc) LOL But it's really amusing - more amusing to watch than to play honestly.

FormSem was fun - despite the bugs (that's what guys are for!), the transpo problem (repeat: that's what guys are for!) and having to carry bags (repeat repeat: that's what guys are for!). Aside from Twister, there's the Celadon Sim and the messages, cute :) Met new people, got to bond with acquaintances.

The riddle session in my car with Jan, Iris, Jo, Grace, Myreign, Kaye, Arjo and Retcher (123, Johnny woop, Black Magic, Tarzan, colors, music conservatory), was an almost perfect ending. Yes despite being teased by Retcher for being smart but totally dense haha An even better ending was the hot oil treat haha My hair is so well-behaved now. Swoosh. Swish. Shine.

Even better - lumpia dinner. Do you guys ever eat the lumpia wrapper only? Usually I just put shrimps, eggs, nuts, and meat in mine. Chomp chomp. Haha wouldn't it be fun if Celadon had lumpia night hehe

Carrie is now at the brainwashable stage. She already says yup (no hesitation haha) to "Is Achi Kim beautiful?" Then again, she also says yup to "Is Ahya Justin beautiful?" so have to work on that some more. She's at the naturally altruistic period so I'm trying to reinforce that. She might end up left-handed because the tendencies are strong. Dexterity however is permanent only after around age 7. My aunt's trying to make her switch handedness. I'm trying to get her to be ambi haha

Thursday, June 9, 2005

What a tiring week. I've been sleeping way past my usual bedtime... The other day I was awake till 2am.

My pepper plant has flowers already! 3 actually, and more on the way :) Happy happy haha Hope the plant stays strong and healthy, unlike me. I've been slightly sick since Monday night and the feeling hasn't left since then... could be getting worse but I can't rest yet. Agh sana mawala na 'to before classes start. But there's still tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday so chances are pretty slim. One day to rest?

Today was Org Tours :) I think it went well... no forfeiture of bond and I think the freshies enjoyed our stop. Follow da leader leader leader, follow the leader hoo-ha LOL Thanks so much to the presenters, galing nyo!!! Hm in no particular order: Borgy, Vince, Alvin, Ivan, Da, Kaye, Stephen, Sherwin, Lyndy, Ro, Che, Charlotte and Teddy! Great job, and certainly it wouldn't have been as great if it weren't for such a great team :)

Have to fix stuff for tomorrow... fix fix fix

Monday, June 6, 2005

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Sunday, June 5, 2005

I've been so busy! Time to unwind a little...

The show went well :) The days before the show was hectic. There was the whole day EB meeting Thursday followed by rehearsals then the squeezed-in movie (Madagascar), just before dress-tech rehearsal (6 hours!) on Friday. Saturday - parlor of course, then the show, then dinner. Today started off with church and the despedida of Pastors Alex and Carol. I'll miss them! The all-nations merienda was really cute. And the variety of national costumes was cool.

Tomorrow is reg, not something I'm looking forward to at all! There's also a meeting in the morning and choir practice after. IF reg will permit.

I found this new software and I'm smitten! It's not the best in terms of user-friendliness, still needs loads of tweaking before it will be an MS Office application. But utility-wise - man I'd love to be able to know how to create a program like it! Spoken like a true psych traitor haha

My plant has little white fruit like thingies growing :D I still can't be sure if it's a fruit though. Could be flower buds haha

Friday, June 3, 2005

This from Luj:
1. leave me a comment saying, "interview me."
2. i will respond by asking you five questions. i get to pick 'em.
3. you will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. you will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. when others comment asking to be interviewed. you will then ask them five questions.

These are my answers to her 5 questions cause I asked her (was forced to!! haha jk) to interview me...

1. what in your opinion would make the perfect mother-in-law? and the worst? who among your friends would you like to be your mother-in-law?(this is, of course, hypothetical, and not because you want to marry their children)

The perfect mother-in-law would be supportive, understanding, helpful, patient, pwedeng kasama sa "kalokohan"? haha The worst would be like my great grandmother (mom of dad's dad). Among my friends... I think Macy would be a great mother-in-law.

2. if you could only be remembered for one thing, what would you like it to be and why?

I would like to be remembered for being abnormal haha above normal po - the definition of which still eludes me.

3. what was your secret fantasy growing up and why did you keep it secret?

I never really kept my fantasies secret.. I want(ed?) to be a teacher - or a detective (Nancy Drew!).

4. somebody dead pays you a visit. who is it, and why did he/she visit you?

I really don't know how to answer this question... Luj, you got me stumped.

5. would you rather like what you did for a living and make practically no money or absolutely hate it but make tons from it? and what would you like and hate to do most for a living?

I suppose I would rather like what I'm doing. I have very little patience when it comes to things I don't like - pano pa kung hate! Housewife, teacher (HS) - I like. I don't like... I don't know. Can't say cause I haven't really tried doing anything yet.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Pagbumwelo ang mga sasakyan
Divisoria, Buendia, Sta. Mesa, San Juan,
Guadalupe, San Andres, abot ang Pasay
Tuluy-tuloy... kahit walang puntahan...

Watch the recital of Ryan Cayabyab The Music Studio this Saturday 3-6pm at Abelardo Hall (UP) - it's FREE (but no eating and smoking; cellphones should be turned off)! And I think it's a great show (biased of course but the soloists, both adults and kids alike, are realllyyy good). You have to hear the guys singing Iniibig Kita *swoon!* The Celadon choir guys should learn that for Valentines harana - they'll have more orders than they can handle!

Anyway, enough plugging. Today was longggg and tiring.

Last night (morning?) I slept at around 1 because I was cramming (bad Daph) for the agenda of today's meetings, preparing materials and so on. There was a meeting for the GA team yesterday afternoon followed by a family dinner so I really couldn't have started earlier. Anyway, a while ago, I had to pass by the office to get the stuff that my blockmate sent so I could proxy for her. Then I went to school. It was drizzling when I went to the Cov Courts. Got my reg form, got my friend's reg form. Then the sky decides to fall. I was stranded... But Hannah saved me! (thanks Hannah!) and we went to SEC where we met Cucu monster (monster!). Went to National Bookstore with Vincey to buy the birthday gift and card of one of my managers (cutting it close! His birthday's today). Then had practice for org tours from 10-12. This was followed by an HR meeting from 12-2, we were able to resolve a lot in that short time (disregard this, only Julie knows what this is about)! I felt my voice disappearing, only to be revived by orange juice? haha I got to eat lunch at around 2:30 (burger from the caf). Je vais a Mateo Ricci pour "choir practice." We're singing "Tian Mi Mi" and "Go the Distance" (Hercules) in Chinese. The latter is what we've been practicing so far. It gets stuck in your head but it's so hard to memorize the Chinese words... I just know the first line of the chorus hehe And then I go hitch with Julie to rehearsal. Of course I had forgotten the guitar at the doghouse (where the HR meeting was held). So I go look for it there. Good thing I remembered the manong who was around the area while we were having a meeting. He said he handed the guitar over to the guard who sent it to Security at the Loyola Gym. They must've thought it was a bomb or something. So finally Julie and I are on our way - happy because we thought our tardiness would mean we didn't have to do warm-ups. Short-lived happiness because when we got there, they were just starting *sigh*. So rehearse (re-hearse, to become a hearse again). I felt my foot was going to get disconnected. I think it's the walking so much during the day - something I have to get used to again when school starts. I go home, I eat and now here I am again in front of the computer. No one else is home cause angkong's in the hospital again and shoti went out to watch a movie with his classmates.

See I told you it was a long day.

I want a massage... maybe tomorrow evening yey