Sunday, May 29, 2005

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

My stress symptoms are showing again -_- Anyone else have these? I can't believe it! School hasn't even started and I think I'm not stressed. I have the weirdest rarest reactions, maybe only second to my grandfather's.

Today was fun... lunch at Rockwell with the whole gang (minus the ones abroad). Of course I arrived on time, when do I ever learn haha After that, I went straight to rehearsals. I recorded the guys singing Iniibig Kita, Jenny and Ron's Kahit Habang Buhay and Cherry's Desire. Maybe I'll record the others next time hehe

This time next week the show will be over. And school will be starting sooner than ever. Can you believe my random number is 502? No chance I'll get to pick anything. And as is usually the case, I'll end up with the terror profs... Does this mean Dacanay, winner of the Legend Gratia award?

Mum and dad are coming back tomorrow. Happy Birthday mum! (though she won't ever read this haha) She's the best really, of course there are some times when we don't agree and some times when I think she's being unreasonable but if I could be half of her, I'd be happy. She knows exactly how to deal with dad and she doesn't forget little things that matter a lot. Like the Japanese squid like thing that I really enjoy - she saw it being sold the other day then bought for me haha

I better go back to my room now. Ria, Niss and Melis are over - Niss is playing Diner Dash of course. Earlier we went out haha It's very rare for my family to go out after dinner. If we do, we end up at my other grandfather's house. So going out after dinner just to have ice cream (which I didn't enjoy because I'm worried about my voice) is a once in a blue moon thing - and only when my parents are out haha

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Who am I?" Finding the answer to that question is a lifelong quest, the legenedary quest for the holy grail perhaps. One model of personal awareness comes to mind whenever I ask myself that question - The Johari window. It consists of four panes: Open, blind, hidden and unknown.

Open - things I know about myself that others know also
Blind - things others know about myself that I do not know
Hidden - things I know about myself that others do not know
Unknown - things unknown to both myself and others

The quest then would be discovering the unknown and opening one's mind to accept things that you were blind to before. This is probably why testimonials and psychological tests are so popular. We want others to give us a piece of the "Who am I?" puzzle.

Who am I... And what's the point of answering that question with the "I am who I am" rhetoric? Answering by stating your name, your job ("you are what you do" way of thinking), the name of your parents - does that help? I go by several names (and new nicknames being added several times a week: newest one is Daphle Waffle from Jules) in different places, mentioning them all seems rather pointless.

When others tell me that something is "sooo Daph!" What do they mean? If "You're such an Einstein" means "You're such a genius" --> Einstein = genius, what does Daph equate to? They say "Princess Bride" is such a "Daph" movie although I didn't enjoy it all that much (could be because I was half awake when they were watching it). Krissy gave me a notebook that she insisted was very Daph too.

Who am I? Do you know? :)

P.S. I just finished the font based on my handwriting (v.2 cause the crash deleted my old one) - naivete.ttf And now I'm giving it away so that when my computer crashes (hope this never happens ever again), I don't have to make a new one. Ask me for a copy, I'll proudly share :D

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Psychology jokes hehehe Not all are super funny, my favorites are mostly found under the clinical/therapy category.

I have Psy105.1, 105.2, 106 and 107 this coming semester. Plus two core subjects - Th131 and Ph101. Plus Celadon, that's a total of 22 Units. I'll do fine :D I hope.

Monday, May 23, 2005

I watched the long awaited Star Wars III the other night. The first part was really weird - something I was expecting since Popoy told me he was laughing most of the time. Otherwise, it wasn't bad. The dialogues were rather lame but there are a few memorable quotes here and there. Finally the hole has been filled. Am I satisfied? I guess. There are a few inconsistencies but nothing glaring. The transition is smooth enough. I even rewatched Ep. II and IV before watching III and earlier this evening I watched Ep. VI. My family doesn't have a copy of TPM and I have yet to rewatch ESB. My favorite character is still R2D2, Yoda is OK too.

Interestingly, my family's the only one into Star Wars. My other cousins haven't watched any of the episodes. I really liked the trilogy when I was younger. Some of the scenes are touching without being sappy (just so I'm not misunderstood, I'm referring to the ewoks not the father-son team). Was disappointed with the second for being too much of a romantic flick. One critic, Roger Ebert, stated plainly and I shall have to agree: "To say that George Lucas cannot write a love scene is an understatement; greeting cards have expressed more passion." A part of me would like to see VII, VIII and IX but I leave that decision to Lucas.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

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Whee rehearsals in full swing. Next week, 3 hours everyday na! Aside from that I'm also excited for this Saturday - will be watching Episode III. I even watched Episode II yesterday afternoon just to "review" it. I'm a Star Wars kid... I remember one of the big fights I had with my brother when we were younger happened because he tore my R2D2 paper doll >.< Behead Barbie but I'll draw the line there. R2D2 has always been the spunky droid.

Wasn't able to run yesterday because of the rain. Yes, the rainy season has started (I think) which is why people are getting sick. I'm not allowed to get sick, Mrs. C's orders. So I'm taking care of myself as best as I can (drinking Coke, eating ice cream, ...) It is also why there was a 2-hour brownout last Tuesday. Mrs. C was giving some last minute reminders when the lights went out. All the recitalists went AAAHHH (and it harmonized!) So the whole building was dark, most of the others got fetched already or hailed cabs - Bianca and I spent most of it sharing all sorts of stories. We ended up in McDo where I drank Coke after being explicitly told to refrain from drinking sodas. Bad Daph.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

OKi, I continue the post I cut short 12 hours ago. Just came from church (drive thru McDo) and memorial.

I told my HRMs that if you're part of Celadon, it's rare to go to a mall and not see someone you know. Yesterday, when we watched Kingdom of Heaven, I end up seeing one of them! haha I also saw a lady who looked very very familiar. So familiar in fact that she starts talking to me - with me trying hard to recall who she was LOL It's a good thing she asked a question related to who she was and I recovered quickly enough - she's the mom of my ball partner! Woops. Which just makes me think I'm sooo old already!!! The ball feels like ages ago.

Another thought I've been thinking, related to the KOH movie... You know how some people are willing to die for a cause? In the movie, it was because of God's will that people were willing to kill and be killed. I already mentioned this in one older post - Doesn't mean their cause is right but it sure means that they believe that their cause isn't wrong. Am I willing to die for a cause? As much as I'd like to think of myself as all-noble, would I be at peace if the situation suddenly presented itself?

A long time ago - 1st year actually, on the phone, I had a conversation with a friend who kept asking me why I chose ROTC. Bakit daw di nalang ako nagNSTP - where I can help teach children pa. For one, I don't think I'm very good with kids - my patience is just as long as it is. Kasundo ko mga HS - which is why that's where I'm ending up if I decide to teach. Two, I don't think that one is more important than the other. He asked me "kung magkawar, are you willing to fight? Di ba aalis ka lang? Fly to the US or something." Yes, if a war came, that is the most probable scenario. But I would live in guilt. You know how the heroes keep saying that one needs to show gratitude to the mother country? That's how I feel. China might be where the tree came from but I'm another sort of tree, born and raised not in China but in the Philippines. I owe my life to this country because it is why I have the life I live now. Good or bad. I'm not resolving any of my questions am I.

Pastors Alex and Carol are going back to the US so the senior pastor position is empty again. I really enjoy Pastor Alex's sermons. As he said earlier, "Irini imin."

It's almost 12:30. I've been sleeping a lot later than my usual bed time. Maybe because of Monopoly. Maybe not. I've been having weird dreams. One that involved murder and a friend confessing to the murder, another that involved the Animorphs haha and still another one I'll write about below...

"Shh ama's sleeping" -Carrie

How do you explain death to a two year old? How do you say that she won't be able to play with her ama anymore in the mornings? My cousins' ama died just the other day at 6am. I knew her cause I used to sleep at their house to "babysit" Nats. Nats who concluded, "No one's going to teach me Chinese anymore." Rest in peace ama. Is she in heaven right now? How does one comprehend the existence of heaven? And why do kids seem to understand it more clearly than older people?

I watched the Kingdom of Heaven earlier. It was OK. Reminds me of LOTR because of the guy who played Legolas. History... what a mess... and it continues to become messier, more chaotic and more complicated - entropy right? What the children have to learn in history now is already a lot more than what I had to learn (for one, I didn't have to study EDSA II).

I dreamt after finding out about her death that my grandfather was in the hospital again. And then the nurse said "diba ang matatanda nagyayayaan?" (not sure about the Fil part but I know I dreamt that part in Filipino). Wala pa naman emergency ulet. Although both of my grandmothers died in the same year (7 months apart).

Before going to the Paz, my mom and I went running. I finished 4k in 33. Nearer to my goal... It started raining so got a bit wet. Will run again on Monday probably. Maybe I'll get to do 4k in 30 already. Which means I'll set some other new goal.

What else have I been thinking of... "Normalcy" because of a conversation I had in chat. I had a friend once who wanted to be as normal as possible. In beauty, they say that average = perfection. Your nose isn't too big or too small, your hair isn't too thin or too thick. Personality-wise, I was thinking whether that normal person would be very boring or very fun to be with. And then I realize that neither would be the case as the person would be the average of both. Which means that it would depend on the person perceiving (let perceiver = p) that normal person (let normal person = n). Whether n is boring or interesting is determined by where p is along the boring-fun continuum. I don't want to be n. If I were so pretty because I was had the most average looks (ironic) but I had an average personality, I would be disappointed in myself. Then again, isn't everyone's personality determined by p's place in any continuum? Anyone's boring compared to the person who's on the other extreme. But to me, normal would mean ceasing to matter. When you average the numbers 1, 3 and 5, you get 3. But if you remove 3 and just get the average of 1 and 5, you still get 3 anyway. Haha I think I just might be beginning to miss math.

Am looking forward to the Ryan Cayabyab recital already. The soloists are fantastic. Songs that are going to be performed in the recital include "City is a Song," "Mamang Kutsero," "Sabi Mo," "Iniibig Kita," "Kahit Habang Buhay," "Paraiso," etc. Here are the lyrics to Iniibig Kita (sung by the boys) and Kahit Habang Buhay (by Jenny and Ron)

Kulang ang araw at gabi 'pag kita'y kapiling.
Kahit ang bukas ay di rin sapat upang mamasdan lamang kita.
Labis kitang minamahal, pag-ibig ko'y walang kapantay.
Kung kaya ko lang abutin ang mga bituin t'yak ito'y gagawin.

Malaman mo lang wala nang ibang mas hihigit pa sa pag-ibig ko sa 'yo.
Walang ibang nagmamahal ng tulad ko sana'y paniwalaan mo.
Iniibig kita.

Kulang ang araw at gabi 'pag kita'y kapiling.
Kahit ang bukas ay di rin sapat upang mamasdan lamang kita.
Labis kitang minamahal, pag-ibig ko'y walang kapantay.
Kung kaya ko lang abutin ang mga bituin t'yak ito'y gagawin.

Malaman mo lang wala nang ibang mas hihigit pa sa pag-ibig ko sa 'yo.
Walang ibang nagmamahal ng tulad ko sana'y paniwalaan mo.
Iniibig kita. Iniibig kita. Iniibig kita.Iniibig kita. Iniibig kita.Ooh...
(girl) Nakakalito ang mundo
Kung sino'ng mahal mo s'yang ayaw sa 'yo -- I had a dream about this a long time ago, around 3rd year HS
'Wag sanang masayang itong damdamin kong laan sa 'yo

(boy) Paano naman ako
Kay tagal ko nang umibig sa 'yo
'Wag sanang masayang itong damdamin kong laan sa'yo

(chorus) Kahit habang buhay maghihintay ako sa 'yo
Kahit pa maglaho ang mundo
Kahit habang buhay maghihintay ako sa 'yo
Asahan mong hndi magpapalit itong damdamin ko

(repeat boy)(repeat chorus)

(boy) Paano naman ako oh
(girl) Nakakalito ang mundo
(boy) Kung sinong mahal mo s'yang ayaw sa 'yo
(girl) Kung sinong mahal mo s'yang ayaw sa 'yo

Kahit habang buhay maghihintay ako sa 'yo
Kahit pa maglaho ang mundo
Kahit habang buhay maghihintay ako sa 'yo
Asahan mong hindi magpapalit
Hinding hindi magpapalit itong damdamin ko

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Shakespeare attack...!

But woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart,
My will to her consent is but a part;
An she agree, within her scope of choice
Lies my consent and fair according voice.

Twinx I really want that Shakespeare elective. Else the only Shakespeare I'm really familiar with are R&J (self-study) and Macbeth (ICA).

I really am appreciating the songs of Ryan Cayabyab too, because of rehearsals. The solos are really cute! And I think my dancing is catching up.. slowly surely. Hopefully I'll be ready by show time. Pretty much that's my contribution to the group since I'll hardly be heard at all! Rehearsals again tomorrow.

Went running again a while ago, just before it started to rain. Now it's so hot and humid again. Before the summer's over, I hope I can run 4k in 30. There's a walkathon for Unicef on the 21st, 4pm. I would join if I were free (but am not and 4 is still way too hot). Anyone who wants to walk? Just ask me and I'll email you the form. If not walk, would you like to sponsor my friend? Pls. ask me about it and I'll gladly tell.

Walang magawa sa sobrang dami ng kailangang gawin.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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The hole is supposed to be the "nose of Buddha." If you go through it, you're going to have a lucky year! Posted by Hello

Monday, May 9, 2005

Experimenting on my cousins. Did you ever discuss the cognitive theory of Piaget? Kids think differently - for one, they don't understand conservation. That is, an object is still the same even if its physical appearance changes. I just re-constructed one of Piaget's experiments: 2 identical glasses. Fill both with water and make sure the amount of water in both are equal. Asked my cousins (one's turning 7, the other's 5) "are they equal?" Yup! Got one of the glasses then poured the water into a bowl. "are they equal?" From their POV, the other glass had more water than the bowl because they only took into consideration one dimension (water level of the bowl is lower because it's wider than the glass). My other cousin, around 9 I think, demonstrated the use of logic (in other words, pilosopo haha). Accdg to him, the water in the bowl isn't equal to the water in the glass because there were still water droplets left in the first glass haha

My pepper plant has a flower bud!!!!! At least I think that's what it is. It sure ain't a leaf. I'll try to take a picture but I'm just so lazy haha

The plansem over the weekend went well. Tiring tiring but fun! Got to know them a lot more, we even played Monopoly haha I'm excited about their ideas, galing talaga! Join Celadon this coming school year - HR department ha! =) Tip: Join early hehe Memorable moment... we were staying at the living room so there was a sliding glass door going to the terrace/garden. Night time na so the curtains were closed and some of the managers were on the matresses. Mahina signal sa house ko so they were near the curtains (is this logical? ewan haha) When the electric fan blew part of the curtain open, there was my dog Toto looking right at them haha

Yesterday was Chancel's summer workshop presentation. Nissy, JJ, Jesi and Nats were in the plays. Nissy is super good already! She played the part of Dee in Promise U. I'm so proud of her. She was perfect for the part. Jesi was a professor of Theology. She and her colleagues were on their way to a conference about "Applying Practical Biblical Principles" so they couldn't help a guy who was robbed (modern version of Good Samaritan). Nats was a narrator for the story of Moses and the Red Sea. Aside from me, a whole bunch of our family was there to watch too of course - mom, shoti, 3-e, Uncle ET, Carrie! (with her yaya), Lotta, Ria, Melis, 3-ko, Uncle Billy, and my cousins' cousins Achi Jo and Gilbert. Aimee was watching with her boyfriend too cause her boyfriend's shobe was in one of the plays. Lady and Kim Tan were also there to watch.

Speaking of the Red Sea, I think I haven't shared about the Discovery documentary about that - part of the one about Ramses' son. It was super interesting I don't know if I can share all the cool parts here. Kwento ko nalang in real life kung interested kayo haha mahirap din ata kung YM LOL

Anyway anyway, am thinking about volunteering to be a teacher's assistant for Chancel next summer. Last last year, Fran and I were part of Waiters and I won't ever forget that experience. Jason and Eunice joined Chancel again - they're so grown up already! Esp Jason, he's so tall and skinny now. Wilhansen was part of the production too but he's a teacher's assistant, not a participant. He was one of the other main characters in Waiters. It was him, Lesley, Jamie, John and me with the red aprons and plastic trays. Want the younger kids to have as great an experience as we had... We'll see.

Ate at Little Asia for dinner. Yummy end of my weekend ^_^

Belated Happy Mothers' Day to your mothers :D

Friday, May 6, 2005

Plansem starts in a few hours. I'm nervousy-excitedish... Dunno...

Am reading The Fifth Mountain. Decided to borrow it cause I've been spending a lot of time at the MPC library and it was calling me from the shelf. So while I brought my laptop to the library a while ago, I reverted back to my old hobby haha Just for a while - obviously I'm in front of my computer again. So far it's OK but I don't know why it's taking me a while to finish. Probably because, at the back of my head, someone's telling me I really have to prepare for PlanSem na.

I think I'll have to find a way to limit my YMs, the hours just fly and I don't know where they go LOL

Watched "Can This Be Love?" with mom at G4. I keep remembering my French teacher and her "Je deteste Sandara Park!" and my French classmates' "Je deteste Sandara Park aussi!" Eep I'm starting to forget my French. Back then I didn't even know who she was... Anyway, I don't like her very much either. Nothing personal but I don't find anything wow about her. Plus the guy in the movie looks like Bobby Benedicto haha Nothing personal either cause I don't know him that well personally, just funny-weird.

Also went running a while ago (instead of swimming). We reached a compromise - sometimes running, sometimes swimming. That way, the both of us are happy. Just did 3km since it's been a long time since I ran. Pakonti-konti ulet. You know how in the mystery books, they have murders that take place along jogging paths? That's what I was thinking while I was running cause the path was dark! And mom doesn't run with me, she just walks. So I was running alone under the starry starry sky, the lamps casting shadows... I like my imagination and all that but sometimes I get carried away.

I better sleep if I plan to wake up tomorrow hehe I've been playing with words lately, aliw na aliw lang ako ulet. I should start writing again. I mean, the old writing I used to do.

Ahhh but before I sleep... NOTE: Must remember to write about the experiment I performed on my cousins last night and my pepper plant the next time I post.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

I'm at the mpc library now, for the first time using my wifi :) Sarap - aircon without raising the electricity bill at home!

Was here also yesterday, for the swimming thing. Prior to that, I haven't swum in a long long long time, the last time being the trip to Cebu a couple of years back. Di naman ata ako iitim because of the swimming I'll be doing this summer (night time naman, 6-7pm). The water is warm (same application of physics concept: the sand's hotter during the day but cooler at night). I still know how to do the freestyle and breast stroke but not very efficiently - at least I could still do laps. I used to know how to do the butterfly but I think it will take some practice. Sisid, kaya pa but I can only stay down for a bit, as mom puts it bluntly, my butt floats haha

Short entry lang...

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

I think I've been drinking too much. Coke, that is.

Let's see... started Saturday, the lunch meal included a drink, of course I didn't just want to choose water. Jollibee meal - Coke again. Then Sunday went to MPC, got a Coke then shared one with my uncle. Yesterday, had dinner with the Japanese friends of my dad and their families at Kimpura. I tried not ordering Coke anymore but I couldn't help myself... Then today, ate at McDo Katipunan with Char, King and Terry. I got a meal again so Coke again. Later on, right after rehearsal, was waiting for the car when I saw the sign... what the heck. So that's... 6.5 Cokes in 4 days! Eeeek. Kadire. My blood's probably carbonated already. Figuratively ok.

Dinner yesterday was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Was supposed to stay till 6:30 (EB mtg) but decided to join the rest of my family for dinner. I arrived at around 6 cause the roads were clear. Two Japanese guys got to the place early too so I had to chit chat with them. Sumiya-san's daughter, Nasa (probably around 12 or 13) is charming. She speaks English very well because she spent around 2 years in America. She goes to the International School for now. Plus she knows how to play the trombone AND the trumpet. Her sister Kirara (pronounced by Japs: ki-la-la hehe) was a bit shy at first but was in a better mood towards the end. Psychologically speaking, the kid has the "slow-to-warm-up" temperament. Hide, the young boy, liked playing with the wasabi... There was one point where he almost put the whole ball in his mouth haha For the most part, he just played with it like it was clay. All kids liked the cookie lollipops my mom bought from Art Cakes. (she forgot to buy for me haha). The moms commented they were too cute to eat!

Japanese etiquette... when getting sushi, use the back end of your chopsticks. Place the piece on your plate. Use the right end of the chopsticks to dip the sushi in the sauce upside down (meaning the rice is on top). Eat the sushi whole - your face will look like a puffed up puffer fish but it's the correct way to eat sushi. The things one learns hehe

HR meeting today was OK. It was the first departmental meeting part 1. Part 2 is tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully Terry got an airconditioned room. On the way to MRSC, I saw Ronnel, he has a summer class because he decided to minor in Japanese. He also commented that I looked very Chinese-Japanese: I assume because I decided to wear a skirt (weather makes wearing pants such a pain). SOMEONE, after not seeing me for a long time, decided to return my very friendly greeting with a "tumaba ka.." *sigh* Mom wants the both of us to join a night swimming routine. Maybe that'll help some. I know I haven't been walking/running at all (again I blame the heat). But maybe all this blaming is just a defense mechanism. Who in their right minds would prefer blaming themselves? Ah the attribution bias theory. It can't be helped ya know. Or so I tell myself.

Before this post becomes a complicated psycho analysis, let's move on to rehearsals. I have a weird role that was accidentally assigned to me because of my "knowledge" in the area hahaha What's that? Of course I'm not telling :p I've been missing theater and this is the perfect remedy. Blocking! Improvise! Performance-level! Found out that one of the guys in the group is Xaverian. I could tell even before I asked, kinda instinct-like. While waiting for the car (brother left late), got to chat with one of the other girls, Lianne (sp?). The second girl I spoke to in two days who was interested in taking a music course for college (the first being Nasa). Had my second fish fillet for the day for dinner (had fillet o' fish meal for lunch). All in all that's about it.

Ah right, aside from Coke, I've been addicted to Monopoly and Sims2 Univ for the past few days/nights. Yesterday's Monopoly game was really nice. Val and I weren't able to form a monopoly early enough. Lloyd and Elaine ended up battling it out, with Elaine (the newbie?? haha) winning the game after a long struggle. She had 9 hotels I think! Maybe we'll play again tonight.