Saturday, April 30, 2005

What a day was today :| it feels as if i did a hundred fifty pushups. hm baka hundred lang.

Started off with RedBox - Julie and I had the room to ourselves for an hour. Then Tang and Fuzz came followed by Jules and then Di. The food there is yummy. We watched Triple X afterwards. It was okay, they kinda forced the plot. Initially we didn't even want to watch it but it had the best show time so there. I like the first one better. I go home to check the movie times and then I'm fetched by Mic not soon after. Me, Elaine and Mic watched Wedding Date cause Mic had passes. It was cutesy. As everyone said, predictable. I didn't find myself laughing until my cheeks hurt so if you want a good laugh, you should probably go find something else. After the movie (saw 2 Celadoneans), we had dinner at... Jollibee (saw KTL) :D The bill was significantly lower than the bill we had when we ate at Tony Roma's - a very good thing cause now I'm bu-rowk. Not really but practically. Then we went to Timezone. And who do I see? WHO do I see? My uncleS. haha 2 of my uncles (one from my mom's side, the other from my dad's side). I also see my blockmate! After Mic plays DMX, Elaine and I play the rowing raft thing - twice. Which is why I feel as if I just did a hundred pushups. They won't function very well tomorrow I'm afraid. At least my fingers are doing fine :D

Went home. They end up gaining control over the computer. And so they start messaging people on my list :O Apparently I have a unique chatting pattern... A pattern I have been unaware of since today. So anyway, some snippets:

mutual friend: i know elaine uses that slang language
"me": sigurado ka?
mutual friend: okay
mutual friend: you're micmic now
"me": korek
mutual friend: usage of tagalog = micmic
"me": nde noh si daph din minsan hehe
mutual friend: daph most of the time puts either... or at the end of every message
"me": me too
mutual friend: nope
mutual friend: not much
mutual friend: daph uses all three depending on the situation

Of course all this and more while I was struggling to regain control of my computer LOL

Friday, April 29, 2005

Do you love me? (Chinese)
Of course!
Really? (Chinese)
Why? Why do you love me?
I dunno...
Do you know that I love you? I love you very much (Chinese)
Do you know why?
Because you are my granddaughter (Chinese)

Di si gua e soon.

I was close to my grandfather... I was his princess. I remember him sitting on his big red reclinable chair and me sitting on the soft red rocking chair while examining the little trinkets in his wooden cart - vicks, tiger balm, his comb, the mirror, the fan...

Perhaps I will never understand why others resent him for being the way he is. My brother does not respect him and maybe it's not my brother's fault. These days he just sits staring at some invisible object far far away. He wakes, he sleeps, that's all he ever does now. Miss ko na sya.

I realize that I cry not because of things I regret but because of things that are not but should be. He wasn't supposed to end up like this! He told me that I should bring all the boys who come to see me to his room. And then he won't say anything. He'd just nod and I'd know if he approves or not. He's not going to say anything.

If I die...
Di pa, tagal pa noh
If I die, will you cry? (Chinese)
Of course
Truly? (Chinese)
Yes, a lot.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Had rehearsals today. Officially not yet excited but I'm getting there. Ku ti ku ta ku kyu ku ti ku ta ku ti ku kita kita -- first line the girls sing for the song Tsismis. It's a very cute song... but rather complicated. And we sing it without accompaniment eep. The Wedding Song is a sung version of the wedding vows:

Through prosperity and adversity
We will share one heart
In sickness and in health
Till death do us part

Also, Julie and I agree, we're more impressed with guys who know how to sing than girls who know how to sing. I can't really say why. Probably because there are a lot more girls singing than guys (awhile ago there were only 5 guys)

I feel that today was a very productive one for me, even if I just stayed home (specifically in front of my computer) most of the time. And I know what I'm supposed to do next too. Fun knowing my direction, even though I don't exactly know where I'll end up. I guess the saying applies: "It's not the destination, it's the journey!" Moving forward...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Arte arte pa kasi" -mom on pakipot people (guys in particular haha)

I've decided not to apply for Dragon 100 anymore. One part tamad another part feeling guilty about leaving in the middle of a school year. I can always join next next year when I've graduated already (ideally). Maybe...chances are, not ever.
Had dinner with my two favorite twinlets last night haha Decided to go to Tony Roma's since Lainey's never been there. There was an Australian flag displayed right in front of our table heehee It's fun to catch up after not going out for how long cause of busy busy schedules. We were supposed to use Mic's movie passes but my curfew wouldn't allow it. Maybe next time...chances are, next week!

Monday and today, I attended Strains focused group discussions. Very similar to group therapy (like the Cartoon Network commercial with all the bad guys seated in a circle). It's fun to hear how other organizations handle member apathy. Some systems are familiar but others are inapplicable due to the different natures of the organizations (some SOA, others BOA, others Galian, others ICE like Celadon). Noticeably, there were a lot of Psychology majors (both BS and AB). Siguro kami un walang ginagawa kaya active kami sa orgs hahaha

Speaking of Psych, tatlo kami sa block same grade haha Which means Ronnel has gotten the same grade twice already o_O Genius. I notice that we think differently from students taking up other majors. My friend just gave me back my psy101 book and inserted between the pages were samples of their group reporting handouts - they look so technical. We didn't even have handouts! Note: same teacher, same assigned topics. My group did a Beauty and the Beast musical (we had an antisocial beast played by Ronnel, a narcissistic Gaston played by Quimson, borderline Belle played by Christine - grabe galing kumanta talaga, and a histrionic enchantress played by Alex). It was so fun. The other groups in my class presented videos, extremely enjoyable. Wheee can't wait for my next Psy classes. Sometimes I wonder if I should have chosen some other course. Something more challenging perhaps? And then I still come up with the same conclusion - I love psych. I wouldn't give it up for any other course. ^_^

I have another theory - the harder the course is, the closer the blockmates are. Hard times make bonding more effective. Like when two pieces of metal are subjected to intense heat, they're welded together. I'm not very close to my blockmates >.< But we're good friends. Of course I'm closest to BJ but that's not very close at all. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm closer to the guys in the block except Dane. The girls group together... Pinky's probably my closest girl blockmate. Aha! Dane came from Xavier LOL No wonder he's herdy! *that's a joke* Generally I find guys easier to understand (no subtle hints and meanings like us girls) but there are others that are hard to read (bato bato sa langit hehe).

Have rehearsal tomorrow with Julie! Wonder what we're singing. Sang Paraiso for my voice lesson yesterday, encouraged naamn ako - teach said "kayang kaya!" yey LOL simple joys.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Had first voice rehearsal for the recital. As Julie put in her blog, the both of us are sop 2. This means that we're sopranos (high) but we're lower compared to sop 1. Songs we'll be singing at the recital (all by Ryan Cayabyab): Paraiso, City is a Song, Wedding Song and Tsismis. We felt old compared to the rest of the group (there were boys who still had high voices), but one looked like a mom already and Julie says she met a 24-year old at yesterday's rehearsal.

Afterwards, we went straight to the Anvil dinner to have dinner and listen to/try to listen to Mr. Alfonso Uy's speech. Apparently, after Celadon, there's Anvil. The current president of Anvil Executive Club is Wilson Lee-Flores who's the founder of Celadon. The speaker started off speaking in Fukien, which left me and everyone else in my table hopelessly lost (maybe Julie wasn't hopeless). At the middle of his speech, Mr. Lee-Flores asked if it would be okay if he translate his speech. So he translated his written speech as he spoke. Honestly, Ten and I were bonding instead of listening to him. I also think I shouldn't have gone. The topic was irrelevant to me and I was only able to meet the AFICS president and her friend and two other older people whose names I've forgotten already anyway >.< Plus, we were ambushed by a surprise entrance fee = Php500 *sigh* Dinner was a buffet but it was worth a lot less than 500. Interesting enough, the "mom" we noticed during voice rehearsal was there too! But we didn't approach her anymore.

Had a massage wheee Then right after I left to go to the EB Plansem. Had Yellow cab for dinner and we just discussed and discussed and discussed until around 2am. Words of the session: Eleven, inculcate, YanYan. Song of the session: The Greatest Love of All. I got the couch and Vince slept in the same "room" so we got to bond lots. The girls slept at the room with the bunk bed and the guys slept at the room with the large bed. Terry and Ted didn't feel like sleeping yet though so they decided to join our bonding session. The two ended up drinking some but just a little.

Wake-up call: 8am. Had breakfast: eggs and maling (sp?) cooked by Vince! Meeting about projects until dinner. Lunch was sisig c/o the boys. Total role reversal LOL That night I had to leave to go to my grandmother's death anniversary dinner at Gloria Maris. Yummy noodles, fried rice, soup, fish, crab, beef, peking duck and mango pudding (the usual Chi food). Was seated at the kids' table (adult table has a different more expensive menu but I got to steal abalone from them haha). My mom's cousin is getting married this October! The conversation for the evening was very psychological. The problem was about failing to acknowledge a friend when one sees him/her.

For guys, it's a total non-issue if you don't say hi back or nod or smile. Even if your best friend passes by, no reaction is a perfectly reasonable reaction (nai notes: weird or what! haha). They can't understand why girls make such a big fuss. They also can't understand why they're the ones who have to adjust (i.e. why can't girls understand? Why do WE have to make an effort to understand them?)

For girls, it's a whole different story. People who don't acknowledge knowing you are known as snobs. And if the person who snubs you is a close friend, there must (logically) be something wrong. I guess this is also because girls are used to relational aggression (not physical, involves isolation and exclusion) and tend to analyze more. Girls are highly sensitive to slight changes in behavior.

Recommendation: Just acknowledge friends by saying hi or nodding or raising your eyebrows or smiling to lessen problems. It's not so hard! Exert effort for the sake of friendship - also for the sake of the girl's sanity.

Anyway, my younger cousins need to look at the fish so I have to accompany them. They have aquariums that display the live fish so that you know that the seafood that's served is really fresh? (too many thats I know but I'm too sleepy to fix sentence structure). Matthew sees this huge lapu-lapu. Behind him is a bubble maker that supplies the tank with oxygen. He asks not-so-innocently "Is the fish farting or are those just bubbles?" hahaha There are funny-looking crustaceans inside one tank but my uncle (mom's cousin also, around a year older than I am) and I have no idea what they are. Horse shoe crab's my guess. Went back to the plansem and we talked and talked until around 1am. 7 of the EB decided to drink so 4 of us went to sleep in the room with the large bed.

Woke up and had breakfast c/o Ten: omelette! Still discussed a few more points. Actually, just one point was resolved. Anyway, one was not feeling very well. I realized that what I lack in culinary experience I sort of make up for by knowing how to take care of health stuff. I know how to check if it's sore eyes, what to do for stomach aches, how to treat eye irritation, etc. Quack Dr. Daffy Duck.
Had lunch (lechon, noodles) at my grandfather's house. Dad has finally finished editing Japan pictures but he still hasn't given me a copy.

Will be going to school for the next three days and maybe on Friday too. Vacation's really over haha

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Warren T. RAT from "An American Tail" I don't have any opinion about the new pope really, except that I think he looks like this cartoon char hehehe Posted by Hello

Cardinal Joseph RATzinger: Pope Benedict XVI Posted by Hello

Happy Birthday dad. belated for his dad

There's a new pope. The 265th Pope. The cardinals decided quickly, maybe a reflection of our fast-paced world. I'm witnessing history.

And the new pope is...


maybe not-so-fast-paced world...


oooh the suspense...


hey look those are Philippine flags in the crowd (TV)!


anu ba ang tagal... I want to sleep na -_-zZ...


Maybe it's Cardinal Sin and they don't know how to announce that the new Pope's last name is Sin...


aha they opened the doors ... the red curtains make little waves... it parts!

*crowd screams*

ooooh it's the senior cardinal from Germany, Joseph Ratzinger: Pope Benedict XVI.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

You would think that, it being my third/fourth time to be called, I would immediately recognize their prepared speech, address and methodology. But no, since the caller gave a different name, I thought it was an entirely different business. Or maybe it's just intellectual atrophy because of the almost 2-week vacation.

The first time I was called, my paranoid self was on high alert - they refused to say anything except the meeting time and place. They got my number!!! And then pretended I was on some sort of list / pretended to be "close" to a friend of mine. Sheesh. Then now it appears that they are calling themselves Synergy International. It is the group that handles the NuSkin account. NuSkin being the skin care company whose salesmen go door-to-door to demonstrate and sell products. Impressive products but their methodology just ain't my style. No offense but it's very obnoxious and against my "ethics" (i.e. no bull). We think you have what it takes to join us. Please confirm ASAP because this is a slot system and if you choose not to join, we're calling the next person on the list. Sorry count me out. You're probably not the person we're looking for. Am I dense or whaaaat. P.S. It's 15th floor Ericsscon Building (Octagon Center), San Miguel Ave/St, Ortigas. I write this here because I googled about Synergy International to find out what the hell I was thinking of getting myself into and couldn't find anything. Knowledge is power.

Here's a website I found about the topic: Rip Off Report. Not sure which claims are true but it says NuSkin was kicked out off Korea. Pardon me but hahaha

Voice lesson today was fun! Sang "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" -- Had to use chest tones to make it sound more poppish. Sounded cool LOL Technique, practice, opportunity and interest - formula for most things.

Monday, April 18, 2005

As I didn't get to write in my diary much during my trip, I'll just write about the highlights (no particular order):

The tour group
There were 23 of us. Including the local guide, Ita-san, 24. She is an Indonesian who married a Japanese. Apart from guiding the tour, she's also everyone's money changer. There were only 6 of us who were 20 and below (from oldest to youngest): Rej (the adventurer who left us to go shopping twice but failed in last attempt), Hal (the best map reader dubbed Mistah Bee-no/robot by Rej), me, Brent (only son), my brother and Nikki (sp? "ayaw" magsalita - oooh i love playing with words). My grandfather really enjoyed the company of the other "elders." My super bad Chinese prevented me from speaking normally with the others haha Add my too-basic-to-count Japanese and you can say I was really rather quiet during the trip. Well it was 24 of us plus the driver in a bus. Just one scary incident happened when a car I think swerved. Otherwise, I'm really amazed by the driver's ability to stay awake.

Important vocabulary
The language barrier is very frustrating. I'm so used to being understood - going to HK, Canada, US, you just assume everyone must know English, at least basic English. Not in Japan.
Sumimasen - Japanese equivalent of mkoy (Cantonese), "excuse me"
Mizu - "water"
Kudesai - "please"
Arigato - I'm sure you know this - means "thanks!"
Ohayo gozaimasu - you know this too, it's a greeting
Yokoso - "welcome"
Ichi, ni, san or san, ni, ichi - "one, two, three" or, for a countdown, "three, two, one"
Sayonara / babaiiii

Hotel Rooms
Shared a room with my brother. I always got the bed farther away from the window. The bathrooms are small and plastic? The doors to the bathroom always have a slit below. Also the toilet seats have a bidet feature. No aircon too because the weather was still cold. More on that later.

I got to really wear a Kimono just once, at the Narita hotel (the hotels provided two per room). The other time I "wore" one doesn't count cause I just wore it over my clothes hehe. I've forgotten how to tie the way we were taught at Aikido class. But I do remember that you wear it left over right. Right over left is used for ceremonies dealing with the dead if I remember correctly. Fun fun. Dad even took pics of me wearing it. My parents were given real ones as a gift from the Japanese friends of my dad who took us out for dinner. They're nice and funny, might correspond with the daughter of one of them (I'm really bad with names and Jap names are many times more complicated). Like them cause they said I'm cute haha We saw three geishas in traditional clothes outside the Nijojo (Nightingale castle). Took pictures of course. They had a hard time getting to where they wanted to go because of their footwear - the tourists insisted they stay for pictures haha

The weather
It was very cold (ako pa naman, takot sa lamig) - thus, very drying. I had to use a lot of lotion (used up the bottle we brought so had to buy) and even needed a specially-prescribed-for-dry-weather face moisturizer. It almost didn't hold the fort haha by the end of the trip my skin was as dry as a desert. It rained during the last few days of our tour - especially the day we went to Disneyland! Jackets were super duper important and umbrellas too. It rained the whole day on the first rainy day. Then half day rains for the next two. Such a hassle to keep opening and closing the umbrella. They also have a machine you put your umbrella in that automatically puts it in a plastic so that you won't be dripping around the stores. Problem: fat umbrellas haha Get a pointy umbrella for Japan. A transparent pointy one if you want to fit in. Well at least the lines in Disneyland and Disney sea were a LOT shorter than the lines at Universal and Aichi. Literally "pick what you want to ride and go." We practically finished all the rides we wanted, even rode in the "It's a Small World" one with Hal cause my brother and Brent rode the gokarts.

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)
I'd been looking forward to seeing them in bloom and I wasn't disappointed. These only bloom for a few days a year and we were right on time. They were just beautiful, esp one night before the rainy weather began. Whitish pink canopy lit up while people walked in a line below ^_^ The petals would fall to the moat and the current would keep them all pooled near the walls. Poetic. There were a lot of people out celebrating "Hanami" (flower watching). Wanted to buy cotton candy but was too expensive.

At the Fujikyu Highland amusement park stands Fujiyama - the Guinness World Record holder of the "tallest complete circuit" title. It costs Y1000 (php500) to ride but it's well worth it. Four people fit in each car, two per row. I rode beside Auntie Anita, Brent was behind us then Hal and Rej were in the next car. First, you just go up and up and up and up, past markers showing how high up you are already. This is followed by an exhilarating drop and the rest of the ride is full of nice twists and turns. You can raise your hands up during the first drop but after that I was afraid of getting mutilated by the low support bars so I kept them un-raised. In terms of safety, there aren't any loops so there's none of those pull-down shoulder cage thingies but of course there's a safety bar though Hal doesn't trust it. Oh they take a picture of you during the ride (not during the initial drop) so strike a pose ;) Hal and Rej bought neoprints at Y400 for 4 pieces.

Apple Centers
Free internet connection! I wasn't able to connect in Osaka but I was able to tag some tagboards and email others when I was in Tokyo - Ginza I think? In the former, they have a really nice winding staircase that looks like it's made of glass. Then on the second floor they have a mini-theater with a projector that goes from front to back (instead of the projectors we're familiar with that go from back to front). The big apple in front of the building looks really nice and modern. Simple yet effective.

Aichi Expo 2005
We spent a full day at the Aichi Expo. Most of it was spent lining up unfortunately. Because there were so many people, we were not able to visit the exhibits of Toyota and Hitachi. At least we made the right decision of choosing the Mitsui-Toshiba exhibit! The building has water dripping down like a curtain of beads (I should remember, we spent so long waiting in line). The first room you find yourself in houses state of the art equipment that will digitally scan and save your facial features in 3D. Your 3D image is photographed twice. The next room you enter is a mini-theater that seats 20 people. You watch a movie and look! You're one of the characters in the movie! Really cool. Would be cooler if there were English subtitles. "I" was saying things I couldn't understand haha The character I played is part of the "Brains" group or the team that controls the space ship. I was the one standing beside the captain! At the end, the screen goes up and you see that it's not just one mini-theater but several! I'm really impressed. Imagine the possibilities! The Sims 3? haha We didn't get to visit the Global House exhibit (the one with the Mammoth) either. In the afternoon, we rode the cable car and the train that can switch from driverless to manual. We ended up at the kids section of the exhibit by luck. We got a free souvenir - a white metal figurine of Kiccoro and the other mascot that we helped make, i.e. We made the casts :)

Massage chairs
There were two at the basement of the Hikone Prince hotel and several displayed at the shopping mall we visited after Disney Sea. Sarap! Of course there's nothing like the traditional massage. Better than nothing ;) I like being pampered. Didn't go to the spa anymore. Electrolyte count and blah to worry about. Didn't get to try sleeping on a tatami mat either because there weren't any available anymore.

Gold coin
After visiting a temple of some sort, mom noticed a new sort of vending machine. Note here: lots of vending machines in Japan, for drinks, ice cream (Haagen Dazs cup at Y270 or Php135), even noodles! This one was specifically for tourists looking for a small momento. You know how they have penny flatteners in Disney? This one is not as cheap looking. It's shiny with an image of the temple embossed on one side and a flower on the other side. Another machine allows you to engrave around the edges of the coin. I put DKUY and my birthday on mine. Hal put ALBINO CHUA and the date while Rej put REJ TOLENTINO and the date also. It was a good thing we bought there because we found a similar machine near the Shiraito (White Thread Waterfalls) but the coin was more expensive.

Hot Pot
We had around 3 hot pot meals during the tour - one on the first evening, another at the amusement park and one for our last dinner. My favorite is the last. It was buffet style with sushi and ice cream too. Plus the music playing in the background was nice. Sad but nice and it was in English so I could sing along :D The only other times I got to was in Universal Studios (my brother's iPod while waiting in line) and in front of the Disney store (karaoke style). Back to topic, had another hot pot meal in HK! All breakfasts were buffet, medyo nasawa na ako. Experienced the earthquake while having buffet, the light over the food was swinging wildly. The other people didn't seem phased. According to Rej, the most expensive meal we ate was the tempura one. Speaking of food, we also ordered 10 packs of abalone! Yummy haha but hard to transport. Our handcarries were all overweight but they're delicious. 3 packs down, 7 to go!

Hmm this is long enough. Maybe I'll post pictures next time :)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I get back tomorrow! Hooray :) Hopefully our flight won't be delayed. Or if it HAS to be delayed, hopefully it's a "good" delay and not a bad one. Our flight from Japan to HK got a bad delay... A Japanese man, approx 70+ yrs old had a heart attack during the flight. I could quite clearly see his face because he was just seated across the aisle a couple of rows back. It was obvious he was in pain. After a while, the flight attendants were trying to perform CPR (incorrectly accdg to dad). Eventually the plane turned back to Japan (taking about 45 mins). We all think the guy died way before we landed. Justin heard one of the Japanese stewardesses say "oyasuminasay" (good night). Sad sad sad... he wasn't even with his family. The medics literally just dragged the body out because a stretcher was too big for the aisles. His hand just flopped to his side as they passed beside my chair. :( This is the second time the plane I was in had to make an emergency landing. Last time another guy had a heart attack and we had to land at Anchorage.

Well that's gonna give me a lot to think about. Something else "haunts" me. Just the other night, I dreamt about... the yearbook LOL It's STILL not finished. In the dream, I was back in HS. The teacher decided to give a special day off - no classes but those who help finish the yearbook during that day would be given bonus points. Whehe Sana matapos na! I don't even remember what my writeup says anymore haha (Someone has my copy of the CD yearbook).

Anyway, this is it for now. I'll try my best to recall what I did in Japan and post here when I get back :) Take care everyoneee! Ciao

Monday, April 4, 2005

Gonna be leaving tomorrow so don't expect me to be online for the next ten days (maybe more, maybe less depending on me finding internet). So let me put matters in order... (don't bother to text me either cause I won't be able to receive anything, much less reply)
Happy Birthday to those I can't greet! Joj, Mic, Jic, and whoever else? Karla!
Yearbook stuff:
If there are any bored artists, we need you to help us finish our yearbook! Please contact StephCo. Thanks thanks ^_^
Celadon HR stuff:
Ner Ter let's talk nalang when I get back and before the EB plansem. To my dear managers, plansem will probably be May 7-8 --> mark it down na :D

Do I have any other responsibilities... So far can't think of anything else. If I forgot anything, after my trip na! :)

BTW, winners of Kilig to the Max couple poll - Borgy and Kaye! yey haha followed closely (one vote difference) by Teddy and Char ^_^

See ya'll when I get back! Don't practice monopoly too much while I'm away! Will miss ya (lalo na YM whaha) TC Be good

Live. Laugh. Love.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

The pope is dead, just a few days after Schiavo died. I found out this morning when it was mentioned by Pastor Carol (wife of Paster Alex). Perhaps what I most remember about Pope John Paul II is World Youth Day 1995. I was amused by the Popemobile although when ya think about it, assassination attempts aren't very amusing. The Christmas break was extended because of his visit and I remember making some sort of scrapbook for school about WYD. Who is going to be the next pope? Guess we just have to wait and see... It is interesting how I just read "Angels and Demons" last year and it describes the proceedings of a conclave. I sure hope that the conclave that's about to take place won't be as dramatic as the one in the book! Sorry can't say anything more profound about him. There are other articles about him that list his achievements as the third longest "reigning" pope so go check those out if you want.

As Lindsey said in her blog, living wills are becoming popular these days. There are however some rumors going around about the danger of having a living will (carried out as interpreted by some unknown medical person who may misinterpret what you wrote) so I won't really make one myself. I'll just place my thoughts here...

Personally, I don't have any firm stand about being euthanized. If I were in a "persistent vegetative state", my preference would cease to matter. Whether I am kept alive by a feeding tube would depend on family members, and maybe very close friends. If they can't agree (e.g. husband wants me dead and parents want me alive), the reversible decision should be prioritized (keep me alive because you can kill me if you change your mind LOL). If they want me alive as some sort of security blanket, why deny them that? If they think I might be in pain but just can't say so, I don't mind suffering for them (whooo brave words). However, if it's OK for everyone to let me move on already, don't starve me to death! Euthanize me na noh! (Chocolate overdose sounds good to me!)

Speaking of moving on, let's move on. In church today, the reality of the Resurrection was discussed as well as the book "Not My Will" - about a Philippine martyr during the second WW. Realizing the reality of the Resurrection is one of the highlights of my life - so much so that I remember the date (Apr 23 2000). Because I admit that there were times that I doubted but how can I continue doubting when faced with so much evidence?? "People die for what they believe to be true" can apply to Muslim extremists and crazy people. BUT "People do NOT die for what they know to be false." Why would the apostles want to die if they were the ones who stole Christ's body from the tomb? Why would they agree to die if they just concocted the stories about seeing him?

Had lunch at EDSA Shang - yummm! My cousins are so hyper. Carrie insisted on jumping from the table over and over and over haha The older ones were playing Marco Polo around the room. Saw Jessi's report card - that girl is an alien! haha but in a good way.. Her final grades range from 94 (Fil if I remember correctly)-100 (Math). Total opposite of her older sister LOL Also went to Mercury to buy some stuff for our upcoming trip. There was this cute machine... it stopped being cute because it concludes that I'm fat :( (in terms of Body Mass Index) Other findings:

Weight 119lbs6oz
Height 5ft4.6in (but I was wearing shoes so it's probably 4.5!)
Blood pressure (mom says baba pa akin kasi bata pa ako)
Max Systolic 108mmHg
Max Diastolic 61mmHg
Pulse/minute 79 (seems fast but I don't know the regular rate)
Body Fat Estimation
Fat Index *censored*
Fat Mass *censored*
Free F.Mass *censored*

I want to join that Emoticon contest for YM! heehee!

Saturday, April 2, 2005

Got the following test from steph.

Your dating personality profile:

Religious - Faith matters to you. It is the foundation that you build your life upon. You trust that God has a plan for you.
Intellectual - You consider your mind amongst your assets. Learning is not a chore but a constant search after wisdom and knowledge. You value education and rationality.
Traditional - Modern culture does not move you. You hold traditional values dear to your heart.

Your date match profile:

Shy - You are put off by people who are open books. You are drawn to someone who is a bit more mysterious. You want to draw him out of his shell and get to know what he is all about.
Practical - You are drawn to people who are sensible and smart. Flashy, materialistic people turn you off. You appreciate the simpler side of living.
Traditional - You need someone who is a bit old-fashioned. A person with traditional values and beliefs will perfectly compliment your lifestyle.

Your Top Ten Traits

1. Religious
2. Intellectual
3. Traditional
4. Sensual
5. Wealthy/Ambitious
6. Practical
7. Liberal
8. Romantic
9. Big-Hearted
10. Adventurous

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2. Practical
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8. Big-Hearted
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Another long day today. Started at 9 ... meeting...meeting... lunch at Yoshinoya ...meeting...meeting...meeting... till 5! Dropped Vince off at the Santolan station, Terry off at Galleria then went home.

Mom decided to play Barbie doll/mad scientist using me as her guinea pig and did something weird to my hair using coconut. Now it smells all weird and I'm wearing a shower cap even when I'm in front of the computer. That's one of the reasons why I want a daughter haha revenge? LOL more of aliw I think... a real live doll! heehee Are sons fun? Accdg to psy class, they're naturally more aggressive hmmm

My cellphone bill just came in. I'm over... by one cent. Sheesh I'm usually really good at estimating I don't know why I went over! haha jk Lagi ko natsatsamba... trying to strike a balance between "kakuriputan" and generosity... (I care cause I pay haha) Last time I was short by 20 cents I think.

BTW, poll ends... tomorrow 10pm :D

Friday, April 1, 2005

What a long day! Had HR evsem this morning (8-11) where we evaluated our start-of-the-year expectations, gave comments about what we want to maintain/scrap for next year, wrote mini-dedications for one another and toasted to the year that was and the year to come (sparkling grape of course, Celadon is wholesome haha). Nakakasenti, knowing that the graduated people won't be around anymore. To the HR officers who graduated already (Cha, "Master" Ian, Barbs, Gordon, Eric, Trisha, Tere, Jason, Tim, "Rockster", Maeto, Bryan, Joycee and "Clacky"), good luck in everything, take care, God bless and keep in touch (YM!!). Funny how there are 14 (out of 32) who were seniors while next year there are only going to be 4 out of 28!
Let's compare SY 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 some more...
Girl-guy ratio -- 22:10, 15:13
Sophomores -- 7 (me included), 7 (same!)
Juniors -- 10, 17 (me included; sharp increase haha)

Afterwards, ate at Superbowl (Promenade?). The food was great - we got "Set C". Bonding with Cla (congrats ulet!!), Trish and Terry (who btw looked like a fluffy hamster hahah di kasi nakagel ang buhok). The placemat had a connect-the-dots activity - you get to form a chicken, I guess year of the rooster kasi? And on the other side of the room there's a group of ICA teachers. Ten, Donna, Ro, Lyndy and I went over to them just to say hi and greet the celebrants (5 of them) Happy Birthday. I don't even remember all of them anymore. They were still doing clearance over at ICA daw.

After lunch (about 1 already I think), I headed over to Macy's house to help her do the autobiography video. The kada was there except the two abroad (Cuags, Lindsey) and Aims (studying). KatSy got the honor of acting as Macy = hard hard work. KLee had to log down the minutes. I remember I had to do that when I was making that video for ESODA. While they were slaving away... the rest of us (Ther, Jello, Lali, Tinee and I) were bonding in the airconditioned room hehe Come to think of it, I don't remember where Cassie was at that time... But she was with us when we were shooting the pizza-donut scene (but during that time I don't know where Lali and Tinee disappeared to..). Ulyanin na talaga hehe! Fun fun bonding. Think I ate too much though haha. Then for the drinking scene maybe we drank too much? Water of course :p
*changed the font color cause I wanted to make sure I had everyone accounted for haha

Got to bond with Krissy too! She was also part of the video (as her very thin self) and I used her car to get home after she was dropped off at Rockwell. Of course when I got home it was dinner time! Skipped rice altogether. The others are sleeping over at Macy's house to finish the video. I have a full-day meeting again. What a summer. Xtiane is asking me to write an article about art for her website. Still don't know if I can... I don't mind really but I don't want to commit to more than I can take.