Thursday, March 31, 2005

I dunno why but my blog seems to have a problem with tables. Just doesn't show up right. Got the following test from Addy.

You preferred a weapon with 23% power over speed and 49% range over melee.
You use a Staff. Length is up to you-- perhaps you use a quarterstaff, a Jo, or a pair of Escrima, but you favor the intense speed and impressive versatility of a simple wooden stick. Effective staff fighters are effective at fighting many opponents at once, even ones armed with swords. Your opponents will rue the day they underestimated the potency of your weapon.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 8% on power

You scored higher than 69% on range
Link: The What's Your Signature Weapon Test written by inurashii on Ok Cupid

It doesn't feel like almost 5 months.
Had a haircut today. Nothing drastic sadly. Tinette wouldn't allow me to cut it all off. "Kapal ng hair mo, sarap i-layer!" So it's more layered now.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's so hot! Been thinking of cutting my hair... or at least making it thinner (even the parlor people complain it's so thick). It's just that.. I can't do much with it if it's short. Not that I do anything with it now (except tie it up in a pony tail). I went to divisoria today and the hair of the shopkeepers are so well-behaved. This is a vanity issue.. change topic.

As I said, I went to divisoria. Aunt's mission: Find a centerpiece for the birthday party of Nats. Theme: Glamor Girl. Target: Make-up bag (hardcase type with many levels). Time: 0800-1500. Mission FAILED. We got other stuff to put inside the make up bag though - bracelets, necklaces, nail polish, lotion bottles, headbands, etc. Anyone know where to find cheap make-up bags? Those that look like cashboxes haha

Aside from those, also bought party poppers, Php12 wholesale for the small ones. Stick lights (you bend them so that they glow) cost Php70 for 50 pcs although one shop had it for Php60. Mom bought "pasalubong" for the nurses and maids - to give to them when we get back from our trip (tsk hahaha). I bought a CD case, I realized I needed one after doing my summer cleaning. Finally bought cross stitch patterns - my summer mission. Mike (only guy I know who knows how) already taught me how, hopefully I remember.

Many of the shopkeepers are still Chinese. Most know how to speak in Filipino already although they aren't 3rd generation Chinese like my friends and I. Does that make sense? They're from China and they moved here. Isn't that strange? People coming to the Philippines to search for a better life while the people here are trying to get out out out.

Funny thing, when I was browsing in one store, someone calls my name. Apparently my English blockmate is the son of the owner of that shop. Ended up buying a box of PILOT sign pens, a box of paper clips, copy paper, and some other supplies from him. Also saw that the store was selling a laminator... something I've found useful for the last two years. Will think about that.

Well you might be thinking, Daph's so nice, she went to divisoria to help her aunt buy stuff. Not exactly haha I had my own personal mission... I brought along a notebook... to list down the prices of stuff hehe That's why I still remember how much the party poppers and stick lights cost. Who knows, might need it in the coming school year. Went asking around for the prices of all sorts of things - disappearing ink, plastic cups, kites, playing cards, etc. While listing down some prices, someone thought I was doing inventory, she pointed to a bag on display and asked "May bago ba?" Hehe Maybe my hair isn't so messy after all - it was in a pony tail hahaha

Sunday, March 27, 2005

For fun lang 'to ah! I'm bored... and evil hehe

Kilig to the Max!

Which which which?

Sweetest Couple! Borgy and Kaye

Royal Couple! Lihan and Queen

Love Team Couple! Teddy and Char

(One Vote per Day)


Went to church this morning. The chancel choir sang the Hallelujah chorus as usual but the highlight for me was this song "We Wanna See":

We wanna see Jesus lifted high,
A banner that flies across this land.
That all men might see the truth and know,
That He is the way to Heaven

We wanna see, we wanna see,
We wanna see Jesus lifted high.
We wanna see, we wanna see,
We wanna see Jesus lifted high.

And step by step we're moving forward.
Little by little we're taking ground.
Every prayer's a powerful weapon,
Strongholds come tumbling down and down, down and down.

The first time I encountered that song was in GGC Summer Conference at Caliraya - with KLee, Aims, KatPu, Uncle Wes and Wayne, I think Mark and Lyndon went that time too? Yikes I'm getting old, can't remember which Summer Con anymore. Wehehe Those were the days when Aimee, KLee and I would spend hours on the phone... even after spending a week together.

After church, we went to Manila Memorial. Then we had lunch at my grandfather's house. That was followed by an Easter Egghunt. It was really for my younger cousins but I played for Carrie, the littlest one whose favorite word right now is "ayaw!" Slept the entireee afternoon. We all headed over to The Fort to fly kites. I got mine (with dinosaurs on it) up pretty high hehe Not really my kite, just that Carrie was more interested in jumping and pointing at the kites than holding the string.

Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height
Let's go fly a kite
And send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let's go fly a kite!

When you send it flying up there,
all at once you're lighter than air!
You can dance on the breeze,
over 'ouses and trees!
With your first 'olding tight,
to the string of your kite!

Before heading home, Angkong was telling Carrie to kiss him goodbye but she kept saying "ayaw!" And then I go, look at Achi Kim, Achi Kim kiss Kong-kong (*mwah!*). Resigned, she toddles up to him and then also goes "mwah!" haha gaya-gaya. Had dinner with the other side of the family, then played Go Fish and Bridge at the living room. Also ate chocolate ice cream =) They're saying the best ice cream these days is Magnolia. I don't know if it's the best but it sure tastes good!

Friday, March 25, 2005

The Penn. Prettyyyyy Posted by Hello

ICA precious moments dolls, still in plastic. HS and GS - cute! Posted by Hello

French project - got a perfect score! Posted by Hello

French project - moi et mon universite. I love what I did to the CRUNCH. The caption for that is "J'aime le chocolat." (I love chocolates) Posted by Hello

French project - cover Posted by Hello

It was dark outside. There's been a death in the school. The room was lit well enough - white light. Two students and a teacher. Another person enters and says that the keys are hanging from the door of the room. It's raining. The students go down stairs, encountering three friends going up. They still have a meeting even though it's late. They know one of them is the killer. It's really dark. Arrows. No, more like triangles, their outlines glowing. And circles on a black chess board. Two are attacked.

See I have weird dreams. And when I woke up wasn't feeling well at all.

Yea well... this is getting to be like a dream diary. I'll post pictures soon.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Had agape (3 separate syllables) meal this evening. Vegetable soup (yea I drank mine), all sorts of bread, fruits and tomato marmalade (?). For table 23, there were only five of us - shoti, Roger, Tesse, J and me. Roger's from London (waaah I wanna go there), a marine conservationist against aquariums (never been invited to the house of course). Tesse's his wife - was informed by mom (after the meal) that she's pretty famous. Maybe mom shouldn't have told me anymore, now I'm bopping myself on the head for asking her if she was still working. J works at the DFA - handling passports haha according to him, plus or minus 2,300 passports get processed a day at the main office, roughly 6,000 nationwide. And he said that around 2,000 Filipinos/day become ex-Filipinos. Then Roger says that there are 2M Filipinos born every year. This means 1.28M Filipinos net per year. Anyway, there's a beautifully made waterfall behind us. Couldn't appreciate it very much cause I was facing away from it.

After the meal, we had service. I was falling asleep at the start. I wanted to stay awake mind you but it's the head-falling type of sleepy (same type that attacks me during Eco102). But when the Tenebrae service started I felt more awake. It was while one of the readers read about the Agony of Gethsemane (Mark 14:32-42) that I suddenly could relate very well to the 3 Apostles. See, I bet they didn't want to feel sleepy either. At this point I should put in a thoughtful insight but I've got none at the moment. Bitin na naman hehe Reflect on it if you want to and feel free to leave a comment =)

On Sunday, my church is having a sunrise service at Makati Garden and Amphitheater 5:30am and an Easter Breakfast at 7am. I wonder why we're not having the sunrise service at the American Cemetery like in previous years... Anyway, why not try going if you're interested? =) The first time I tried a couple of years back, it was really nice, there was even a rainbow that appeared.

Last night I dreamt about a really weird underwater adventure - with whales that are attached to super computers and snake-like things that die at high speeds? Of course I'm in the middle of the mess somehow but I don't remember my role. I think I was standing near one of the super computers when one of the whales was bitten by one of the snakes. Go figure. But me remembering my dreams means that I'm getting enough sleep! After weeks of "dreamless" sleep, I'm doing the REM thing right again LOL

My side of the room looks fairly decent now that I've done a little summer cleaning. It's still not over but I'll get to it. So many distractions! There's chat and movies (recently watched Robots and The Pacifier, both are so-so) and TV (Amazing Race 7 but I don't know the teams very well) and stuff I wanna do (like make flappy things!) - stuff more fun than summer cleaning haha Wish I could just hire a housekeeper eh? Cla! whahaha But nah, some stuff others throw away I keep. Sentimental value. So it has to be me.

Me hungry. Me eat. Mongolian! @MPC with family. Mmmm...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Celadon Night went really well! The decorations were pretty and the venue was just right, if not a little too big. Vince was saying we should always use clubhouses for our Celadon events - if only we could! Hanap muna ng sponsors haha There weren't any elevators! =)

While there were still a few vacant spaces, what counts is that the people who went had fun and I think they did =) The Dance Troupe was terrif (as usual!) It's just sad Lainey couldn't go. Spent the night with Wacky, Son, the choir and dance troupe. Sad while singing the tribute to the seniors =( I think the night was a great way to end the SY and start the summer. But grades will still be released on the 11th so there's still no "closure" hehe And of course there's still the evsem for the whole Celadon and the evsem for HR. After that... plansems naman! Can't wait for next school year to start but have to plan lots before it does start. Here are some of Murphy's Laws that will either keep me from going crazy (thinking "we tried our best") or will drive me crazy (thinking "why why why??") next year LOL.

Back to orginal topic, I'd say it was one of the best Celadon events of the SY =)(Saw him but did not cry)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

So so so sleepy. HA went OK. It ended an hour and a half early. I ate lunch at Macy's place then helped her with her project - for video production. So it was Birdie, me, Joey and Owen running around again and again so she could use different angles and catch different scenes. I have zero stamina pa naman >.< But I met three new people (Joey, Owen, Vic) and generally had fun. Wonder what Tin (Macy's classmate, my kabarkada) is up to. She has the same requirements I'm sure. Tomorrow's also going to be a long day. Summeeeeer haha Plan to watch Robots with mom and cousins on Tuesday cause Mic and Lainey watched without me =(

Friday, March 18, 2005

Sometimes I just want to act like a spoiled brat and say no, stop, I don't want that to happen. But change, as we all know, is ironically the only constant thing in this world. And while I'll miss so many of you, life goes on. Before anything else, allow me to say

As much as I want you to stay, I guess it's time that you flapped those wings and leave the nest (it's getting kinda crowded anyway haha jk). And, at least, it's a natural change, something that was pre-determined and quite inevitable, not the shocking what-in-the-world happened kind. I don't like those.

With you leaving, a new generation comes. Batch ng mga apo ko! haha Maybe some of them will end up in Ateneo although I know most of them prefer going to UP. Of course, none will be able to take your place.

Good luck! hehe Happy St. Patrick's Day na rin =) Sana di kayo un aalis, sana sina ahem nalang.>:)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm sounding a lot better today. Still croaking like a dead frog. Well not a dead frog cause dead frogs don't croak. Like a vampiric frog then. Although I'm not quite sure how those sound. Yes I've been reading Kaye's vampire books - 5 in two days! and I'm starting another one whehehe I've found a kindred spirit it appears :D Kindred spirit. I miss Anne of Green Gables. Oops I'm rambling. So anyway, Julie says we're both part of the recital in May. I'm chorus of course. It's not like Chancel where my diction carried a lot of weight. This is all about singing. And no way I'm gonna get a Molly-level role. There's Chancel again this year! This time I can really enjoy the shows instead of busy feeling butterflies in my stomach. I miss the stage.

fun game recommended by my apo.

Went to Circles to have breakfast with gramps and other relatives. Then went to school. Hate going to school in heels cause of what Ms. Henares calls the "quantized" steps. Should have remembered to put my geox in the car. Then again, it might look strange...a rather good-for-hotel fancy top and then geox LOL Well my cousin wore rubber shoes to her wedding (the wedding dress was poofy enough to cover them anyway). That I think is a nice idea my other cousins and I might adopt if ever we get married some day haha

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Whenever I get to a low point, I go back to the basics. I ask myself, "Why am I doing this?" It comes down to passion. - Lyn St. James

I'm not at a low point right now but I find myself thinking about that question fairly often. Why do I do this and this, why not this and that instead? How do people decide on these matters? Perhaps this is why I am in Psychology. People don't think of me as a feelings person. I wonder sometimes if I am, and not a thinking person as even I think I am.

We just had a discussion about identity during Dev Psy class (my favorite class for the second sem), how identity can be formed by the "looking glass self" metaphor and by the moratorium period - in a nutshell, experimenting without commitment. At the same time, knowing what one is NOT helps in identity finding too. That is, "Who am I?" answered not by characteristics an individual has but by those characteristics that he does not have (I am not ___, therefore I am ___). This assumes spectrums for all characteristics - something like a number line. For example, I am not an introvert, therefore I am an extrovert. But what about the ambiverts (which I consider myself to be, although recently I have noticed that I am becoming more extroverted than introverted)? Majority of course would fall at the middle as in a normal curve which looks something like this: _/\_ I will share my thoughts when I've formulated them. Bitin?! haha Forgive me.

So anyway, what have I done to start my summer? I've been reading Kaye's books haha maybe I'll be able to give them back by tomorrow. That's two and a half more books to go! I think I will manage. I'm feeling much better today, resting really helps (duh?). I think by tomorrow I'll be up and dandy and ready to take on the world again. It's gonna be a good day

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fingerprint Currency! And here are 2 reactions:

oli_birdie: there you go again with the weird news
dknai: \:D/

Kharn: nooo
Kharn: di na pwede magutang :p
happy_creek: chop finger off =))
Kharn: :))

Monday, March 14, 2005

Tired of sneezing -_-

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I don't think I'll remember all I have to do tomorrow :S

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm actually excited about my grades this sem.. Excited-scared.
History - 98.2
Perso - 98.33
Dev and Eco I find out on Monday
French and Sci 10 I will probably compute for just because I'm excited.

In the Celadon Room series: inaction Posted by Hello

In the Celadon Room series: me Posted by Hello

In the Celadon Room series: Egg (the Weirdest) Posted by Hello

In the Celadon Room series: Lainey Posted by Hello

In the Celadon Room series: Borgy Posted by Hello

Birdie kasi, nagpost about Colayco... nasenti tuloy ako haha
Goodbye Colayco... so many memories in there, and I only "discovered" it last year 2nd sem (si Mike kasi ASEC and since kasama ko lagi si Mike, we ended up in the room, with Earl too!), pano pa kaya yung mga upperclassmen? Nawala un ibang pictures ko kasi nagcrash yung comp, i still have some i took using my phone though. Oh well, those things are gone but memories will always remain. Senti senti senti. I won't have to fight with the door anymore every morning, wala na yung weird smell when the door finally opens... life moves on. I'm gonna upload some pix as soon as I download Hello again.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Funny funny conversation stemming from my use of different Yahoo profiles hehe This one is about whether or not we're required to use APA format for our Perso Paper.

bj_albert7 (10:04:13 PM): i knw, ill ask daph... hehe
happy_creek (10:04:24 PM): i am daph
bj_albert7 (10:04:57 PM): okay... what happend to dknai?
happy_creek (10:05:05 PM): i use both
happy_creek (10:05:07 PM): hhahaha
happy_creek (10:05:14 PM): who did you think i was?
bj_albert7 (10:05:57 PM): I wasnt sure...
happy_creek (10:06:05 PM): funny beej

Anyway, that perso paper was the reason why I hardly slept - and the reason why half of me was malfunctioning today - the other half was sorta charged whahaha (retcher called me terminator) I think I didn't do too well in my French LT but I think my Sci 10 orals went well. I got a 28 for my last Sci 10 long test... over 30 hihihi yey. He wouldn't give me my final grade. Even if he gave my other blockmates their grades after they had their orals. Not fair =( As for History, I'm exempted from the Finals exam! And I'm so happy I got an A. That means I only have to worry about French, Perso, Eco and Dev. Dev, I'm not yet done with the last last final project for the year. It's a fun topic so I'll have fun at least.

Went home pretty late already considering I finished my orals really early. Bonding time with my blockmate and then some. The new C-5 underthingy cuts my travel time by quite a lot! Bonded with mom over dinner today (we went to La Nova, "my treat" LOL). We had dinner late cause we were watching a movie on TV. Here's a part I found cute:
Old man: Newlyweds. What else do they do but make love and war. Did you talk to her?
Guy: I tried.
Old man: Wouldn't have mattered. Talking between men and women never solves anything. Where we think, they feel. They are creatures of the heart.

Got home and mom happend upon a channel with Psalty!! I miss Psalty (the singing song book!) and his songs.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

i'm too dependent and addicted to technology. the internet especially. i become absolutely incapacitated without it. when the laptop died, i felt utterly and totally lost... and then i started having withdrawal symptoms. haha ok kidding, that's exaggerated.

look at me now, i still have ways to go for my dev and perso tests tomorrow. not to mention the data i still have to analyze for the paper due on friday. which just happens to be the same day i'm having my french long test and sci 10 finals (orals).

but anyway i can't really study completely yet cause the powerpoint slides are stored in the egroups of the class and the download max. has been reached. meow. see, technology can be used for both good and evil. hehe no connect, but it's part of my sci 10 orals.

on saturday i audition for a part in the recital. my audition piece: "My Favorite Things" from the sound of music whehehe i dunno if i really want in or i'm just auditioning cause teacher told me to.

Monday, March 7, 2005

*sob* *sulk* B for French orals. ('Nuff said) Treated myself to ice cream afterwards which made me feel a little bit better. I think I better start working on my eulogy. The mood's just right.

I got my exam permit already and my finals schedule. If I'm lucky I'll be enjoying my summer by Tuesday evening. If not, I'll have to wait till Thursday evening.

Yesterday was my aunt's wedding (my mom's cousin). She was the flower girl in my parents' wedding! hehe Her gown was really pretty, simple but nice. It had a Chinese flavor - the food, the groom, the speeches (the groom's friends all gave their speeches in Mandarin). I'm sad that my Chinese lingual skills suck so badly. Anyway, their story:

They've been schoolmates since nursery, but only met in High School. A year after knowing one another, the groom had to move to Canada. They maintained a long distance relationship for roughly 11 years. My aunt's leaving for Canada on Wednesday.

The emcee for the night, another one of my mom's cousins, devised various schemes to add a twist to the clinking of glasses (when the guests clamor for the couple to kiss). Using the number 12, for each year they've known one another - 12-second kiss, kiss 12 places, etc. Of course the total number of schemes she devised was... yea, 12. Oooh dinner time.

Saturday, March 5, 2005

March 1 psy 104 presentation check
March 2 eco LT 3, sci10 report, fr1 album, hi16 quiz (HELL DAY) check, moved, check, check (12/15 *sob*)
March 3-10 interviews for manager applicants check: 2 applicants finished
March 4 mock orals, hi report check, check
March 5 sci 10 report check: 93! *yey*
March 6 aunt's wedding
March 7 eco paper, French orals, HR mtg
March 8 make own eulogy (not kidding! the things we do for psy)
March 9 eco LT 4, sci10 LT 4
March 10 psy 104 LT, psy 103 LT, psy 104 paper
March 11 psy 103 mini project, sci10 finals (orals) 4:30pm

Da's party was held last night, I hope she enjoyed it - I sure did! The food, the company, the programme, everything was just great =) I can only hope that Celadon events next year will be just as wonderful. This is why I wasn't able to go the parties of Jared/TJ and my uncle.

Presentation a while ago went well. I'm happy with an A. Who wouldn't be happier with a higher A? But an A is good. I'm still sort of hoping to get a 4.0 this sem. I wonder if we got an A for the History presentation. Hope hope hope! For Psy104 too although she gives low... French album, I want an A tooooo! Of course who wouldn't want an A. I sound like a real nerd don't I.

Sci 10 - B+/A (guess lang)
Fr 1 - B+/A (she said so)
Eco 102 - A (since 2 weeks ago, before the 3rd LT)
Hi 16 - B+/A (guess)
Psy 103 - B+/A (guess also)
Psy 104 - B+/A (hoping)
PE (just so it's not left out) - for once in my Ateneo life, I might actually get an A

If I have the time, during finals week, I just might decide to get the course syllabus of each class, all the quizzes, projects and LTs, and then compute for at least the majority of my grade haha