Monday, January 31, 2005

Today I learned how to play mahjong c/o Addy who, btw, also taught me how to play bridge, which I haven't played in a long time. So that's what I did while waiting for 4:30 to come.

Today also was my French and Eco102 2nd long test. Both I'm sure I did not perfect. Far from. There's this line in French that goes "Vous prenez quelque chose?" (you want something?) but I forgot the two middle words. So instead, I just put: "Cola?" hahaha Hey maybe she'll give me a .5

Today right after my History class I went to Sir Marquez to get my 2nd LT grade. Disappointed. Very. I only got 74%. And I studied for this test more than I studied for the 1st LT. Bad bad bad. At least I got to reason with him and he says he'll think about considering that one number. One point additional will put me at 76%.

Today before I learned how to play mahjong, I went walking around. People I walked around with: Harry, BD, Jic and Mike, Cez and Jenica, Jacky and Tanya, Dazz, Rensie - quite a lot of people. I really enjoy walking around, even if it's hot and I get tired.

Today was the General Assembly for the Honor's Assembly - the HA GA hehe CTC 105 was filled with people having to stand at the back and sides. I think it would actually be fun to organize something like that (yea I don't know what I'm talking about). Told mom and dad they didn't have to watch - cause most of the night is spent waiting for other people to go up and down the stage. So why am I bothering to go? I dunno, maybe I just want an excuse to dress up? hehe

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Lazy bug lazy bug fly away home
I have two tests tomorrow
And I've studied for none

I don't think the don't-wanna-study syndrome has hit me this badly before, or maybe I just forgot. But with long tests coming up.. Agh. Might not be on the dean's list anymore this sem. I have half a mind to delete YM but I'll occupy myself with other things I'm sure. Like writing. Or reading. Or stitching LOL

I've lost some weight recently, dunno if that's cause of running, stress, or both. As for my voice? Well it came back just in time for the miting de avance. But today I spotted some chocolates again so my voice might disappear again LOL I'm not the healthiest person in the world. But I do know someone who's really a keeping-fit fanatic. He and his teammates just won the Chicken Run last Friday - P10,000! Wow. If only the AIR had that big a prize.

Speaking of money, had the usual lunch with mom's side of the family. They were talking about golf tournaments. My uncle was organizing one and guess what - P40,000 to sponsor one hole. There are 18 holes $_$ Maybe Celadon can organize a golf tournament for Celadonean dads? hahaha

I really should study already. If only should = will, life would be simpler.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Me, Lainey and Joan during the miting da avance Posted by Hello

Photo taken by Oliver "Birdie" Salva =)

My pepper plant grew it's second leaf! yey so happy. grow strong and pretty pepper plant ^_^ Posted by Hello

Friday, January 28, 2005

My pepper plant's first leaf - nice nice surprise to end my day =)

My history record has been broken *sob* Didn't make up for it cause I got the bonus wrong also. And even if I got the bonus right, I made 2 mistakes so *sad* haha Given I didn't really study last night, I accept it. Was doing something else hehe i.e. chatting. Still sad though.

Was just talking about Bert and Balta (our former blockmates) with Rin before Eco102 class when suddenly I see Bert in the caf! I also saw Lance and was surprised to find out he wasn't studying in Ateneo anymore. Got shocked. Speaking of Eco102, it's a very unusual class because I tend to doze off. In the exact words of my prof "*chuckle* Daphne's struggling to stay awake." When I study for tests, I can tell when I was falling asleep cause I still take notes even when I'm half awake. Of course I can't understand aforementioned notes so have to ask blockmates haha Ako pa naman beetle ng class hehe

Miting de Avance was OK. It stretched until 7:30 I think. Politics haha Afterwards, Jacky, Terry, Birdie, Ian, Tim, Rockie, Barbs, etc haha and I watched Tapon! Tapon! I just watched cause Luj has been telling me to watch since the project was just starting. How could I refuse eh?

And then to end my day, my apos and I played graffiti (pictionary) on Yahoo! I miss those days. We were a lot more back then hahaha I'm sleepy na... babaiiii

My pepper plant's first leaf =) Hehe ok so it doesn't quite look like a leaf yet but I promise that the little green thing sticking out is a leaf. Hope it lives to bear pepper fruit? hehe Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Since something went wrong when I tried to post my entry last night, I shall post an entry tonight instead.

Went to watch Kung Fu Hustle for the second time yesterday (with mum and dad). I really like it haha And at least I didn't cry anymore this time around. ^_^

Ran 5km again yesterday morning, will run 5km again tomorrow. Another "fun" run is scheduled for us on Feb 27. It's really harder when you're still quite unwell. I used to have asthma when I was a kid, that's what it felt like, running out of breath and being forced to cough to draw in breath (does that make sense?). I remember I used to take Zaditen for my asthma when I was a kid and grew rather fond of it (hehe na-addik!)

Today I was lucky enough to remember something mentioned in one of the Sci10 plenaries and gave Sir Marquez the answer he was looking for. He does that a lot, look for a specific answer. And then if no one gives the exact answer he's looking for, he gets fixated on the question. That's why we never finish discussing the module in time for the long tests. Most of the MECO students of my Sci10 class cut, presumably to study for accounting?

French was fun, sorta. Logical Reasoning @_@ I still have to figure out that exercise we did. It was about 6 people and identifying their names and professions given their positions relative to one another. Hard to explain hehe The statements were something like: Secretary Luc is in front of Paul, The engineer is at the right of the doctor and behind Marc, etc.

Eco 102 quiz? Parfait! At least I think so. Also in History, Ma'am Nazareno gave back our quiz papers and I'm just disappointed I made a mistake in one of the numbers (made up for it cause I answered the bonus question).

I also went to the library to look for books for my History and DevPsy projects but ended up empty handed. I'm still thinking whether I should just recreate the Piagetian experiments and compare the scores of boys and girls (just to prove girls are smarter haha jk). However, BJ, my partner in practically all pair works and groupmate in practically all group works, thinks it's too time-consuming. It is actually. Hard to determine how much effort to put into it cause it's not really a project - just a "mini" project, which teacher keeps on emphasizing.

Moving on... Please watch the Miting de Avance on Friday, 4:30 onwards at SECA123.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Please vote for me =) If you have a blog, please add the code:
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I would appreciate that very much, thanks :)

Bleeeeping hard long test this morning. Sir Marquez (Friday): "oh and I'll include a little bit about telecom" - by little bit he meant little bits. You know, the little itty bitty details. So sorry guys, don't think I get to treat you haha

French class - the dialogue my partner and I came up with... The second lines are attempts to translate...
Abby: Allo, bonjour. Je suis secretaire pour l'ambassade de France, j'ecoute.
Hello, good day. I'm the secretary for the French embassy, I'm listening.
Moi: Allo, je voudrais parler a l'ambassadrice sil vous plait.
Hello, I would like to speak with the ambassador please.
Abby: Je suis desolee, elle n'est pas la. C'est de la part de qui?
I'm sorry, she's not here. Who's this?
Moi: Je suis Daphne.
I am Daphne.
Abby: Pardon?
Moi: Daphne.
Abby: Ah mademoiselle Daphne! Vous laissez un message?
Ah Miss Daphne! Would you like to leave a message?
Moi: Oui oui, Je suis a la Kowloon, Hong Kong. J'ai SARS.
Yes yes, I am at Kowloon, Hong Kong. I have SARS.
Abby: Pardon?
Moi: J'ai SARS. S A R S. *cough cough cough die*
I have SARS. S A R S. *cough cough cough die*
Abby: Qu'est-ce que vous racontez!? Allo? Allo? Allo?
What are you saying?! Hello? Hello? Hello?

Hehe that was fun. I still would like my normal voice back please, so if you have it - please give it back :D

Free cut for ECO102 wheeee and History was fun =) Took the MRT home today then slept til... 4:30 hehe so much for getting home early. Still have to study for Perso Long Test tomorrow.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Watched Meet the Fockers with my parents and brother last night. Funny funny movie haha Two of my school papers were part of the movie - capoeira (my cousin's Brazilian martial arts hobby) and signing babies! One of the lessons in my Dev Psy class was also a main issue hehe Afterwards we had dinner in a Japanese restaurant - really good and not too expensive also. Everything was grilled and served bbq style. My corn on the cob was a little too burnt but still yummy. Forgot the name of the restaurant...

In the car, dad was explaining that itchiness is a form of pain. "It manifests itself as itchiness because the degree is only very mild." If it were less mild, it would be painful. Then he goes "get it get it get it?" Then it just dawns on me, now I know why I'm so "makulit" sometimes. Then again, mom suddenly asks "who has the parking ticket?" Dad and brother (defensive): "It's with you!" Mom (finds ticket in her bag): "Yup, correct! It's here." Don't know if that was supposed to be funny... So anyway maybe both have the kulit gene somewhere.

I really do enjoy Dev Psy don't I? haha I'm still thinking of a good mini-project topic. Something to do with children because that's the stage we're discussing in class right now. Time to experiment with my little cousins! hehe Personality Psy is fun too and we're also discussing the stability of a person's character due to biological factors but the exams are way too rigid, focused on memorization instead of application. Which I don't enjoy very much.

Anyway, peoples, watch the Miting de Avance this Friday 4:30 onwards at SEC A 123 - hopefully I'll have my normal voice back by then. I've been working on my speech since last Tuesday... I should have enough time to make it more interesting. haha And then afterwards, you guys can guess which funny parts were just planted and which were really spontaneous. ^_^

Spring is in the air? Maybe this is why I have spring fever - been coughing the whole night, hard to sleep =( Anyway, I shan't expound on the coming of the season lest some people strangle me. Just amused by the sudden increase in the number of ahm.. people to tease. Best wishes. Ako naman? Tanga, nasasaktan pa rin.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

I have no voice na! haha or one that croaks so I'd rather not talk. If the future's gonna have voice-activated stuff, they better take this into consideration... Else you're sick na nga, nothing's working pa - extremely bad day that'd be.

Yesterday I went to Galleria with Fran and Theresa. Tin was so late I didn't get to see her anymore LOL Anyway, we watched Kung Fu Hustle. I really liked it! haha Some parts were corny but hey, I'm a corny girl (you'll find out just how corny on Monday I think). While it was funny mostly, I got teary-eyed during some parts (can't remember anymore which parts exactly - repression!). What a nice movie. Should get a DVD. It's a watch-if-you-need-to-feel-good movie, like What a Girl Wants, which I have on DVD. 10 Things and She's All That are flicks in that category too but haven't had the chance to buy those. If I were to make a movie, I wanna make something like those. Can't wait to watch Phantom. Anyway, after the movie, we ate at ... uh I forgot. Theresa and I had lengua and mussels, Fran had paella and lengua.

After that, I went to DiSH for Misayasaya2. That was fun.... even though I had to use my cell phone or hand gestures to communicate (by then my voice was in really bad shape). Philippine Playhouse was really really good! Kudos to them. My favorite points:

The Brain
Q: gragraduate ba ako?
B: Hinde!

The Mouth
Q: bakit wala pa akong girlfriend?
M: wala ka pang girlfriend kasi hindi ka lalaki

And of course...
"Before you die comrade, I just wanna say this - men suck!"

Whehe if you didn't find those funny, that means you didn't watch :p

I better study for my Sci10 LT now. Brings back memories - i.e. the time I had to study for the first one during IVs... never again...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ran 5km today during PE - clocked in at 40mins. The time limit is 30. Will have to work on that. On a happier note, got a 93 in dev psy. History is still my best subject this sem although I made a mistake on the quiz yesterday - buti nalang may bonus point! So my record's still unbroken. Maintain that. We're gonna have a field trip for History - visiting various temples in Manila. On the day my youngest cousin Carrie is celebrating her birthday. So I dunno... Anyway, a bit sick but feeling better today, sorta - I slept from 12:30-4:00pm. Tomorrow might drain me - gonna go out with barkada and then going to MISAyasaya. Good luck Daffy.

Breaking news (well at least for me cause apparently this is old news to my friends): she has a boyfriend =_= Do you know how big an advantage that is? It's a two-people hatak thing. Plus, he (boyfriend) is Xaverian - Xaverian guys have a tendency to move around in herds... @_@ At least he ain't my batch I guess. But she has a cousin in my batch. Pshaw. I overreact.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

You Are 19 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Got that from Lu Jean's blog haha that means I act my age! Does that measure in terms of guy years or girl years? hehe During Dev Psy class we were talking about sex stereotypes. According to research, males really have better spatial and mathematical abilities, they're more aggressive and have higher levels of activity. Females are more verbally adept (learn how to speak earlier!), emotionally sensitive, compliant and anxious whehe Took the Bem Sex Role Inventory and scored 4.6 for masculinity and 5.35 for femininity - making me officially feminine LOL

Am sick today, have to take those not-so-yummy Chinese pills. I remember when my parents shipped a box of Chinese medicine to Florida when my grandfather was being treated there. The box got intercepted by Customs I think so when the box reached Florida there was a sticker attached saying "Contents inspected and analyzed by Federal blah blah blah, Ingredients: Cornstarch." Wheheh so much money spent just to ship cornstarch to Florida LOL Well placebo's work right?

Also heard the song that goes something like "oh it's hard to belong to someone else when the right one comes along" - oooh how I would love to clobber that guy haha Made me remember one of Charlotte's posts, the one about the guy who wanted to divorce his wife for a girl named Dew. Sheesh.

Monday, January 17, 2005

First day of campaigning and I have a really bad headache already. I swear this year is way too political. Last year was not like this at all. Actually I was re-reading my diary entries, just to compare. I quote:

"...asked me to consider running for HR. I did and lost to Cla, but I hardly felt (the loss) - for several reasons. *here is where I enumerated why, came up with 10 reasons!*"

One of the reasons was gaining experience. I realized and learned a lot because I ran last year - and I appreciate that experience more now. Irony. Thank goodness Cla won. Things have changed a lot since then. Only a year has passed huh. Yea just a year. I feel like I've aged 5 years. Maybe 10. So many what if's, so many maybe's, so many could have's and should have's. Regret? Not part of my vocabulary. I've grown a year older, I've become a lot wiser. naivete? Sure that's still who I am, but traits have varying degrees right? This year, elections are going to be hellish - good luck to Comelec (yea i know that a few of you read my blog so I won't start trashing certain people... besides, my blog is rated GP I think). Good luck to Celadon too. I just hope she never loses her beauty. And I've just decided. I'm going to run like I run in PE, I don't care if I'm tired, I don't care if I end up looking like a tomato, I don't care if the clock is ticking, I'll just run and reach the gate. Finishing within the time allotted will be sweet but it's always about the journey, not the destination.

Head ache. Big one. Yea I even forgot my laptop in school.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Last week was weird. I left school before 2pm on all 5 school days of the week. I guess ganun na nga kung tapos na ang projects - ADS and Celadon. Leadership Development Seminar took place this weekend. I was roommates with Trina, Sharto, Elaine, Da and Queen at room 107. First activity "paint the picture" I was part of group 2 (all girls and one guy haha) - I ended up being a CR door, a dead body and a mommy elephant. And of course everyone was part of the giant monster with 13 feet, 6 arms and 4 heads. My team had fun during the SWOT analysis - well, OK, after we finished the SWOT analysis early. We ended up play sagidi sagidi sapopo and follow the leader while the other teams weren't finished yet. My team also won the Stations of Celadon! Galing talaga whaha biased ba? Merienda was one puto per person... Sir Tatot's talk was nice, in my opinion, better than last year's. Dinner was OK - the pork was really good! Just a bit too fatty. They were practicing ballroom dancing afterwards. Ballroom dancing is fun I guess, esp. the swing but I don't think that me dancing is a very good idea. We (9 of us) went to Eastwood where most of them played billiards and some dance maniaxed (forgive the really bad words i'm inventing). Me? Well I'm not a very fun person to go out with these days. But generally last night wasn't bad. Got back around 12:30 - Mic's speedminton shuttlecock landed on the roof... it was glowing hehe Played a bit of bridge but went to sleep pretty early compared to most people - around 2am. Got up at 7. The fox and chicken game was fun. My team got eliminated first but that was okay. It was fun when only the last two teams were left! hehe as Borgy said "parang dragon dance!" Rain was practically carrying Ted (who was the head of their line haha)! There was also a managers vs. EB line - my goodness! haha Like everyone else,(except perhaps for Sherwin's team as there were only two guys LOL) the arrangement was 2 guys, *insert girls in the middle* and another guy at the back with the tail. I was the second of the three girls in the middle. Rensie and Borgy in front. Cheson kept charging at us (the girls) like this out of control bull but Elaine, me and Joan refused to let go so that didn't work. At the last part, everyone started playing , and I got to *unconsciously and unintentionally* practice my Aikido hahaha I did a side roll and landed on my feet almost automatically. I guess those nightly sessions did help haha Talk by Sir Tatot again but didn't finish as a few of us went back to ISO to look for Queen's missing earring... haven't heard if they found it or not =( Had lunch at Angkong's house afterwards. Slept the entire afternoon till 4 whehehe Time to design (one of Sir Tatot's 4 D's hehe but not in the same context)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

While others die,
New life is born.

So much death... an ICAn died today... they found her body cold and lifeless when they were going to wake her up. She was only in 3rd year. God give her family strength.

What have I done with my life? What have you done with yours? I guess I'm pretty content with what I've achieved. Sure I'd still like to do many things, have my own family, tour the world, play with grandchildren? (NOTE: I have nothing against my chat apos hehe and congrats to them who passed the ACET), ... be kissed haha

What do I want my theme in life to be...

Too lazy to think. But big news peoples, I've re-thunk my ambition in life. Instead of being just a housewife, I've been inspired by Ocean's 12 (well Ocean's 11 too) - I will be a master thief hahaha jk If not, at least I want to make a cool movie just like them hehe

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Aga and Charlene visited our house last Friday to look at the fishies! Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 6, 2005

BJ: I studied but my grades are still low! Dapat nagLaSalle ako
Ram: Yea praying and begging for mercy helps

uh if you didn't get that, Ram thought BJ said "nagdasal"

So anyway, test scores... Fr1 - 98, Eco102 - 93%, Hi16 - not yet finished checking
Do better next time dude.

Harry brought two cakes to the room - his birthday was yesterday. Stuffed myself with that. Glutton. At least I finished all 5 rounds in PE today. Tired but I did it! Even though I had absolutely no exercise during the break. Legs will hurt like hell tomorrow.
Also watched a basketball game yesterday. Celadon won! Might watch the other one tomorrow. Maybe. Didn't watch the one today because of paper I'm supposed to be doing. Right now. Right. Now. But I'm blogging. So there. So. Off i go.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

firetruck and ambulance and police in front of our house! someone reported a suspicious bag left by a suspicious individual who ran after leaving the bag. false alarm. but it was cool nonetheless. esp since it was so close to home. my heart skipped a beat when i heard the small explosion - the police used a small bomb to open the bag in case there really was a bomb inside. gets ba? haha how am i going to sleep? all the excitement haha Posted by Hello

Went to the hospital a while ago. While waiting for my turn, a boy was called. His father was with him along with his older brother and yaya. He entered the clinic happily playing with his gameboy while his brother was trying to get it from him. While he was inside, here is what mom and I heard:

Dad: Don't cry. It won't hurt. Look at daddy.
Boy: WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH MOMMMMYYYY *screams and cries* I don't want anymore! I don't want anymore!
Older brother: Bwahahaha
Dad: After us you won't have any patients left.

Mom's comment: Bakit dad kasi yung kasama. Kung dad isasalang ka lang, kung mom at least ilalambing ka pa.

When they finished, you wouldn't have guessed anything out of the ordinary happened. The boy was still playing with his gameboy, the older brother was still trying to get the gameboy and the yaya and dad were following behind.

Dad: Holy cow.

Comment of Dra.'s secretary: Mas napagod pa ang tatay.

hehe funny. Speaking of dads, my dad has something to boast about once again. His fish. Aside from his saltwater aquarium being published in a hardbound coffee table type book already (can't remember the exact title, something like Most Beautiful Aquariums in the World), a local celebrity and his wife are coming to the house to look at his fish too! This Friday night so if you want to meet a local celebrity and his wife, come and visit? LOL

Went to the Ayala Museum last Sunday. It was OK. If you bring your student ID, you only have to pay P75. Did I say only? O.O It was an interesting museum though, lots of ivory statues and things.

Classes resume tomorrow. And I have a long paper due on Friday.

Monday, January 3, 2005

Your Astrological Court Card
Queen of Pentacles
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Element: Earth
analytical, perfectionist, scientifically minded, objective, factual, discriminating, sometimes cold

Most suitable vocations:
scientist, analyst, researcher, editor, computer operator, secretary, astrologer

Most suitable lover or partner:
Knight of Cups - Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer Posted by Hello

Your Personality Court Card
Queen of Swords
Element: Air
fair, balanced, compassionate, perceptive, weighs all sides before making decisions

Most suitable vocations:
lawyer, policewoman, detective, armed forces, public relations, psychologist, counsellor

Most suitable lover or partner:
Knight of Wands – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Posted by Hello

The following are all taken from the site Lotus Tarot. I really don't believe in these but I got it from Cez's blog.

how you feel about yourself now (The Hermit)

You may be feeling lonely at this time or going through a period of introspection. If you are struggling to find answers to your questions give it time, they will come. This is a time for prudence and patience. If you have been unwell this is a time for rest and recuperation. Posted by Hello

what you most want at this moment (The Hierophant)

The cards suggest nai, that what you most want at this time is to have someone around you that you can trust and confide in, knowing that they won’t let you down. There are moral issues here, knowing right from wrong, and you may feel that you need some advice or wise counsel from a teacher, priest, parent or someone you have a lot of respect for, in order to help you make the right decision. Posted by Hello

your fears (Death)

You are afraid of experiencing turbulent and catastrophic change, as we all are, yet challenging such transformation in our lives helps create brand new opportunities. If you are experiencing or have just experienced losing a job, a bereavement, divorce or the end of a relationship, these changes will allow brand new opportunities into your life. Posted by Hello

what is going for you (The Sun)

The Sun is shining on you, it's your time for success, joy and happiness. You will feel confident and full of vitality. It's a time to celebrate with friends and loved ones, perhaps enjoy a well-earned holiday, a time of pleasure and good news around children or the conception or birth of a longed-for baby. If you are not feeling this way take heart, you will enter this period soon.  Posted by Hello

what is going against you (Wheel Of Fortune)

A run of bad luck here, perhaps already evident or certainly signs that things are not going your way. The responsibility of important decisions weigh heavy with you where there are choices to make. Trust your intuition, and even if you have to make the painful decision to give up something in order to move on, then have the courage to do it. Trust that The Wheel of Fortune constantly turns and whilst it may be against you at the moment it will in time turn and bring you good fortune.
 Posted by Hello

outcome (The World)

Success, fulfillment and conclusion are near at hand - the successful outcome to a venture, satisfaction in a relationship and efforts rewarded. It is a culmination of events and indicates material wealth and greater spiritual awareness. You may choose to buy that dream house or a wonderfully fulfilling relationship is on offer, enjoy!
Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Achi Michelle and me Posted by Hello

baby Sabina Posted by Hello

As promised. So we went home after dinner. We didn't buy too many firecrackers this year so there was no need to start early. However, we started rather late. By the time we got home after visiting mom's dad, they were in a hurry to finish everything off before midnight. Accidents happen right? Sliding door made of glass. Collision. Shatter. Blood (ewww). My aunt had to go to the hospital to get her cuts stitched up. 5 cuts. Around 7 stitches. I remember the time the firecracker landed on the roof during New Year 2000. That was a very weird year. This year, if it's going to be as interesting as last night, is going to be a helluvan interesting year too. Hopefully nothing like year 2000. Maybe interesting in a good way? So anyway, our sliding glass door leading to the garden part has a large hole in it. Hopefully no stray cats decide to sneak in.

On a cool note, Nat (my cousin) is in Elle Magazine! Her picture I mean. Last year she was in South China Morning Post. Elle Magazine re-used that same front page picture in page 153 of their December 2004 issue. Coolness. She's only 6 years old haha

Finally got to use MagicSing last night. First 100 from the song "Goodbye to Love" by Carpenters.

I'll say goodbye to love
No one ever cared if I should live or die
Time and time again the chance for love has passed me by
And all I know of love is how to live without it
I just can't seem to find it

So I've made my mind up I must live my life alone
And though it's not the easy way
I guess I've always known
I'd say goodbye to love

There are no tomorrows for this heart of mine
Surely time will lose these bitter memories
And I'll find that there is someone to believe in
And to live for
Something I could live for

All the years of useless search
Have finally reached an end
Loneliness and empty days will be my only friends
From this day love is forgotten
I'll go on as best I can

What lies in the future is a mystery to us all
No one can predict the wheel of fortune as it falls
There may come a time when I will see that I've been wrong
But for now this is my song

And it's goodbye to love
I'll say goodbye to love

P.S. Congrats to Rensie for figuring out what the last Dec 25 entry means. I owe him ice cream.

The uniquely textured ice cream. The cones are square instead of circular and instead of scoops they use shovel-like apparatuses. Posted by Hello

Christmas tree at Santa Town. Use stoplight and passersby as point of reference. It's tall. Posted by Hello

Sharky (far right), we'll miss you very very much... Posted by Hello