Monday, December 26, 2005

The laptop I'm using now has a Chinese version of Windows XP. The start button doesn't say start, it says /kai shr/. Even the File, Edit, View options are in Chinese haha I wish I could take a screenshot but I can't seem to find the photo editing program.

Had lunch with Julie earlier, at Cafe de Coral. We sorta dropped by Mitsukoshi. There's nothing much to buy really - winter stuff everywhere. It's actually not very cold (I say this even though I'm wearing a jacket right now). The sun was pretty fierce today.

For the most part, I just stayed in front of the laptop. Not that I really wanted to, just that there's a meeting for LDP...

I should have finished my part of the I/O report before I left. Was too lazy and now I'm worrying about it. Good job Daph. Palakpakan. I got that word from someone but I can't remember who.

I end this here but I first quote from an earlier entry I came across (offline diary). "I see things in a hopeful light when the light of hope is but a faint reflection. It's not really there, it was never there."

Friday, December 23, 2005

Mission Log

Mission: Pick AJ up. Accomplished 0915h.
Mission: Drop shoti off at his friend's house. Accomplished 1000h.
Mission: Pick checks up from Ivan's house. Accomplished 1030h.
Mission: Drop clothes off at New Manila. Accomplished 1045h.
Mission: Get money from Wini. Accomplished 1050h.
Mission: Pay downpayment for ISO. Accomplished 1145h.
Mission: Get contact number of speakers. Failed.
Mission: Have lunch with and approve letter of Mark and Hector. Accomplished 1230h.
Mission: Photocopy Muchinsky 13. Accomplished 1415h.
Mission: Create ppt for Muchinsky 13 Behavioral. Pending...
Mission: Watch Closer. Accomplished 1645h.
Mission: Watch Alexander. Pending...
Mission: Dinner at Grandfather's place. Accomplished 1930h.
Mission: Play the frog in puppet show. Accomplished 2100h.
Mission: Deliver Macy's gift. Pending...
Mission: Deliver Aimee's bear. Pending...
Mission: Pack. Pending...
Mission: Relax. Operation undefined.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mr. Snowman from Joyce

Yehey I don't have class anymore for this year! Hooray! I can't wait to catch up on sleep. Ang cute ng snowman na binigay sa akin ni Joyce!!! It's so cute it's so cute! It's inside a blue ball. I sound retarded. From a biological point of view, it has been proven that sleep deprivation can cause a decrease in cognitive functioning. Therefore, I guess I am retarded. So pulling an all-nighter to study for an exam isn't really good is it. But that's what I did for Arcilla's long test a while ago. The question I answered was: Why was the Patronato real said to be "totalitarianism in God's name"? I do not look forward to the results. I crammed for the Testing LT again. During the hour and a half break. Being positively reinforced for cramming is really bad.

Work to do during the break:
reporting for I/O (Jan5)
LDP stuff

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Talk about pampering myself...
Went to the salon in the morning, watched a movie with mom in the afternoon, ate yummy snacks and had a massage in the evening. All were unplanned, it's fun to do things to relax. My hair and I are friends right now! Let's see how long till we start arguing again.

I can relate so much with the girl in Just Like Heaven. I'm not a doctor and I'm not in a coma but the story really got me thinking. In Philo, we're discussing "loving struggle with texts (Levinas)." That is, how you feel that "the true life is absent/elsewhere (Rimbaud)" when you de-center through books, films, etc. That's exactly the feeling I got! Call me a nerd, I'll understand. It's a great feel-good movie, will be getting myself a copy. *deeper thoughts available in offline diary*

Social psych is actually helping me a lot Celadon-wise. Foot in the door vs. door in the face concepts as well as altruism. Can't wait till we get to persuasion.. :D Interestingly, my groupmates and I did a little quasi-experiment wherein one of us would drop a pile of papers and books and see if anyone would help. Only one person did (out of 4 trials). We got them all on tape too! Am feeling guilty cause I haven't really read the soc psy text book >_< I promise to start reading soon... Testing is more demanding (quizzes, homework) so I tend to focus on that.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

chicken and eggs

Celadon people went to watch Chicken Little yesterday! There was a whole bunch of us - Ivan, Jic, Rod, Mike, Tristan, Kalen (and her roommate Angel), Alvin, Julie, Athena, Joyce, Retcher, Elaine, Mic, BD, Terry, Rensie, and of course, Peter (Chicken Little himself! haha). Wow, we occupied the entire back row. The movie was cute, and timely in a way. Of course now they're comparing me to the ugly duckling Abby Mallard... who also happens to be some sort of quack psychologist. Before dinner we just had to take a picture of ourselves in front of the Chicken Little cardboard stand - we looked like a bunch of tourists or Chinese foreign exchange student. Mike was even wearing his ASEC t-shirt haha

We ate at SuperBowl (two tables) and the waitress there, Melai, went to our table to say "Welcome back, ma'am." Wek wek Frequent eater miles? That's OK, the food's good. John Go and two girls even joined us for dinner. Can't wait for the next outing. Haha and maybe this time we'll plan it better (the whole gimmick was orchestrated the night before on YM). People were still texting/calling to say they'd be going and some just showed up at 7pm!

Nakakamiss ang mga "oldies." Jk :D I'm going to be absolutely lonely when it's time for the seniors to graduate - there are so many of them :( *is sad*

There are three cracked eggs on the window ledge right now. There are bits and pieces of egg shells on the sill. The maid said she wiped egg off the inside part of the glass window. There are also marks on the window screen that make us think egg. What in the world? We can't see any nests... and the nearest tree is far from near. How weird. Anyway want to crack this mystery? haha Ok bad one.

Speaking of eggs, listen to Tang's song!

Friday, November 25, 2005

must be bee season

1st Runner-up. I'm disappointed but we really did our best... Actually, I felt as if majority of the questions that came up were about abnormal psych, social psych or testing - areas that I haven't taken up yet. Waxy flexibility! [Rewind]...

The 19th Psychological Assoc of the Philippines - Junior Affiliates Convention is hosted by La Consolacion College. The interschool quiz(bee) challenge was held this morning 9-11am. Schools that participated included: UP Diliman, UST, Ateneo de Naga, New Era, San Beda, Assumption, CEU, Saint Louis University, Isabela, Miriam, hmm I'm not sure who else actually but the stage looked kinda full - and us of course [Kenneth (4BS), Girlie (4AB), moi (3AB) and our coach, Ma'am Mira]! The four of us were wearing the free Ateneo shirts we got from the A-shop (having a team shirt was part of the rules) and it was funny cause Shena and Ron who decided to watch also wore blue... must be an Ateneo thing.

The first round was great!! 15 questions. Top 4 gets into the final round. We were doing pretty well... Girlie was writing down the answers. We answered 50% percentile for one question (50% of the scores fall below this score) but the correct answer was supposed to be "median." But the judges accepted our answer. So we were doing very well. We got all of the questions right, except the 15th question - but everyone else didn't answer correctly. We were the top breaking team!! There was a tie-breaker for the next 5 schools.

Top 4 - ADMU, UPD, UST, SLU. For every correct answer, 10 points. For every wrong answer/no answer, deduction of 5 points. There was one question that only Kenneth answered correctly - waxy flexibility!!! hahaha but the coaches of the other teams complained and the judges accepted stupor and cataplexy too. The very very last question that determined the winner was biopsych related too - I still don't know the correct answer because it was way too technical already. Sayang :( UST got that one haha they're the defending champs too! Anyway, we tied with SLU for 2nd place so.. sudden death! When we didn't get the correct answer, SLU didn't either. When we got the right answer, SLU did too! Until the questions of the quiz master ran out. So the judges gave more question until we answered "Evolutionary theory". And that was it.

We had lunch (c/o the dept haha) at Yellow Cab - pizza, pasta and ice cream. Then there was a super long plenary on the "Synergy of Wellbeing: Psychology and other Professions" (4 profs from ADMU! and 2 others). By awarding time, I was the only Ateneo representative left cause the others had Philo class. Cash prize haha not much but still!

That's basically what I did today. I still have to do a 3-5 Reflection paper for tomorrow. Nakakatamad. Yeah, we've been doing a lot already acads-wise but I'm still a busier bee org-wise.

My managers are doing really well so far this semester. I'm not quite sure what the difference is, but I can feel it. I'm very nervous-excited. We have a bazaar this weekend - I really hope we earn enough to support our projects for the sem! We've been trying to get sponsors but it's hard. AJ and I went to Makati and got lost for over an hour, and we ended up at the airport (oops) haha but we got the deal for that at least. And then we went hotel-hopping for the LDP sleepover and it was fortunate that the people in Podium had some sense of direction cause we did not hahaha Students part of the UA&P Chinoy org visited last Wednesday and it's a good thing I didn't get lost while escorting them to the parking lot afterwards hehe

Anyway, my I/O group (with Sanny, Jomel, Jules, Roumel) got a perfect score in the group quiz yesterday! It was quizbee style. And before that, we had a Jeopardy-style activity for Testing. hehe I love my course!

No school on Monday! and Friday!

Friday, November 11, 2005

The Good
When you get a random number like mine, you don't need to worry about choosing profs and class times. I pretty much knew my sched before I even registered cause all the other classes are closed :D I can't blame myself if I don't like the prof. Yes, blame the random number haha

The Bad
I have a 7:30 class everyday (M-F). I have only one class every MWF. (7:30-8:30)

The Ugly
I also have an 8:30-12:30 Saturday class and I get off at 7:30pm on Thursdays. My Ts and Ths are loaded...

MWF - 7:30-8:30 Psy 108 with Nolasco (Ma'am Jopie! My 101 prof)
TTh - 7:30-9:00 Ph 102 (same as 101)
- 9:00-10:30 Hi 165 with another legend, Arcilla Bel308 (the big classroom)
--with Ronnel, Pinky, Ericka, a whole lot of other Psych people and Bianong too
- 12:00-1:30 Psy 109.1 with Ty (they say he's good*)
Th only - 4:30-7:30 Psy 110 with Calleja (same with the other 110 class) CTC106 (near Matteo)
S - 8:30-12:30 Psy 109.2
*But his lab is on a Saturday...

I guess I shouldn't have dreaded it that much. I even dreamt about reg last night (Vince said he did too!) hehe Mas madugo pa reg ni Pinky - with her 273 random number (I should know, I did it for her).

A lot of people seem to have pretty bad scheds too so I shan't complain (much). Am actually still thinking about overloading. Can't get the original class I wanted to overload cause they're not allowing juniors to buffer in (after my constant visits to the dept during the break!). Thinking about Th151 but the only class left has a TTh sched. i.e. TTh - 3:00-4:30 Th151 with Rosana CSR (Matteo--CSR--CTC is a long walk)

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

various pix i didn't feel like posting on my multiply

I didn't want to stop the car anymore so the picture's a bit blurry. Anyway, this shows what some people will do for Halloween. The tableau is based on a scened from The Phantom of the Opera. The mirror is real - those who actually stop to take pictures together with the phantom and Christine can first make sure that their hair looks fine.

MVP (formerly Colayco) before the sem break.

My days and nights have gone topsy turvy. Just finished applying for GlaxoSmithKline's corporate strategy competition... Hope I don't regret my (last minute) decision to join.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nicolas Cage

OK OK he's not really my type of cute but I didn't post his picture there for that purpose* I just watched the movie "Lord of War" and I liked it! It was so ruthless and unfeeling, maybe cold-blooded but that's what logic is. Don't you just hate it when logic and natural laws are challenged by the illogical - say, a woman's intuition or freak accidents. And many many times, they win and that sucks. But in this movie, logic wins: logically sound loopholes! Ang galing! You can get to me through logic - like the way Pastor Aronis' sermon about the Resurrection got to me. It's also why I loved Fr. Dacanay's class. I hope I have more profs like him. See, the sem's over and I'm still posting about him! Maybe I'll watch Cage's next movie - something about the weather? Lord of War sounded bland so maybe the titles are just really off. Title off, I'll give it a chance. (Don't judge a book by its cover diba haha don't judge a movie by its title)

Dinner was yummy! Expensive but we had 20% off. Mum and I just shared a "Seafood Platter One" and Justin got the fish of the day, something like that. Dad found the chicken too salty but the chef said it's supposed to be salty. It's a seafood restaurant so I guess better stick to the seafood.

Anyway, this evening (and even one point during lunch), reminded me of something I said at the party last night. One of the questions was: what's your most valuable asset? I answered: My wit. And I realized I wouldn't have it if it weren't for chat. Yea that's how much I owe chatting. When chatting, there's this time delay that allows me to think of some witty answer. Practice helps and I guess I got better. Then debate fine tuned it - a lot. Add the things I learn in Psychology (and Celadon) and I just realized - I can diffuse bombs! It's something I still have to practice cause I become so uptight when I'm with new people - or new crowds for that matter. So if I'm quiet, I probably haven't adjusted yet. I get intimidated too ya know. People keep saying I'm so intimidating... sigh am I really. (pause, giving you lots of time to say OF COURSE NOT!!)

*I didn't want to post the Lord of War poster cause the bullets reminded me too much of worms - no thanks.

The AFICS costume party last night was alright. The house was w-o-w. As if it was made for parties. There was a dance floor? haha A pool, gazebo, garden, etc. The lights and sounds were rented but I wouldn't have been surprised if they came with the house. Most of those who came were from La Salle. There were people from UP Diliman, UA&P and a few from UST too! It was only me, Terry, Joyce, Bso and Cheson from Ateneo. Most of the people wore costumes, which is great cause it's a costume party! haha Joyce was a Japanese lady (geisha? complete with kimono, chopsticks and the lipstick!) Terry had a tall "Wonka" hat and goofy mask, Bso was a bagger from SM and Cheson was a robber? I didn't really go as anyone but I got a fancy old gown from Camp Suki that kinda looks like the gown of Princess Fiona. Others: med student, farmer, princess, cowgirl, teletubbies (daw), ninja, waiter, Chinese girl, angel, bat, glow-in-the-dark stars and moons?, pajamas (person about to sleep?), etc. Of course someone went as a vampire (Ben) and Terry and Keith insisted I have a picture together with him. None of the Celadoneans brought a camera hahaha So we're relying on the Englicom people to send us pix. First game was Speed Dating and it was info overload! Courses, years, favorites, etc. haha

For the first part of the night (or majority of), my partner was Keith (the bat), Englicom HRD AVP. He has a scar coming from his car turtling last month (cool scar but um yeah haha). For dinner, we had misua (with white sauce and seafood), bbq, chicken teriyaki, lumpiang shanghai and fried rice. Pineapple juice, grape juice or virgin products. We sat together with Bso, Oscar, Claire, and Marvin (as Keith said "parang dating game?!"). There was a quick game afterwards where they asked questions and partners had to have the same answer (questions such as where would you like a person of the opposite sex to touch you?) and then got new partners - nagswitch lang kami ni Joyce! She got Keith and I got Carlo Castor (both Joyce and I thought it was Castro cause he looked it). The game was ahm a unique version of Trip to Jerusalem. The guys were seated with bottles between their thighs. It being a Trip to Jerusalem, the girls had to walk (well they wanted us to dance) around the guys and every time the music stopped, we had to put a condom on the bottle of a guy or else we were out of the game (you and your partner). It was... gross haha weird-sticky-gross, not really scary-gross. This one girl flung herself on the lap of another guy to put her condom on the bottle of the guy beside the guy she flung herself on. OK labo na. Mao (farmer) from CSA won (the one guy left was the teletubby).

I got to see Marie (cowgirl) and Kim Yu (angel), batchmates. Another ICAn, Valerie Liao is the HRD VP of Englicom. Hehehe Actually, there weren't that many ICAns. I think. And there weren't that many Xaverians either. Like Keith was from CKSC. Other highschools I remember - Seton, Lourdes, Claret, St. Jude, St. Stephen, ... they're all a jumble now, I can't remember who said what anymore hehe. Ben and Joyce won best costume, Hubert (waiter) and Mao won best couple, and Hubert was recognized for providing the house and the food. Then it was dancing time. You all know I don't know how to dance. But this is why, I assume, the dance floor is dark. Cause only a few people really know how (like Terry). So there haha the others stayed inside to share drinks. The Englicom people are really close! Fun fun sana ganun din sa Celadon. Maybe the ball? All in all it was a night to remember (corny! sorry! it was one of the songs). Sayang wala yung dance troupers. Until the next AFICS party.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The daughter of my cousin, Samantha (nicknamed Xabi) is at St. Luke's now. They had to repair a hole in her heart. She's OK I think but I haven't seen her.

Ria's grandfather just passed away. It's shocking, we just celebrated his birthday at Little Asia some time ago and he could still walk and talk.

It's the circle of life.

*non-narrative paragraphs*

What is it like to die... will you know that you're dying? Is it painful? Is the pain somewhat different from other sorts of pain? Sometimes it's as if dying can be controlled - e.g. when relatives say "it's OK you can rest now" and the sick person passes away. What is the tunnel? What is the light? Do relatives who have gone before really come to greet you? I'm not asking anyone in particular as the only ones who can really answer can't really answer (if someone who shouldn't be able to answer actually answers, I'll turn white). Of course there are near-death experiences but do those really count?

They say the extremities are the first to go. Cause the body attempts to concentrate on sustaining the more vital areas - heart, lungs, brain. My aunt said that my grandmother's nails were turning blackish-blue and my grandmother was actually looking at them curiously - like when one's nails are newly polished and one inspects them for any bubbles or scratches. I'd like to go the way my grandmother (mom's side) did. You know, it's as if she also controlled when - it happened that my HK-based aunt came over for a visit and my family was just about to leave for the States for a month-long vacation. I guess she wanted all her children in the Philippines. Well everyone dies one way or another, who am I to demand how I go.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm enjoying my break very much :) A lot has happened since Saturday, it feels like a week has passed since then. Starting from where I left off...

Watched Luther with Macy and Vic. I already met Vic before but this was the first time we really talked... or should I say he really talked haha Funny guy, don't know where he gets his ideas, maybe from the movies he watches (almost one a day, if not more). It was great to go out with Macy again! She lives nearby and only a few of my friends do so.. swell! She's working on her thesis now about women boxers. Good luck good luck! I have yet to get a copy of the short story I helped her with (remember that Birdie? haha)

Mum and I ate out for dinner cause my brother went to watch the ICA Variety Show and dad had a fish show somewhere. Shame on me, I never watched an ICA Variety Show hehe But I did get to watch an XS show once - 2nd year. Not that I finished the show - cause of my curfew. Afterwards the car let my mom and I down at CSA so it could go fetch my dad. The walk home reminded me of the times we used to go out after dinner as a family to walk the dogs. That was a very long time ago. I really should spend more time with Toto.

Sunday what did I do. Ate at Super Bowl to celebrate Nissy's birthday (15th). Went to Floyd's for dessert! Well nothing really amazing - the same concept as Coldstone in the US. Ria and I shared a vanilla with Buncha Crunch, dark chocolate chip and mallows. Nissy and Melis shared a chocolate ice cream with brownie bits and caramel syrup. Achi Sa (that's an honorable title, given to the oldest grandchild in the family exactly like the title my mom's side cousins use to refer to me - Achi Kim hahaha) got one too. As we left the shop, I asked her when she was due to give birth, she said "anytime now."

Well they brought her to the hospital the next morning. She still hasn't given birth so she's at the operating room now, they're gonna do a C-section... that baby, when she arrives, is going to be the first great grandkid of my grandfather born in the Philippines. Christian and Alessandra (the spelling of her name is still an on-going debate) are Florida-based hehe

Speaking of Florida, my cousin-in-law just called to say that they have no electricity, no water, no etc's but just wanted us to know that they're fine. They didn't have to evacuate so that's good I suppose. My aunt's super busy I bet (cause she rents out condos and the people in the more affected areas need places to stay). So many hurricanes this year, I read that it just surpassed the 1933 record.

Yesterday was HR's plevsem (planning and evaluation seminar). At first we thought of having it from 8am-6pm (same as last year) but it just sounded way too long so Ter just came over in the morning and we told the managers to come at 1pm. We spent around 2 hours evaluating HR and our first sem projects together and then told them to split into groups to start planning for their 2nd sem project. Kim and Brian ordered pizza hehe

We ended on time and then Ivan, Ter, AJ, BJ, Joanne and I went to Rockwell to have dinner. We visited Zara, the new high-end store that AJ super loves, played "spot the difference" at the arcade haha, ate at Tokyo Tokyo (after deciding we wanted to eat at Super Bowl!) and had dessert at Jollibee. It was fun! Next time maybe more managers can come along.

This morning, mom, my aunt and I went to Divisoria. I don't think I can "ko tiam." I'd be so bored. But there was a bit of action today - two Chinese ladies fighting (sounded a lot like cats!). When I got home...I slept haha Tomorrow's a busy day again. Busy busy busy. I love my break. I'd actually love it more if I could just stay at home... right here in front of my laptop. Oh no Amazing Race tomorrow... hope I get home by 9! And let the kids not be eliminated haha Go rugrats!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I had a dream last night! It was a good dream, probably never coming true, but that's why it's a dream :) It even had a degree of lucidity yey! mm what a nice way to start the day.

Yesterday ended up watching a movie anyway - with Ivan, Jic, Bj, Wil, and Margaux. Doom hehe and some parts really did look like the game. Even the big gun that makes everything blue. Hard to forget that computer game... ammo? haha We ate at Superbowl then an Kohikan. The Turtle Pie and Japanese Cheesecake taste great!

Today I watch a movie with Macky and Vic. Hmmm Wonder what movie... This is turning into a movie a day! bad bad bad monetary reserves are low low low.

Friday, October 21, 2005

*yawn* can't believe I'm still up. Haven't been online as much as I used to be during breaks.. Just a quirky observation. I can't say why... Actually I probably can - Lloyd and Hal are in CA, Val has school - I'm wondering if I should visit the ICA fair this weekend, Mic & Lainey are, well... they're & (as a rule, we don't want to disturb &'s). Doggie? I do believe he's giving Kant thoughts away for free! Julie's watching DVDs or karaoke-ing (which I'll get to enjoy a lot more this month!). Less to do with who's online (or offline)... I've been reading a book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett - Good Omens. It really is rather witty and, as you've probably noticed, I've read enough to absorb a bit of the way of writing employed by the authors (I particularly enjoy reading "Little Women" and sounding like the book afterwards). I've also been playing solitaire. Call it an addiction if you must. I don't quite know when or how it started. Then again, do drug addicts know when or how exactly they became addicted? Tomorrow* I shall have lunch with a few Celadoneans, can't watch a movie with them though: Got stuff to do and there aren't any spare cars.

This month is going to be just dandy, I love it already. Gonna start running again, on Saturday perhaps. Running, planning, marketing, cooking (learning to or making uncooked objects edible), chatting, reading, sleeping... mm must catch this last bus back to dreamworld.

*In 10.5 hours actually

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

As promised because I'm too lazy to recount my adventures yesterday though YM.

Got to GHW by around 6:30. Set up tents, tarps, courts. I knew the guys would help out, carrying stuff and building tents. But never did I imagine them mopping haha (they wanted the outdoor court dry so it wouldn't be slippery). It was sooo muddy. My shoes are now mud-caked. Stephen had a pet roach - haD because I killed it after it crawled ON me. Yuck. It was a good thing I was wearing pants - can you imagine if I weren't? Ewww. It came from the badminton set he brought. Like last year, we had a makeshift badminton court - we drew the lines using chalk hehe

Really sad I couldn't stay the entire time.. because I had to visit the mental institute! Was asked to pay P30 for parking. Then, when I was talking with my blockmates, found out that they were charged P30 even if their cars just dropped them off! It's a crazy place hehe A tour guide briefed us - It was est. circa 1920's, the hospital was called National Mental Hospital but the name was changed to National Center for Mental Health. Patients are segregated according to sex and age (not according to what kind of disorder they have) so there's a pavilion for male adults, female adults, male children (called Shangri-la), female children (called Zonta), and one for patients with pending court cases. We visited all except the last one.

The conditions are really bad. It really seemed as if we were visiting a jail instead of a hospital. The guide said there could be as many as 200 patients in a room smaller than a CTC classroom. Most slept on the floor although those who can afford get beds. There were a few strapped to tables... The isolation ward for males was rather creepy. Made sure Raymond was in front of me and Roumel beside me hehe Imagine a gate - you have to make sure that the bar slides in the hole on the wall. Well you can see the walls were destroyed plenty of times because the plaster is different. Yes, the patients are that strong. A guy demonstrated a technique for subduing patients who get out. And you can also see how much they want to get out. A lot of them were saying "Aalis na ako bukas!" even though it's quite obvious that they won't be getting out soon... There have been successful attempts at escaping because some are allowed to walk around the pavilions freely (those who show signs of improvement are asked to help maintain the grounds and take care of the other patients). But the successful ones almost always forget to take off their uniforms so they get sent back sooner or later.

What was striking was how some of them don't seem disordered. One particular woman was explaining (in fluent English I must say) that the more unruly patients are separated from the more behaved ones, how those in the isolation wards end up there, what kind of food they eat ("we have to wash our hands before we eat because of the microbes ya know"), etc. A lot of them enjoy singing, hala Julie haha jk A group of women sang Joy to the World, similar to the way kids sing it [enemenemening, enemenemening, enemen enemen enemening! (and heaven and nature sing)]. Before we left, there was a new patient being "convicted." While the women were very very talkative (more talkative compared to the men), it was as if a hush fell over the place... I can't say why but it seemed to me as if they were feeling sorry for the new patient, feeling sorry for themselves too but I don't know for sure.

The kids were very very KSP. Some actually aren't really mental according to the guide. They're there because they behaved badly in the institutions (for orphans, sexually abused, etc) but really, the conditions are enough to drive anyone insane. BJ has a fanbase now hahaha and Jane got picked on by the girls cause of her height (lack of). And the boys were attempting to speak to me in Chinese (Intsik ka? ano ibig sabihin ng kingwongkangtongsitinglang,etc - if I could understand Chinese better maybe whatever he said does have some meaning haha but Ronnel was there and I don't think he understood either). A lot were saying things like "I love you (Kuya BJ!)" or "crush na kita ate!"...guess people have to be pretty crazy to be able to express romantic feelings hahaha

Got back to Exceladon at around 4, just in time for the volleyball and basketball finals. It's a shame I didn't get to watch the St. Jude team (Terry etc) vs. "the varsity" (Cha, Jean, etc). Can you imagine that the freshies (and my apo!) won vs. St Jude?? I still can't believe it. This year basketball finals was between Gai's and Gordon's (again if I'm not mistaken). This year though the latter won, ending the two-year streak of my batchmates. I'm still having a hard time believing that Jimmy Go isn't Xaverian. Even Che and Zaza were surprised. He seems to fit in so well!!

Cleanup was alright. One funny incident. But anyway, very very grateful to TJ and Carl who stayed to help even if they could've just gone home. THANK YOU v. much.

Last night guess what I dreamed about? hahaha Selling food (for Celadon of course) and the yearbook. Hahaha di pa rin kasi tapos yung HS yearbook... it's been a long long long time. I probably also dreamt about it cause TJ and Carl said they saw my gradeschool pic and the one in the CD yearbook weh! I don't like my gradeschool pic - so seeerious. But didn't want to smile either cause it was before I had braces hehehe or did I already have braces... something like that.

SEM BREAK NA!!!!! But it's gonna be a busy one. Do I get to go to Baguio? We'll see... My 2nd year friends still have to finish their stat project so I'm helping them out. I still remember my stat! Thank you Ma'am Jopie for your wonderful handouts!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Thanks so much to everyone who read and critiqued my paper! [Gibbs: sorry I couldn't incorporate your comments anymore cause I submitted it already, but you had the most detailed comments - thank you!!] Presentation and defense tomorrow and then field trip to the mental institute on Monday (same day as Exceladon) That's pretty much the end of my sem already. It's been a long one but thanks very much to everyone who helped me through it :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wheee he killed me!! He (Fr. Dax) killed me hahaha I died. Oh God pls give me a B I just need a B. B B pleaaaase. But I still think he's B-rilliant. hehehe I still don't know the answer to his question!!!!! No hindsight bias - I couldn't have studied for it. Wekwekwek. He's posting the results this afternoon so standby...

I'm exempted for B-ioooo!!! Hoorah. Just don't know if that's an A or a B+. Either grade is fayn.

Update: Ahihihi I got a 3.5

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wheee 569 random number ko haha Won't complain cause my bad random number last time put me in Dacy's class ^_^ Other news: I HAVE MY OWN ROOM NA!!!! It feels so nice. I mean it was fine sharing a room with my brother but now that he has his own room, it's different haha I have my own room!!!! omgomgomg hahaha

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The expe paper we submitted last Friday got a 91, one point short of getting an A. We'll make a few changes and resubmit it on Friday. Trivia: the name of the soft copy in the egroups last Friday was FINAL NA.doc so BJ uploads a new one with some corrections and names it Almost_FinalNa.doc (with the comment: "wala pa the references") hahaha

I consulted with Sir. Cuenca yesterday and you know what! He gave extra bonuses and this is what my LT results look like: First 79.6, second 99.16, third 114.91 (exag haha), fourth 86.5 (without bonuses yet!) so... cool maybe I'll get exempted from the dreaded comprehensive bio test after all :D I'll know by tomorrow morning...

Before my philo oral exam yesterday, the two TA's suddenly tell me: "Daph we just wanted to tell you - You're so tall! You look so petite when you're sitting down but when you stand up it's like whoa." Whehe Everyone keeps saying that height is good but I don't really see why (for girls anyway). I had to wear heels during the wedding (day before yesterday) and I felt so... tall haha It's actually fun that I'm not the tallest in the angels barkada.

About the wedding, thank you Uncle Wes for agreeing to be my uncredited escort ^_^ Sorry di tayo nakapagpic!! Thanks very much for being the ahya I never had. Thank you also very very much to Lenny and unknown person for putting comments on my Theo paper draft - of course I had to bring schoolwork to the wedding haha anyway the paper's about marriage so I guess it's OK.

The groom (who reminds me of my HS prom date) sang twice I think - really well too! Actually, everything (the love story) all started with him singing "Be My Lady" to my aunt during her 18th birthday - they've been together ever since (almost 9 years). Wheee so sweet. I heard one of the younger guests saying before the ceremony "I thought they're married na!" LOL They're gonna live in the subdivision beside Ria's (same as Ivan's! haha).

Now it's time for me to study the theological aspect of marriage.

Friday, October 7, 2005

I need a break from all the glucoprivation and the liver and brain... 20 more pages to go for Bio after these messages. Information dump on my blog lang...

Don't have to worry anymore about Cog! yey
I do have to worry about Expe because I am hanging on to an A haha If I get an 80 in the finals, I get a B+, if I get an 85, I keep my A. Grr to no exemptions.
My 3rd Bio LT score = the average of my 1st and 2nd haha yes, my score for the first and second are extreme.
I sent an email to the egroup of my philo class and it was sent back to me by someone from UP hahaha me to philo class to ACMG to ACLC and back to me nyaha isn't that cool
it's sad when "break" actually means working on a paper instead of studying for bio.

And now back to lipoprivation and the small-diameter unmyelinated sensory axons of the vagus nerve.

Monday, October 3, 2005

Picture with Fr. Dacanay:

After the last meeting, many of us applauded. It's not every sem you get a brilliant teacher like him.

One of the prayers Sir Garcia reads:

Disturb us, O Lord,
When we are too well-pleased with ourselves,
When our dreams have come true because
We dreamed too little;
When we have arrived in safety because we sailed
too close of the shore.

Disturb us, O Lord,
When with the abundance of things we possess
We have lost our thirst for the Water of life;
When, having fallen in love with time,
We have ceased to dream of eternity;
And in our efforts to build a new earth,
Have allowed our vision for the New Haven to grow dim.

Stir us, O Lord
To dare more boldly
To venture seas where storms shall show thy mastery,
Where losing sight of land
We shall find the stars.

In the name of Him
Who pushed back the horizons of our hopes
And invited the brave to follow Him.

He's still my teacher next semester and maybe I'll appreciate him more then.

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Last night was OK (I felt like the parent of my parents? hahah basta I felt like my parents were kids - hala!) Dubai was so-so, I was crying a lot hehe Dinner was so fun tonight! We were talking about all sorts of things - from the history of Math to Da Vinci code to personal horror stories to games to sanitary toilets to innovative Japanese. I don't get to experience fun conversations like these with my mom's side cousins cause they're too young. The table was just so noisy a while ago hahaha At least we had a room so we didn't disturb other people too much.

Ria: My friends and I were playing taboo.. the word was "canoe." My friend couldn't really explain it so she said "yung sinasakay sa Boracay!" First guess: "Babae!" (guys of course)

My friend and I talked on the phone today and we really felt that girls can understand each other so well because our experiences are so similar. Thus, we think the same too! Most girls really prefer older guys. That includes me but of course the case of Mic and Elaine is exceptional - Mic seems older than Elaine hahaha peace. But really, I have yet to find another younger guy who's really able to keep up with the maturity of girls his age. It's even worse when the girl is older. Hey no offense dudes.

Speaking of dudes, I would pay to hear BJ speaking in Filipino for his Philo orals tomorrow! hahaha Ang sama ko talaga.. but he really is working hard this sem. Oh Happy Birthday Anielle! BJ and Nielle: my two tentative thesis groupmates hehe. I'll stop posting paragraphs na nga para Doggie won't be too lazy to read LOL

My schedule for the last 2 weeks (total opposite of my week last week):
Tomorrow - Theo and Philo signups (both at Dela Costa, both 8am sheesh), Marga's experiment
Tuesday - Cog last LT. If I can just maintain, I think I'll get an A
Friday - Bio test, expe Final paper
Sunday - wedding
Oct 11 - 105 Finals
Oct 13 - 107 Finals
Oct 15 - 106 Finals (eck 3:30-5:30 pa talaga)

I have yet to decide where to plug in my Theo and Philo finals... I was really planning to put my Philo orals on Sunday... but dressing up, getting makeup and hair done, it's really a whole day event.

Saturday, October 1, 2005

I missed posting yesterday cause it was a full day for me... Dacanay quiz went OK, it's the last one! We got our research papers back, I'm so disappointed :( Oh well, was expecting a lower grade so I guess I should be happy. Ang ganda pala ng OAA room @Kostka (I went with Ronnelski), airconditioned pa. Worked on theo paper without my laptop (stayed at home) and then attended the EB meeting. Got to talk with Hannah after not being able to in a long time. Rest na Hannah!

Went to EGI Tower beside DLSU afterwards for Englicom's Dice Game. Ted and Retcher were talking about ECE things I couldn't understand at all. Everything's so specialized already. I bumped into Bev (the reason for my existence haha) the other day and she was carrying something with lots of wires. What it does is something I won't ever learn in psych.

In Englicom, they do things differently haha very few chairs so everyone was standing around the tables and no bowls so we just rolled the dice on the table. There were lots of people (considering it costs 200 bucks to join for members and 230 for nonmember) - and who do I bump into? Johanah Co and John Ong! Whee chancelmates! It's been a long time.. John still looks the same but I had to pause first to recognize Johanah. Marie was the only ICAn from my batch who was there I think. Oscar, the facilitator of my table, turned out to be the Englicom president. Mic and Elaine were caught in traffic. Accdg to Retcher: doing something? haha kids in the dark cause accidents, accidents in the dark cause kids jk! I forgot who told me that.

I won: earrings (I even wore it already), toblerone, a necklace (for guys), bubbles... I think that's it. I ate the barbecues and palabok of Ted and Retcher haha Retcher won in our table - no other winners at all! Funny noh. And he rolled it after all the prizes were gone already. Some girl won among the other winners and chose cash (other choices: trip for two to Boracay! and iPod shuffle).

I went with Mic and Elaine for dinner... hehe I'm a crowd-maker >_< Guess where we ate? hahaha I think I write about it too much in my blog already so I'll refrain from posting about it again. Who else was eating there? Uncle David! Elaine said someone threw up in the ladies' room yucccck. yuck yuck yuck. I got home at around 11:30 (got take home for ma) and then watched National Geographics' features on Ancient Egypt (harem conspiracy, royal mummies).

Today I attended Fr. Dac's makeup class (there's gonna be another one 5-7pm). The two hours sped by so fast I didn't even realize! Haha Nakakatawa, Pinky, Ronnel and I were seated in the front row. I think I'm posting about Fr. Dac everyday already (Hannah thinks so). After class, Ronnel treated us to Yellow Cab! My blockmates and I rarely eat out together and well I was actually just crashing in on their "A" research paper celebration. So while we were all form the same block, it's still not really a block outing cause there were only five of us: Ronnel, Pinky, Corinne, Roumel and me!

Roumel was attempting to teach me Kapampangan but he speaks so fast! Maynaman wari ing kanan? (masarap ba un pagkain?) I think hahaha Yes the food's great haha Later mom and I are watching Dubai and then the family's eating out with the new Pastor. The dress for the wedding next week is gonna be tight...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

My baby rode the MRT with me for the first time today! Cause the car had to go pick Justin up. No untoward incidents... but there was this couple who decided to SQUEEZE themselves in a space good for half a person. The space happened to be between me and another lady. Sheesh. As much as I wanted to stand up, the whole backpack thing made it impractical. Commuting was quick as usual, my only complaint is I'm deprived of an hour of sleep. Sweet sleep.

I didn't fall asleep in Philo! Not much of an achievement since I had a good night's rest. But it was also because of the reporting and lecture today.

Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo giusto,
Li tutti vivono in pace e in onestà.
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere,
Come le nuvole che volano,
Pien' d'umanità in fondo all'anima.

Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo chiaro,
Li anche la notte è meno oscura.
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere,
Come le nuvole che volano.

Nella fantasia esiste un vento caldo,
Che soffia sulle città, come amico.
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere,
Come le nuvole che volano,
Pien' d'umanità in fondo all'anima.

Dr. Garcia comments: "Fr. Eliazo was a jolly teacher, rosy-cheeked. That is, before he became a building." mhm.

I didn't fall asleep in Bio today either! I have no idea why. But there was a part where Cuencs said "open your mouth and look inside" so I attempted to do it literally (smart aleck), fully aware of the impossibility. I thought no one was watching (how could they've seen! I'm seated in the front row!) but they somehow managed to and I couldn't stop laughing afterwards cause they were laughing at me hehe sorry doc. Well after saying I would minimize eating salty foods after our lecture on intravascular tonicity, I gave in to McDo haha Thanks Jic

Got a 9 in Cog yeyyy and prof announced it was a bonus quiz! Yeyyy haha Also got back the proposal and defense results for psy105 yeyyy (btw, the results we obtained are significant meaning the ones seated in the first row really do better than other students) Bio lang talaga problema ko this sem!!!!!! pffft. Yea the sem's about to end. It's been 15 weeks since it started. Time flies fast. Happy birthday to Kat (Enzo-and-Kat Kat)! Happy monthsary to Mic and Elaine! Happy birthday to twinnie! Happy birthday to Jello!

Hey, old friend, are you okay, old friend?
What do you say, old friend, are we or are we unique?
Time goes by, everything else keeps changing
You and I, we get continued next week.

Most friends fade, or they don't make the grade
New ones are quickly made, and in a pinch, sure they'll do
But us old friends, what's to discuss, old friends?
Here's to us - who's like us? Damn few!

Hey old friends, how do we stay old friends?
No one can say, old friends, how an old friendship survives
One day chums having a laugh a minute
One day comes and they're a part of your lives.

Most friends fade, or they don't make the grade
New ones are quickly made, perfect as long as they're new
But us old friends, what's to discuss, old friends?
Here's to us - who's like us? Damn few!

Everyday na ata ako nagpopost haha oh well

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What a lazy day today! Only one class: Fr. Dax's. Then I went to eat lunch with my grandfather, aunt, mom and cousins at EDSA Shang - shrimp dumplings! rice rolls! fried rice! chicken feet! corn soup haha there's a new item on the menu called salmon dumpling which we tried. It was okay - I still like salmon best when it's raw hehe

Worked on the Theo paper afterwards at my aunt's house. When Carrie woke up she wanted to use my laptop - how could I resist "Achi Kim me compuTER!" so we played around with Paint. Went back to school to watch the Dragons and Summits play. Dragons (team of Gai, Dex) vs. MEA (team of Chong, Jacqua) was a good game, we were leading during the first half but Jacqua decided to put in a LOT of three-pointers during the third quarter. Summits won against AltG! I didn't get to watch them cause I was too busy videotaping the Dragons' game for Kim but I did catch the last quarter. Ang kulet nila haha

Had a massage at 9:30-ish - I didn't get to finish the 1st episode of Amazing Race Family version! But that's okay, I'm re-charged haha hell week? next week? bring it on hahahaha

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Oh I love this...

What Makes You.. by SheBangs12
Your name?
Your gender?
What makes you sexy?Everything
What makes you pretty?Your smile
What makes you loveable?Everything
What makes you fun?Your adventurous nature
What makes you irresistable?Your flirtatious nature
What makes you cute?Oh, just about everything ^.^
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Haha anyone feel free to agree... or disagree doesn't matter haha

Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm so bored... WHAAAT
I'll start studying na for... next week? WHAAAT
Naninibago ako sobra >_<

No wonder I have Celadon to keep me busy. Had Fr. Dacanay approve my book for the "A paper." Comment nya:

Fr. Dax: But this was written by a heretic! Heretics go to hell!
me: haha Father, I'm a heretic!
*heretic here means non-Catholic.

Anyway, he approved the book. One of my favorite teachers, even if he is a Catholic? haha jk It's a shame he didn't win Gratia's Legend award. On the other hand, sir Oca (En14) did so it's okay.

I'm scared about next semester... How difficult can it be?! Nuts, I was never scared of a SEM before but after experiencing this sem (read: BIO), I'm really anxious.

Angkong (c/o dad) won the dice game yesterday. So weird. He still wins in the company raffles, even if he doesn't attend. "Lucky" has different meanings and he's not lucky in some aspects but very lucky in others. I think he's had 7 holes-in-one? He refuses to count the time he didn't pick the ball up from the hole personally (the caddy got a scolding for sure). When my friends visit the house, I love showing them his pictures in the office like the one where he receives an award from Marcos for his guerilla activities during WWII. Trivia: Do you know that the family company logo is part of the front door's design? I think there are four logos but now that I think about it, I'm not quite sure. I'll try to notice tomorrow.

Wala akong magawa!!!! Time to advance...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

What a week! It started with attempts to catch a nose... I think it's tired already, actually catching it is just a matter of time. My excursions to the chocolate cabinet aren't helping though.

THEO PAPER. After working on it the whole day, Retcher and I went to the library (cause Matteo was closed already) to work on it some more... until around 7ish (it was due 9pm). That paper did not make any sense. It was 19 pages of nonsensical research that didn't jive with our conclusion. Afterwards I rush over to the covered courts to watch the referee blow the whistle, signaling the end of the Celadon Dragons' game. We won that by the way haha The day wouldn't have been complete without our first actual trial (experiment). Around 24 people attended :) Started working on Cog Psy paper that evening.

I cut Philo haha nakakaguilty but I had to, I was really feeling bad already (physically). Used the morning to prepare for Cog Psych reporting, also finished the Cog Psy paper. Bio - nothing new, used the time to study for Cog Psy hehe I'm really becoming such a bad student... Cog Psy reporting went well, I just found out we got a 95 :) Submitted the paper and got a 7 in the quiz rawr

BIO TEST. Ugh I totally flunked that one. I've no doubt about it. If I pass, I'll call it a miracle, divine intervention. I felt as if NOTHING was registering anymore, aside from not really caring much ahehe "learned helplessness" I believe. Of course it was my fault I had to call an HR managers meeting that day. Kailangan na kasi. Also had another experiment (21 participants). Plus I really wanted to help out in Gratia - it was fantastic! Fr. Dacanay saw me at Gratia (I gave him the invitation) hahaha
Fr.: You're actually studying??
me: I have a test later at 6:30
Fr. looks at his watch and nods
Weh haha I just love Fr. Dax. It's a shame he wasn't able to watch Retcher dance.
After the test, went back to Gratia and got from the buffet table hehe Sayang naman kung may matira diba? Even BD, Stephen, Andy, Jim, and the other Stephen decided that they weren't going to let the free food go to waste.

PHILO PAPER. My vision was getting blurry already while working on this one. I had to manually "delete" grammatical errors before submitting it haha Gosh what will I get this time. Afterwards, I went to the library with Aims and Esther - and slept. Not on the couch.. the place was a bit full. I slept with my head on the crook of my arm, bent over one of those small 2nd floor tables. Needless to say, my arm was dead by the time I woke up a little less than 2 hours after. Disorienting @_@ I attended an experiment by JC's group (and probably became an extraneous variable). Then it was time for bio again, prof left in the middle of class cause his phone rang and he had to rush to the hospital. I got a 9 in the Cog quiz. The Celadon Phoenix won their game (first win!) because the opposing team didn't arrive ehehe

DIDN'T STUDY FOR DACANAY QUIZ AT ALL!!! At least it's only worth one quiz. I had the gall to get one copy of the "A" paper guidelines after class. Who knows, I probably will write the "A paper"... I think we only have one quiz and then it's time for Finals already. We have to be in business attire for that ("I'm requiring the ladies to wear blazers"). Then it was time to prepare for our experiment again. We got over a hundred participants!! We were only supposed to have 4 trials but some people actually wanted to join so we had 5 trials total yey. I have to start checking their papers soon. After the experiment, went to watch the game of Summits. I made myself late for the Bio makeup class just so I could watch the first half (I'm such a bad bad bad student na talaga). We won! Yey. The makeup class ended at around 8 something. Is he really allowed to hold so many makeup classes?? We have one almost every week! And then he's giving bonus points to those who donate blood to the St. Luke's blood bank (kung bawal ka magdonate, sorry ka nalang rawr). Gonna visit the mental institute soon (bonus din).

Watched Footloose!!!! I still like Blue Rep's better (warning: biased haha) - that was 2 years ago already. I miss being part of a musical. It's different to just have a concert (Ryan Cayabyab) without a real story although it's still fun :) Won't have time to go musicalling this coming summer cause of practicum. Jay R was OK, you know how some people become perfect after you've seen them perform? Somewhat like that except he doesn't look good in the Colgate giveaways they were distributing after the show. "I think about you... 24/7" hehe I didn't like the girl much but her red cowboy boots were sweet!

Almost paradise
We're knocking on heaven's door
Almost paradise
How could we ask for more?
I swear that I can see forever in your eyes

One of the more famous songs from the musical aside from Footloose and of course:
Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where's the street-wise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and turn and dream
of what I need

I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life

Somewhere after midnight
In my wildest fantasy
Somewhere just beyond my reach
There's someone reaching back for me
Racing on the thunder end rising with the heat
It's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet


Up where the mountains meet the heavens above
Out where the lightning splits the sea
I would swear that there's someone somewhere
Watching me

Through the wind end the chill and the rain
And the storm and the flood
I can feel his approach
Like the fire in my blood

I heart musicals :D Angkong might watch Sound of Music in HK in October, hm maybe I should tag along haha The first musical I ever recall watching is Miss Saigon, but I was too young to appreciate it. I just got bored. We have a family anecdote about Ria watching Phantom of the Opera in the states when we were still much younger. In the middle of the play, she declared "Why can't they all die already?" teehee

I got my dress last night too. The beadwork was done well, not the kind that clutters the dress. Wedding rehearsal on Oct 6! Not looking forward to the curlash (makes me cry haha) but ah the price of beauty haha Super sorry Auntie Annabelle if my eye luggages are huge :( Makeup will fix it hopefully hehe

Oh I have a multiply account now - cause all of the pix from JJ and Wes's party are there and I couldn't view them unless I was a "friend." I uploaded pictures too, do add me up :)

Whew blogging backlog haha Another week to face...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Last night I attended what is hailed as "the social event of the season." In less sensationalistic terms: JJ and Wes's birthday party. They said it would start at 8 - I arrived at 9 (the ones who live near usually arrive later). Actually, it was the first time that I was offered rides to the party! And the first time dad wasn't being hyper about me coming home late from a non-school activity. Plus I didn't even have to worry about the driver.

The girls had one table, the guys had tables, and the couples had dark quiet corners (kidding kidding). Actually, it felt like a HS soiree. We (girls) were just taking pictures of ourselves the whole night. Plus kwentuhan of course. The guys, I have no idea what they were doing - playing poker? Funny enough, a lot of my Theo classmates were there and we were all worrying about the theo paper haha

Today is supposed to be study day. We have a family dinner later though. Gosh will start to panic in a few hours. I've been writing in my offline diary more often lately but I think the frequency of my posts here won't change significantly - I do value my sign pens hehe How come I write so quickly here but it takes me hours to finish my papers...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Last night, Celadon celebrated the MudAutumn Festival at the Cervini Field. That wasn't a typo - the choir's song successfully invoked the rains... So the chairs were sinking, the once (in a) blue (moon) jeans turned dark brown and the only green patches that remained were those safely under the sunken tables.

Buhos na ulan aking mundo'y lunuring tuluyan
Tulad ng pag-agos mo di mapipigil ang puso kong nagliliyab
Pag-ibig ko'y umaapaw, damdamin ko'y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka

Minsan pa ulan bumuhos ka huwag nang tumigil pa
Hatid mo may bagyo dalangin ito ng puso kong sumasamo
Pag-ibig ko'y umaapaw, damdamin ko'y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka

It was a great project! Definitely a must-keep.

Anyway, before I went to the dice game, it was pretty hectic. After theo class, I compiled the participant lists for the experiments next week. I hope more people join! Please please join (open to anyone): just choose one - MWF 4:30-5. Email or YM me please :) We need 168 participants hehe Then we started to work on our Theo research paper. This pretty much ate up my entireee afternoon. We were having difficulties researching cause the rain (we think) was messing up the wifi. But it's all good - we finished around 12 pages in 6 hours.. the paper's supposed to be 15-20 pages :) Of course, it still looks like a rushed job, but something a good edit can remedy. Went to choir practice then watched the game of Celadon Eagles (sayang..). Then rushed back to the field - thought it was halfway through already but it was just about to start! Yey! Went to eat at Pizza Hut after (ooh expensive ouchy) but it was yummy and the company was fun. Got home at around midnight already. We were actually supposed to eat in the Greenhills area but the cleanup took a lot of time (mud galore) haha even almost lost my ID.

Mom woke me up early today (yawn). 2nd (and last) fitting for the October dress. It's pretty ^_^ Plus Ms. Lagdameo taught me a new "trick" ahihihi So far I like Diaz the best still, even if she is a bit expensive (ICA ball, prom, Achi Jo's debut/XS ball). Rajo can have pretty fatal designs. Aside from being expensive, I remember not being able to breathe normally that night I wore his dress (Achi Sa's wedding/XS prom). I don't even think about having my dresses made in Delacuesta anymore (XS soph). But there's a really nice shop that sells pretty dresses at reasonable prices somewhere in Glorietta (Celadon ball, KLee's debut)... Definitely Confetti for shoes! I sound like a girl >_< Well it's fun being one :) Mom thinks I'm a Barbie.. I think I'm fat haha

D-E's here, D-ku and family are visiting too! So this weekend is gonna be full of eat outs. And I have so many things to do for school!! haha Bahala na....

Month-to-go-before-sembreak standing (i THINK):
Theo - B+
Philo - B+/A
Cog - hard to tell.. A/B+/B
Bio - C+/B
Expe - B+/A

Range - 3.40-3.73 hm pwede na hahaha Cafe Puccini here I come

Thursday, September 15, 2005

i couldn't resist just sneaking in this bit of word play i thought of after i messaged my friend with "may the force be with you" (YM)... he was doing a bit of schoolwork and anyway, basta yon...

"May the fours be with you" (c)daph hahahah

Monday, September 12, 2005

do we really? hahaha mirror mirror on the wall :p Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I got a 3.5 for theo ^_^ Not bad considering I lacked an entire sentence haha

Thanks everyone for making a rather stressful day yesterday really fun :) I feel like I have two birthdays this year! Thanks so much Ter for the surprises ^_^ I'll write everything here so I won't forget :)

Was messaged about a surprise birthday for Wini (whose birthday really was yesterday) at McDo. I said I'd try to go cause I have a paper due.

So yesterday morning, I was busy reviewing for Theo when I suddenly receive a couple of messages greeting me happy birthday already. I even texted mom about it: So many people are greeting me today ö

After Theo, my expe groupmates and I agreed to work on our final proposal at Matteo. More or less, had decided not to go to Wini's party because we had to finish it. When I heard that my friends had a class at 11:30, changed my mind. Told them I'd meet them back at Matteo. Pinky stayed with my laptop and I went with BJ to McDo.

Saw Terry coming from McDo, he said he was meeting with a friend in Natio (oh realllly). Anyway, we were the first ones to arrive - 11:30 daw e! Got food na. AJ and Joanne came after a few minutes. Then we all moved over to the function room cause Terry said Lau was already there. We sang when Joyce arrived (cause her birthday's the same as mine). They told me Wini was coming and then when she wasn't there, I'm like huh ok why'd we sing. Hayy they were confusing me haha I had to leave to finish the paper! Kill joy ba! Apparently I had everyone worried about how to get me to McDo hehe (Oh no, acads yan, di pupunta si Daph!!) Pinky called me up already asking me to go back and then it was a fine stroke of luck that Elaine was there. Mic called to ask where I was, I said McDo, and they told me they were going to McDo too (I was assuming still for Wini) so I told him to pls bring my laptop.. Wini came soon after and then we all sang to her - and then they sang to me @_@ And then they got the cake and we three blew the lone candle LOL First time for me to have a surprise birthday for sure. I was finally reunited with my laptop so I could work haha I told my groupmates to meet me in McDo.

So that's how my surprise party went haha thanks to everyone who came ^_^ and happy birthday again to my co-celebrants :)

AIR was reallllly great. Wonderfully planned and executed :) Congratulations Kim, Justin, Lance and Sonsy! After the project, Ter gave me a blue scrap book with letters from Celadon people awww. I should have my birthday more often LOL

To everyone: TY very very much :) Pizza on Tuesday at Matteo, my treat :D

Today, my groupmates are coming over this afternoon so we can work on the video for expe and Theo. I don't mind, my morning's great already and then my family and I are eating out for dinner :) Thanks to everyone who texted (so many messages when I woke up haha) I really am touched :) Love you guys *hugz*

Thursday, September 8, 2005

What a niceeee day!!!! A day I really really truly enjoyed. For one thing, I just recovered. For another... Philo, Bio and Cog wheeeeeeee Oh gosh what an academic way of looking at things. But things are definitely looking brighter :) Both Celadon teams won in today's games and wala lang, babaw ba? Well. Tomorrow I hope my luck doesn't change - Theo results will be posted and we have a 3-quizzes worth quiz. Plus the defense paper is due tomorrow too. I hope I cram it in time ahehehe

Celadon AIR is tomorrow too! Whatever happens, I'm super pleased already with the managers, especially Char and Van. Also, MidAutumn festival takes place next Friday (16th) 6-8pm, if you would like to buy tickets, pls YM me! I still have 7 to sell. I had to ask Bio prof if I could take an earlier exam haha Yes another exam! I promise to do as well as I did for the 2nd one - or maybe I'll do even better? Asa pa haha Can't wait to see the adjusted grades though. Whew the studying paid off I guess. So now that I've been reinforced to study, I will go study.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Right now I am just dreading tonight's 6-9 make up class for Bio. If he is as quick to check our papers now as he was last time, we'll be receiving the results of last week's exam by around 8pm tonight. Good Lord. I hope more than 11 get a passing mark - and yes I hope I'm one of those who pass. If I fail though, let me fail by more than a point.

Monday, September 5, 2005

Last few paragraphs of "Daphne, An Autumn Pastoral." I really like the story, maybe because of the name of the main character hehe I recommend you know the story of Daphne and Apollo first before reading it. For a complete version, go to Project Gutenberg and search :) I think it's worth reading :)

"You chose the steepest road of all to-day, little girl," he
said. "But it is not half so long nor so hard as the one I
expected to climb to find you."

"You are tired!" said Daphne anxiously. "Rest."

Bertuccio was sleeping on his flat rock; San Pietro lay down for
a brief, ascetic slumber. The lovers sat side by side, with the
mystery of beauty about them: the purple and gold of nearness
and distance; bright color of green grass near, sombre tint of
cypress and stone pine afar.

"I shall never really know whether you are a god or not," said
Daphne dreamily.

"A very proper attitude for a woman to have toward her husband,"
he answered with a smile. "I must try hard to live up to the
character. You will want to live on Olympus, and you really
ought, if you are going to wear gowns woven of my sunbeams like
the one you had on yesterday. How shall I convince you that Rome
must do part of the time? You will want me to make you immortal:
that always happens when a maiden marries a god."

"I think you have done that already," said Daphne.

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Hi codebreakers! I'm planning to use a deciphering activity for a class presentation. Pls tell me how long it takes you to decipher the following message:


Thanks :)

Saturday, September 3, 2005

400th post

Time for an update... The week's been a whirl so expect a rather long and dragging account of it.

There were no classes last Monday but the Theo paper was still due on that day. I still went to school to submit the paper.. Fr. Dacy was not in a barong (shock) haha Anyway, I decided it would be too much of a waste if I just went for that so I fixed up a study group with Pinky, Retcher, Harry and Jacky. Ther and Faye were at the lib steps studying for their Philo exams too. Interestingly, there was a bunch of people practicing for some Filipino presentation and, instead of focusing, we watched a "drama" unfold when their director got frustrated and decided to walk out on them. Ah the temperamental artiste. I can totally understand though.

The night was spent studying for my Expe exam AND nitpicking on the reports - 35 pages total! Ateneo isn't eco-friendly at all. The poor trees :( I didn't finish studying, good thing I had an hour and a half break before the exam, which turned out to be very very long. Yes, I went over the hour and a half. Tricky counterbalancing techniques. That's the last Expe meeting we'll have for the sem. Everything else will just be focused on the experiment - am excited ^_^ Obviously I won't tell you people what it's about so that you can participate and be guinea pigs hoorah! This also means that I have a 4.5 hour break every TTh wheee.... And no labs anymore on Wednesday too!

So after the exam, it was Theo time once again. Had another study group with Pinky, Roumel, Nic and Harold. The thesis statements were longer this time around. So long that come my oral exam, I didn't even get to explain the third sentence of the statement (depressed - I'm hoping to get at least a 2.5). It went like this: We're given 10 mins. I was too busy talking that I forgot to look at the timer. When I saw the timer, 50 seconds left (panic hehe I'm too talkative). As a side note, it's a good thing I come to school early, I was able to spot something significant in my last-minute re-readings that was part of the thesis statement I got. Whew.

Went home after Theo class to start studying for Bio. Got side-tracked and ended up fixing some Celadon stuff weh. Went back to school to watch 3 basketball games. We lost all of them :( But both men's games were really close. One even went overtime and RA, a Celadonean playing for another team, got injured. Of course during the basketball game, was attempting to study for Bio still. Thank you so much to Joyce and Robin for helping me - I still remember that CN XI is the spinal accessory nerve - for sensory signals from neck and movement of shoulders, neck and head. Yey! I actually deviced so many mnemonics for that, I'll illustrate later.

On Thursday, I was supposed to have two free cuts - Philo (orals) and Expe. But Dr. Cuencs texted to say he was sick so I had three free cuts! Studied for Cog, my only class for that day and did well on the quiz yey. Studied for Bio when I got home - was up until 2am and still didn't feel prepared. Fr. Dacy had announced previously that there'd be no quiz so didn't have to worry about Theo. I got a great score for that three-quizzes worth quiz last week - happy happy! Retcher and Pinky did well too! Notice how much time I've been spending with Pinky haha

So Friday... was spent... at the library. I made a tabular representation of the brain structures so I was poring over it. It was too big for the table though so I was working on the floor. If I could have, I would have taped it to the wall.. So I was studying the brain structures while Pinky was studying for Philo, which I'll have to start studying for already this weekend. Philo, btw, is back in my good graces - remember the paper I crammed? haha Anyway, here are my bio mnemonics

For the sympathetic and parasympathetic effects:
Paul Said A Happy Sweet Boy Gave Danny Some Beer
pupils, salivation, airway, heartbeat, sweating, blood vessels in skin, glucose release, digestive system, secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine and bladder

For the 12 cranial nerves
1 - looks like a nose therefore Olfactory, smell
2 - two eyes therefore Optic, vision
3 - looks like eye sockets therefore Oculomotor, sensory signals from eye muscles, eye movements (eye ball, eye lid) and pupillary constriction
4 - looks like an eye sideways (facing ->) therefore Trochlear, sensory signals from eye muscles, eye movements
5 - looks like a person's face sideways (facing <-) therefore Trigeminal, facial sensations; the round part of 5 is the "mouth" so chewing also
6 - looks like an eye also (facing ->) therefore Abducens, sensory signals from eye muscles and eye movements
7 - the line in the middle looks like a tongue sticking out therefore Facial, taste from posterior 2/3 of tongue, salivation; the stem looks like tears so tear secretion and (no particular imagery) dilation of cranial blood vessels
8 - two circles "balancing" on top of one another therefore Auditory-Vestibular, equilibrium (sensory signals from inner ear) and hearing
9 - looks like a tongue sticking out also and neck (my number 9's stem is straight) therefore taste from posterior 1/3 of tonge, swallowing and salivation
10 - 1 looks like a throat, 0 looks like O for Organs therefore Vagus, control of and sensory signals from abdominal and thoracic organs and throat muscles
11 - Spinal Accessory, no particular mnemonic, just remembering Joyce and Robin touching their shoulders, neck and heads hehe
12 - Hypoglossal, no particular mnemonic but glossal means "of or relating to the tongue" ( so tongue movements and sensory from tongue muscles

Tada! I never planned to take medicine and after I don't think I'll be changing my mind. Good luck Mic! After the test (6-8pm), went to SS foyer for another study session with Pinky for Philo. That lasted till 9 and we still talked on the phone when I got home. She really makes me study cause we have so many classes together this sem (Expe, Cog, Theo, Philo). She's actually younger - her grades are better than mine and that makes me feel guilty haha Guilt can be a big motivator. She feels guilty if she doesn't study because she's a scholar and she thinks that if she doesn't study as much as she can, someone more deserving could have gotten her slot. So it's just a guilt cycle.

This morning, went to fit my dress for the wedding in October. It's a nice dark red. My shoes are matte gold. Can't wait to see it finished. I hope the flowers are not the strong kind (allergies). Speaking of, they're gonna renovate the guest room and turn it into my brother's room. That means my room will finally be my room haha Of course I'm also allergic to paint so as soon as they start bringing the paint in, expect Daphne the red-nosed reindeer for Christmas. Funny, was listening to the radio last night and they were talking about looking forward to Christmas - it's Septmember!! haha

Roumel and I had a short chat the other day. The main topic of the conversation was: should the guy ask the girl if he can court her? The same question posed by another guy friend of mine. To them, it's really a big thing for their ahem "pride." They want _signs_ from the girl first. BIG SIGNS. haha There's no real answer. Girls have different preferences. My blockmate would say no but then another blockmate says dapat lang! I give no opinion... my advice was "whatever feels RIGHT." Cause I have a couple of friends (now I won't mention any names) who don't really court. Bigla nalang, sila na ng girl hahahaha bato-bato sa langit. It's when you're not looking that you realize that you don't need to look, cause it's been there the whole time.. food for thought.

For the coming week, I have my aforementioned Philo orals, Expe defense, a Cog LT and a Cog paper. Amazing Interdepartmental Race is on Sept 9 :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

I was planning to type my theo notes... I couldn't even type a line. It's so complicated, arrows flying everywhere. So I plan to just scan them. I almost lost my notebook twice cause of people borrowing it. That would = end of the world. So my 2nd orals is gonna be on Wednesday. I would have liked my schedule last time (Fri 8:30) but I have my 2nd long test for BIO then. Ah the ruiner of plans. I shall post my modified hell week now. Modified because of the seemingly mobile nature of my hell week/s.

Today: Theo sign-ups done (I got to school at around 6:20 and I was already FIFTH in line!), Theo 3-quizzes worth finished (and *cross fingers* possibly aced), lunch with kiddies skipped, AIR dry run, dinner with QTs
Tomorrow: Theo reflection paper meeting in the morning, Sipnayan in the afternoon, dinner with family at night
Monday: Theo reflection paper due, lab 4 due, topic proposal due (and I only have ONE class every Monday!)
Tuesday: Expe LT
Wed: Theo orals, 3 Celadon IAC games
Thursday: hm. standby.
Friday: Bio LT 2, Celadon IAC game
Monday: Philo orals
Tuesday: Cog paper and Cog LT 2
Friday: AIR

I need a massage... :)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Celadon won the basketball game today! By default hehe

I feel so awkward around my Bio classmates even though I try not to be. It's just so weird talking to them and not really knowing their names? At least now I know some of them... actually okay nahihiya talaga ako cause they think I'm such a great responsible person (don't know how they don't see me dozing off in class when I'm seated right in front) pero this sem super napapabayaan ko na grades ko. Well okay except Dacanay <3 <3 <3

What I was doing in Dr. Garcia's class this morning...

Interestingly, I did not read Ch 7 for Cog at all... I just banked on common sense... I think I get higher grades if I don't read? Tsk postive reinforcement for not reading the book. Wah. But he gives quizzes every meeting and arg lang haha I'm off.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

St. Jude Catholic School emerged victorious followed by Xavier School and Jubilee Christian Academy. There were so many kiddies and parents, it was a bit overwhelming. Next week we have the college level competition at SS AVR. Hopefully the participants are less hyper since it seems that I'm hosting again. Actually I don't know why I agreed to help out but now I figure it's a form of giving back to AMS for the freshmen competition two years back. Of course it helps that they flatter me :p Trivia: Rensie was the emcee for last year's Sipnayan I think. Or last last year's?

Ate at Trio (Fort) for dinner with my family. Not as good as Cafe Puccinni. I agreed to go even though I know I should be doing my lab reports. I don't want to do anything productive... Eventually, I will regret wasting my time because by then I'll be panicking and doubly stressed.

There's a gross lizard on the wall. The shadow makes it look like it has two heads.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Fr. Dacanay's seminar earlier was interesting. The first part was a sharing by the four couples (4 different rooms, I was assigned to the third one). Everyone has a story to tell, it's a matter of extracting it from them. Isn't it strange how our experiences are so different yet so alike? Girls generally understand what other girls are talking about and guys too maybe. Which is probably why there was a boys-only and girls-only Q&A portion after, followed by a plenary. Maybe I'll write about a few points tomorrow. Have to prioritize sleep and lab haha

Lunch at McDo - if I'm not careful, I'll look like a sandwiTch soon (been having sandwich meals since Wednesday). We don't want that to happen now do we. My blockmates went to K. Rogers which is where I planned to go initially but I had a meeting with my bio group.. no mac and cheese for me :(

Slept as soon as I got home and then mom and I watched this documentary on the national geographic called "in the womb." It's something I actually took up in developmental psychology. 4D ultrasound's really neat. You can see the baby having rapid eye movements.

Lainey made me realize only last night - I had 6 hours of Bio this week. 3 hours really is torture enough. But the reporting of group 1 was very well-prepared. I still don't know most of the sophies but they're fun to be with. Hyperactive kiddies.
Prof gave a bonus to those who came in pajamas but me walking around Faura in pajamas? Dream on haha

Tomorrow (well later) - sipnayan 12:30-4:30
Monday - lab report 3
Tuesday - lab report 4, bio quiz, bio reporting I, cog lab II
Thursday - expe long test, bio reporting II
Friday - theo topic outline, theo 3 quizzes

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I do not understand why Cuenca won't be attending the PAP convention tomorrow.. If he did.. Well!! But my schedule tomorrow is such a waste of a perfectly good day: Philo 7:30-9am, Bio 1:30-3pm, Bio2 6-9pm.

I'm actually looking forward to the session that Fr. Dax arranged for Friday. Even if it's supposed to be a holiday, I find myself not minding. If I could be half as good as he is (as a teacher), I'd be really happy. He makes it clear what he expects and he doesn't expect you to do something you are incapable of doing either.

I dunno about the other 131 profs though. Maybe they're just as good but less demanding. If I had to do reg all over again, I'd still choose Dacanay over a bad schedule. Yea Dacanay over an easy A.

My pepper plant is beautiful. It has orange peppers now too. Mom's plant really has Chinese characters on the bean, nakakaaliw. Not like I can understand what's written, it's not very legible anyway.

Sad news: I lost my sign pen. Rawr. It's semi-BRAND NEW. And I swear I still had it with me during my 10:30-12:30 break. I prefer taking notes using that particular kind: black PILOT v5. It has been my preference since.. 3rd year HS. I'm being such a drama queen over such a trivial matter. I can't help myself. It's being sold at 51 bux in the caf - equivalent to a meal++.

Quotes, only during 105.2:
"Who else hasn't submitted their means?" -AS
"What's the plural of hippocampus? Hippocampi? Hippocampuses?" -LA
"Jandaral. JanDAHral like Sandara." -CE
"Ma'am, sorry, I can't imagine cockroaches solving math problems"

Expe is a lot of work but it's fun, not just the experiments we do.. While waiting for the results, we just bond (almost two hours haha) - the stories are hilarious cause our block isn't all that close so we're not totally familiar with one another's stories. So.. we have a collection of stories that involve people outside of our immediate circles (unlike barkada stories where you know almost all of the characters involved) - seminarians that don't really exist, guys that visit at midnight, girly guys and so on...

"Repeat that one more time and maybe you'll convince yourself" -PC LOL

I hate lizards. They enjoy freaking me out. In the middle of the night. When everyone else is asleep. Eek..

Sunday, August 14, 2005

the following conversation is not to be taken seriously: (smilies aren't copy-pasted, imagine as necessary)
me: i'm so smart
Gibbs: yes, keep saying that, and others might actually believe you.
me: but they already do, it is merely a means by which the association is kept intact
Gibbs: *sigh*
Gibbs: oh well, there was a time when everyone believed the world is flat
me: yeah but that's false, i'm so smart is true
me: big difference
Gibbs: fallacious argument.
me: prove it
Gibbs: prove to ME first na matalino ka
Gibbs: lol
me: i already did
Gibbs: malay mo, may eye disorder ka lang kaya napansin mo ano nasa stat ko
me: well that would contribute to my smartness wouldn't it
Gibbs: unforeseen externality, i'd say
me: too bad for you, not smart enough to foresee it
Gibbs: ...tang ina, debate ka nga lol
Gibbs: i really should avoid picking fights with you =_=
me: yes about time you learned

i love my apos :D

Saturday, August 13, 2005

took the test again.. well can't say much for reliability (in psych, reliability means results shouldn't change much over time) but it's fun haha and these things really do change I guess

Your dating personality profile:

Liberal - Politics matters to you, and you aren't afraid to share your left-leaning views. You would never be caught voting for a conservative candidate.
Intellectual - You consider your mind amongst your assets. Learning is not a chore but a constant search after wisdom and knowledge. You value education and rationality.
Wealthy/Ambitious - You know what your goals are and you pursue them vigourously. Achieving success is important to you.
Your Top Ten Traits

1. Liberal
2. Intellectual
3. Wealthy/Ambitious
4. Sensual
5. Traditional
6. Religious
7. Funny
8. Romantic
9. Adventurous
10. Practical
Your date match profile:

Funny - You consider a good sense of humor a major necessity in a date. If his jokes make you laugh, he has won your heart.
Shy - You are put off by people who are open books. You are drawn to someone who is a bit more mysterious. You want to draw him out of his shell and get to know what he is all about.
Intellectual - You seek out intelligence. Idle chit-chat is not what you are after. You prefer your date who can stimulate your mind.
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Funny
2. Shy
3. Intellectual
4. Traditional
5. Religious
6. Romantic
7. Sensual
8. Wealthy/Ambitious
9. Adventurous
10. Big-Hearted

Take the Online Dating Profile Quiz at Dating Diversions

This was supposed to appear in the rec week booklet: CELADON haha the picture there was taken during the Alumni Homecoming, one of the most fun events really. I love Celadon <3 hahaha My college life would be so boring without it.

Another pic from the same event:

Stuff I need to do ASAP:
Expe - lab report 3 due Tuesday status: just got related lit
Philo - reporting status: outline finished! visual aids in progress
Bio - long quiz on Tuesday status: read a few pages yesterday..nakakatamad
Bio - reporting research status: tinatamad pero ako lider arggg
Bio - reflection paper about Awakenings status: tinatamad talaga
Theo - love Fr. Dacy <3 but have a quiz worth 3 quizzes status: finished reading handouts and 22 paragraphs
Cog - play with CogLab status: naaaliw, too bad I have to make a paper :(
Catch up with lack-of-beauty sleep status: sleep in the car (approx 2 hours' worth everyday - and during Bio too)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'm still too lazy to get the newest YM. For now, mine is pretty unstable. I got to use the call feature with my blockmate already. It's clear enough but there's a time delay, which is to be expected.

The other day, Fr. Dacanay got mad at one of my classmates so he just decided to stop discussing. I'm really grateful that I don't have a class at 10:30 and was able to sit in.. Still, it's different and his classes are usually enjoyable, minus the scary moments of course. So I ate lunch at 5:30pm what fun!

Dr. Cuenca brought a human brain to class today. It was... cool in a way.. but I can still smell it and it's not very pleasant. What a sensory aid...

Call me OC. Organized Chaos.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

I have little mosquito bites all over me. Even on my ear?? At least I think they're mosquito bites. I think it's the fault of the Bio Psy meeting at the zen garden. Else I'm just attributing everything bad to Bio already. I was almost late for my Cog Psy quiz cause my Cog class is at Bel and Bio's at CTC and the prof refused to let us out unless we answered whether an erection is sympathetic or parasympathetic. It's parasympathetic btw. An orgasm is sympathetic.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

I've been busy... Actually, a lot of people have already seen me literally running around school. I keep forgetting that Matteo isn't as near to SS building as Colayco was. I really miss Colayco, which is now pretty flat except for the area behind the stairs of Colayco Pav.

Friday was insane.. The night before I was working on my 105 lab report instead of really focusing on my Theo orals cause I had studied for the orals already.. didn't feel confident at all. I slept at around 2 - which prompted my dad to text "Don't study too hard" the following day.

Well Theo orals... Fr. Dac's office is really beautiful. It's like the offices you see in movies - shelves full of books line the walls, a couple of awards scattered here and there (even Gratia's Legend award). You sit facing a desk with "library lamps" that give the room a golden hue. Now that I think about it, it could be the office of a psychoanalyst. You'd be comfortable in it if it weren't for the fact that Fr. Dacanay has been known to fail students and eat them alive. I got thesis statement number 4. My whole structure flew right out the window and sometimes I felt like I just kept going around in circles although I know I was able to discuss a few salient points. Went to Matteo and had an hour to study for Theo quiz which was mercifully easy. So far so good pa record ko sa Theo quizzes! It's just sad that each quiz is worth around 1% of the grade only (more or less) cause we have a quiz every Friday (fixed interval).

After the quiz, it was straight back to Matteo for me to work on the lab report due 5pm. Crammer talaga!! tsk tsk. I hope I get a good grade for that... I bonded so much with my APA manual, I'm surprised I'm not glued to it yet. Had to finish it before 1:30 cause I had a meeting with my HR managers. Well I did, sorta. AJ keeps telling me that I let my head fall to one side when I'm thinking then I tilt it to the other side when I start typing and saying what I'm typing out loud. Heheh I just need to hear how it sounds like to make sure it isn't weirdly structured. As for the head tilt... ewan. Brain fluids sloshing about I suppose.

Anyway, HR managers meeting went well enough. Had to run to Theo dept cause my group had a consultation with Fr. Dac and he hates late people. So the topic for our Theo research paper is set: Euthanasia hihi I love it that there's wi-fi in Matteo already. I can access ebsco without going to the library!!! Imagine that. I can even chat while I'm at Matteo! Coolness. There's just a problem with actually logging out. I'm stuck online even after I've gone offline.. no matter no matter. I feel like I'm in Cog Psy class where we almost always free associate and end up talking about the weirdest topics. After theo consultation, rush to Rizal foyer to print pages 4 and 5 of the report (just changed a few things) and then submit it at the Psych dept with an hour to spare! Hoorah wtg BJ

Went to TnD (photoshop) and choir/dance troupe GA 4:30-6. Judgemental Julie, powerful Peter, daffy Daphne, bold Borgy, cheerful Cym, juvenile Joanne, rugged Rod, benevolent Beljo, darling Da, robotic Retcher, lively Lionel, etc were only some of the wacky characters who attended the choir/dance troupe GA. Went over to ISO afterwards to visit Externals night then I went home.

Yesterday...I had my very last voice lesson with teacher Anna :( sad... I probably will take voice again, just not sure when exactly. I think it helped a lot. I really enjoy singing haha Then after, I went to G4 with Elaine, Mic and Hannah to watch Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I can't ever remember whether the new one's Willy Wonka or Charlie). Twas "weird" (Johnny Depp as Wonka voice). Like yah. Good morning sunshine! hehe Went over to Timezone after to finish the free games that are included whenever you buy a movie ticket. Well not really "buy" cause Mic had passes hehe After buying post-movie popcorn and nerds hehe, walked to Landmark for Hannah's suit bag which was out of stock. We all went to my house.. got here about 7pm and talked till 11. Goodness haha but we haven't done that in a long time and Hannah's a new member of the family so... we... grilled her nyahahah :D actually, we showed her the fish and then just talked about all kinds of things afterwards.

Today went to church then had lunch at Caffe Puccini at The Fort. Yummy four kinds of cheese penne! I like their mushrooms too. I don't like ordering softdrinks at restaurants and hotels. Do you know that a Coke in Circles costs P155? Hello! A can of Coke is P5 at vending machines on the street. P15 at the caf in school. P155 is a rip-off. But their buffet is good. So I'll just drink water and enjoy the buffet -oh yes the chocolate fondue, the cold noodles, the un-cold noodles haha, the pork, the tempura... ooh lala. I'm just making myself hungry..