Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I just finished watching Cheaper by the Dozen on DVD. Funny movie, a lot like Seventh Heaven actually.  Wow I still remember the time the family was hooked on that TV series.  The annual Seventh Heaven marathon was a highly anticipated event, we even taped a part of it o_O  I wouldn't like that many kids.  3 is a good number I think.

I'm cutting SA tomorrow.  Because our Fil teacher announced a free cut (so we can work on our group report of course!).  But our group moved the meeting to Friday.  Actually I moved it hehehe My PE101 test was moved too - after I crammed for it this morning!  Oh well.  So anyway I went to Natio to look for the Filipino book for the aforementioned project and *gasp* they don't have it.  It's a good thing my groupmate has a copy so I'll just have it photocopied.  So much cheaper since I'll only need the introduction part (pages 1 to 75 and we have to summarize it all in 20mins).

On another note, I have to make a homily (sheesh, the second homily I have to do for this lifetime) about Matthew 20:1-16.  I understand it and all but I don't know what it's trying to say.  What about the last becoming first and the first becoming last?  Mom will ask her cousin who's a pastor hehe  Of course that doesn't ensure anything since theology class is Catholic and mom's cousin is not.

Dad's aquarium is going to be featured in an upcoming book - the World's Best Aquariums. Naks.  That's why they got a new set of furniture for the terrace.  Actually, UP is going to have it up as some sort of educational aquarium and some students will be required to visit it once a month to measure the water quality and whatnot.

This is all for now I think.  I have to finish a banner and invitation for iDGs.

imysm. Pucca too...

Saturday, July 24, 2004

That was an adventure. I should have been home by 1:30 but I had to stay because of an ADS GA at 4:30. Then it started raining. Really hard. I was in the ACR watching Beauty and the Beast so I didn't mind. That's when the distress signals started haha there were a couple of umbrellas in the room that people were borrowing so that they could "save" a few stranded friends from different buildings. EDSA walk was flooded, Berch too. My twin got stuck in SS so triplet went to save her - after being saved himself.

Some students put up a makeshift bridge in front of Faura using plastic benches, quite innovative. It was a good thing the rain started to mellow down because the GA was in Faura. By the time I had to go there, the flood had subsided and I didn't have to cross the plastic bench bridge. I got a few to volunteer for the AIVs during the GA! And I even got to plug for Celadon's food sale next week. What I found really rude was the way I was introduced: "We kidnapped her from Celadon, the univ's so-called Fil-Chi organization, cause we wanted her to be part of the real and powerful Fil-Chi organization (referring to the ADS because 5 ADS EB members are Fil-Chi)." The food for their GA was late (actually, I don't know if the food ever came) because it got stuck in UP traffic.

I went to meet up with Triplet because he would be taking me home. I found out that he'd be taking Twin home too. There were at least 10 of us Celadoneans who got stuck in school. We weren't excited to leave because the cars in the campus and along Katipunan were NOT MOVING at all. We decided to eat dinner first and wait a while. Mom ordered me not to go home because it was late already. It was a good thing I charged my phone the night before. I can't quite imagine how the older generations got through these kinds of situations without going crazy. I still remember the long long long lines to use the payphones whenever school was suspended when I was younger.

We finally left - making sure to leave before the other students finished their Accounting exams: because if we didn't, it'd be even more traffic. Instead of making a U-turn we took the "long" route and found it to have no traffic at all! Isn't that cool ΓΌ Took us around 40 mins to get to my cousin's place. We got to bond on the way there too ^_^ My mom had the driver bring my stuff (toothbrush, pantulog, etc) there so I didn't have any problems.

Now it's 10am and I'm finally back in home sweet home. Did you have an adventure because of the rain yesterday too? Do tell haha

Monday, July 19, 2004

Dear All,
Please be informed that effective tomorrow, 15 July 2004, MMDA will implement a new traffic violation ticketing system called Metropolitan Traffic Ticket (MTT) ALONG EDSA ONLY wherein an MMDA traffic enforcer (in light blue shirts and black pants) should issue an MTT only for a traffic violation without confiscating the driver's license.  The MTT should be paid at MMDA or a Metrobank branch within seven (7) days.  An unpaid or overdue MTT will be cause for rejection of a driver's license when renewal is applied for at LTO every three (3) years.  Appeals for rejected driver's license renewals would have to be taken up in an LTO traffic court.  Drivers who have been issued MTTs should therefore keep the copy of the MTT when marked as paid at least until the next renewal of the driver's license.
Effective on Friday, 16 July 2004, Makati City will implement its new Traffic Ordinance which is basically the same set of traffic rules as that of MMDA and LTO but with higher fines for traffic violations.  This ordinance will be implemented by enforcers (in yellow shirts and black pants) of the Makati Public Safety Authority (MAPSA).  Unlike the MMDA traffic violations ticketing system, MAPSA will issue its own traffic ticket and confiscate the driver's license.  The ticket will allow a driver to drive for seven (7) days during which time he must pay the fine and retrieve his driver's license at the MAPSA headquarters in Makati City (Makati City Fire Station, Ayala Av corner Sen. Gil J. Puyat Av). It is theoretically possible for a driver to be unfortunate enough to be apprehended both by an MMDA traffic enforcer if he commits a traffic violation outside of Makati City and by a MAPSA traffic enforcer if he commits another violation again in Makati City.
Please drive carefully.
For your guidance.
Source : Ms. Corazon Castillo, the Chief of Traffic Information Division, MMDA

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Help make this dream come true! (
Anyway, I've been feeling sick this past week - since Tuesday.  Not sick with fever though, more like head aches and sniffles and sore joints and a sore throat.  I'm a bit better today although I'm definitely using this weekend to rest - apart from studying for three upcoming long tests (wish me luck!).
Happy birthday Celadon! hehe and KO too - who is as old as Celadon LOL  Can you imagine that? two good things happening seperately at the same time hehe  I think the GA was great.  The movie theme was so felt - especially when they "turned the Pav upside down" hehe Cause usually the entrance would be the center stairs and the stage would be the elevated platform.  I think it was better than last year's but I can't say really cause I might be biased, what do you guys say?
About the issue regarding Angelo dela Cruz, I think Arroyo is making the right decision to pull out troops from Iraq.  It is not our fight.  The "wrong message" that we will be sending to terrorists does not pull much weight compared to the life of a citizen.  It is not like we stop helping the Americans - so many Filipinos work in their bases!  In my opinion, the president has her priorities right.

P.S. Rensie really massages really great haha

Saturday, July 10, 2004

1. Ano'ng student number mo?

2. Nakapasa ka ba or waitlisted?

3. Paano mo nalaman ang ACET Result?
checked out the website as soon as i found out the results were up

4. First choice mo ba ang Ateneo?
i guess so

5. Alam mo ba ang ACET score mo?
no... but wanna find out just to satisfy my curiosity LOL

6. Ano ang first choice mo na course?

7. Second choice?
BS CS - hehe layo noh?

8. Ano course mo ngayon?

9. May plano ka mag-shift?
nah... maybe i'll minor in something

10. Chinito/Chinita ka ba?

11. Taga-Ateneo High?

12. Nag-enjoy ka ba sa OrSem?
yup yup

13. Saang gate ka pumasok nung first day?
i think that was gate 2

14. Nakapag-dorm ka na ba?

15. Nagka-F ka na ba?
none as final grade...yet?

16. Nagka-A?
eng11,12,13,14 hehe kinda obvious my fave subject huh?

17. Highest Grade:

18. Lowest Grade:
C+ - physics ugh

19. Worst experience sa AdMU:
so far? hell week haha

20. Lagi ka bang pumapasok sa klase?
yup... but i cut... PE and ROTC hehehe :D

21. Ano'ng org mo?
Celadon!!! the bestest, the only one i really joined and am still part of

22. May scholarship ka ba?

23. Ilang units na ang naipasa mo?
er... don't keep track but i've passed all the ones i've taken so far

24. Nangangarap ka ba na mag-Cum Laude?
basta enjoy lang :)

25. Kelan ka magtatapos?
2007 i think

26. Fave teacher:
hmm sir bataller, sir mark, sir oca, dra. batin, ma'am henares, sir capino, sir salazar.. they're cool :)

27. Worst teacher:
let's not name names... not until i graduate :D

28. Fave subject:
guess LOL

29. Worst subject:
so far, Fil

30. Fave landmark sa AdMU:
room nalang! COL 113 hehehe

31. Building:

32. Paboritong Kainan:
Celadon room nyahaha Food for Thought and Healthy Kitchen... Purefoods na rin :)

34. Estudyante ba ang binabayad mo sa Jeep?
haven't taken the jeep

35. Lagi ka ba sa Rizal Lib?
nope... too quiet!

36. Nagpunta ka ba sa Infirmary nung minsang nagkasakit ka?
haven't.. only went there to get the medical records for ROTC hehe

37. May crush ka ba sa campus?
you could say that..

38. BF/GF?

39. May balak ka ba mag-Masters o mag-PHD?
maybe... depends... whatever happens...

40. Anu-ano ang mga naging PE mo?
PE 101, ballroom dancing, table tennis (reverse order)

41. Kamusta naman ang Block nyo?
ok lang... fave ko english block ko! r06 da best :)

42. Nakapanood ka na ba ng Graduation?

43. Memorize mo ba ang Alma Mater Song?
stand on a hill? hahaha apparently not

44. Memorize mo ba ang Fabilioh?
er... no hehe

45. E ang Halikinu?
halikinu kinikina yea bo yea bo ateneo ra haha but not entirely

46. E ang Blue Eagle Spelling?
haha finally, one i memorize!

47. Member ka ba ng Team Ateneo?
we're all part of the blue babble battalion right? hehe smirk

48. Sino ang paborito momg UAAP Basketball player?
ehh wala naman... badminton nalang... ria!!! haha

49. Naka-perfect ka na ba ng exam?

50. Ano'ng ayaw mo sa hell week?
its existence

51. Dito ka ba natutong uminom ng beer o alak, manigarilyo?

52. Dito ka ba na-devirginize?

53. Ano'ng gusto mo sa school natin?
CELADON!!! wheee

54. Ano'ng ayaw mo?
standards committee hehe the elitist attitude

55. Bumili ka na ba sa A-Shop?
i bought an Ateneo shirt during orsem :D

56. Maganda ba ID pic mo?
yup yup haha super nakagrin LOL

57. May ginawa ka na bang illegal sa loob ng campus?
didn't wear ID hehe

58. Nakabili ka na ba ng gamit sa National Katips?
Yup yup... books, spur of the moment birthday gift..

59. Nag-Starbucks ka na ba sa Katips?
went in, didn't buy anything

60. Gusto mo bang mag-aral uli?
ayawwww hahaha

Yesterday was great. He treated me to Burgoo - steak fajitas and seafood pasta. mmm... haha we were actually late for the movie even though we arrived an hour early. I bought the tickets earlier yesterday but by then the center seats were already taken so we ended up at the right, still aisle though. Of course the movie ended late cause we got the last show for that cinema. We passed by McDonald's before we left.

Now I don't know whether to be sad cause he left again or happy cause I had a wonderful time last night. We got stuck at the basement parking for a little less than an hour haha Guess everyone was leaving too - no more shops open aside from McDonald's LOL Now I have Pucca to keep me company ^_^

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

1.What makes you happy?
not having that, which having, makes me UNhappy

2. Would you change yourself to make someone else happy?
in that someone else's dreams

3. If you knew the truth was gonna hurt you, would you still wanna hear it?
yep... what i don't know can hurt me :(

4. Do long distance relationships work?
tell me if you find out

5. How many people do you know that share your birthday?
2 ata..

6. Is there anyone that you would risk your life for?

7. Person that other people say you look like:
i still maintain that they look like me (paige, lizzie mcguire)

8. What animal would you not want to be turned into?

9. Favorite symbol on the keyboard:

10. Do you spend a lot of time on the computer?
too much

12. Do you realize that most things are temporary?

13. How long has it been since you went to the mall?
5 days

14. What's the last movie you saw in a theater?
spiderman 2

15. Do you like to write poetry?
used to.. i guess i still do

16. Do you like to read poetry?

17. What is your favorite color of ink to write in?

18. Would you rather write in pen or pencil?
sign pen :)

19. How tall are you?
5'4"... ok.... 5'4.5" happy??

20. Who is your favorite person to talk to offline?

21. Who is your favorite person to talk to online?

22. Do you like rain?
not if i have to be outdoors

23. Do you think lightning is awesome?
pretty scary

24. Do you have glow-in-the-dark stars?
nope... but i have glow-in-the-dark butterflies :D

25. If you suffocate a smurf, what color will he turn?
green definitely (hehehe cause i tried to... haha jk)

Wah.. feeling so so so so so tired. and guilty too (how else would you feel if you FORGET someone??) arghhhh

Monday, July 5, 2004

weh. i'm tired haha had fitness test during pe 101. did 10 situps in a minute nyahah (that's like one every six seconds - not bad since i've never done a "legal" situp before ever) but made up for it with my 36 pushups (women's) - ROTC helped :D sit and reach = 11 (inches? i don't know for sure) I gained so much weight but maybe that's because I just finished eating lunch? hahaha just don't want to admit i'm fatter than i think.

no SA21 for the week because teacher is in baguio. yipee! alright I admit my tuition fee is so high and i at least deserve to learn something but... i can learn lots more things outside the classroom yes? haha and i'm annoyed with some of my SA21 classmates - they make fun of everything so that it isn't funny anymore. some comments are witty but others are just stupid.

watching spidey 2 on friday again ^_^

Saturday, July 3, 2004

dreams are just shocking. i was reading my diary today because of the late night bonding session i had with my friends last night. and here's a short clipping from my March 17, 2002 entry.

"the dream started when i was talking with a friend (i don't remember which). she mentioned that someone was coming who wanted her to introduce me to him. "right about now." in comes this gorgeous guy. my friend introduced me to him. he was wearing all black though i can't remember his face exactly."

i seldom write about dreams in my offline diary, prefering to write about real events. i don't know why i wrote about this one, much less why i even remember it until now. well i don't really remember it but it got pushed back into my conscious memory when we were talking about dreams yesterday.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) is in a weird bundle of emotions right now (all at the same time). I don't know, I don't think it's ever been like this before. Everyone's feeling cranky and lonely and sad and confused and angsty and so on. I really think it's school. Too much work, too little fun. Not that last night wasn't fun. Last night was a really great bonding experience with my two closest friends in Celadon. I wonder why I'm always a two-friends person. Like it's always me and two other people. Not Lizzie McGuire ok? :p Or Paige for that matter. See, everyone seems to be a two-friends person anyway. Except maybe the Power Rangers or Animorphs.

PS. Re my last post, I killed the mosquito :D and the day after that I killed 6 and yesterday I killed one more. Yey, death to the mosquitos.