Friday, April 30, 2004

I visited school today.. not just for visitation purposes though. School is actually fun if you don't have anything to study for ;) 3 of my blockmates have decided to shift from AB to BS. Traitors hahaha jk 2 won't be studying in the same school anymore. That's 19 - 5 = 14 people! Hope some people shift in. The sad part is, one of those who shifted out is my closest blockie :( She has to join Celadon haha

Celadon project proposal for ACiDG's - due today
Celadon budget proposal for ACiDG's - due today
ADS invitation letter for AIV's - due Saturday (self-set deadline)
ACiDG's logo - ASAP
Set AIV's plansem - ASAP
Yearbook little ican's and mini-intro poems - contact Tin and Deng by Saturday (self-set deadline)
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - with cousins
Troy - with semi-apo
Van Helsing - with apo and semi-apo
Trumpets play - for semi-apo, probably with apo

Things I can't do but want to:
OrSem Sec committee
ICAAA web team
UCM library online
Chancel (chancel only happens every other summer)
Spend more time relaxing and visiting and stuff ^_^ (can't do enough of that haha)

Oooh so sweet. Our old maid visited us today. (The one that left us to get married). She's so nice. Kakamiss, she was really a friend.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Wahhh what a tiring day. night actually. don't know if it's because of my bleak mood or if it's the other way around (i.e. which came first, being tired or having a bleak mood??).

let's talk about the restaurant.

being the eldest grandkid (mom's side), i end up sitting at the kids' table while my brother gets to sit with the aunt and uncles and have wonderfully meaningful conversation with them. see, i have to take care of the kids. not that i resent it. it's just that... hmm i dunno LOL i got stuck in between K (2kim told her to sit at my left side) and Jesi (3e told her to sit at my left). Nats wanted to sit beside me too. She was in my good graces (cause she hugged me hehehe i'm easy enough to please) so I told her she could sit on my lap but only until the food arrived. not only did she sit but she also bounced around. weh.

When the food finally came, she went back beside Jesi and quietly decided to chain herself to the chair. Not my problem. My problem was getting food to K, Jesi (who's a pickier eater than I am), and M (who's my favorite among all of them). It's a good thing J already knows how and Corinne (who still refuses to speak) could manage too. I really don't like K. Compared to her bro (M), she's...well.. a GIRL. hahaha inaaway pa nya ako ha! tinutulungan ko na nga... taray-taray. -_-

Jesi has a very condescending attitude that has to be... 'fixed.' Jesi is the top of her batch in Jubilee, is super grade conscious, and she believes she has a very delicate constitution. She never eats the food everyone else eats and has to order special food. I don't know and everyone else doesn't know if this is psychological from being babied too much. What we do know is that she's thin. Thinner than my brother. She hates F4 and wishes they didn't exist because her achi (J) keeps talking about them. Why should it be fixed... well i have no idea.. it just does accdg to me (yes, i'm acting like a condescending all-knowing achi). But, in fairness, J really is obsessed, she wants me or auntie annabelle to marry Vanness (spelling?). I ask her why she doesn't marry him instead and she says the age gap is too wide (12 years if i remember her telling me correctly).

After the meal (which was messy because K was beside me), J, Corinne, M and K played slapjack. J was using her power of seniority (which i always use hehe) to call when the game ended and who got to slap first (her). Corinne was talking to them! Fine. I remember when she called the house to talk to my mom and I answered the phone, I really did not recognize her voice. I was thinking... weird girl kid voice like the one in those creepy movies where dolls could talk. M was a gent as usual. Whenever he'd win, he'd just tap his sister's hand lightly. Alala ko tuloy si Wes and Sheila when they played in the bus on the way home from summer camp.. when was that.. don't remember na..

Wil was calm and collected and infinitely more patient with the kids, probably because they weren't seated beside him. Thank heavens he was there. Wayne was talking about the summer con... I guess Wes would be going too. Ayoko na. I don't have any business going to the summer con and if ever I do I'd be ask to keep an eye on J (haha how ironic, Wayne and Wes were asked to keep an eye on ME just a few years back).

Ayoko na nga. Tulog nalang ako. Yep, tired. Actually, I've been feeling tired often. Di na ako sanay sa maraming ginagawa haha tsk tsk

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

hmm medyo tired cause i've been typing for my mom all day. have to finish it by tomorrow. not so bad. 2 more pages :) for that, my mom bought me a new book (it's bribery i know!) haha Digital Fortress by the same author of Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. I never did post here how much I liked the two books. Both were very interesting. Hope this third book is just as good or even better :)

before i read it though, i borrowed a book from the polo library - its title is very curious and i've been meaning to find a copy and had not had the time until now. it's called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I'm sure you've heard of it. I've read up to the 6th chapter. it's so amusing! I really see my mom and dad. basically it says that men and women are different because they're made different but that their differences complement one another. men (martians) love hiding in their caves to solve problems on their own while women (venusians) love talking about their problem and just want someone's undivided attention. so interesting, no wonder i'm taking psychology. :D

Monday, April 19, 2004

What I wrote in my diary about the past two weeks (edited of course!):

April 5, 2004 (in Guilin)
We woke up at 7, took turns taking a shower (Justin and I share a room) then went down for breakfast. Surprise! Achi Maybelle (from lighthouse reco team) was there too. The first stop for the day was the river tour. Had lunch in the boat, slept for a period of time too. The mountains are amang. One, my favorite, is shaped like a wolf's head. Another, I invented on my own, looks like a rhino drinking water. When the guide said there are 33,000 mountains in Guilin, I was not surprised. When boat touched bank, we had to walk around 20 mins to the bus. The walk was wonderful. Trees line both side of the road (orchards actually). Another interesting part of our trip was the comfort room. They don't have toilet bowls and they don't have locks on the doors. The solution for the latter - sing! For the former, the process of using a hole in the ground is much harder.
Next stop was a chemical pace where they make Chinese herbal medicine (watermelon powder, magic mushroom, black ants, etc.). They emphasize the importance of using both Chinese and western medicine. We went back to the hotel to rest then proceeded to a restaurant. We ate rabbit!! Even had snake soup. Other delicacies including snails proved to be yummy enough. The group split up after eating. Some went shopping. We went to watch a cultural minority show. It was highly impressive. We were seated at the table closest to the stage, really good view. I like the Tibetan dance where the girls had really long sleeves. Well, the show had many cute dances and costumes besides that. The acrobatics show was performed by children. You kinda imagine how hard their lives must be. Practice 24/7. They probably breathe, eat and sleep performances.
After the show, we went to watch fishermen using birds to catch fish by tying the necks of the birds so that they can't swallow the fish they catch. Cool! ^_^ Come musicians played Chinese instruments inside the boat. I actually remember Erhu from Ms. Aldave's music class. Then we rode the bus again for a quick look at the night lights. The sun (gold) and moon (silver) pagodas are gorgeous. One lake was beautifully lit and one part of the river had an artificial but nevertheless magnificent water fall cascading from the rocks. Tomorrow, we go to Elephant Hill, Reed Flute Cave and a park. Then we fly to Xiamen.

April 6, 2004
The first thing we did this morning was visit Reed Flute Cave. Their imagination certainly is wild. Some stalatites were shaped like string beans, fish and so on. Stalagmites looked like snowmen, lions, cities, etc. I loved the way the cave roof was reflected by the water that makes the 3-inch deep puddle look so deep. Like an underwater garden perhaps. After the cave, we went to a tea park. We were showed the process of tea-making and tea drinking. We were able to try 4 teas: Osmanthus, Green, Oolong (and oolong with ginseng) and High Mountain tea. Very hot LOL We went to the shop afterwards where mom bought "tea cand" which I'm guessing, is just peanut brittle in cubes. I'm not very fond of it.
We ate lunch in a hotel - the setting looked very familiar - think "Peking Garden" hehe The food was very good. Nothing exotic but it's good ol' Chinese food. Our next stop was Elephant Trunk Hill - really aptly named I think. Justin and I bought an artistically represented version of our Chinese name (like a painting almost). Then I wore a red costume and dad took my picutre. I felt stupid but that's another one for my collection :)
Next we went to Returned Pearl Cave. The story of the name - a little boy stole a pearl from an old man but his mum told him to return it so he did and the old man turned into a dragon hehe corny. Well, there, we saw a giant cauldron god for 1000 people, a giant bell, a statue of giant warrior and his rearing horse and a stalactite almost touching the ground - but not quite. It's said to be lucky - so many things are considered lucky: where your ancestors are buried, the upside down fu, touching this and that rock, eating this and that mushroom. You have to wonder why society needed to create that kind of culture.
After that, Cherry, Joan and her husband, Aileen, Carl, what's-his-name and I went up the hill (luckily we didn't fall down and break our crowns) to see the view which wasn't as pretty as I hoped. It certainly was "breathtaking" though - imagine climbing up 325 slippery steps (we counted on the way down) made out of rock! Not to mention a large lizard just HAD to dash down a rock and make me see it. Ugh. The older ones and Justin didn't go up anymore.

April 7, 2004
Xian is... well the food we had this evening as really good. Still Chinese of course. Yesterday, when we arrived at the airport, I saw Dar and her family. They're in the same tour group as mom's cousin and family. They're touring the same places as we are except in reverse order. In this ancient city, our tour guide is Bryan. I like Cindy better (Guilin tour guide). Anyway, New World Hotel here has a grand lobby but the rooms are lousy. The one I share with Justin is so small compared to the other rooms and we have a creepy mirror. Today, our tour started at the ancient city wall. It's the city's protection against invaders built during the Ming dynasty 600 years ago. Width of 3km and length of 4km. Really thick and the stairs are pretty high too.
The next stop was the terracota-making factory. They use clay near the orginal location of the real terracota warriors. First they mold the clay, trim it by hand and add more details, leave it to air dry (sun dry is too quick) then fry it in the kiln using coal. Another product there is glazed tiles. We had a not-very-good lunch after visiting a hot spring where the concubine Yang used to take her baths. The story is that the emperor's wife died and he wanted a new wife. He did not like anyone in his harem so some suggested Uang, the girl engaged to his son! The emperor got her from his son and spent so much time with her he neglected his duties. The people got mad and revolted. They made the emperor agree to have Yang hanged.
After lunch, we ent to the Terracota warrior museum. Highly impressive! These were found by 2 farmers building a well in 1974. One of the farmer still signs autographs for tourists in the museum. He is around 70 years old already. Terracota warriors were created in preparation for Emperor Qin's death. He was emperor at the age of 13 and ruled for a little more than 35 years (I think). He unified China and was the one who started construction of the Great Wall too. Pit no. 1 houses 6.000 terracota warriors. All of them were destroyed over time because some soldiers burned them and the pillars collapsed. The restoration process however is astounding! I would love to work there. We watched a movie (circular screen so that all sides and angles are seen) about it - nakakahilo! Funny thing is, I saw Ms. Ang there too! Pit no. 2 has the archers and generals. There are only 8 generals (high ranking officilas) found so far. Another part shows the bronze chariot weighing more than 2 tons! And they're really rather small - certainly not as large as the actual terracota warriors and horses. The walk to the museum and back to the parking lot was super long. Our guide even fought with the guard at the back exit who ouldn't let us take a short cut by leaving from the back. Dinner was fantastic (as mentioned earlier). The waitress was really nice. When you say "Thank you," she answers "it's a pleasure." Of course, with her Chinese accent, it sounds like "it's a pressure." o_O;; After walking around a bit and taking a picture in front of the bell tower, I'm back at the hotel.

April 8, 2004
Today... first we visited the big wild goose pagoda. It's 7 stories high and used to house Buddhist scrolls that the Tang monk (hehe hello Tang LOL) got from India. After that, we went to a small museum showing the art side [eh? I don't understand what I wrote in my diary haha]. There were some statues with Chinese costumes - they basically looked like Hotohori haha The monk reminded me of Chichiri (even had a staff too). After that, we had a good lunch and dizzying flight to Beijing. The traffic is really bad! From the airport to the restaurant, it took as 1 hour and 30 minutes. The food wasn't really astounding maybe because Peking Garden and other Manila restaurants offer pretty good Peking duck. The foreigners were very amused. It happened that a large group from Norway suddenly entered. A guy started singing and dad said "dinner's just starting and he's already drunk." It turned out that all of them were part of some choir. They sang together with him a beautiful prayer (um we assumed it was a prayer but the only word we could understand was Alleluia hehe) - with harmonizing and voicings. It was a surprise certainly.

April 9, 2004
Went to Tiananmen square, forbidden city (where I saw Ketty LOL), medicine place, summer palace and watched an acrobatic show. Had lunch at Wahaha (LOL funny name) and had good dinner. Tired..

April 11, 2004
Yesterday, we visited a Jade carving factory and one of 13 Ming emperor's tombs. The underground palace was amazing. Afterwards, we had lunch in a restaurant above a cloissone workshop. They fill spaces using enamel - looks like fun! Our next stop was the Great Wall of China. 6,000 km total, around 7-8 m high. Some parts are thicker than others. I got to climb up to 4 towers. Dad made me stop climbing. Surprisingly, my legs hardly hurt right now. They felt a bit shaky after climbing and going down though. The steps were uneven, the slope was steep and sometimes the handrail was too low to reach. Beijing is actually warmer than Xian and Guilin. I'm not even using my jacket. I'm having some kind of allergic reaction though - either bec of the dry weather or the willow tree feathers.
While the rest of the group went to a silk factory after, my family separated from the group to go back to the hotel and meet up with dad's friend, Consul Mi and his wife Lulu. Lulu's really nice and pretty. Her English is really good (she took up English in college) for a Chinese. They took us to a Hot Pot restaurant - the lamb (mutton) was tender and just delicious. We went shopping a bit after. We took the subway going to the hotel. It's not the insert-card type like MTR/MRT.

The next two nights were spent in Shanghai. I think I like it better than Beijing even though there's not much history attached to it. It's the largest port in China if I remember right. The group was pretty tired of seeing gardens and rock formations so we just looked at a jade Buddha then went shopping. Nanking Road and Shanghai Road I think. I bought a backpack with a 56% discount hehehe We also went to the Shanghai aquarium (dad's idea of course) and I must admit it was cool! There's this huge croc (or alligator) and dad said it's real but I don't know what to believe... it was just there and it was so HUGE. o_O The seahorse that was likened to a dragon was interesting. Oh and apparently it's mating season for penguins. We went back to the hotel via subway too! That evening we went up the Pearl TV station. It's another one of those needle type towers like the one in Seattle. Got to see the Bundt from up there but we didn't go there anymore.

HK was... the same LOL it's not super fun if you go there all the time. Saw Moses in the airport though don't think he saw me. Spent so much money! I discovered a really yummy snack though - aside from the salmon sashimi at the ground floor of my aunt's apartment which I practically bought a serving of everyday :D I dunno how to describe it - pancakes or waffles that are shaped like puffy circles nyahaha HK$10 for one brown bag. There's this really bitchy saleslady who refused to take coins. I bought from the shop opposite hers instead! bleh. There were other nice salespeople though. The guys at Mirabell store knew how to speak a little Filipino already because there are so many Filipinos in HK! One lady who owns a little restaurant said I was pretty ^_^ hihi She showed me a picture of her daughter and I must admit the similarities haha But I'm fat *sulk* Ate so much. Drats.

Well, it's great to be back home :)

Thursday, April 15, 2004

in HK. bored. Just finished shopping. and spent more than 700 bucks o_O i don't even want to shop. but my dad says i have to cause i'm a good girl. right. i'd rather chat. and you know it. i'll be posting my diary entries for the past week soon. it's about our trip to china :D very long hehe