Saturday, January 31, 2004

Popoy... ... ... hahaha Met Stephen in a chatroom, then he broke his very first promise to me, but we're still good friends nyahaha Actually, Popoy's the only guy who succeeded in getting me out of my annoyed phase - i.e. when I get annoyed at a guy and refuse any form of communication from him. Which is actually a big achievement - yes, be proud of yourself. Technically he's my "best friend sa chat." He knows my moods soooo well. But he's a shnnnobbb :P

Didn't keep my promise to myself of no Coke. I couldn't help it!!! Can't help it today... After ROTC, I HAVE to drink Coke :D Erg. This is wrong. But I love it too much. When I was younger, I loved Pepsi. But one time, I totally switched loyalties. I don't really remember why. All I know is, I was the only one in my HS class who could tell the difference. Which I don't understand because they taste differently!! Did you know that Pepsi is named after Dyspepsia, which it's supposed to help cure? haha trivia.

Celadon week's over. Kinda sad. Although I'm sure the bosses are relieved it's over. I think it was great, esp. the Shaolin monks. Bought a kilo of crab balls and another kilo of fish tofu hahaha That's what you end up doing after spending so much time at the food stall. Something a friend said bothered me a bit - about how I "really belong to finance." I dunno. I know Math likes me even if I don't like it. Nah HR still the best hahaha :P

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Can someone please remind me never to get too absorbed in a book? haha like that's ever happening. I have smudges all over my forehead because I have to brush strands of hair aside every so often - using fingers that look like they belong to Hubert from Mary Poppins (ya know, chimney sweep? HaL, not you.). Think "hands after reading the newspapers." A bit dirtier cause it takes longer for me to read a book, and I hardly read newspapers anymore LOL

Aside from being sooted, my forehead was also red a while ago. Again. As convenient as it is, the naturally dark vertical streak is also alarming. I don't know if it's studying for chem that's been causing my stress or simply the unpredictable weather. Then again, I've been running in and out of the library (a place which I really hate) and getting subjected to sudden and extreme changes in temperature. Plus, PE was very tiring - even my cheeks were red, as if I were a blushing idiot. Almost as red as the can of Coke I was downing. I seriously need to control my addiction. No Coke tomorrow. Yea right.

Speaking of color, my mom's comment on my henna: It's nice... it would be better if it were colored. Yea. I think so too? Hrm. I used to be so interested in face paint. There's this lady in some fancy hotel we used to dine in for lunch every Sunday and she'd entertain the kids and offer her face painting services for free. Being the oldest among the kids, I enjoyed talking to her too. If I remember right, her name's Mary Ann and her kid used to study in La Salle GH but transferred to Phil. Sci. Her sister does face painting too. That's all I can remember actually... Wonder if she still works there.

Rode the MRT today and I just noticed that it's not the MRT at all. On the tickets, it's clearly written SRT : Strong Republic Transit System. Blimey. Let's just call it Metrostar shall we? Sat beside two deaf guys. I really want to learn sign language. My second cousin is actually deaf and so I was granted a "sign language name" a long time ago. Basically, with your right hand, touch the letter K to your right cheek then transfer it to your left cheek - kinda like your hand giving you a "beso-beso." Anyway...there's this place near school called LINK CENTER that's offering lessons - rather expensive ones. But after a dozen or so courses, "graduates" get to be "licensed sign language interpreters of the Philippines." Or something like that. Minimum of 5 to start a class though. Besides, as enthusiastic as I am, I don't have time - and money. I just spent one fifth of my allowance for my brother's birthday gift. And then some. This so isn't the place for me to discuss my finances.

For tomorrow: Reaction paper for Lit and a map to draw. I think that's all I have to do. I'll do it later. Maybe. hahaha

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Got an A in math midterms! Definitely cool. Now I'll just wait for the results of my Lit midterms and Chem long test.

Speaking of Chem, joined one of those elimination rounds. The trivia questions are very interesting. e.g. what element is mentioned in a Christmas carol? I answered gold (en rings!) but afterwards I asked others who took the test and they said they put silver (bells!) LOL Then there's "for what was albert einstein awarded the nobel prize for chemistry" I answered hydrogen bomb and I think I got it right. Pure guesswork haha I just hate leaving items blank. There's a possibility of partial if not whole points ;)

Oh yea, Christian Jack, welcome to the family :) Now everyone's up one level. i.e. I'm technically an "aunt" haha My grandfather has his first great grandson. His second great grandkid is coming soon (in theaters near you!) Well not exactly haha both are in the States. One is German-Chinese-Filipino, the other is Chinese-Chinese-Filipino. Labo hahaha

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Sir, Loyalty, sir
Sir, If you work for a man
In Heaven's name, work for him
Speak well of him
And stand by the institution in which he represents
Remember than an ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness
If you must growl, condemn or eternally find fault
Why not resign your position
And when you are on the outside
Damn to your heart's content
As long as you are part of the institution
Do not condemn it
. For if you do so
The next high wind that comes along will blow you away
And you will probably never know why Sir!

-- Ateneo ROTC Fourth Class Cadet Syllabus (SY 2003-2004) p. 11

Monday, January 26, 2004

"Daph!" *attempts to crane neck towards direction of caller* Owch. *Decides to turn entire body around.* That's how it was the entire time I was in school.

I'm not really close to most of my course blockmates so I was surprised a while ago when one of them sent me a text message just to ask if I was OK. He thought that I cut one of my classes when in fact I only sat in a different seat (basically, everyone knows it as my throne :D) That really made my day :) The underlying implication of course was that I would never cut a class unless I wasn't feeling OK. Not entirely true. Just a common misconception. Still, I only cut when the grades don't figure in the QPI (i.e. PE and NSTP) haha Smirk. I really think my standards have lowered since college started. Badbadbad.

Anyway, I got a rather belated Christmas gift today wheee haha :D from my kabarkada! That's just the kind of barkada we are. And I don't expect anything more or anything less. We hardly get together but we don't mind. We could go months without contacting one another but that doesn't mean we don't care. A lot of this basically shows that we're still the unusual barkada we started out as. In fact, in those (good ol') days, we didn't think we were a "barkada." We just ate lunch with one another. Anyone was welcome at our table, usually those who, like ourselves, weren't part of the well-established cliques. Restless wanderers with certain "issues" from different "walks of life." Sometimes we were 9, other times, only 2. But whatever our differences, all of us had a streak of independence a mile wide - and we still do.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

I have a really stiff neck. I can tilt my head to the left but if I tilt it to the right, ugh. Let's not complain, at least I'm still alive and breathing mwehehe

Thursday, January 22, 2004

You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.

"And The Phoenix's cycle had reached
zenith, so he consumed himself in fire. He
emerged from his own ashes, to be forever

Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl
(Aztec), Shiva (Indian), and Ra-Atum
The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life,
the number 0, and the element of fire.
His sign is the eclipsed sun.

As a member of Form 0, you are a determined
individual. You tend to keep your sense of
optimism, even through tough times and have a
positive outlook on most situations. You have
a way of looking at going through life as a
journey that you can constantly learn from.
Phoenixes are the best friends to have because
they cheer people up easily.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I was kinda expecting myself to be a phoenix. Certainly not a dragon like Lu Jean and the other forms aren't really me: Demon, Gryphon, Elfin, Gargoyle, Unicorn (hmm the picture of innocence), Vampire (well...i pretend to be one haha), Angel, Goddess. Or maybe I'm just babbling.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Ox: Patient, down-to-earth, precise, diligent, honest, reserved, strong, persistent, conservative, solid, trustworthy, introverted but a commanding and eloquent speaker and good leader. Also vengeful, obstinate, demanding, slow, proud, jealous, naive in relationships, and a loner and sore loser. Good as a surgeon, general, or hairdresser. (NOTE: i'm definitely not interested in becoming a sturgeon.. este, surgeon) :D
Compatible with Snakes and Roosters, not Ram.
In 2004: Lucky Ox! This is your year to prosper! You will be sought after by important people. Also expect good news for your family or a new job or promotion. Also, new ventures or partnerships can be foreseen.

I'm not very superstitious either (in reference to HaL's blog entry) but, Year of the Monkey, ready or not, here I come ;)

Friday, January 16, 2004

My eyes are hopelessly swollen, not just because of a sleepless night but made even worse by an act of sheer stupidity. I know sins are forgiven. Being stupid is not a sin - it is something I must accept I have. Too bad I have to be a bridesmaid on Sunday. So if I don't feel pretty, how in da world am I supposed to pull of looking pretty for others? I'm not going to cry. I refuse to cry over spilled milk.

I cast all my cares upon You
I lay all of my burden
Down at Your feet
And anytime I don't know what to do
I will cast all my cares upon You.

I lift my eyes up to the mountains
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from you
Maker of Heaven
Creator of the Earth

How I need you Lord
You are my only hope
You're my only prayer
So I will wait for you
To come and rescue me
Come and give me life!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I'm in a pretty good mood, as compared to the one I was in yesterday. Had one of those whims and decided to make rice crispy marshmallows. Only I couldn't find the rice crispies so I used cocopops instead :D The hard part wasn't melting the marshmallows or mixing the cocopops in with it... Nope... it was slicing it up into squares that tired me. The mallows kept sticking to the knife. At least I was using the right side of the knife this time. Eh? Don't ask...

The recipe for Rice Crispy / CocoPop Mallows

3 c marshmallows
3 c rice crispies or cocopops
1.5 T margarine or butter

1. Melt margarine or butter in a large saucepan (low heat). Melt the marshmallows too.
2. When it's all melted, take the pan off the flame and put in the rice crispies / pops. Mix until well-covered.
3. Put wax paper over one of those baking trays.
4. Then flop the conglomerated glop (i swear that's what it looks like!) onto it and use a spatula to even everything out. Wait for it to cool.
5. Cut into squares. Makes around 16 squares. Enjoy! :9

Of course washing the utensils and pan is a different story.

If anyone wants a massage, I can recommend a great masseuse. She'll go to your house. Just ask me for her number. :D

Monday, January 12, 2004

Two hours ago I ransacked my entire table looking for my beloved PILOT sign pen. I didn't find it even though I removed all my junk and placed it on the floor. I found it now. In my pocket. Of course, all the junk's still on the floor. Oops.

Rode an MRT car with a functioning airconditioning unit!! Whoopee. o_O!

Have a math LT tomorrow. Sigh. -_-

I'm still fat. Duh?? *_*

Huana bwe hiao pai se (or however you spell that). Weh. >.<

Noodles and coke. Yummy!! :9

I'm mean. So what else is new... :D

Parents' room rearranged. Disorienting. @_#

Aquarium being filled with water. Glug. ~.~

Some things never change... but some things do ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2004

His look was like a thousand words
That whispered to my empty heart
The kindest things I've ever heard
As if he'd known me from the start
I saw the sunshine through his eyes
It melted me like winter snow
I saw the sunshine through his eyes
I'll never let it go
I'll never let it go

Hold me close
Let your love surround me
Bring me near
Draw me to your side
And as I wait
I'll rise up like the eagle
And I will soar with you
Your spirit leads me on
In the power of your love

Jesus, joy of my desire
You have set my heart on fire
Only you alone can satisfy
Pour your love upon
This heart of mine
I want more of you

You are my strength when I am weak
You are the treasure that I seek
You are my all in all
Seeking you as a precious jewel
Lord to give you up I'd be a fool
You are my all in all

Knowing you Jesus
Knowing you
There is no greater thing
You're my all, you're my rest
You're my joy, my righteousness
And I love you Lord

I love you Lord
And I lift my voice
To worship you
All my soul rejoice
Take joy my king
In what you hear
Let it be a sweet sweet sound
In your ear

I will cast all my cares upon you
I lay all of my burden
Down at your feet
And everytime I don't know
What to do
I will cast all my cares upon you

I wanna be Lord
Just like you
In all the good things that I wanna do
Listen to my heart Lord
Yes it's true
When I give your gifts
And share your joy
And show your love
O Lord how I wanna be like you...

- from various songs

Friday, January 9, 2004

Broke another record today - longest time it has taken me to get home! Spent 3 hours in the car and it wasn't even raining -_- usually only takes 2 to get home (not straight from school). I could be in HK already!! But no, I was just caught up in the traffic of Manila streets. Processions that have people lining up the streets and holding candles while walking at a turtle's pace should be banned.

Of course the place I stopped by before heading home made me all the more depressed. I'm so FATTT!!!! The dress I had to fit was practically exploding. It could be pretty if I were thinner. Say a LOT thinner. My favorite dress is still the one I wore to the junior prom. I love the way it has the built-in necklace and the beads that form something like a halter.

Speaking of that dress, let me recount a very "mentos moment." I wore the said gown to my kabarkada's debut just a few months ago. Something must have happened that made one of the string of beads unravel. Literally, I was raining beads, leaving a trail of maroon and copper ones around the hotel. I decided to tie a knot at the end but that didn't work. And so... With much resignation, I went up to the front desk and asked for a pair of scissors. I cut the other side of the string that was still attached to the dress and unclapsed the necklace. Now, voila, halter becomes tube ;) It's a new dress entirely hahaha No one (certainly not my dance partner - well, guys hardly notice anything LOL) even noticed that the beads I was wearing earlier that night suddenly disappeared >o_O< Will have it fixed.. when I have the time.

That, unfortunately, is something I really need to manage more wisely - if I ever plan to maintain what I have. I have a hell week coming up, from Jan 12-16... Two organizations, three big tests in two major subjects, two papers and that never-ending yearbook. I really can't wait to see it nicely bound and properly printed. Exciting! That is, if we can finish it. I'm so sleepy. Good night!

Thursday, January 8, 2004

It's something intimate. I suppose the sense of touch makes it that way. Hurts a bit but it's gentle at the same time. I wonder how people started figuring out how to do it. Technically, it's as much of a science and art as, say, karate. The same control over how much power to exert is involved. Except the result isn't cutting a guy up into pieces. After the first time, I actually fell asleep immediately. It's not so much exhaustion as it is relaxation. Can't wait till the masseuse comes again.

Broke the "going home from school" barrier today. It only took me 30 mins! 30 mins!! That's practically a miracle. But I decided not to do anything constructive because a fit of laziness struck. So I watched Scooby Doo (movie) then read (Third Time Lucky by Meg Cabot). After reading so many books by Cabot, anyone will notice how her works follow a pattern. The main problem: lack of communication. Or no communication at all.

Still, it's easy to relate to. Probably because the world lacks communication. Then again, I don't want to communicate to the mosquitoes that think I'm a buffet table. I'll just kill them. Killed 2 today (yes, I'm so evil bwahaha)

Well, anyway, back to the books. I don't mind that they're somewhat predictable and idiotic. I twinkle when I read her books. Take, for example, the day I was reading one near the end of last school year: everyone thought I was nuts because I was grinning for no apparent reason (they didn't see the book I was holding under my table).

But I enjoy books in general. It's hard to pinpoint my exact favorite. I love the Phantom of the Opera and the Count of Monte Cristo but I also appreciate Harry Potter and Nancy Drew. Some books I can't stand but it's my theory that it's a case of immaturity. I read Little Women in fifth grade (required) and found it utterly boring but I read it again as a high school student and declared it to be one of the best.

The same is true for Sherlock Holmes and Shakespearean works. mmm Shakespeare is a genius! I can only wonder how he was able to write so beautifully! I found the lines below particularly captivating that I've memorized them without meaning to:

B: What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours?
R: That, which having, makes them short.
B: In love?
R: Out.
B: Of love?
R: Out of her favor where I am in love.
(Romeo and Juliet)

And of course I have a fair mastery of the ever-famous balcony scene. Yet, I most enjoy the ending of that: Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye till it be morrow. From the tragic Macbeth, I like the soliloquy:

M: Out, out brief candle
Life is but a walking shadow
A poor player that struts and frets
His hour upon the stage
And then is hear no more
It is a tale told by an idiot
Full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.

L: I burn, I pine, I perish! (Taming of the Shrew) See, he puts a lot of emotion into his words. Very magical and charming. And a lot of thought too. I don't know how long it took him to reflect on his words they're very useful in everyday life (e.g. To be or not to be, that is the question - Hamlet). Urg. I have to do the synthesis for my group. "I defy you stars!" (R and J) hahaha But before I exit, one of his sonnets for you to enjoy:

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May
And summer's lease hath all too short a date.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

After reading an email from one of my 18 (!!) yahoo groups, I remember a chat session with my third apo some time ago.. He was mad because one of his friends did something he considered a betrayal. I don't blame him for being angry. Who wouldn't be hurt? Yet, I remember telling him that those kinds of people exist so you can appreciate more your true friends. I should pay attention to my own advice next time. It's always easier to assess a situation if you're not part of it.

Like this other time when the same apo told me he was going to Enchanted Kingdom with his buddies but he didn't want to ride the Space Shuttle. I told him simply, then don't. But peer pressure isn't always that easy to handle. Even if you are (like he is) the class president. However, being a dodo is a different story. There's a line you shouldn't be willing to cross no matter how many other people tell you to.

I suppose it has a lot to do with confidence. They say that first-borns usually have the highest self esteem. They don't care what other people think because earlier in their life, all the attention and praise of his or her parents were focused solely on him or her. So his or her actions are deeply rooted in what his or her parents want. This birth order theory isn't actually scientifically supported because a similar environment can be created for the younger children but there's still a tendency.

For me, psychology isn't really a field full of laws. In fact, it will be hard to generalize because of the uniqueness of each individual and how he or she relates with others. For example, not all families follow the pattern of the Oedipus complex. It shows a bit in my family but not all the time. In fact, I think I'm closer to my mom, even though I also think that my dad is closer to me. Tired of thinking. Will drink noodle soup now :9 yummyyyyy Lately, I have one every afternoon :)

Monday, January 5, 2004

Today is a day. A day is today. Today will be tomorrow. Tomorrow will be today. What am I saying. I'm still pining away over my break while wishing it were summer already. I can't wait to stay in front of my computer the whole day again (maybe remembering to eat and sleep) like I did last summer and the summer before that haha It's the best way to spend the long blissful months, I've discovered. It's cheaper than going abroad too.

Plus, I don't have to hide from anyone because I can just click the ignore or invisible button if I so please. Yes, I'm a coward so shoot me. In fact, I had a little surprise waiting in my inbox today from one of those er.. for lack of a better word, avoidees - sorry, more of that in my offline diary.

At the same time, I don't want the days to go by so fast. I have so many responsibilities to fulfill that I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up. But I've managed high school, which, I found out recently, is actually a "college prep (preparatory)" school, so I should be able to manage. Perhaps not with the same ease but I'll try to do so with the same enthusiasm. It's going to be a lot more difficult to persuade my parents to allow me to join extracurricular activities because the campus is twice as far as my HS. I always say I'd be more than happy to board with my aunt who says she'll be more than happy to welcome me. On the other hand, she has so many things to handle already that it'd be so presumptuous of me.

What I like about her is that, unlike one other aunt I know, she relates with her children. No matter how strict she is, her children love her dearly. No matter how busy she is, the yaya isn't regarded as more of a mother than she is. She's not the type who'll ask how you are then suddenly inquire in a very loud voice (that will quiet the entire dining table) how many suitors you have already. Interesting enough, the two are sisters. I've always wanted a sister - a younger one, of course. However, I believe my mom and dad have long since decided it's only going to be me and brother dear.

By the way, I'm selling two kinds of photo albums (actually, more like magazines, not the empty ones you can put your pictures in): one is featuring F4 (all four) and the other is an exclusive one for Jerry. Php450 only! Yes, that's cheap, considering it came from an airport's magazine stand (hehe my brother and I decided to buy all of their stock so we could sell them here) However, the profit's only going to be big enough to split if we sell at least 3. Otherwise it's totally pointless, I have no intentions of just breaking even. As a bonus (OK give credit where it's due: he thought of this), you can also get a Pepsi can (empty) featuring Jerry if you add a mere Php50! Now isn't that a bargain!

Luck. The story of my life. I have a knack for knowing when I can get away with being a delinquent. Yesterday night I firmly decided not to do my post-lab, planning to tackle it during one of my two breaks. I didn't do my pre-lab either. Naturally I was pleased when I heard that our lecture prof decided to give us a free cut. That definitely gave me all the time in the world to finish what I had to with a lot of time to spare.

No escape if I don't do my homework for tomorrow I'm afraid. Here we go then.

Sunday, January 4, 2004

Had mother-daughter bonding session yesterday morning.. So fun! We went to Timezone and posed for a "charcoal drawing" then played two games of air hockey (3-1, 1-3) haha After that, we watched "Crying Ladies," the second movie in this year's film festival that we watched (we watched "Mano Po 2" on Christmas day). It was good although we can't quite figure out why it won best film.

Max Brenner was delightful. I ordered a suckao - dark chocolate of course. It was a very interesting experience. But maybe I'm biased towards chocolate. Why don't you go try it yourself? I must warn you that their hot chocolate really is hot. At one point, I decided to stop dropping the chocolate chips into the milk and just pop them in my mouth. Delicious. Rather expensive though - most of the items are priced at 168 bucks. I didn't realize there was a hidden meaning to the numbers until my aunt pointed it out. In Chinese, it means one road to good fortune. I think.

I finally finished "Whitney, My Love." One of the very few romance novels I've ever picked up. At first I just read it so as not to waste my friend's money (who gave it to me as a Christmas gift) but it was charming. It just reinforces my stubborn opposition against women's lib. I find it so unnecessary perhaps because I never had a chance to experience things from their point of view. Not that I really want to. I'm not unwilling to work if the circumstances require me to do so but I find climbing the corporate ladder for purely selfish reasons or whatever other reasons apart from necessity rather pointless.

Thursday, January 1, 2004

Had the traditional dinner at my great grandmother's house last night. Of course none of us cousins ever see her anymore because we're too scared we might end up giving her a virus. For the same reason, I don't see my grandfather anymore even though he lives in the same house. If I remember right, it was also a new year when my grandfather started having health complications. That happened just a few years back but it's already hard to remember the time he could still walk and talk and think straight.

It was also a new year that started a string of bizarre events in the family. Bizarre - in other words, only happens in Filipino soap operas. That was the year 2000. We were having fireworks in the garden as usual when one thingamajig (dunno what you call it exactly) landed on our roof. Nothing serious. But that year was seriously bizarre. Maybe there is a connection between whatever happens on new year's eve/day and what happens during the year. Or maybe it was purely coincidental. Just in case, I don't want another thing landing on the roof.

Toto and Trixie were scared out of their tails again. It must hurt a lot for dogs and other animals to hear the fireworks go boom. They must think the world's ending. I remember one year where it really meant the end of the world for the fish in the pond. Gun powder got in the water and poisoned them. Every year after that saw my dad getting a roll of plastic to cover the entire pond.

So after all the fireworks - some that went [BAM], others that went #sparkle sparkle# and still others that went {eeek}, after the hugging and kissing and laughing and crying and jumping and eating and praying and gambling and giving and getting and whatever else we did last night, it's the start of another year. What will the year 2004 bring? =wonder wonder= And y'know, no matter what comes, no matter what goes, I'll just >snap!< and *whistle* ;)

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. God bless all.