Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Otso-otso. Mosquito. Toto. Yes, there's no place quite like home.

Highlights of my trip: in no particular order
(1) Watching LOTR 3 at 11:45pm. Since it's three and a half hours long, it ended at 3:15am. The hotel's just across the street from the theater but I was frozen stiff by the time we reached the lobby. It's a really great film. The ending's a tad bit long but the quality of the entire thing makes up for it. My offline diary has a longer review.

(2) Shopping. Though I'm not much of a shopper, I really like the HK fashion scene. There's a lot of class in the sleek leather jackets and tall boots. Hm fine OK vampires :D Their spring/summer fashion isn't quite as good as their winter collection, at least in my opinion. I found the perfect shade of lip gloss too - and a really pretty pair of earrings! My brother thinks it's his duty to save the HK economy. By all means, it's his money.

(3) Eating. Ice cream just outside the lobby. Perfect. Well not quite. It costs 28 bucks for a single scoop. I feel guilty for indulging. Still, no time for guilt while eating. Midnight Cookies is the yummiest, followed closely by Belgian Chocolate. Sadly, they don't have Cookie Dough.

The McNuggets there is much better than the ones we have here. Still, our french fries are still tastier.

I still don't know why they insist on using chopsticks. It's a lot easier to just grab a fork and poke stuff. Easier for kids too! My cousin used to have a set of plastic utensils for eating out. He doesn't anymore of course. He's grown up a lot and he's a lot better in Chinese than I am (well, duh, what do you expect from someone born and raised in HK?). He actually read the Harry Potter series in Chinese. o_O

(4) Family. The whole lot of us went... except Caroline cause she's not even a year old yet. I feel old whenever I'm with my cousins. After me is my brother who's two and a half years younger, the next after him is 12 years old. And all of them call me Achi Kim. -_- It's practically the same as calling me crone of all the cousins. I get to brainwash them though. All of them will say without a moment's hesitation that I'm gorgeous (not like half of them know what that means) whahaha which I am anyway, so there! ;)

And speaking of gorgeous, something like that must run in the family cause one of my cousins was featured in a Chinese newspaper. It was a picture of her and Santa Clause in the South China Morning Post. Now that doesn't happen everyday.

We went to a resto called Modern China where they have a noodle-making booth. I'm kinda sorry for the guy inside cause every time he made a mistake my cousins would all giggle. His co-workers were teasing him too - even though I couldn't understand what they were saying. Poor bloke.


So now I'm home... yipes so many things to do!!! I actually have conflicting activities for January already. And it's my fault hahaha Call me deranged.

Thursday, December 25, 2003


Last night was the first time I actually waited for the first minute of Christmas. I didn't actually wait for it, I was just chatting and I think I got carried away hahaha :) I suppose I was making up for lost time - I was gone the entire day yesterday so I didn't get to use the computer until around 9pm.

The first Christmas greetings started before noon yesterday! Talk about excited LOL But they all had the same disclaimer: They just wanted to greet before the server's overwhelmed by Christmas texts. Which is why I was text messaging on the dinner table in Shang (AFTER I had dinner at least) haha I know it's rude but modern culture doesn't forbid it... I think. I mean, in debuts and parties with my friends, practically everyone has to check his/her cellphone every once in a while. Asking to be excused every so often becomes more of a nuisance than a polite gesture. Darn this would have made a really interesting research report. haha And I haven't done my topic outline. uh-oh.

Anyway, back to the dinner, I sat beside my 7-year old cousin. He's such a sweetie. He gave me three white rabbit candies haha He'll be a heartbreaker some day. Just now he already has around 6 girlfriends according to his mom. He's at the top of his class and he's got good looks. He's already received (yes, girls are very aggressive these days) love notes. I can't say the same for my brother hehe! Then again I can't say the same for myself either hahaha

The Christmas eve service was wonderful. Brought back jolly good memories - i.e., the time I was part of the youth choir, when I actually had time to go to rehearsals. The children's choir sang their piece from the cantata. And this year's tableau had a real baby! I think Jeanette fits the role of Mary better though. Lisa would be a good Mary too.

I wish I were more active in church. After Randy took over maintaining the website I haven't been doing much. Janis is the new youth Pastor. I think he's cool, he's from Yugoslavia if I'm not mistaken. So far he's done quite a lot. I think there's gonna be a lock-in this weekend. Too bad I'll be out. Dad wants me to join the youth group. He just can't understand that, as much as I want to, I don't have the time.

I should work on my topic outline now. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Morning again.. am happy to announce I finished checking 121 pages yesterday! Of course I'll have to go over them again just to make sure I didn't overlook anything :( What fun.

Last night the entire dad's side (well the ones in the country) exchanged gifts. It's really cool to see the long dining table filled. My grandfather, when he could still dine with us, loved our family gatherings...much like a proud lion watching his pride. He was the one who had the table made years and years ago, not really knowing how large the family would become. Gotta hand it to him, he has foresight - although when the "foreigners" come home we have to add another table already.


Just a stray thought... "Ang ganda mo ngayon a." It's an occassional compliment I receive, much appreciated of course, but it simply points to the fact that I ordinarily don't care what I look like. So people notice when I dress up. When I wear EARRINGS to school people notice right away. It's pretty amusing. My brother doesn't want to be seen with me whenever we go to watch movies in those "cool" places - cause, for the sake of spiting him, I insist on wearing my baggy jogging pants :D

If I do wear something lovely, it's because I like the people I'll be with enough to add extra effort. Like if I'm going out with my cousins or close friends or if I'm going to church. I'll even wear lip gloss haha As vain and as narcissistic as it may sound, I do know I can look pretty. If I want to ;) The fact is, I want to be appreciated because of who I am, not because I'm pretty or smart. OK because of those too but not only because of those two :)

Sunday, December 21, 2003

The chancel choir sang the Hallelujah Chorus by Handel in church today. Beautiful, the voicings were just right. Majestic, that's the word. Last week's Cantata was also wonderful. No eyes have seen, no ears have heard, all the wonderful things He has done! lalala haha I can't find the song "Tiny Hand in Mine." Anyone have the lyrics? It goes something like "Tiny hand in mine... I will watch You grow, when the Lord God calls for You, I will let You go." There's something so perfectly human about it. And yet it was probably what Mary felt too. In today's sermon, our pastor was questioning her "eternal virginity." That's what Catholics believe. But, as our pastor said, it would be so weird for Mary and Joseph not to have a perfectly normal husband-wife relationship. Which involves intercourse. Isn't marriage about the union of a man and woman anyway?

ANYWAY. I feel sleepy. Probably because of the Christmas party last night. It was so fun! Clean fun :D I won this tongue twister contest... not because I said it right, but because I could sustain the last word for the longest time. haha It's my fave children's party game ^_^ So many people were there. While the air outside was chilly, the atmosphere in the room was friendly and welcoming. No time to feel out of place at all.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

What is it about Europe that gives it its allure? The history, definitely. There's something so beautiful about the past. It is a place connected to political events and individuals that changed the world so much. The stories are so interesting. I'd love to visit the Tower of London! The Louvre, the Parthenon, the Colosseum... hahaha To visit places personalities actually stayed in like Anne Frank's hiding place, or those that are mentioned in literature like Sherlock Holmes' Baker Street apartment - that would be such a treat for me.

Even in the Philippines, places like Intramuros, Corregidor, Cebu, the houses of the heroes, they're all so amazing. If only the walls could speak, what secrets they could tell! My house will never have that much value, but just think, what if it were discovered underground centuries from now by non-humans. Would they be able to understand? That this is where a human girl lived with her family?

What was this a hundred years ago? Just swamp land they say. But I want to know its story! Millions of years ago a dinosaur might have died here. Sigh... I just found out that my school offers an archaeology class. I'll just go dream...

Friday, December 19, 2003

Got to thinking again after posting my last entry. Is there really anyone who deserves anything? It's so presumptuous when you think about it.

Moving on... I... once again... feel like I have nothing to do. Even if I have lots of things to do. I'm just not pressured to do them. I have homework for English and Math, 2 new books to read - "A Dangerous Fortune" and "Whitney, My Love" (thanks blockie!), a couple more presents to buy and wrap, some parties to prepare for, a script to write, testimonials to do, papers to check... Break will be over in no time!

I promised one of my apo's I'd chat again tonight. A promise is a promise, even if I'm lazy haha It's great to be their lola. Especially when the kids tease one another - jokingly of course, I act as referee when things get too out of hand, which is rarely anyway. They help me relax, unwind, think of other things. One of them (my semi-apo hippo goddess to be exact) is out and the other one (my elephant heir) is gonna be flying off somewhere - yes, apparently elephants can fly ;) So I might not be chatting as often. Will miss them!

Speaking of people missed, I can't help but remember my explosive frog. One of the greatest conversationalists I've ever known. We haven't talked in a while, a sharp contrast to the time we grew close. But maybe all friends are like that. They come and they eventually leave. And it hurts most when they're the ones closest to you (at this point I'm not referring to the frog anymore), after you spend so much times with them - good and bad, after you opened up to them. Not the artificial opening up either.

It takes time for me to genuinely trust others. But then, one can't ever trust anybody completely. Most people like Vix will probably be surprised by my cynicism. But that's how it is. Of course I appreciate my friends. They're the ones I care for, and I can be fiercely loyal and protective. But if they lose my confidence in them, they'll have the hardest time gaining it back. Because I do hold grudges. So why am I so serious all of a sudden eh?

My yellow penguin's looking at me quite solemnly. It's so squishy and huggable. Its fur is soft, just like my pink jacket. That's all for today. Signing off.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Weeee I won in a raffle draw! It's so nice to win something you don't expect to win. Cause there are so many others who could have won instead. And then you get to thinking, was it simply fate or just pure luck? Did the entire universe conspire to make you win or did they have something better to do with precious time? Does it take time for the universe to conspire? Perhaps... or maybe it was God's plan. The detail, it seems so trivial! What bigger purpose is there? Is there a bigger purpose? Or is mere pleasure the entire point of it all? Pleasure at the expense of someone else's, the others who didn't win... Then again, maybe all this "something bigger" is just a dream. Wasn't I the one who filled up those raffle stubs? Wasn't I the one who placed them in with all the other stubs? Did I cause my joy without consciously meaning to?

Let's leave the raffle stub and move on to life. Not all who deserve to win do. When someone loses, it's not unusual to hear someone say "I'm surprised you lost when you were obviously better." Or if someone wins, "I'm glad you won, you deserved it!" Two sides of the same coin. Still, love and goodness - they deserve to win. But will they?

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

to satisfy a public demand I never knew existed...

I've been busy running around, doing the stuff I mentioned in my previous post. Throw in a 60's-themed party for my friend, a Chemistry long test the next day and a consultation with my English prof and you get.. a very tired me. I slept from 1:30-4 this afternoon! And I woke up only because mom woke me up -_- Even my friends tell me I look like I lack sleep.

My friend who had the 60's party is going away :( that's just sadddd :(( I've been with her through a LOT. And I will miss her, but hopefully we'll keep in touch. After all, that's what technology's for. Plus.. a long time ago.. around 5th grade, we made a pact - to invite one another to our weddings hahaha i still remember WHERE we made that promise LOL And we were all betting who would have the first boyfriend and so on. Who knowsss...

BTW, there's also a charity concert on the 22nd. Featuring DJ KiMOSAVE, DJ COKI, MC DASH 8pm onwards @ Centro Libis. It's for a girl with cancer and for Concordia Childrens Services. Tickets P200, P150 for students (bring ID). Hope you could go, it's for a good cause :)

Thursday, December 4, 2003

I am stupid. I'm headed for a burn out. And it's not because I can't say no. It's because I keep saying yes. There's a little light bulb flashing every so often with big bold letters: "OPPORTUNITY!! OPPORTUNITY!!" Like the film fresh festival. I really really really wanna..

Naturally my problems aren't the only things I'm taking care of. See, I don't trust people. So I can't just leave them to do their part of the work. I have to supervise, I have to organize. Have have have to. There are TEN main things on my little yellow post it. I can't even count the little things I have to do. And I can't say the little things are minor because I HAVE to do them too.

On a fun happy note, I found out how to get Filipino books from the library!! Jan taught me how haha Now I can find the books I need for that research report. I made biblio cards without seeing the books o_O Well at least they were real books. Sansan invented hers hahaha genius. Didja know it costs 3 bucks to print half a page for microfilm? Sheesh.

Not only that, bought a scarf today for SIXTY BUCKS! It's a pathetic piece of blue cloth, I can't believe they call it a scarf. Whataripoff. hmph The homecoming parade's this Saturday. So help me God. I actually have muscles already. wwaaaahhh The rummage sale is this weekend too. I'm crossing my fingers. My superiors are burning out faster than I am. Good luck to them too. Wanna know what else is happening this weekend? The company Christmas party! Yes, it's that time of year again. Don't even have money left.

Next week I have to be in so many different places at the same time too. But I'm not complaining really. While I'd rather be bored than stressed out, running around stops me from thinking too much and going cuckoo. I still can't get over my stupidity. I can't just forget a book on the table. Good thing it was still there when I came back for it. Whew.

It seems that an acquaintance of mine found out I call him, his twin brother and another relative (cousin?) "vampires." haha I really can't help it. They're just how I imagine Quinn and Lestat and all the others to look like - good looks, fair complexion, rather lean. Seeing the three of them together is pretty mind boggling.

The Pragmatix tech fair is on-going. It's not such a big hit. At least to the people I hang out with. I don't blame them. There really is something missing. Or maybe I just go home too early. Anyway, a bigger hit was the AMAmall which ended yesterday - in other words, no more yummy pasta from Earl's aunt :(

Speaking of going home early, I slept the entireee afternoon yesterday. What a potato. From 1pm-4pm. Then I just crammed Math after doing Justin's project. I hope I did well in that long test a while ago. I'm pretty confident. Except for that one number with matrix M. I'm just hoping I aced it. Perfection isn't really my target but why not right? :)

Arg what in the world am I talking about. I need to find some sort of inspiration. Nothing's getting to me lately. See, instead of doing the synthesis I'm blogging. Sigh. Get to work Daph.