Friday, November 28, 2003

Yesterday my Fil teacher gave us a free cut - leaving me with a 4-hour break. Today my Lit teacher gave me a free cut. They're making me lazyyy!!! Cause I don't use my free time to research hehe! Eventually I'll have to. But I don't like going to the library - I can't talk in there :( And the people sound like the dead.

I'm tired -_- I don't know why though. Good thing I don't have to wake up too early tomorrow - no ROTC!! Rejoice :) TGIF

Sunday, November 23, 2003

One kidnap episode after another. Ironically, I just passed my research topic proposal (about Philippine kidnappings) and another one happens. The driver and yaya were shot this time o_O scary. All the more reason for my dad to ship my family off to some other country. I don't want to but with the way things are going, I hardly have a choice. Damn.

Having lunch in MPC with mum's side of the family. College is seriously making me lazy. I have way too much free time.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Aggh there's that sinking feeling again. Do you guys know what I'm talking about? I feel I should be doing something. Other than staying right where I am. Why can't I just chuck school and do something? You guys must be thinking "Nai?! Chuck school?? The world's about to end." Admittedly, I do enjoy school sometimes. I'm there already, might as well do my best. Not that I do my best. So many great great people did so many grand things before they hit 18. Who was that guy who started composing at 4?!

I should be uncovering dinosaur bones and finding a new kind of dino I can name Loladactyl... Daphidocus doesn't sound so bad. :p Of course if it looks terrible I'm naming it Homeworksaur. There's this company offering field expeditions in Florida. I sent them an email and I'm at the edge of my seat waiting for a reply. I hate waiting. I was never a patient person, something I got from my dad I think.

I'm contradicting myself and jumping from one topic to another. Don't blame me. I feel so restless. The day started off early - my first class being 7:30.. but our prof texted in sick. Hope he gets well soon, he's really cool, and one of the best. We had a free cut for our next class too so two other English blockmates and I just "chilled." Then I went in to have my only class for the day - CHEM. And I swear I scored mighty low at the quiz. It's not like I didn't understand the lesson. My mind's just somewhere else these days. Gone with the wind. Well, not gone. I'm still sane. I think.

Afterwards, had a lunch date with a friend of mine - the last time we got together was at the 18th party of our kabarkada. That was fun. And fattening. Very. Then we went to have some of her digital pictures printed. When I got home, I had no intention of hitting the school books. Even if I just got a very low score in my Fil quiz the other day. Nosiree, I decided to get a thick old book and read. I love my pillows. And the reading light I have stuck above my bed. I can curl up there and read till who knows when. Then again, I can sit in front of my computer for hours on end and forget to eat.

Now you know why I feel bad? I have to be more.. er.. social. Not that I'm not. Not entirely. Well, at least when the mood strikes? I should take my apos out again one of these days. Miss them! It will kill my wallet. My very personalized wallet hahaha One of them is having his Days this Friday. He's been anxious about it since last year. It sucks that I can't chat with him after his experience. Maybe chikka.

OK I feel much better now. It really is pretty convenient to have a journal on the computer but I have to think and somewhat censor what I write. I can't talk about everything and anything. Still, I don't have to tire my hand from writing. I can write as long as 20 pages if I'm inspired. Back to my book I guess. It's called "Kissed by an Angel" by Elizabeth Chandler. Mom bought it for me because she says I don't read enough "books for my age." What's wrong with kids' books?

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I got to chat with an old classmate of mine this morning. Really, she and I have the same way of thinking. At least we have the same "career" in mind. A lot of people say that being a housewife is "sayang," a waste of talents, education, etc etc They can do whatever they want to with their lives. Just leave mine to me.

As a lot of my friends already know, I don't think the feminist movement is for me. The feminists who think they're helping all the women in the world better think twice. Personally, I think they're just creating more problems. They're trying to prove that women can be just as good or are better than men. To whom?

It would be a really interesting study to see if the feminist movement (advocating working women) is one of the factors that is causing the divorce rate to climb. It's just one of my quirky theories but I think it's logical enough. One insecure husband (because his wife is "better" than him) + one independent wife (who can support herself - and the kids - financially) = no reason to keep the marriage together.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Last night, my dad found our family's ancestry book. So cool. My brother and I are part of the 21st generation. I wish they could translate it to English. In light of that, my uncle decided to tell us about his family roots - it goes all the way back to the 1700's in Ireland. They sailed to South Carolina, went to Indiana, got transferred to Fort Niagara (which is now a museum - really cool, they have red coats walking around and archaeologists doing field work), and finally moved to Florida.

Speaking of my uncle, he's almost as old as my grandfather, but he's still pretty active. He used to work for border patrol, jump off airplanes and do those kinds of things. The guy loves UCC coffee, which explains why my family went there for lunch. The mushroom burger and bacon spaghetti is really good. Service was a bit too slow though.

I can hardly lift my arms because of those damn rifles. But that's exactly why I joined ROTC anyway. Self-imposed torture. Don't get me wrong, I get sentimental when I think of the people who were willing to risk their lives for freedom. The national anthem can make me teary-eyed when the mood strikes. In my opinion, Andres Bonifacio deserves more credit. Still, who am I to say anything, I wasn't there.

Speaking of people who deserve credit, just want to thank some really nice officers. Actually there are a lot of nice officers. So there, thanks to the nice officers. Especially to 3 in particular. Weeee thanksgiving is fast approaching. I know, it's not a big thing in the Philippines but it's my favorite day. You think I'm funny-weird huh? Ask the people who went up the flight of stairs I was assigned to last year's Thanksgiving. haha

Saturday, November 15, 2003

April 23, 2001 - I first discovered the "blog," made my own, then abandoned it. I suppose the reason why I don't find it very important to keep an online diary is because I have one offline. And that's been with me since 1997 - not including the ones I started when I was even younger.

As in my diary, I wonder why I bother keeping a record of my thoughts and actions. Why do other people? Perhaps it's all about pride.. or finding sympathy. Then again, maybe I'm just bored.

The first three days of school (2nd sem, 1st year) went by quickly enough. I'm the beadle (beetle sounds better) for both English and Lit. Still don't have a chem book. I have ROTC later at 12:30. We're using the rifles.

While looking for forms of amusement and distraction last night, I ended up finding out about the natural abnormality I have. It's this strange little hole just beside my ear. No, not the one for earrings. Wanna know what it's called? Preauricular ear pit. I have one at the corner of my right ear. Well don't I feel special!